Milton Jones Interview: Frustration with Atheist Comedians – INTERVIEW

Posted By on July 20, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. God can deliver you.. for sure.
    I struggled with the same problem but God is gracious to us .. he revaled me some things so that I can be delivered. Please try this.
    We are enslaved by sin because 80%by evil sprits provoking us . They can put thoughts of not our own.
    Through out the Bible God has delivered people from such evil sprits.
    Let see what they do
    1.they like to tourcher us
    2. So they convince us to do something which is wrong.
    3. Then bring guilt by provoking to do it repeatedly.
    4. Makes us enslaved to the sin.
    Finally to to make us addicted.
    "whoever calls on the name of the lord shall be delivered".
    Pray in Jesus name call on his name command the evil sprits to go away in Jesus name. Before that you have to do a little difficult thing that is to forgive people that if you have put any .
    God will deliver us to tourcher those who don't forgive others"
    We must forgive others in order to get forgiveness and God's peace.
    Then 20% of the problem is by our own self desires of flesh, so try fasting, confess and repent.
    It worked for me.
    God bless you brother. Forgive pray for those who hurt you and bless them. I thank delightfully for his deliverence.

  2. Ok so I would love to take milton jones to bed but as he is a Christian then I might have a bit of a problem with his beliefs but I wouldn't say no to him or throw him out of bed in the morning, lol, xx

  3. I KNOW he's right! March 1st, 2018, I had a MASSIVE heart attack! Due to insurance rigamarole, I could not get into a Hospital for 12 DAYS! When I came out of anesthesia after a 33 hour surgery, one by one, EVERY staff member from that O.R. came to my room and said, "You are a MIRACLE", "NONE of us expected you to survive", "On a scale of 1 to 10, you had a TEEEEEEN!" I was able to share Jesus Christ with them! I was coming out of Walmart when BAM, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see, I couldn't walk! I slumped over my basket and said, "Dear Jesus, please get me home" I got in the car and couldn't see the dashboard. I said, "Jesus, Please drive me home, 'cause I can't see!" I started the car, and drove 31 miles up a winding mountain road. I saw about a 2 second glimpse of the white line on the right side during the entire way home. When the Surgeon said, "You, Sir, are a MIRACLE", I said "Doc, you don't know the HALF of it! " and I shared my drive home with a roomful of Doctors and Nurses who were just shaking their heads! Jesus Christ is risen and He IS MOST DEFINITELY REAL!!!!!

  4. Looking at these comments, it seems atheists are more judgemental than the Christians are. Also more forceful with their beliefs.

  5. Milton is a Christian I can get along with, respectful and open to other ideas, main reason I'm and atheist is because it makes me get shit done, if I don't believe in an afterlife it makes me more eager to do all the things I want in life before it's too late

  6. Believe in anything you like but I must just say God doesn't seem to trust women. In every religion he speaks to men, has them write down his commands, has them lead his places of worship.the me too and pink hat brigade should be looking into this.

  7. I agree with Milton that having faith is the position that is being alternative. Because it implies, correctly, though I dont think he realised it, that non-belief in any sort of deity is the default position.

  8. So if a god made everything in 6 days that would mean the dinosaurs and man were on the earth at the same time -and if it only took 6days then how come some planets and stars are billions of years older than the earth – how do creationists explain these?

  9. I was wondering why he never stooped to use profanity or bathroom humour despite his fellow comics on "Mock the Week."

  10. Two thousand years of sincerity and martyrdom? What about 2000 years of racism, genocide , misogyny and homophobia.

  11. What are atheist comedians offering in replacement to the "2,000 years of martyrdom" that they are dismissing? Uh, Milton, what do you offer as a replacement to cancer? I LOVE your humor, but that sort of remark by you is not thought through carefully.

  12. I knew from his act he was intelligent and it was expressed even more in this interview. He is a thoughtful man.

  13. Amazing how many atheists are reported to have capitulated on their death bed. Scoffers & 'big bangers' are too busy declaring their own wisdom to know that, for example, the Bible is highly regarded by archeologists & chronologer as a most accurate historical record. Prophetically test & trust worthy time & time again. Atheism & scientism's "big bang miracle which started everything automatically from nothing", as religions, offer null value for "Why we are even here"… It takes way more faith to be an atheist & a PC scientist, than it takes to be a Christian. Go figure.

  14. i have less than no respect for him now. not funny, annoying and a theist.. you shall be allocated 0 time of my existence Milton

  15. I like Milt's style of comedy and I think that he is smart enough that some day the light will go on and his attitude will change regarding his religious beliefs ..

  16. Milton correctly (and unlike many of the comments below) names Christianity as being persecuted since people have to go back to the Crusades to find an example. If you want to find out which religion is leading the way then


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