Negative Keywords Definition – What Are Negative Keywords?

Posted By on May 15, 2019

Negative keywords are just simply
keywords that you add to your account so that you restrict where your ad is shown
and the easiest way to demonstrate this is with a little bit of an illustration
here so for this example we're going to be
specifically talking about the match types that google adwords uses so first
you'll see here we have this broad match so in my google adwords account if i had
put the keyword low carb diet plan exactly like this then I my ad would be
triggered four terms like carb free foods low carb diets so synonyms related terms related searches it's very
very broad ok that's broad match next we have
something called modified broad match and in this case I've got the word diet there's a space there then I've got the
plus sign directly next to the word plan and this would cause my ad to trigger
for terms like low-fat plan plan for low carb so that is modified broad match there's a second type of modified broad
match where we put the plus sign in front of both terms so in front of diet
and in front of plan we've got a plus sign this would sugar my ad for diet
food plan diet fat-free plan and then we've got phrase match that's where we
put our keyword in quotes so diet plan is in quotes and this would trigger my
ad for best diet plan diet plan help and then there's of course exact match
and this is where you actually put the key word in brackets so diet plan and
brackets would only trigger the ad if the exact keyword diet plan was typed in
now last on top of that we have negative keywords and there are three types of
negative keywords there's a broad match negative keyword
phrase match an exact match in another video I go into more specifics about the match
types but i'll just show you what happens when we add negative keywords to
this list here so we're going to put the negative
keyword fat free and you'll see that it knocked out this term under the modified
broad match then we'll put the phrase match food plan as a negative keyword
and you'll notice that knocked out this term here and lastly we'll put the exact match of
carb free foods and you'll notice that it cancels out this term so our ad would
no longer show for these three terms assuming we had added these original key
words to our campaign now obviously there are lots and lots of
more terms that are ad would be triggered by based upon the keywords that you put
in but this is a very simple explanation easy to understand of the 3 match
types of negative keywords and how they affect the different match types of
keywords that you add to your AdWords campaign

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  1. this is a simple explanation of what negative keywords are, and how they affect where your ads are shown in Google Adwords #adwords #seo #keywordresearch #google


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