Mentoring in the Church of England Birmingham

Posted By on October 10, 2019

Well in all honesty I wasn’t actually
looking for a mentor, the only reason I started a mentoring relationship is
because I’m a mission apprentice and it came as part of the package, part of the
program but actually this journey of mentoring has been so amazing that I’m
completely converted, so much so that I’ve encouraged my husband to join me
and he now has a mentor too but in terms of what I look for in a mentor and
what has worked well for me I’m looking for somebody who is open somebody who listens well,
somebody to whom I can be accountable someone that I trust and
somebody who is going to be confidential and keep the things that we talk about
between ourselves For me as well having somebody who’s just slightly ahead of me on the journey has really really helped Somebody I can look up to,
somebody who I can trust their opinion I lead a very busy life as a mum to
two quite young children and working as a mission apprentice and also being very
active in church and community I’m often rushing from one place to the next and
don’t really have that much time and opportunity to think about what I’m doing,
to think about where God is at work in my life and to look at areas in
which I can move forward, so mentoring has given me that safe space,
that dedicated time and opportunity to talk about myself, to think about where I’m at,
to look at things from a wider point of view and to really start exploring some aspects of my life,
so for me it has been a great opportunity I’ve never missed an appointment,
which for me is quite unusual because I really value that time,
that space, that opportunity and for there to be somebody who’s walking alongside
me in that journey of discovery With a friend the relationship is reciprocal you know there’s give and there’s take,
you know you’re expected really to share your experiences with a friend and let
them share their experiences and also that relationship is built on, on love
and so there are things that you perhaps don’t want to say to a friend or find it
difficult to explore with a friend Whereas when you meet with a mentor that
mentor is a hundred percent there for you there’s no vested interest, there’s
no conflict of interest, it’s an opportunity to explore whatever is on
your heart and your mind without having to worry what somebody else might think I have got so much out of being mentored that I would like to share that with
other people, I think what it’s really taught me as well is about the qualities
that you need as a mentor you certainly don’t need to be perfect,
you don’t need to have all the answers It’s not really about that, for me a good mentor is
somebody who is there for you somebody who is available, somebody who is interested the sign of a good mentor is somebody who seeks to listen and then
listen a bit more and really tries to understand where you’re coming from There are times where a gentle nudge or a little bit of advice is useful but I
would say as a real rule, you know respect and definitely listening is key Mentoring has made a real difference to me if you would like to join us on the journey,
please explore it further

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