Module 2 Values and Beliefs Support Workers Video Talk

Posted By on August 25, 2019

Values and beliefs for me, come from myself, but also come from the organisation. If we’re not on the same page, then, we actually
can’t progress. Coming to work I have these values of people, valuing people. I value choice. So I think it’s very important that I allow
people I support to choose what they’d like to do in their
lives. So bringing some values like, belief and respect and trust, patience to wait, help us engage better. The values and beliefs that I bring to my
work every single day is that a person is a valued member of the
community, that a person can learn, and, that a person
should be at the centre of everything that we do. I have a sibling with Downs syndrome, so for me it’s really important that he’s
part of the community. That he looks good, he feels good. And I think that’s the same for the people that
we support. They have a right to look good and to feel
good, and be able to do activities like you and
I may do every day Well I think it’s probably less about “care”, which I think’s really important. I don’t know about you but I don’t just want
to be cared for. It’s lovely to feel that people care about
you but, you want to feel that you have gifts to offer, and that you have skills, and that people
want to learn from you too. And I think that if you believe that of the
people you’re supporting that makes them feel quite empowered It is actually, it is actually stepping back and looking at, at your, looking at, well
whose life is this? It’s their life, so it’s you who will be the
bridge to cover that, to give that opportunity, to give that sort
of engagement, so that they can be um, so that they can belong
in the community, they can actually be respected in the community, their skills are enhanced, ah, they contribute
to the community, they make choices, they’re being respected
as a person in the community. It’s participating in all the rich and varied
activities of life that gives our lives meaning – our lives and the people we support. I believe that people have the right to access
the community whenever and wherever they want to And that’s a very important and integral part
of working in disabilities. That access. And, if you don’t have, if you
don’t believe in that, then um this industry isn’t for you, basically.

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