Message to Christians abused by Church

Posted By on December 8, 2019

This morning when I woke up, while I was praying,
the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said to me: FEED MY SHEEP. I said Lord, what must I say
to them and He said to me:”GIVE THEM HOPE because many of My sheep have been abused,
by the churches. They have been used, they have been lied to, they have been deceived,
they have been alienated. Those who love Me have been rejected by the churches, they have
nowhere to go because they love Me.” And churches love those who look after the church,
who give money to the church, who devote themselves to the church but the church gives them FALSE
SECURITY in return. The church is not looking after the sheep. The churches are using the
sheep for their own benefit. They keep them occupied with the business of church and those
who truly seek Jesus find themselves without care. They are not fed, they are not nurtured.
And the message from Jesus is:” All who are weary, come to Me and I will give you
rest for your soul.” Jesus does not ask money of you, He wants you, He loves YOU.
He requires OBEDIENCE. We must LOVE HIM, SPEND TIME WITH HIM. What is important to Jesus
Christ is HOLINESS, RIGHTEOUSNESS and that we LOVE HIM. We cannot please Him, if we do
not spend time WITH HIM. It is not about going to church, it is not about spending time with
your Bible, it is not about doing charities. It is all about SEEKING JESUS, spending time
with Him, coming into close communion with Him and He will feed you, He will comfort
you. His Holy Spirit will guide you, into RIGHTEOUSNESS, to HOLINESS, to being PLEASING
TO HIM and He will CONFIRM HIMSELF TO YOU that He loves you and that He is pleased with
you. Dear friend, Jesus loves you. Don’t go and look for security in a church or with
people. GO to JESUS, go on your knees, go and spend time with Him, go and tell Him your
troubles. Go and ask Him to Teach you, to guide you. He cares for you, He loves you,
He wants you close to Him. Without Jesus we can do nothing, absolutely nothing. But if
we don’t seek Him we cannot be in a relationship with Him, we cannot receive from Him, we cannot
get to know Him. Go spend time with Jesus, make time. Put your
mind on Christ and expect Him, He will speak to you, He will reveal Himself to you because
He loves you and He cares for you. Jesus must be REAL to you my friend. You will not find
Him anywhere else, you will not find Him in church, you will not find Him with other people.
You will find Him when you seek Him with your whole heart. Go spend time with Jesus praying
and He will reveal Himself to you, He will comfort you, teach you and guide you because
Jesus cares for you. He says: “Come to Me all you who are weary and I will give you
rest for your soul.” Go spend time with Jesus my friend, He is
waiting for you to come to Him. Speak your heart, cry your heart out to Him and listen
and He will guide you into righteousness, holiness, fruitfulness and into His peace.
May Jesus bless you.

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. AMEN!
    Strong video for the glory of Jesus brother.
    Full steam ahead brother!
    No time for a holiday! Keep going!
    May Jesus bless and keep you.

  2. @YeshuaWitness1 Dear friend, Jesus knows everything. If you want to know the truth, ask Him. He will tell you. Jesus bless you.

  3. I have no church. The Lord opened my eyes and called me out. Sir, when God told you to talk to us it was as if you were speaking directly to me. I have no where to go. When I hear a person speaking the truth how I rejoice to know there are other children out there that belong to Him.

  4. @MrXephyr Jesus never told anybody to resort to any type of violence. The judge will not believe you, neither will I. May Jesus bless you.

  5. If YOU knew Jesus you would advise others to follow Him, you would not divert them to the nearest "church." The church is not a building, it is the Body of Christ, a spiritual temple, those individuals in whom the Holy Spirit dwells.

  6. Jesus may ask some ppl that they should give money away, maybe not everyone -But it can happend:

    Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me." – Matthew 10:21

    God Bless you

  7. so true brother god bless you keep on with the true is 3 months now i leave church and the lord tell me to humble my self

  8. this is a true pastor's heart talking. Ive seen where pastors out of ignorance have ignored the sheep and somtimes they dont even know what to do to help. my question is… does God ever lead us in subtle ways or is it always loud and clear? my email is [email protected]

  9. Church cannot save you people.
    Do not be a money crazed, hypocrite wanting to merge into the world.



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