Minecraft: Medieval Church in ONE CHUNK! [Tutorial]

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hello everyone my name is pixel riffs and today I'm going to show you how to build this one chunk church it's based on the kind of church you find in my home country the UK and would fit in just fine with a rustic or medieval town build it's got a huge stained-glass window and a detailed church interior and of course it fits within a single chunk of 16 by 16 blocks let's get into it we'll begin by laying down the footprint starting with three cobblestone stairs spaced apart with three blocks between them filling the row behind that with stone brick and polished andesite then add three more stone brick to the ends like so inside this area we'll build a 5 by 3 platform with two rows of dark oak and five red wool blocks coming out from the center of that place six more red wool blocks in the floor where the aisle carpet will go and ignore the fact that this looks like a paintbrush moving back to the walls come out one block on either side with a row of stone bricks polished andesite and a stair in the middle and stairs facing outwards from the andesite blocks as well come back in one block and build an 8 block long wall ending in a polished andesite mirror this on the other side but leave a two-block gap for a doorway with a Nadder sight door step the last wall comes out right to the edge of the chunk and is 7 blocks long with a stair in the middle the foundation of your build should now look like this come back around to the side with the cobble stairs and add four more stairs spaced out evenly with stone brick between them add stone bricks on the top as well leaving gaps between those four three stained glass panes whichever colors you like top this off with a row of stone brick and a site and inverted cobble stairs above the central two stairs then start the frame at a rounded window making pillars at either side textured with stone brick stairs on the opposite wall frame three thin stained-glass windows the outside windows two blocks high and the central window four blocks high with stairs at the top and bottom I'm going to use white stained glass on this side but then again the colors up to you top off this wall with a stone brick stair and a block return to the side wall and we'll build to full block pillars up from this section then extend outwards with stairs and add two more blocks to each add stairs either side of the base for support then the four high section will hold another stained-glass window now we'll start to fill in the main section of the wall until it's five blocks high in total from there build three high pillars on blocks one three five and seven and connect the top blocks with stone brick and stairs creating three window spaces will fill two of these in with white stained glass but leave the one on the end empty continue the wall behind this space here leaving space for a window one block above the colorful window and fill this one in with white glass as well this last side panel can be filled behind with stone brick leaving a recess here which will top and tail with stairs at this point you may want to add some texture to the flat wall to look like the church is in need of repair try mossy and cracked stone bricks or even some cobblestone or andesite to make it look like it's been patched up with different materials the last window frame is going to be covered from the inside by a pillar of stone bricks which will stop full blocks from the floor so we can create an archway using blocks and stairs it might look weird but the archway and the pillar don't have to line up from here we'll fill in the back wall with three rows of stone brick adding a pillar up the side here so it's symmetrical and on the fourth row we'll start adding some stairs so the back wall ends up looking like this the final side wall is a mirror image of the opposite wall with the exception of the door frame where we'll leave space for a double door once you've got the wall in place swap the blocks above the door for cobblestone stairs and start the texture the wall like you did on the opposite side maybe with a bit more cobblestone thrown in build a buttress to support the wall just a three-high pillar topped with a stair then add a spruce double door move over to the window and add four block tall pillars on either side of these stairs on the inside we'll build the same pillar and archway to close up that last window frame and this time the archway will sit perfectly over the double door we'll add two buttresses to the opposite wall since there isn't a door here and then add the same pillars around the stained-glass window on this side these pillars are here support a small section of the roof which we'll put in now using dark oak stairs and a slab in the middle so the glass pane doesn't connect add these on both sides now let's finally build that big stained-glass window we can add a couple of blocks on the inside for framing purposes then start the arch of the roof diagonally from the topmost block on either side it should meet in the middle with a stair connecting here add two more blocks inside to create a circular space and top it off with inverted stairs which will connect to the structure of the roof now take a few different colors of stained glass and fill in this frame however you like it should take twenty-one panes in total time to start on the roof build a row of stone bricks across from the top of this arch bring it down a block at the other end above the taller wall and add stairs either side then a row of inverted sprue stairs below now take those spruce stairs and fill in the slope of the roof in rows 14 blocks long leaving one block of the topmost row exposed on the end with the white glass windows on the long wall add a row of stairs ten blocks long resting on those stone brick pillars with a slab above the window like this while we finish off the other side of the roof let me remind you that support from patreon helps me make these videos you can go to patreon.com/crashcourse to donate and support future tutorials the next step is to add a short roof above the white stained-glass windows made of alternating sprue stairs and a stair here on top of this central block we'll add a row of slabs to the central part of the roof leaving a few blocks exposed at the end and there to add simple ornaments to the roof using a cobblestone wall and a chiseled stone brick while we're down this end having the roof in place makes it easier to swap blocks for stairs around the frame creating a little more depth where the stone brick is exposed will take out a section of the roof for a 3×3 bell tower start with an 8 shape of stone brick filling in the gaps with cobble stairs then build up with three blocks and add fences to hold up the bell the cauldron to be the bell itself and two more fences coming down in the middle like a bell rope now add one more block to each pillar join them with stone brick stairs and build it up into a steeple shape with cobblestone stairs on the corners on top of the pillars and leading up to a central point where we'll place a cobblestone wall next we'll build a porch over the doorway using stone brick and andesite sprue stairs and fences and then a canopy of spruce stairs with cobble stairs below to connect it to the wall to add the final touches to the exterior we'll build some low hedges with leaf blocks have some growing up around the church walls and maybe a small graveyard to the side with cobble headstones Park blocks and with some respectful flowers continued the leaves around the outside of the building where perhaps we'll put a bench here so that the churchgoers can sit and admire the scenery bonemeal nearby grass to bring up some plants then come around to the entrance and build a path to the door using rough andesite gravel and coarse dirt bone meal a patch of the remaining grass if you like with the exterior done it's time to move inside the first thing you'll want to do is light the place up swap the grass floor for a mixture of oak and dark oak and fill in any gaps you've left in the walls and the ceiling it's also worth sloping the roof inwards with some more spruce stairs we're going to build a couple of platforms either side of the altar with sprue slabs with an organ on the right hand side made of a couple of note blocks on top of extended pistons and some spree stairs on the opposite side for the choir stands the altar itself can simply be three wool blocks in the center of this platform hanging banners from the front as decoration and end rod as a candlestick a flower pot as a cup of wine and the pressure plate as a collection plate or service sheet start the pews at the back and space them out towards the front leaving a gap by the door the red wool in the aisle can be textured with some red carpets and we'll add the cauldron by the door as a font of holy water the ceiling can be supported with beams of spruce wood and dark oak stairs there's room for a couple of these and lighting them up might help here so the creepers don't drop on you from above for an extra detail swap out the central block with andesite and cover it with trapdoors to make the logs look like they've been bound together while you've got the trapdoors these might look good on the walls for decoration next up we'll add some bookshelves opposite the door and around the room so that everyone's got some Scripture within arm's reach these are also good places to put flowerpots and since we didn't do this earlier let's quickly make sure the stained glass window is sealed off at the bottom here with some stone brick stairs for our final touch let's make the altar a little bit more accessible with nether brick slabs leading up to it thanks for watching is one chunk tutorial which was made possible with the support of my wonderful community of patrons you can hit the patreon.com slash pixel res to donate and get rewards including membership to my patrons only minecraft server don't forget to leave a like on this video download the build from the page linked in the description and subscribe to my channel so you won't miss future tutorials my name is ben pick Saurus and i'll see you guys soon bye for now

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  1. I've just got a petty cool idea in my opinion for this.

    I'm gonna add a button connected to redstone with a slime block piston door to a secret room with a nether portal or end portal.

  2. ahhhhh consistency. lol only one video that was in an odd place. completed tower but still working on the roof…….. 😛 Pixelriffs you sneaky guy you.

  3. How hilarious would it be if you went to a church to pray and suddenly a creeper drops from the ceiling in front of you and explodes 😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Where's the cross? Just wondering.
    Also, even though that it made great decoration, it would have made more sense if the books were on the backs of the pews, as that is where they usually are.

  5. #sneakpreview When you built the roof you cut to a part in the building process where you had already built the bell tower. No worries and great build! Looking forward to the next one!


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