Nepali Bajrangi Bhaijaan ||DIL KI BAAT – Diluting Hindus

Posted By on September 12, 2019

You have watched the popular Bollywood film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, right? When our Bajrangi Bhaijaan tells a journalist from Islamic Pakistan that, God Bajrangbali would solve all problems the journalist laughed and said, does (the Hindu God) Bajrangbali’s divinity works in Pakistan too? And our Bajrangi Bhaijaan shows a black and bored expression. Do you remember their face? Approximately 70 years back this Pakistan was part of India right? What? Am I not right? Okay, now we have travelled 70 years ahead in time Now a film releases and is called ‘Nepal ke Bajrangi Bhaijaan’! In that film a Nepal citizen comes to India or he travelled to UP Uttar Pradesh and you know the rulers of Pakistan and Bangladesh that we have right now, who knows they may be ruling here in India or UP! And perhaps we could see in that film an Indian reporter is asking a Nepali Bajrangi Bhaijaan, “does (Hindu God) Bajrangibali’s divinity works in (Islamic) India and UP too? Don’t just think that it can never happen The people who believe in the Indian culture and way of life are giving birth to 1 or 2 children and people who believe in foreign culture are giving birth to 15 or even 20 Be ready and you are going to witness the end very soon. Don’t you remember that Pakistan and Bangladesh was cut off from India in lieu of population (numbers)? Namaskar friends, I am Korak Day and you are watching a “Talks from the Heart” episode with me Today we are going to discuss a serious matter how we are blindly promoting barbaric foreign culture and destroying our own culture How many ancient civilizations are there? And how many of them could protect their language, their culture, and their lifestyle And how many of them could protect their language, their culture, and their lifestyle Or may be they are just surviving in a museum or in a book Only the ancient Indian culture has survived the assault of time, so far Some people are still continuously trying to destroy our culture and raping it And we Indians, what are we doing about it? Are we just going to be like mother-tuckers like them? If you are not that then stop pampering them and stop being mother-tuckers Is it too much too ask for the benefit of a mother from her child, you?

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