Neil deGrasse Tyson: Atheist or Agnostic?

Posted By on May 22, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. Being agnostic is a stupid stance. There is nothing metaphysical; nothing exists outside of reality. So what you're saying is all the bullshit, made up fairy tales about god COULD be true. No. There is no god. Religion is as obviously man-made as the tooth fairy and santa clause and can be dismissed just as easily. You believe in bullshit or you don't. You are religious or you are not.

  2. Everyone is an agnostic nobody knows what the truth is. However there are some people who actually think about stuff and come up with a hypothesis these are the theist, deist and physicists. Stupid people don't ask questions and formulaye thought they just sit on a chair and deny that everything that has not been discovered does not exist therefor throwing the whole conduct of science out of the window.

    Thisnis why we are heading into the secular middleages because people stopcasking questions.

  3. "Christians are anti science"

    How to Answer:

    It is a ridiculous listening to some atheists saying this to try to paint a picture that science is on their side and that all christians are scientific illiterate and antiscience, just because they believe in God.
    When in reality science doesn't say anything, scientist do.
    Science is just a tool that is being used by many people of color with different religions and  culture.
    Science doesn't see if you're an atheist or a theist.
    Scientists use science to examine something that is already there; and nothing self explains how it came to be.   Science cannot prove or disprove God's existence, it only explains what is already there.

    I am not saying this because the majority make something true, and I'm not using the appeal to authority fallacy;  but from the 1900…2019,  the 90% of the Nobel Award-Winning brilliant scientists (who are the FATHERS of science)  became convinced through their logic and scientific studies that A creator must exist,  because everything appeared to them intelligently designed and everything points to a creator 1st.
    So christians are not anti science or dumb people.

    Did you know that 90% of the Nobel Award-Winning BRILLIANT SCIENTISTS who study medicine and have study biology and did great discoveries on it (as they practiced microevolution)  disagree with macro evolution?
    Macro evolution is not even science by definition, it is just a hypothesis they say.
    How do I know this? Because of their quotes and because those 90% of the noble scientists believe the abrahamic God; and if they had accepted macro-evolution they wouldn't be believers but atheists.
    64.5% are Christians, 21.1% are Jews and the rest are Muslims.
    And even if macro evolution was true, that still doesn't disprove God's existence, because it only explains to you what happened when life got here, it doesn't explain to you how it came to be.

    Atheist mixed with skeptics Nobel scientists barely make 10% of that pie,  and only a tiny tiny fraction of that barely makes 7% who study biology.
    So don't tell me that christians are anti science and dumb people.

    You can Google these statistics and you will see every single link on Google gives you the same statistics..

  4. Have you ever thought of your Non golfing terminology in a vice versa manner? The fact that the word God exists Same with the word golf exist for reasons.

  5. the people you really have to be on the lookout for are those who are imperfect and yet think they are God.

  6. I can respect that. Give the information and let the person decide. Don’t go around demanding and fighting others on their stance

  7. That's simplifying things way too far.
    I'm an agnostic myself but atheists do not rub their atheism in your face. They aren't taking a stance to seek validation for their non-god centric beliefs (as he said in the non-skier/non-golfer part), but rather they're taking a stance against fundamentalism and religious bigotry all over the world.
    Being a scientist doesn't mean you can turn a deaf ear to all that.
    It's one thing being indifferent, but you don't get to belittle their stance.
    It's just as significant as anything he is doing.

  8. Does santa claus exist?
    Agnostic: I dont know
    Atheist: probably not

    When you become agnostic about everything, it sounds quite weird. As i read the comments i see people who call themselves agnostics also dont know what atheism is in addition to “not knowing” god exist or not.


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