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Posted By on May 16, 2019

update September 29th 2017 after a little self-inflicted problem I was having in the wonderful experience with customer support I am upgrading my rating from four to five stars I also find myself more impressed with Roomba the more I watch it navigate I'm still not impressed with the path planning algorithm and I stand by my original statements but after figuring out how the algorithm works for the most part its simplicity is rather elegant I do think they could make a simple change to make it slightly more efficient but it might only be better with layouts like my house rather than all homes and I'd obviously have to actually test my theory to be sure either way original review there's a lot to analyze on this little fella vacuuming navigating an obstacle avoidance path planning in the AI starting with the most important vacuuming ability sufficient but certainly not a Dyson it just doesn't have the suction power but does it actually need it probably not but that depends on your own personal needs

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