Miracles - Divine Intervention & Faith Caught On Camera!

on a scale of life and death others have failed to board an airplane that crashed because they were stuck in traffic that God stopped all that traffic just to save one life less noticeable might be how life could have drastically changed had you gone to the game with your friend are taking your normal route home but you didn't whatever the reason there are many monumental or abnormal times from life suddenly changes the question is how much was God involved in it the reality is on many occasions we might not notice God was involved at all on other occasions we can't stop giving God thanks for what he did God does act in mysterious ways after all isn't every act of God as well as every miracle part of the mystery of divine intervention divine intervention Missouri couple is thankful to be alive and recovering in our Metro after surviving a small plane crash in southeast Iowa earlier this month Craig Comstock remembers everything that happened on Sunday July 9th when his single-engine plane crashed shortly after taking off from the court in Airport as we took off I got about 200 feet off the ground and I realized that there was a problem Craig who's had his pilot's license for 15 years had to think quick and remembered something he had read in aviation magazines one of the best places in that scenario to set a plane down is in a grove of trees so that's exactly what Craig did about 30 40 seconds out after I'd made that decision I said a prayer I said dear lord please let Mary my wife walk away from this and then I turned to Mary before impact I said I'm sorry sweetie and then we hit the trees Craig tells me says I'm really sorry sweetie here comes the trees and I personally thought this is it but it wasn't go through the trees flat foot flat follows and then we stopped and I realized I was alive you know I had blood on my and my arm with mestop grateful to have survived the impact of the crash Craig and Mary turned their attention to the next danger facing them then we smelled the fuel and we heard the fuel running out the wings and that was a scary moment because then I thought okay great we made it this far now we're gonna burn up in this thing she was able to get out to the ground and we realized that there was fuel flowing still flowing out of the broken wings onto the ground for quite some time and I'm just I'm thinking okay Lord this is it I had resigned myself to the fact that I was going to burn up in the first crash fire but thanks to the help of first responders and doctor and divine intervention a new chapter is just beginning for Craig and Mary Comstock I told the surgeons here at the hospital that that picks me back up I said you guys are wonderful at putting back together things that you can see but I'm here to tell you the creator of the universe was it worked behind the scenes putting together things that you can't see Craig and Mary say they believe God has a purpose for them they're not sure what it is yet but they believe that's the reason they survived a plane crash and they're expected to fully recover from their injuries Sarah finally one woman's guardian angel take a look at this incredible video you can see her struggled across the tracks there's a guy from New Jersey he came to comes racing towards her his name is Joe mango he leaves this car he Sprint's to her side he pulls her away look at that with seconds to spare she was taken to the hospital as a precaution Joe insists he is not a hero he says he saw something something needed to be done and divine intervention began as a regular uber pickup wound up being a life-saving opportunity for the driver Jen Holloway joins us now live from the Sunshine Skyway where one man's quick thinking prevented a real tragedy Jen you know Jen taking the time to listen and truly understand somebody's personal pain it's not a typical requirement of an uber driver but one man did Chad Farley and in doing so he saved a stranger's life call it compassion behind the wheel Bible says a broken spirit we can bear that you know and that's what he was a broken spirit Chad Farley says he instantly knew his passenger was in pain this guy was obviously in trouble he was obviously in trouble this guy was just told that he got brain cancer his request was to be dropped off at the top of the Skyway Bridge some 200 feet above the water but instead Farley pulled into the skyways North pier parking area and began to pray with his passenger what surprised me is when I when I completed my prayer he started praying but his prayer was very awkward jumbled and he didn't know what to say but it was like he was trying and talk about a broken spirit you know but before the man got out Farley made a very smart decision then I said you know I want to remember you so can I take a picture and with one quick click I took the picture and he gave me a peace sign and and I gave him a smile and as the troubled young man walked towards the water Farley called 911 minutes two troopers arrived just in time to save his life Farley firmly believes everyone was in the right place at the right time by the grace of God like a chess piece chess board he put everybody in their place to be used to do his will and the end result the guy's alive that's that's it that's you this video shows eight-year-old Rhian Kim playing in the water on a beach in Hawaii his grandfather gestures to him to get out but when the boy tries to leave the water the waves suck him back in for a few seconds RIANZ mother Yura and his grandfather struggled to reach him that's when Christopher ton cap raced in to help the minute I saw the second wave that's when I got up and I started sprinting Thanh cap says lifeguards had already left Sunset Beach a place known for its big wave surfing during the winter I dive in right when he disappeared and I was just so scared because I'm not only thinking about saving him but what what's going to happen if I get dragged in other bystanders join in but struggle with the crashing waves and strong current finally Rihanna's carried to safety I thought that maybe my soul will die everything turned to the light and everything like heaven Yura says her son swallowed a lot of water but was otherwise okay I'd like to say thank you and I'd like to express my gratitude to them divine intervention divine this is dash camera video from Ryan C and Poli a licensed EMT and volunteer firefighter for Crawford County you can see he's driving down highway 65 in Harrison when the back door of that bus flings open hanging on to it is a four year old girl she falls to the pavement and the bus continues to drive away cm wholly immediately jumped into action obviously you want to leave her laying there you know if she's on danger but we're in the middle of a state highway so I couldn't leave her just laying there see and polly says she was unconscious at first but started to wake up when he approached her he picked her up and carried her off the road where they laid her on a truck bed in a nearby parking lot and got to work keeping her conscious and checking her vitals once the adrenaline and the shock kicked in in her little body she started kicking and screaming and you know where's my mommy and things like that so stuff like that's really heartbreaking it took about five minutes for paramedics to get to the scene and transport the child to the hospital her mother tells 40/29 news she has a broken jaw and will need surgery but is expected to be okay cien poli was in the right place at the right time I never would you think driving on the road that something like that would happen on the road to Biloxi Mississippi a stray car hits a massive truck and a fiery explosion rains over the road this footage was captured by David frederickson's dashcam virologist he stopped his truck and immediately got out to help he ran towards the burning car and to his surprise he saw a little girl's head pop out of the back window he got to the front door and saw the immoveable body of an old woman somehow managing to open the door as others arrived David and a group of Good Samaritans saved the little girl and presumably her grandmother David later told reporters that he believes he was put at the scene by God I named local coach's home after fighting for his life in the hospital now the coach is speaking out to 40/29 Brett rains about why he believed she's still alive tonight it's new coach Brian Simms was in the hospital since April at times he was in critical condition on life-support and undergoing surgery about once a week now Coach Simpsons home and he's crediting the power of your prayers for helping heal him late last night people lined the street and cheered as coach Brian Simms finally came home from the hospital it was awesome I'm just the the support I have from the community he's just been unreal I mean it's been great and it's helped me get through all this the offensive line coach and head track coach was battling stevens-johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis a severe skin reaction to medication that left most of his body covered in painful blisters as if he'd been burned at several times he was near death I never thought it would come to where I'm at now a lot of it especially the the worst parts I don't even remember pretty much every complication you could get he had renal failure respiratory failure we knew we would eventually get home from Tulsa but at more than one point we were afraid that he might not be with us thousands of people across the country and across the world prayed for Simms to live and while often his diagnosis is fatal this time it was not Simms gives credit to God his doctors and the power of your prayers that's one reason I think I pulled through all this and I would get messages on Facebook and they would say you know I felt a strong need to get up and pray you know it would be in the middle the night at 1 or 2 and it would be the moment that we were in a life-threatening situation the road to recovery will not be easy but today Simms is glad to be home with his family well a family is celebrating what they're calling a miracle it really is a husband on dialysis for a year and a half after his kidney stopped working then getting word from doctors last week his kidneys started working again I know Kelly rinky good news from the newsroom with a wate six on your side spotlight Kelly you spoke with a couple about their good news I can't even imagine how they're feeling right now yeah well of course they're shocked but really so happy doctors told the husband Danny that if he was on dialysis for more than six months so there really was no chance that his kidneys would work again but that didn't stop the Terry's from giving up hope Danny tarian is wife Linda are relaxing and enjoying the summer day and Miravalle something they haven't done in a while we didn't think it was anything real serious we thought it was just cold cuz he had upper respiratory but it was serious for Danny spending most of the last year and a half at UT Medical Center come and find out he had a heart consists of heart failure and kidney failure a man who had never been to the hospital now on dialysis and the transplant list for a kidney Abel kind of is me I didn't know Linda then gets advice to post on social media asking if anyone felt called to donate a kidney five people from church offer to give me a kidney but to their disappointment none of them are a match our preacher said don't lose hope a glimmer of hope came a few months ago Danny starts to feel a little bit better so doctors run a test they called back and said you don't have to do dialysis anymore your kidneys are working and then this week doctors say something else unprecedented Danny doesn't need to be on the transplant list anymore she said I'm so happy for you cuz she said he just isn't she kept saying smiling just saying this doesn't happen well I mean yeah but God had a reason thinking the reason is to inspire others to not give up hope maybe this will touch somebody and you know maybe there's somebody else out there that will give hope from Texas teenager sharing a deeply personal story tonight of dying seeing Jesus and then coming back to life and he is describing what he saw and heard during those minutes without oxygen Zach Clements is a strong teenager he's a high school football player at Victory Life Academy in Brownwood Texas and obviously he's got his sense of humor by all measures he's a healthy young man which is why it's still a shock I was running and I had collapsed that he dropped to the ground during PE class last week it was a sudden cardiac arrest according to his doctors his mother was immediately called and even beat the ambulance to the emergency room when they opened the ambulance door he was blue and they were on top of him doing chest compressions technically and medically he was dead and they said that I was I was without a heartbeat for twenty minutes and just as hospital staff were ready to make it official they got a pulse he was airlifted to cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth and woke up days later his recovery has been incredible but even more mind-blowing is the story he tells of what he saw during the time many believed he had died I saw a man had long he's kind of ruffled hair with the kind of thick beard and it didn't take me long to realize that that with Jesus he's describing what his family is convinced it was a near-death miracle I went up to him and he put his hand on my shoulder and told me that everything will be all right and not to worry I would just calm and just at peace the cynics out there will say seem to make me grin for him to wake up and tell us something that he experienced like that it's just I mean you can't explain it it's not humanly possible to explain it Billy Clements is the teens father he says accepting his son's experience as a miracle is the only thing that makes sense and that's what we're staying on that was awaiting word from God that we got and we're gonna hold onto that do you think this might strengthen the face is angels singing in the background it may be a medical mystery for the doctors but for this family there's no question it was divine intervention I'm just glad he decided to let me have my baby back in Fort Worth ken Mullis tina CBS 11 news 20 minutes wrap your head around that it's so tough to wrap your head around they get one life unless you're a local 25 year olds who says he is on his fourth Davidson's Hendry has the story rain has kept games away from the softball diamond today but whether or not Landon Whitley is able to toss the ball this is where he feels closest to his late father and I felt like every time I was there on the field even though I couldn't seem physically it felt like inside of me he was there in 1997 all was well Landon and his parents were driving home from church when they were t-boned at a mint hill intersection Landon lost his father that day his mother was severely hurt but survived I didn't understand where God was at to allow the tragedy Lehman's father was driving the vehicle his seat flew back crushing Landon in the back seat initially medics couldn't even tell there was a child in the car but one of the workers found a child shoe and when they found his shoe they started looking for the body that managed three times that day Landon died flatlined paramedics worked to save him he says each time he went to heaven where he was with Jesus angels his father and two siblings he had never known existed my mom had two miscarriages before me that I had never known about never heard about I was able to see them layman says his trip to heaven was a short one he says Jesus told him it wasn't his time so back to earth where it took time for landings injuries to mend we got 23 metal plates in my head my nose was reconstructed out of the back part of my skull and I can't see out of my left eye or better yet it's all blurry his mother Julie her scars are more emotional and to cope she wrote a book detailing the family's healing process over the years these days I can thank God for giving me the strength to get through it I didn't see this strength when I was going through all that I saw the challenges in the heart okay so right now we're driving up to the intersection where Landon's accident happened and Landon just tell me you know what so your mind when you approach this scene I pacify here almost every day and of course the sparks back memories from the past but at the same time it just became part of our normal everyday life of going through here Landon is even to the point where he can make light of his situation someone could say Landon you and I are about to have a come-to-jesus talk I was like well I've already canceled in three times now in his mid-20s baseball is replaced with softball and he proudly wears the number his dad once gave him he lost control of his truck stored the nine wheels of the truck rolled over my car Don Piper died instantly they did all the tests they had at their disposal and determined that I was deceased but in reality his new life was just beginning I was driving along a highway one moment and the very next moment a fraction of a fraction of a second I'm actually standing at the gates of heaven 90 minutes later a passerby witnesses his miraculous return to life I think his actual words were the dead man is singing well that's not something that you know you you were typically here and so well you just think you know it's air escaping from the lungs you know we checked in we've done all the tests you know you know we're medical professionals we know a dead body today on life focus the man who went to heaven and back heaven is a buffet for the senses it is a sensory explosion all the sights that we we have here that we see if I'm standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon I'm looking at the sunset I'm thinking this is just awesome heaven is a million times more beautiful in the late-1980s Don Piper a busy pastor and father of three might have been cynical when people describe their experiences after being declared clinically dead but he never doubted the reality of heaven I knew it was breathtakingly beautiful I knew that it was eternal I just didn't see how a person could really die and go to heaven and come back and talk about it but all that changed one rainy day in 1989 it was here at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Bridge north of Houston that Don Piper died people need to know that heaven is real and I had a chance to see that his chance came after attending a pastors convention at Trinity Pines Conference Center several hours north of Houston the journey began with a small but fateful decision that day I passed the gate and and really just decided to go a different route John's new route headed south on Texas Highway 19 it was raining cold the windshield wipers are going at 11:45 a.m. he approached the long and narrow Memorial Bridge and I couldn't see beyond the end of the bridge I had a hundred and ten mile an hour impact with a big truck I never saw the truck there was no reaction time the two vehicles collided head-on I was driving along a highway one moment and the very next moment a fraction of a fraction of a second I'm actually standing at the gates of heaven Don cannot recall the 90 minutes on earth but vividly remembers his experience in a more glorious place the brilliance of the light the magnificent of the light is is beyond anything I've ever gazed upon here on earth it is almost as if everything is alive it just glistens several other vehicles were involved in the accident the truck rolled over the top of Don's Ford Escort crushing his body my internal organs had really been crushed the roof of the car collapsed on my head and I had had been bleeding from the ears in the eyes and the mouth and nose which were all drained in its signs the arm was basically in the back seat I mean those were very apparent injuries the dash came across both of my legs just kind of like a guillotine a guillotine that crushed his right leg and nearly severed his left leg above the knee four inches of the femur of the largest bone in the human body was ejected from the car apparently out the window into the lake because it was never located his left arm was also nearly severed and missing several inches of bone eventually four ambulances arrived they ran EKGs they did all the tests they had at their disposal and determined that I was deceased a policeman got a waterproof tarp out of his squad car came over to my vehicle so no one would have to see what I look like in the car was quite awful to look at the news of the accident reached Don's wife Eva but she was not told the accident was fatal there's been a Rick and Don's been hurt that's all they knew at that point in time and and the thing I remember most about that is just a very real sense of peace just covered me from my head to my toes and I knew he was going to be okay but medical personnel at the scene believed differently they actually phoned for the county official a justice of the peace to come to the scene to sign documents which would allow the body to be transported to a mortuary until this man came to the scene that was a stranger to him the late dick honor wrecker seen here in a previously recorded interview was also on his way home from the pastors conference and stopped to help very candidly It was as though I was compelled to stop and to pray for him the Lord just impressed on me very emphatically very urgently that I was to pray for him so dick approach to one of the officers and said is there anyone here I can pray for and he was told no because the two people in the other two cars had actually been transported and I of course was deceased so they said quite honestly there is no one to pray for but dick insisted and I laid my hands on him and began to pray for him that there be no internal injuries and head injuries at 1:15 p.m. a full 90 minutes after Don Piper had been declared dead the unbelievable happened and I'm hearing a voice behind me and that voice is the voice of tikona record I began to sing and all of a sudden I heard him singing with me hearing his own voice singing jarred this survivor back to earth I was in utter brilliance in heaven now I'm in the dark and I'm thinking why is it dark his next sensation excruciating pain it was about to get as sorrowful and dreadful and painful as what I had just experienced was glorious and majestic every time my heart would beat it would be like hitting my limbs with a hammer turned away from two local hospitals Don felt every bump and shake during the nightmarish ride to Houston it was just the most excruciatingly powerful throbbing pain that I had ever I didn't even know you could feel pain like that Don finally arrived at Memorial Hermann Hospital's trauma center my internal organs were intact doctors determined Don amazingly did not have any brain damage or head injuries and even though my other injuries are cataclysmic those two life-threatening experiences are no longer in existence they have been preyed away by a man on a bridge under a tarp I saw an emergency room he was being evaluated by numerous other doctors in addition to me it soon became evident to dr. Thomas Grider an orthopedic surgeon if they didn't take drastic measures immediately Dunn may not survive we had to find a way to either take off the leg or there was a new device that had not been used very often to save the leg the experimental device called an alizarin had rarely been used in the United States we have to put it into the leg through the muscles is extremely painful and that's why it's only used with a great deal of reluctance metal wires and rods force the bone to grow while keeping the surrounding tissue intact the problem with that would be could conceivably break or fail before the bone heel amputation would be less painful he would only need probably one operation then they'd be done with it and they then we could fit in with the prosthesis to let him get out of bed and start moving Eva made the difficult decision to try the alizarin frame there was no guarantee that it would work but at least Don but had his leg if you can imagine taking an icepick and just kind of burying it into your leg to the bone and then moving around it I had 30 of those on my left leg and I had 12 them on my left arms there are many times while Damas recovery that he was angry with me for forgiving that permission because it was just excruciating ly painful I never went to sleep for a year I just I fought it and I I strained and then I would find myself unconscious I just passed out ultimately don endured 34 painful surgeries I wanted to go to heaven on a minute-to-minute basis I never wanted to come back from heaven I still would prefer to be there than here his yearning turned into heavy depression that was my scariest time that was when I guess my faith did waver a little bit because Don wasn't trying and that's so unlike him he's so determined and he had quit it was a dark period the varied very dark period two things really seemed to overwhelm me a sense of what I saw and lost in a sense of what I might ever do that mattered it was just too much for him and I first had him I'd control I'd I'd plead I'd whatever and and he didn't want it he would just literally turn his head he wouldn't talk to me and that was rough that was very hard and people were nice and they were thoughtful but no one would ever make this but you're gonna be fine you're gonna walk again for a year and a half Don kept his heavenly experience to himself I didn't want to share it I felt like it was a sacred secret my advice to him was you're gonna have to be comfortable with sharing this experience I would suggest you pick a couple people that you that you know I didn't trust reluctantly Don trusted in David Gentiles his best friend for over 30 years I guess he was just kind of seeing if I would laugh at him or say he was crazy or whatever a small part of it probably had to do with the fact that uh I felt if I shared it people would think that I just had lost it Don slowly revealed more details of what he witnessed during the 90 minutes his body lay lifeless I heard angels more than something and what I could hear was the beating of their wings and so it was just an awesome presence of the Angels and they're everywhere in heaven you can hear thousands of glorious songs you hear them all at the same time and there is no chaos frankly to have someone I knew sitting across from me saying well and I saw this in look at this color and this was the sound it was a little freaky Don cannot forget the moment he reached Heaven's Gate there was a parting of the crowd and revealing you know the street and so I began to move forward and it was becoming obvious that it's time for me now having been welcomed to enter I'm not sure we walked I know that sounds very strange let's just say we moved they moved toward the gate and what Dan says appeared to be a street of gold the closer you get to the gate the brighter it gets and inside the gate is is an utter brilliance I was in the presence of God and I would never have to suffer pain again I would never have to be weary again I would never have to worry again but as Don crossed the threshold he paused that pause was Muslim was my moment to return the culmination of all those prayers on earth was was realized at that moment as God and His infinite wisdom decided it was not my time and sent me back today dan travels worldwide to share his story with an eager audience I had to find a way to take the the mess that I had found myself in and turn it into a message if God can resuscitate a dead guy in a red car our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil amen Oh My Jesus forgive us our sins save us from the fires of hell wait all souls to heaven is any among you afflicted let him pray is any Mary let him sing psalms is any sick among you let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith shall save the sick and the Lord shall raise him up and if he have committed sins they shall be forgiven him confess your faults one to another and pray one for another that he may be healed the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much like a what he read about Jared Leyva in the news for a week kept on coming back two days I put it in a Bible she saw that he was nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver on Hendersonville Road while riding his bike home from work but there was something more he said I want you to go to the hospital and I want you to pray for this young man she says God was speaking to her I don't know them they're not gonna let me days later the same thing go nothing I can't go I kept on saying no no no and a few days after that she was driving near Mission Hospital and the Train boy stood cold so I said ok that's when she met Leyva's parents terry and christian guerrero we made her cell call around a me and we study praying within the hour that she came in and he has to move with his arm barely twisted his arm he lifted his arm right after we finished praying Ava's parents say ever since that visit their son has been doing better he had started moving his hands up to his throat that they actually had to put him in restraints then about a week after the visit his mother shot this video latest father describes the moment his son's doctor heard about this he was ecstatic a sign their son might snap out of his coma I can't even express how how much hope happiness I had to see that and I'm extremely thankful a woman's face helps catch a home invasion suspect police arrested 24 year old Derek Lee after they say he tried to rob a group of 15 women who are at a jewelry party the women say Lee left after the group started chanting the name Jesus I've just always believed in God's word and he says that he's there to protect us in times of trouble Jackie Hagler put her faith into action Friday night when police say armed robber Derek Lee broke into her house wearing a ski mask in a bandana Hagler says 15 women gathered for a jewelry party and Lee walked in through an open door when he threatened to shoot Hagler says she proclaimed something else I just stood up and I said in the name of Jesus get out of my house now and he said I'm gonna shoot someone and I said it again real boldly I said in the name of Jesus get out of my house and everybody started chanting Jesus Jesus Jesus he just did a quick scan of the room turn around and ran out the door especially gay guy it's the reason why Hagler says she has a lot to be thankful for we caught up with her at the Christ Community Church for a special Sunday service her jeweler Afton brown is also amazed at the outcome she retreated to another room when Lee pulled the gun as I was backing out that's when I heard Jackie fake get out of my house in the name of Jesus and then I was out kind of sneaking into a closet the call 9-1-1 I just heard all the ladies just chanting and screaming Jesus Jesus get out in the name of Jesus Jesus Shirley after the suspect Lee was literally run out of the house here in Lake City he tried to rob another woman at atm according to police he was identified shortly after that and arrested Hagler and others say that someone bigger than them is trying to get a message to Lee hopefully he'll get the message and you know hopefully it's a story that can be turned into good one day and he'll have a hopefully he'll have a testimony I have forgiven him I pray for his salvation and I'm hoping that this situation will lead him to trust the Lord too and turn his life around in Lake City I'm Tarek miner Channel four first at 6:40 p.m. yesterday yesterday evening I received two warning calls from two friends telling me that there were two criminals that had escaped and just gotten a shootout with police officers two inmates in Georgia overpowering their guards and a prison bus killing them using the officers own weapons the inmates then getting away in a stolen vehicle they carjacked Georgia authorities tonight tell us that the inmates who got away after murdering two prison guards are out running around with 40 caliber Glock s– Putnam County police are desperately searching for these two fugitives 43 year old Donnie roe and 24 year old Ricky DuBose both are career criminals who are serving hard time and police say one of them is a member of the Ghostface gangsters a white supremacist prison gang they're run from the law came to an end after police say they broke into an elderly couple's home Thursday held them at gunpoint and then drove off in their SUV the couple had the wherewithal to break free and notify authorities the authorities came running the high-speed chase lasted for 10 miles on Interstate 24 one of the escaped inmates was driving the other in the backseat shooting at police that's when police say they crashed the SUV lost their guns in the wreck raced into the woods and then walked to a nearby home hoping to steal another car but the homeowner had a gun 6:47 I'm sorry 6:46 I'll load it every weapon I could in my house to be prepared in the event that they needed to be used 6:47 I saw two white males across a barbed wire fence 300 yards from my backdoor 6:47 I prayed like I have never prayed before 648 i called 9-1-1 and I grabbed my sweet daughter and we made the decision either to get in a panic room in our house and be trapped or to get in our car and head down the road we got in the car and backed up quit only to find that the gentleman had been running and gotten much closer to our house they began to take off their shirts and started waving them at us as if to slow us down my vehicle looks very similar to a police cruiser I don't know if that's the reason why they started to surrender I had a weapon on me but I never had to draw the weapon like it has been released in the news I began to to slowly back up as they came closer as they came closer we continued to slowly back up at that point I realized I had two ex-cons wanted for murder that just saw a law enforcement or just shot at law enforcement and nothing to lose and for some reason they started to surrender and lay down on their stomachs in my concrete driveway if that doesn't make you believe in Jesus Christ I don't know what will I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins 92 year old Pauline Jacobi research on faith keeps her going in life and in the process may have saved it Jacoby had just finished putting away her groceries inside her car at a nearby Walmart only seconds after Jacoby got into her car a man jumped in the passenger side the man told you Kobi he had a gun and that he would shoot her if she didn't give him money I said no Jacoby told him no three times then she started to talk to him you know because you kept me I'll go to heaven she told him to ask God for forgiveness I said Jesus is in this car and he goes with me everywhere jacobee ministered the man for 10 minutes inside her car and he said I think as tears were rolling down the man's face Jacoby voluntarily gave him all the money she had ten dollars and when I told him I was going getting that money I said don't do spins it down the man thanked her for the money and then walked away well this had all the makings of a story that would end sadly but not for Becca Collins her mom believes had it not been for God her daughter wouldn't be alive today when you're four years old this is how life should be carefree and full of joy but you never get Rebecca Collins with so six years two years ago her parents Terry and Ginny feared she might die I believe she's my miracle from day one miracle because at just 18 months old Becca went to the hospital for a routine procedure to remove tubes from our ears and adenoids back home in three days later her condition butterflied out of control we didn't know what was wrong she wasn't walking she wasn't talking she started having seizures by the time they got her to the hospital Becca would have 16 strokes one after the next it's like aim like something that I would have seen out of a horror movie but this was real have a doctors Kemeny and telling us you know your daughter might Liam she might not live this is just touch and go and I remember thinking to myself that I was going to lose her back I developed a bacterial meningitis that coupled with the strokes to her eyesight hearing speech and her ability to walk my largest emotional race inside zombies zombies so lifeless and unresponsive that Terry Collins breaks down in tears as she remembers the terrifying journey we its parents we take take life for granted we'll take her children for granted and it could just all be taken away from us just like that then came the questions why why why did this happen to her I was just like how can I do this I can't do this I just why I can't do this prayed many prayers over her and we would just pray you know the Lord just just tell us just give us peace just show us what we need to do they found that peace in isaiah 41:13 fear not for I will help me and no matter what he helped us through everything 72 days in a hospital painful we have and 51 days after Becca went home she took her first steps her speech returned so did most her hearing I don't understand it all I can say is that we've been blessed I feel like she's a miracle child I feel like that if it wasn't for God she wouldn't be alive thank you every day there's nothing I could do to thank him enough Terry is so amazed by her daughter's transformation she tells others to keep praying and never give up I see what I see hope compassion remember being in the ambulance thinking what is going on I don't understand I jumped out of the truck pull my gun told him to drop the knife get on the ground he did everything I told him to do it's an absolute miracle that he survived this [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] amazing that I was there when I was be able to help out for what I could help out I don't know if you know where we we saw I heard the skidding and I saw the accident happen a car from the red car clump it up in the air I ran over there and I got down on one side tried to talk to the lady inside the red car was flipped over and then I couldn't I could talk to her Mike I tried all the doors they were all locked I couldn't get him open so I got everybody to help me flip the car over and got her out real quick that way pages from her journal visibly shaken and did not know what to do document desperate moments from just days ago the girls and I sat in the shade in each prayed Julie vanish her husband Jay their two daughters and dog all soaking up the beauty of Southern Utah as Moab gets more crowded we push farther and farther out into the remote areas it was in that remote area there's nothing out there along the Escalante River where the family unexpectedly found themselves and stronger than normal river currents rapids that can make high aking an exciting adventure only grew stronger and more dangerous and then we hit another the damaging force so strong paddles are ripped away from the family they quickly realize they're in trouble we're in the middle of no stinkin where cell phones here are useless no communication no shelter but with food and water to last a few days the family sets up a makeshift camp along the river and they wait Jay a pastor and Bailey for more than 20 years turns to God his hand of goodness was with us even when things were hard 24 hours go by without seeing a soul day 2 arrives and still no one in sight not sure how much longer they would be stranded the family again turns to God and in that moment they say he worked a miracle and we sat down to pray and we prayed and within two minutes the helicopter showed up a rescue team searching for another stranded kayaker spots the family on a sandbar just large enough to perform an airlift rescue literally our angels saved they believe by divine intervention now back home the family tells us they could not be happier to be back in Colorado in an instant life can change God you can you can't take my partner don't don't don't they I I I need her I need her in so many ways and we've been through so much in 28 years there's nothing that I've done in my life that's have been of worth that hasn't been with her by my side for crossroads senior pastor brian tome that instant came in a phone call two weeks ago my daughter dad she's crying dad did your mom she just had a stroke she's in the hospital right now I need to go right now Libby has no previous history there were no warning signs but in the middle of a workout it hit I really felt pretty exhausted and I went to my next exercise and I just kind of collapsed so I was fully prepared that our marriage in our life was going to change permanently at that moment I remember being in the ambulance thinking what is going on I don't understand there she was in the bed lying there with her eyes open couldn't move her right side couldn't talk at all wasn't sure if she understood anything of what was happening we just put our hands on her and we just started praying and so did hundreds of people in their Crossroads family I know that medically speaking we have a three-hour window from what they say so I'm just watching the clock after hours in surgery I clearly remember some significant amount of pain it was like crazy pain and I I actually thought oh my goodness he's he's messing up that pain was doctors removing a blood clot that was blocking blood flow to half of Libby's brain when he was done I could right away move my hand 24 hours she took her first steps I could walk and I could climb up steps and down she woke up the next day and she the stutter was gone doctors and nurses at Good Samaritan called it a miracle Brian believes it was good great doctors and someone up above taking care of the person who's taking care of him for all of these years I've had a lot of great relations in my life they're all gone they're all gone except for her and Libby got something else that day it made me realize that all the things in my past that have held me back from fully feeling loved and Polly feeling accepted even in my own family gosh that just washed away with this situation so I just feel fortunate and just so loved this is what the Johnston family calls a miracle 14-year old Teresa Johnston alive walking and smiling due to the tens of thousands of people praying throughout the world Teresa leaves health where Children's Hospital's surrounded by support having made tremendous progress it's one thing after another we saw life come back to our little baby chances of survival were slim when a 60-foot tree fell on Teresa during a February storm but in the seven weeks since each of her six siblings witnessed her strength yes just to see like her toe start flickering or her she lifts her arm or like her eyes would start fluttering every time she did that we were like she woke up from a coma endured surgeries to reconstruct her face and skull and learned how to eat and talk again hello and thank you for everything words of gratitude she can't share enough with loved ones and friends like Marie Mershon then when she could finally talk to you just like I love you and I was like I owe you they prayed for a miracle even Teresa's youngest sibling five year old Dominic what did you say every day when we left my sister who bring my sister home please God bring my sister home today that prayer for a miracle answer their faith giving Teresa strength for the journey ahead exactly like you see in the movies just drop down and slam in yeah just just like in the movies just listening to Richard Leger woods story it's hard to believe it's true but it really happened it was around 5:45 Thursday morning when ledger wood was driving from Lynde to Borden for work every morning every day twice a day but today what's different next thing I know as when nose-first into a Ledge right his ledger would drove on this bit of road the ground beneath gave way the airbags in his SUV deploy water came rushing in it was time to act climbed out through the window on the driver's side up on the roof the roof was underwater then here's the thing though it was pitch black when all this happened luckily ledger wood had this on hand I mean there was there's no saying nothing you're in a hole and it's dark and believe it or not it's doors once ledger wood got out of this mess he even flagged down an oncoming driver and warned him of the danger as for injuries that's it and some minor soreness of course his Chevy Blazer is toast see that bit of light that's all you can see now but Fletcher wood realizes that's the least of his worries God was my co-pilot you know weight is when I was actually if I did be in the car or anything else I actually don't believe like it was three decades ago that a hostage crisis shocked the town of coke fill Wyoming around 150 students and teachers at Koch Vil Elementary were held hostage by a married couple David and Doris young Coco was my favorite place to live just a really fun carefree life in a town made up of listen 500 people Stephanie FRU says people cared about one another so when our elementary was at the center of a bomb threat they thought it was just drilled we had been having a lot of fire drills over the last couple of weeks because for whatever reason the fire alarms were going off but this time there was no fire instead the former town marshal David Young and his wife were holding a Kovel elementary hostage there were guns lined up against the front of the classroom and David Young was sitting on a desk I was the teacher's desk at the front of the classroom and in front of him was a gasoline jug wire tour device strapped to his arm that's when ten year old Stephanie realized something was wrong I was old enough to get it to know that whatever you choose to do could have a negative effect on someone else like someone else's life could be taken or your own and that you can't leave at that moment Stephanie her two younger brothers and others began to pray shortly after the bomb went off I remember looking up right when it happened and it was almost like a column of fire just went up and mushroomed out into the ceiling right in front of her she saw Doris young completely engulfed in flames I remember hearing my name called and the opposite direction of where she was and seeing a hand outstretched to me and I knew that I was supposed to go the other way every adult and every child made it out of that explosion it's one of several miracles that children and teachers say took place right in that classroom for Stephanie who was a hand of comfort others say they saw angels and loved ones that had passed on a sense of divine proof that Stephanie hosts will serve as a testimony well the story of a Good Samaritan and Tyler yesterday afternoon a man pulled out a knife at the Cumberland shopping center threatening a couple in the parking lot a man saw what was happening he pulled a gun out he ordered him to drop the knife until police came CBS 19's Taylor de Hayes is live at the shopping center with that very man who saved the day Taylor hey Sasha Terry and his son chase are here and they're gonna talk to us a little bit so Terry what was going through your mind at that time well for one I want to thank God for keeping us safe through the whole ordeal they're probably training it just kicked in I put a lot of training into these situations and I've never been in one but just through my mind and I mean once and once I saw the knife come out and he'd go up and he went up to the people it just all happened quick I jumped out of the truck pulled my gun told him to drop the knife get on the ground he did everything I told him to do and luckily no one was injured now chase what do you think about your dad acting like this well it's the first time I've ever seen him do anything like this before but I'm very proud of him for stepping in like like he did and I'm just glad he's my father but Samaritans jump into action to save a visually impaired man who fell off a train platform and onto the tracks it happened on Thursday morning in Atlanta bystanders risked their own lives to reach the man and lift him off the tracks but there was a split second where I looked around and said there's no police here you know is this me is this do I need to be the one that jumps in and yeah I don't remember looking for a train but I did look at the rail and just hopped right in Wow transit police arrived just as the victim was being rescued he was taken to a hospital and all he had was an ankle injury and dramatic video take a look at this a man putting his own life in danger to save a young man from the subway tracks which is seconds to spare just in time you can see the man jumping onto the tracks in New York City scooping up the young man and then the train zipping by just seconds later witnesses saying that the man fainted they think but is okay the hero ironically just having to take a track safety training program as part of a work project just last month yesterday I was with my wonderful in-laws and we were celebrating my little sister in law's her white coat ceremony at cesky University as we were pulling up to Olive Garden to celebrate at dinner my husband decides that he's gonna run across the street really quickly to highlight a friend of his who worked across the street and while he was you know ran out real quick you know we try to get everybody in get the kids situated who's sitting where all this Mauro block in the midst of all of that I see my mother-in-law my sister-in-law and the women just run out of where we're sitting and I'm like what's going on they're like they said there's an emergency it's okay so I just thought right now I'm thinking my brother-in-law had surgery a couple weeks a couple months ago maybe something happened I don't know and literally run out of the Olive Garden a tiger town I run down towards the street and my niece turns around she said it's uncle Stephen what you mean is uncle Stephen and my husband is laying down in the street surrounded by people I just hear screaming my sister's there screaming I just come around and I'm running around like and just stand over him looking down him like what's going on what happened and they tell me that my husband was hit by a car okay somebody's holding his head he looks up at me and he says I'm okay he said baby I'm all right I'm okay calm down I'm okay tomorrow he's talking to me he's coherent he is you know awake and alive you know he's alive um and I'm just just standing there just in disbelief complete disbelief I to struggle with spending time with God I to struggle with putting everybody else out closing the door I have four children there with me all the time so I struggle with that too but I know for a fact that I pray from my husband's safety yesterday morning I no idea like I know everybody people are crying people are freaking out you know the EMTs are showing up and you know the ambulance the people I said I know I pray for him to be safe today I know I did so I was proactive by the grace of God by the urging of the Holy Spirit ho spirit must say girl go get in your war room and pray okay I'm saying all that to say this where does it happen that on any given Friday night every single innocent bystander just happens to be a certified medical professional fire men EMTs nurses I mean just people coming out of everywhere every single person I was innocently standing by was a medical professional that's prayer I'm opposed to picture later of the girls cracked up windshield where my husband's body was hit by the car rose up onto the hood cracks are we're sure he rose back down the ground and he's just swollen he doesn't have any internal bleeding he doesn't have any broken bones he doesn't have a cast on he's talking he's coherent power of prayer when the EMTs tell you that multiple other people were hit pedestrians were hit this week and they all died power of prayer when the kind people when you were going in to even sit down and the people from Olive Garden y'all that meant so much to me the people from Olive Garden since food / catering place in place of food and salad everything that we need to feed our party of 15 while we sat in the emergency room they said roses they sent a car that's the power of prayer went by the power of the Holy Spirit little girl she was pumped up 18 her little car probably went to Auburn bless her little heart by the power of prayer I could walk up to her as they were loading my husband into the ambulance to take him to the East Alabama and I could say who was driving and I walked over to the group of people I think it was just her in the car but there were other people around I said come here and by the power of the Holy Spirit could put my arms around her I hooked her and I said it's gonna be okay and I told her and the other people that were standing out there I said listen I pray for my husband's safety this morning he's gonna be alright he's coherent he's talking he I don't know what you know what his internal state is right now but he's gonna make it so because of that everything's gonna be fine Romans 8:28 says that all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose you