Merch By Amazon 2019 Tutorial - 8 Ways To Find High Traffic Keywords And Niche Research + *Giveaway*

hey guys I hope you're doing well today we are in this lovely scenery by Chelsea Harbor just wanted to share with you this amazing location look at that so beautiful and look at this sunset it's so beautiful so beautiful anyways back to the video right so today I want to talk to you guys about how I do my keyword research yes you heard it there's been a lot of people asking me on my Facebook group which is much more Amazon ninjas and on my youtube channel at English and Arabic one everybody wants to know about keyword research so today today today guys we're gonna talk about keyword research so when I get at home I'm gonna do my tutorial as usual gonna share with you this amazing view right here because it's absolutely gorgeous so gorgeous by the river anyways right so I will see you guys soon hey guys this is Adnan baka you with another video if this is your first time here on my channel I share my journey and processes on merch by Amazon and PLD in general and if you haven't seen my last video guys where I'll share how I made eight thousand dollars from one t-shirt alone check it out above in the info card I'm gonna leave it up there so let's get stuck in and let's talk about how I do my keyword research also don't forget to subscribe hit the notification button like and comment on all that good stuff and make sure you watch till the end because I'm gonna be sharing my account updates and I'll be announcing a giveaway so stay tuned so if you've watched my video where I'll talk about how find profitable niches we looked at the Uncle Sam tab in design this one right here so for the sake of consistency we'll continue using this example alright so guys I'm going to share with you eight ways I'll actually do my keyword research but firstly let's grab a text edit I always like to open it so I can record my key words that I find so the first one is Amazon you know don't look anywhere else just start with Amazon first because it's got everything that you need so let's say we're looking at this tab in Uncle Sam t-shirt here how do we find good keywords for it so the first thing is obviously that been Uncle Sam okay next what's this for I've been Uncle Sam 4th of July great 4th of July and then you have to think what else comes with 4th of July what is the 4th of July so both of July is Independence Day alright independence I piped it right not in Independence I think it's like this there we go Independence Day and then what else this guy is saying for boys kids boys men kids boys men I'd like to look at the title because a lot of people kind of you know putting their best keywords in the title so this is a great way and before you shoot the messenger you know you're guilty of it as well anybody who is looking at keywords they're looking at people's titles and bullets but obviously we're not saying copy people's titles and keywords word for word don't do that you know just look at what's you know what's selling and and check what key was they using the likelihood is they are using some high traffic keywords but this is not the only method this is one of the ways so you could potentially open it and check what other stuff they are using so I've been Uncle Sam fourth of July Independence Day gift very important gift so you could use gift gift and next let's put that here gifts perfect for man this is keyword stuffing I'm not gonna do that okay tab insert a bean dance we've used a bean already we're not gonna use that I'm gonna use captain's Don's American flag very important American flag USA as well Marika as well Murray car what else you should turn its we're not a hundred days you could put national holidays as well but then again it's not related to a fourth of July but then again because it's got American flag then you could say national holidays I don't see any problem with it so you could put national holidays yeah national holidays Veterans Day as fine Memorial Day Presidents Day Labor Day day this is a lot of key words right I would say you need to choose what sort of key words are relevant to your design because you know there's a fine line between putting a lot of keywords and keyword stuffing so you guys need to make show that you know what you're doing you know you need to basically it's a risk that you have to take you know would I put in all this much personally in my listing I wouldn't but then again you know you make that judgment call whether you want to include so many keywords I think if you use them in a structured way and if your if your sentences aren't making sense then it's fine but if you put you know all of the keywords separated by commas I don't think that's okay so moving on okay and again who's this t-shirt for is it for a mom is it for a dad is it for boys is it for girls and it depends on what sort of t-shirt that you're making if your t-shirt is for kids then definitely say kids t-shirt however now in the beta new upload system I would stay away from putting kids in your title purely because some apparel is not designed for kids like tank tops hoodies and the way it works is it will get appended into your title anyway and if you've got kids gift a tank top you know that's not okay because tank tops are not for kids okay so just bear that in mind and I would look at another title for example they have a double dab in Uncle Sam fourth of July yeah gifts sir gift is quite important dabbe shirts so another way of saying tabbing we've put the tap dance already tapping Uncle Sam same same freedom that's another word that you could include you could put freedom what else so a reason why I'm looking at these top designs is because they are selling for a reason and people have well a because it's you know there are good designs B because people are finding these good designs through good keywords and you know it doesn't take somebody who's smart to you know think that you can actually and these good keywords within the listing so just going to the listings and try and guess what people have tried to search for so I'll go in here again and this is probably the same design so let's go here for example this is a v-neck it would have the same keywords anyway so what they used funny so finding is a quite overused keyword but you know I could use it sometimes or a lot of the time actually reason why is because some people might say you know funny 4th of July Teesha and in my you know your t-shirt might come up so funny gifts all of that stuff yeah Marie cos they've used Marika they've used Independence Day national holiday is Veterans Day so you could actually you know include these kind of holidays if you want to Presidents Day Labor Day I wouldn't put Thanksgiving like what's the point in brain Thanksgiving because is it related is it not I personally wouldn't put Thanksgiving birthday if he if you think this is related to a birthday you know put it but you know how many keywords you're gonna stuff in this in this listing just use the main main main keywords Christmas yes it could be relevant to Christmas but is it are you actually doing it just for Christmas shirt no so just don't put Christmas there's no points Mother's Day Father's Day so it looks like this list in here has just stuffed a bunch of keywords that they know are high traffic but I don't think this is the best smart way let's have a look costume is it a costume no it's a v-neck man party occasions what's the likelihood of somebody saying party I mean yeah party fourth of July t-shirt you could but it's not like them you know the best best keyword to use kids boys girls teens keyword stuffing galore this is grandma grandpa the whole family yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't do that sorry if this is your t-shirt nothing personal I don't know who won now this is one of the ways right it's using Amazon just go into the top selling t-shirts check out what keywords they're using be smart about it try and use your instincts trying to use you know your judgments call on what keywords to use what keywords not to use you just try and put your head into the customers mind and try and guess what there might be you know searching for what they could type and make it into good sentences and use those keywords in those sentences so this is the first way the second way that I like to use which is quite effective is much informa just to mention to put it out there I'm not sponsored by merchants former this is my own software I pay for it on monthly basis for my own money and I'm not sponsored by merchants form in any way shape or form I do have an affiliate link if you guys would like to use it you get 20% off you can support the channel that way they'll be great so how do I use it there's two ways that I use much in form of a keyword research the first thing is I'd go to this module right here product search and I type or whatever I'm looking for so for example dabbing dad being uncle's shirt and I like to go in search in title only because I know a lot of people almost people actually if they know what they're doing they would actually put all their good main high traffic keywords in the title so that way we avoid getting keyword stuffing results okay we do search I've already done it so I'm not going to wait for it to search we get this list of keywords right here so these are the main keywords that have been used in all of these designs that we're getting back from merchants former so we have fourth of July there Uncle Sam kids have been great independence so you guys pick and choose whatever keyword you want to use obviously not lose a larger yeah if you've been much by Amazon enough you would know what cheese and what not choose so we can't use for example size you know stuff like that because Mirchi Informer picks it up from the whole listing so you need to be careful right you need to know what sort of keywords to use Independence Day I would use you know if the design is for boys I would use for boys USA and what you would notice is a lot of these keywords we've already picked them up from the previous method which is you know straight from Amazon so it just depends I mean it depends what you're comfortable with but you can get pretty much the same results it's what you prefer to work with veterans we've seen that already party yeah you get the gist of it these are the kind of keywords that you could use for much informa the other way guys is I would go to keyword cloud and you could choose today or the previous day or whichever date actually but for this example we'll use today what I like to do is I like to skim through one word keywords here so as you can see gift is a very high traffic keyword one word keyword so I would use gifts or gift idea do you is funny if the design is funny again don't just throw in keywords that are relevant just because they are high traffic you know you will be done for keyword stuffing you don't want to do that vintage you wanna check if the design is for boys girls moms you get the gist of it retro yeah if the design is for dogs then you include the dog yeah you get the idea and sometimes you know this module can help you find in different niches so if I'm looking at you know Cinco de Maya look three word keywords Cinco DeMayo that means that people are typing this keyword right here on to Amazon this is what I love about this module is it gives you what people are typing onto Amazon and you can give you ideas about what's selling right now and then what you would do is you would go into Amazon and type in that keyword and check what that niche is like at the moment how is it doing so red forehead at the moment is selling as well don't mess with so just literally type that into Amazon and follow it by shirt and see what comes up and then you know dive deep into into that niche and trying not to stay in the surface and see what's happening in that niche you might you know find your next best seller who knows so the third way is using this website right here at windward comm it's a paid website I personally don't have a membership I don't use it that often but I know that it gives you three tries or through two tries a day or something like that so check it out yeah so basically you just put your keyword in here and it comes up with a bunch of keywords it tells you how many monthly searches have been done on each of these keywords right here it's a little bit gimmicky I mean it's very similar to Google Keyword planner if you've got Google Keyword planner and definitely use that it's they pretty much does the exact same thing so this is one way of doing it okay or you can use Google Keyword planner anyway fourth way guys is this website right here LSI graph com it does the same thing as the previous website so you just put in your phrase or your keyword that you're looking for and it gives you a few other ideas so girl fourth of July patriotic yeah a bunch of different ideas that you could incorporate or if you're looking to find the niche that's related to fourth of July and it gives you some ideas to you so here American flag don't use that and use like definitely not yeah so you get the gist of it so it helps you either with idea generation or with finding keywords to use fuel for your listing okay the fifth way guys I've got for you is using this extension here which is really amazing called keyword everywhere it's a Google Chrome extension and check it out it's it's free anyway so when you type in anything on Google right here it comes up with a bunch of related keywords and a bunch of stuff that people have searched for so really really really amazing and you can export to CSV like I did here and you can analyze it however you want shows your volume of searches CPC if if you guys are running any ads any Google ads and things like that so definitely check out this extension really really highly recommended and it's free as well so the next way is this website right here app scientific seller com it's quite slow but it can listen to some good results it claims to use Amazon keywords types by buyers only and it uses the Amazon search bar autocomplete feature so yeah definitely use it and let us know how you feel so the next tool is this one right here sonar – tool the Campos / us and it does the same thing again just type fourth-of-july shirts and click ping and it comes up with all of these searches it is a paid it has a paid version and it gives you more results and stuff like that I don't pay for it if I'm honest with you I don't necessarily have to use it because I use Amazon and merchants former primarily but this is another way of finding keywords for you guys if you find it more comfortable and and it comes up with this frequent words feature here so you can see what while the most frequent keywords that come up and you can see pictures of designs where these keywords have been used it just just gives you a bit more of a visual way of looking at it so yeah it the same principle you know you find longtail keywords use long tail keywords if you find certain keywords that you haven't found in other tools then you know you see whether they are good high traffic keywords or not and yeah you use them and a lot of it guys is just common sense you know it's just common sense and then you know when you've done this for a long time you kind of know what certain keywords to use and what certain keywords not to use so it's definitely just experiments with it and the more t-shirts you sell all the more products you sell you don't just have t-shirts the more products you sell the more you know you have an understanding an idea about what t-shirts that sell and what keywords that you should go after in certain niches and certain types of designs and that kind of thing it just takes practice but you know this will give you a little bit of a basic idea about how to use keyword research I think this is more than enough for you need the next tool that I use is an extension called Jungle Scout it's really really good I love it I bought it about two years ago I think and I never looked back I use it I'd say about 60 percent of the time it just makes the whole keyword research easy and it kind of gives it you on a golden plate so the way to use it is you would go to Amazon you type in your you know niche or keyword that you're looking for or the niche that you're trying to get into in this case diamond Uncle Sam shirt and then we'll click on the extension what it will do is it will pull all of the t-shirts and that are in that page and you can actually add different fields and it gives you a lot more information but I won't go into more depth here but what you want to do is you want to click here associated keywords it comes up with a bunch of keywords that have been used in an entire page of Amazon searches and it highlights in red oh sorry it highlights in in bold the main keywords that have been used and also you can download these keywords which is an awesome feature and then open in Excel and you can do data you can filter by descending like that you send in yep uncle's house you could see Uncle Sam dabbing have been used the most right this is really powerful right hey fourth of July so July fourth of July man gift flag American flag boys girls I remember this is the first page it's where the main traffic is right it's it's you know the best selling t-shirts basically are usually in the first page and if these are the main keywords that keep repeatedly being used right that means it gives you something right it tells you that they have something in common and just just look at it kind of objectively and see what you what sort of keywords you might want to use so that we've looked at that before next so I think that pertains to v-neck tank top USA has used that baseball maybe you could use a fourth of July t-shirt for baseball right preemie Raglan again you know you guys know what sort of key words to use and what what not to use t-rex dinosaur so dinosaur is in the main page again patriotic yeah so that gives you an idea and you could actually do what you could actually do is you could go to the next page and scan it as well from here so you could scan the next page and the page after and it shows you you know how many results have been scanned and then you could actually again pull the keywords associated with that with that page and with those searches so it's absolutely fantastic I like it if I just want to get an idea about all the keywords that are there have been used by a particular page a bunch of searches it saves you time and it really really does save you time and then click on it again and it comes up with more keywords all right cool I'll leave a link in the description if you'd like to use my affiliate link again would be great to support this channel especially that I provide everything for free guys so guys now that you got all your keywords that you want to use and you've selected your keywords you start with the title so just to save some time I put dab in ankle some reason why I did that is because it's the main main kind of keywords or string of keywords that I want to use because the whole design is about dabbing Uncle Sam right and then fourth of July so the celebration is the fourth of July and then what that design is about you know what was that Uncle Sam wearing the Uncle Sam is wearing the American theme or American flag so really important just try and put the main relevant stuff and it's patriotic gift the reason why I put gifts and I didn't add t-shirt or anything like that is because all of those things are going to be appended into the title so you don't need to put tank top anymore you don't need to put pull over hoody or anything like that you will get pend it to the title just make sure you stay within the sixty character limit so I use this letter count com website here it's for free pretty handy to have and in terms of bullets guys it's pretty straightforward just use your keywords that you have collected and put them into nice sounding sentences and try and sell your your products you know this is Anna be perfect for so-and-so so you know use sort of sentences like this you know if you are a you know fourth of July lover or you know if you if you like celebrating fourth of like in style than this perfect design that says blah blah blah blah blah would be perfect for you that kind of thing so sell it to them because you what you want to make the customers feel emotionally attached to the design that way they buy and add some call to action so if you like this design to buy it now that kind of thing I think we've covered quite a lot in terms of how to find keywords guys I think you would agree with me here you know it'd be great to show you how I build my listings but I think the video is getting a bit too long so let me know down in the comments if you'd like me to share with you how I do my listings in a separate video all right now to the part that a lot of people have probably been waiting for or you might have escaped all the way forward to reach this part but its accounts update guys accounts is doing pretty well at the moment what's the time now let's have a look USA time now it's half past four in the US so plenty more sales to make in the afternoon and evening and currently sitting at 120 sales yesterday we did 179 the day before 167 and we did some German in UK sales as well so these are all us again for the sake of transparency guys and I'd like to be transparent let's refresh that way we'll see the sales live and I'm just gonna do this bit here and drop it down so you guys can see everything live so yesterday one seven line that kind of thing and I don't do this to bright guys I just purely want to show you what's possible if I could achieve it you can achieve it anybody can achieve it all that it takes is hard work dedication ambition Drive you know yada yada yada the list goes on you know if you're prepared to work hard and work smart and you will make make it much much better than me and I'm by no means the best person in in the merge seen as a lot better people than me but I'd like to share my success because I want to make you feel guys that you can actually achieve it because once upon a time I was in your shoes you know I was in tier 10 and it was really hard to get out of tier 10 I had to grind and that kind of thing what we're not gonna make this video a lot longer than what it should be so yeah this is purely just me sharing my numbers for motivation not to show you what a beast I am because I have absolutely no intention in that and I don't get any gratification from doing that so give away time and by the time I was doing another shot of this video because I I do in chunks I realized actually we got like seven sales in the last five minutes or so anyway giveaway time guys so I've decided to start a weekly giveaway which is in the form of five well researched niches and I would explain my thought process behind selecting those niches and there would be one weekly winner who I will give those niches to and and explanation and everything like that again you've got nothing to lose and everything to gain you know in those niches there could be your best seller who knows but yeah there would be one weekly winner and all you have to do is you must subscribe to my channel and press the bell button leave a comment saying pick me so pick me and like this video by the way you could like and comment on my other videos as well to increase your chances so yeah I hope you've enjoyed this video and I look forward to seeing you in the next one take care guys goodbye