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Posted By on October 16, 2019

The year is 999 in the Christian calendar. And something very odd happened is about to
happen. Yes, it was the eve of the millennium. All kinds of predictions about the end of
the earth and the Day of Judgment. Not too far removed from all the same stuff
repeated a thousand years later, in 1999. But the odd thing was about the prime target
in 999. Who was the anti-Christ? None other than the newly elected Pope Silvester
II. He was born in 946 and known as Gerbert of
Aurillac. The first French Pope, and quite the devil
according to his critics. Why was he hated so? What unforgivable sins
had he committed? Many clergy were aggrieved because the new
Pope insisted that none of them should be elected to the
office of bishop if they had concubines. That made him an easy target to begin with, but it was his deep and murky past in the
world of mathematics that unsettled many more. Silvester II was the first to introduce the
Arabic system of numerals, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc, to replace the Roman letter
system. He had learnt this and much more as a young
scholar in Cordoba. So he must have learnt sorcery and spells
at the same time, from the Islamic scholars. Or so it was claimed. Never mind that the new Pope was learned in
philosophy and astronomy. He had built a planetarium, introduced a style of abacus, contributed to the making of pendulum clocks, wrote papers on mathematics, church and theology. Therefore, he had a pact with the Devil, said
the critics. On the throw of dice he gained the papacy,
according to legend. The years rolled by, the world didn’t end
and Silvester died in 1003. Not a long reign as Pope, four years. But a highly significant one, so much so that he’s called the mathematical
Pope. He wrote quote “The just man lives by faith; but it is
good that he should combine science with his faith.” Unquote. Pact with the Devil? Or an ardent follower
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