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Asalaamu Alaikum guys and welcome to another episode of smile2jannah Travelling was being a Muslim is an art form in itself. Knowing what actions to do, what to say. It’s become a somewhat accidental acquired skill, but now it’s been taken to a whole new level.
American Airlines cancelled a flight because 2 Muslims were seen to be
waving at each other, and one of them flushed the toilet twice. Before, for you to
be profiled as a Muslim, it was what you said. Now however, you don’t even need to say anything, just the sign language is enough. I guess they’re trying to
make Islamic profiling more accessible to the deaf community as well. They want
to get even people with disabilities involved. How very thoughtful of you mate. And what on earth is this about flushing twice? I mean what if the guy had a dodgy
curry and now he’s flushed once, there’s clearly some evidence that’s still
remaining. He flushes again just out of courtesy for the next person. Polite,
respectful, thoughtful? No mate, terrorist! So in other words, if you’re a Muslim and
you go to the toilet and you’re done… don’t even flush mate, forget flushing
twice… don’t flush. Leave your skid marks there for the next person to come and
enjoy. Hey at least you’re not gonna get chucked off the plane. I mean it’s clear
American Airlines is ahead of everybody. They know that terrorists have had
enough of killing and maiming people, that’s yesterday’s news mate, they’re
going into something more sinister and more crafty…yeah. Their role is now in
the toilet flushing, and waving part of… God knows what mate…flippin forget it, where can I take that for God’s sake mate… American Airline’s guide to spotting terrorists. Remember: One flush=Good Two flushes=Terrorist/extremist/jihadist (spit) Nodding=Good Waving==Terrorist/extremist/jihadist (spit) Remember these differences, or you could die! Be sure to fly with American Airlines,
our toilets are filled with crap and greeting somebody else will get you
chucked off the plane and interrogated for a good few hours. All for your safety
after all. And afterwards when they were asked for a statement they said- oh we
did this because we had security concerns. It’s fine to have security
concerns, but those concerns have to be logical and valid. You can’t just say
security concerns and do dumb things. That spreads unnecessary fear and panic.
American Airlines. Realize it’s difficult enough traveling as a Muslim without you
guys stopping us going to the toilet and waving to our friends. There must be
somebody watching from American Airlines with a brain cell in their head. I know
I’m asking for too much. Sort yourselves out yeah guys for God’s sake. Allow the flushing at least yeah? Until next time guys… Asalaamu Alaikum

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  1. Theres really People out there propagating terrorism on toilets. You can smell clear evidence that somebody just dropped a bomb he himself prepared in his Body, mate, thats not funny at all. #freethenoses #freetheintoxicatedmind

  2. Simple answer
    Don't use any western airlines
    Muslims got way more comfy and luxuries airlines like Emirates, Qatar airways and so on and if you're low on budget then PIA. No need to sit down with ignorant people

  3. American airlines is well known for this kind of shenanigans, im not suprised!!
    They even did it with adem saleh and countless other innocent people.
    American airlines, u are the most islamaphobic airline i ve known across

  4. Can just imagine the scenario next😂😂
    Me (with my allergies on the plane): sneeze .. alhamdulillah
    Sister : Yarhamokullah
    Me: Yahdeekomullah

    Pilot: crash lands

  5. Lol I was on my flight from Germany to London as a hijabi, and my stomach was suddenly on FIREEEEE. I could barely stay in my seat. I usually avoid the bathroom and wait, but I had to, I put my passport out of my bag into my pocket because u can never be too sure…. and the whole time was weary that people thought I looked dogey lol

  6. This world is a scary place, this islamophobic thinking getting outta hand😳 Really for flushing twice!!🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. Is that true..😂 what can be more funny than that should be written on white hose entrance…thay have secret agents listening to even toile activities of Muslims…

  8. I dumped a stinky one at my work place this morning, after having a hot curry last nite. I was fearing that if I flash the toilet dave my work colleague might report me so I left it for him…

  9. When ever im on the London underground waiting at a platform, with my beard and brown self, and hear the announcement “if you see anything suspicious please reported to a member of staff of the british transport police. Remember see it say it sort it” i always get the giggles thinking should i go up to them and say i saw something suspicious when i looked in the mirror and iv been acting strange. I think i may be one of them. 😝

  10. Aaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaa what am I supposed to say,mate?Real funny,mate.

    And yeah that should also be a tough lesson for the AA's I think.

  11. It is a shame. But in the end we will be honored and they will be pulled on theire face to the hell. And the reason is theire arrogance. Blaming without knowing. Just stupid.

  12. Instead of the video….just stop being involved anything to do with terrorism ….isn’t that simple to just talk to them and or make a video and ask them to stop.

  13. Brother can you avoid words even like “crap” I would love to share your videos to youth but using the word “Crap” just takes away the chance for us to do this” as Muslim we shouldn’t have this language anyways. 😊

  14. First time he flushed phoop 2nd time he flushed marijuana. My friend i am going to toilet 🙋‍♂️ if i don't come out of toilet in 20 minutes then come and check on me bec i may be unconscious smelling my own phoop .🤣🤣🤣

  15. I will tell you all how French police stopped and checked me for nothing, I go outside on the streets of Angers, France wearing Islamic dress and people look at me like I am ISIS, for real, just look at there faces and there eyes of hate xD I got off from the train from Paris to Angers on my first day in France Al hamdulillah. In Angers, there was a team of 6+ police without uniform waiting just for me near the exit gate of train station xD They stopped me, questioned me and checked my bags and then they left immediately. They got news to check me right from the Paris airport and I guess a police or more was following me in the train from Paris to Angers Allahu Alam. I will be utterly true to you all, the condition of Muslims in Europe has broken my heart. Most of these so called Muslims are doing all the Major sins openly, They even sell alcohol so much Astaghfirullah.

  16. Christianophomia is getting bad too .In muslim dominate countries Christians are forced to learn Quran,forced to wear burka ,force to wear head scarf when passing close to mosques if Christians don't follow this rules u get death sentences for disrespecting crazy is that .Christianophomia is unceasing day by day .

  17. White Christian terrorism on the rise, and what they do, give those guys a pass*, and when a Muslim wants to *pass out they kick him out…hypocrisy at its craziest.

  18. But that was 2 Sikh broth3rs not even close being a terrorist they don't care they will not acknowledged or deny their discrimination. In other words thudlyfe

  19. WHAT A DISHONEST TITLE…..there were multiple reasons why this muslim with muslim brotherhood links was put off the plane, as were all the other travellers…yet again, muslims playing the 'victim' card

  20. Muslim kicked off plane because he didn‘t left any reason to suspect being a terrorist which is very skeptical among others and John did the bank robbery because in last 20 years he was been to one muslim land or he had one muslim friend or other then tons of other channels he had one muslim channel in his tv or if none of this condition satisfied then his parents or any one from his forefathers been to these situations and he was gifted this robbery habit in dna

  21. I think…you dont want me to have my Lunch brother Zeeshan..was watching while having my lunch and that doggy curry statement😦

  22. 1) Flushing toilet 2 times = Hell people will drink hot water 1 time and that will be painful.
    2) 2 or several times = its sunnah to drink water several times instead of one.
    3) You are a Hindu who disguised himself as Muslim keeping real beards = You are either Punjabi / Gujrati and strict friend of Hindus.

  23. I used to work as a Security Guard for American Airlines at Heathrow Airport. After hearing this crazy news, I understand why I decided to leave now!!!!😁🤣🤣🤣😅🤣😁🤣😅

  24. Brother just some quick advice, some of the adverts loading on your videos are very sinful to their eyes, displaying too much clevage of the opposite gender. Please update your advertising preference


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