My DCC Story: Students and Faculty

Posted By on September 21, 2019

I chose Dutchess because of the affordability,
the small class sizes, and definitely the location. It gave me the chance to, kinda, really find
out what I wanted to do and what I have a passion for. They made me realize what my passion was and
how I can use that passion to go into a career that I will really enjoy in the future. The
faculty and staff here at Dutchess are wonderful. I love them. I think they definitely went
out of their way to help you if you asked them for help. Like, everybody’s supportive. Everybody wants
to help you. Everybody wants to see you succeed. They were very welcoming from the moment I
stepped on campus and even as I’m graduating, they’re always saying “Oh please reach out
to use when you’re done. Let us know how everything’s going” and I find that very comforting. They would go out of their way 110% to make
sure that you got what you need and that you felt comfortable and that you were okay in
the class. My professors, they always encourage me to
be the best version of myself, take opportunities when I can. You’re going to have to transfer. You’re going
to have to take placement exams. You’re going to have to continue your education. I would
be doing you a disservice to just make it easy for you. I need to maintain a standard
that allows them to be successful not only when they transfer but for whatever career
path they end up choosing. One of my favorite professors was actually
my calculus professor. You could definitely tell that she cared about not only my educational
part in her class but also me as a person. I’ve had teachers years ago that sometimes
I didn’t really understand what they were talking about. But here at DCC, I haven’t
had that problem at all. As a faculty member, I have an opportunity
to really make a big difference in someone’s life I’ve never worked at a place where every single
person has the opportunity to go to school, get a degree and do well. Every single person. I love the diversity because each student’s
bringing a very different purpose for taking the course. You have students in your classroom that had
it not been for this opportunity, perhaps they would have never gone to college. There are people from all different types
of backgrounds, all different types of experiences and for me as a teacher, that challenges me
to make sure that I’m not just taking one set approach to how I deliver information. Dutchess afforded me various opportunities
and I’m very grateful for that. I completed three internships during my time at Dutchess. I was able to participate in a lot of community
involvement on the campus, but also in the city of Poughkeepsie as well. And I was able to start a news podcast that
let me really get my feet wet as a journalist. I thought that DCC wasn’t exactly the place
where I would be able to learn the valuable skills that I picked up while I was here,
but I got everything that I wanted and more. If anyone is thinking about going back to
school as a non-traditional student I would say just do it. From the first meeting with
my academic advisor to the last exam I took, everything went very well. Dutchess exceeded my expectations in all ways,
shapes and form.

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