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Posted By on May 5, 2019

In this video I'm gonna show you a
really easy way to find negative keywords now since keywords are just
the language of the market negative keywords are simply when people put
specific words in their keyword search that cause them to essentially disqualify them from being really the audience you're after and there's a lot of ways you could find
negative keywords but this is one of the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to
do it if if you wanted to bid on specific broad terms and pay for the
clicks and then go through and look at what you got click what keywords triggered your ads
and we're clicked on then you can go through and start deleting the ones
obviously that be very expensive it would take a lot of time so here's a really easy way to do this
using a free program called keyword grouper pro and if you click down below
right on the channel link there are some specific videos that go over how to use
this tool but for this video I'm just going to simply assume that you already
know how to use this tool and i'm just going to show you how you set this up to
find negative keywords so let's say hypothetically that i own a fishing
tackle shop and I'm looking to do keyword research i'm looking to buy ads related to people
that are looking to get fishing tackle so what I would first do is I would
start with the very broadest term in this case I used fishing so just an extremely broad term and I
went out to the different keyword tools and it really doesn't matter which one
you use it's not you can use the Google Adwords Keyword planner you can use it to like wordtracker
SEMRush really whatever keyword tool you want to use use a lot of different
keyword tools and use that very broad term fishing and then I just simply have
all those keywords in this list here then I'm just going to simply hit ctrl a
to select and ctrl-c to copy i'll come over to Keyword Grouper Pro
i'll hit control V to paste and you can use the right-click copy select and
paste commands as well and once I have that paste it into Keyword Grouper Pro, I need to set the minimum group length to 1 this may not make complete sense to you
there are some other videos that go into details here but just trust me on this
for negative keywords set the minimum group length to 1 and then for the
excluded words list I want to put in the term fishing and I'm just going to go
ahead and put in the term tackle too because I know that's what word thats that I want to not group i
will set the excluded words list and then i'll simply click process keywords now once Keyword Grouper Pro is finished we'll see there are 1361 different groups and as I
scroll down here you'll see the specific word that the keywords are grouped by ok
so as we look down through this list we can see all these different keywords
here's the first one that shows up xbox so someone typing and fishing xbox one
fishing xbox one so immediately I would know I want to
exclude any keyword that contains the word xbox because my fishing tackle store we don't
sell xbox games ok maybe I don't cater to anyone in
Australia so I maybe I want to now put the word Australia so i'm going to go
down through this list of keywords the other thing that you could do is you
can export to csv and what that's going to do is it's going to export all these
terms to a comma separated value file you can open that in OpenOffice or Excel okay so now we've just simply exported
the group's the Keyword Grouper Pro brought back into a csv file and you'll notice in
column a we have the group word that the groups
were grouped by and these are the actual keywords now normally you would want to keep
these two together but for this purpose of just creating negative keywords list I'm just going to select this a column
and i'm going to select sort it's going to say are you sure you want
to separate the a call from abby column now let's say yes go ahead and continue
current selection and I had sort and I just wanted to call them a in the order
of a to z and i'll click ok now what I have here is I have all the individual
terms and if you'll go down through here you'll see things like bloopers and they
don't want to do that I don't do birthday decorations birthday
invitations so all these were key words there was a
keyword that someone typed in that had the word fishing in it but it also had
to do with fishing birthday invitations and I don't want my ads to show when
people put the word birthday invitations in their search query so I would just simply go down through
this list here and I would just take these terms any of these terms that
clearly had nothing to do with my my fishing tackle store and I would make a
negative keywords list and this is one way a really simple way in just a matter
of minutes you can have all kinds of keywords that
you want to make sure people aren't seeing your ad and this is going to help
make sure you have higher click-through rates CTR% it can lower your costs in your expense
whether it's on Google Adwords or Microsoft Adcenter it's going to make
sure your ads are being shown to just the right people and so you get good
metrics so this is a very simple way to take a broad term around the topic to
quickly group down and find the words that are showing up and then then then
just simply just take those words and add them to your negative keyword list
to make sure your ads aren't showing and that you're just targeting the audience
that you want to reach

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  1. This is an easy way to use Keyword Grouper Pro and a list of related keywords to make a big list of negative keywords. #seo #keywordresearch #negativekeywords #ppc


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