NBA Youngboy Slime Belief REACTION

Posted By on June 22, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. she was the Colombian drug lord, cocaine godmother, queen of narco-trafficking and more… I saw a documentary about her the other day

  2. Why he never finish the videos and shit bro. Like you really be getting lazy and shit bro. On some of your other channels you'll go for months before even droping a video and say how you been so busy but then only give us at 10 min video and then it might take a hour to mix it tops and then we don't see you for another 6 or 8 weeks. I think that 👻 is forgetting how good he has it now and how easy this shit is today for him compared to a few years ago when he would drop 3 or 4 vids every single day. Dude needs to step up his game and stop fucking around because he feels like he made it and is forgetting how fast he can loos everything.

  3. Man you talk to much talk at the end this really getting on my nerve and I’m about to losbebebdbdbdbxbd sbeensjcbd xbcbfffbfbdbxbxbdbejsiwoqpwieudyxrxgsvsbbanskxjfiejwbejuchdjwjwjejdjcjxjwnendnfnfjfjfjfkxkskwjqnenxndjdjdjcjcieowowkenebebvxhcjdbevc?.!.!;[email protected]:&;!:828959(!499(0!

  4. You should react to Dave east songs I promise it won’t let you down fr 💯💯 any Dave east song, from Keisha to free smoke 💨


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