Mary Hill’s Remaining Days

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you you me we get over there please do this for the
brown eggs just made yesterday she said she said nice nice they probably
gathered amend last night but I can bring you more if you ain’t got time to
play with it really is that what we’re doing right now and then if you and then
if you if you ain’t oh you in a hurry to get home no spirit to God is and he sent
Jesus there’s a little baby into Murray and Jonas is wanting tomorrow I was
reading explaining that the Bible says I supposed to be true and there she was
pregnant with Jesus and Joseph seen she was pregnant he thought she got pregnant
by some man here on earth and he was he was really worried because he wanted to
my hair cuz she’s never been out doing bad things as men and but it was God
that give her put that baby in her putting Jesus in there and as a baby and
then God spoke them Java’s was worried he was worried
because he wanted to marry her and he thought she’d been out of some man and
it’s a man got her pregnant and she told him she had not been with
no men and I got to talk to her and he wanted her to be to have a little baby
and that was Jesus and jobless was really worried because he
wanted marry her he was so torn up because he wanted her and Godman and he
was so worried about her cause he white and marry her and there she’s already
pregnant but was it was a baby and he he wouldn’t listen to God you worry too
much you can worry so much that you can’t listen to God thank God every time
Joseph was go to sleep after that baby was born after Jesus was born God to
talk to him but he’s the word Sabet when he’s not asleep I bet her – yeah woman
that he wanted to marry and she’s already pregnant and he just he caught
Joseph asleep and he talked to him and he took that took Mary just before the
baby was born before Jesus was born to put her on a donkey horse horse horse
and took her to uh where they had to go pay taxes at a certain building there to
go pay taxes and why she was there she got sick to have that baby and he he did
Joseph s for the people to own the place better hope they all grew man she could
go and have a baby event and they said they it was already filled up with
people and they had to use a manger there for something like a barn I guess
son was a hundred animals have been eating their grace and stuff inside ate
corn stuff and they made a bed in there for her to lay down and have that baby
and then Joseph attempter the God would talk to Joseph
when Joseph is asleep that’s the only time it get talked to him because he’s
worried too much about Maria but because he wanted to marry her and he couldn’t
and he would tell him he said take take take the baby and his mother and flee
into Egypt because of people’s Oh Pharaoh he was a king and he was he was
pretending to be the governor that over the whole world and he’s taking teas in
this place because he was just once he said what everybody had to do and so he
was said he was here that Jesus was born and he was trying to kill him because he
and he temp don’t enough to take that baby and his
mother and go into Egypt flee into Egypt with the baby some soul Pharaoh couldn’t
kill the baby he was having all the babies from two years old down to this
firstborn killed so he debates makes sure he got
Jesus killed and he would talk to him and he’s asleep and Joseph would take
the Marie and the baby and go into Egypt and I don’t know how many days has
stayed in Egypt and they definitely going through each of trying to kill all
the babies and he can’t see much sleep and again and he tell him to take him
and go end up it is really lovely it was and the flee into Egypt and
until he had to leave there and call him asleep again and talked to him and said
take the baby and his mother and flee into another country and before they
kill the baby though Jesus was born here to stayed not to be here killed and them
bad people and old Pharaoh he was the king he’s the one that’s happened all
the babies killed Dorothy he wanted to be the big over the whole world now I’m
not letting Jesus be the grow up and be over the world and let me think of what
happened there oh yeah he he thought he had so many
babies killed he’s they guess he thought he had Jesus killed and he getting so
proud of herself he went up in this big old castle they put on this white this
big Grove his purple robe and everything and and to make told everybody what to
do and what not to do and finally they said but he’s God that’s God he sees
this the rule in the whole world that he’s God and he couldn’t nobody could
take the place of God not even the priest enough so they and God filled in for worms I see God
filled him full of maggots he feel that big little priest full of maggots and
the maggots eat him up and he died because he’s put this stuff up higher
than God trying to make everybody say he was a God in the river the world and
then he got full of worms some to where I’m seeing up he died so don’t ever give
yourself a name of God which you don’t know that’s what the Bible taught Delton
and the balance always be true so Jesus screwed up he was a cup carpenter here
on earth and doesn’t hit carpenter work and but he talked to God he could talk
he could registered in it and everything Jesus good he went I forgot what the
name of this place was this mother was there with her dead son they had the
funeral was taking him to the graveyard and the mother and that kinfolks is all
crying because the baby was this baby was not Jesus but there’s a neighbor
David dad had him in the casket was taking him to the graveyard and mother
was crying and she just happened to be there on this that went here to the
building too and he was falling about so at the graveyard and they he he didn’t
it hurt her him to see the mother weeping like she was weeping because her
son at dad and he told her to hold hold of the stop the casket right there on
the road on the way to casket until the graveyard and when he did he just walked
up there and put us in on the casket and come into the dead boy to come back
alive and he come right back he got up and was talking with him and
and mother quit crying and she got the rich awesome but she got to take her son
home alive well and Jesus did miracles like that and so he still does when
Jesus got the homeless spirit John the Baptist was about tizen people and Jesus
knew about it so he went to John and headed don’t ask
him to baptize him in the water and when he brought him up out of the water the
Holy Spirit from in heaven come down on him as a spirit and filled him with the
Holy Spirit filled Jesus with the Holy Spirit and Jesus went out and was went
into the wilderness to be tempted with the devil and the devil tried to tempt
him every way he attempted to get him to obey Him and not God but Jesus said it
down in the Bible how many answers he gives a devil every time the devil say
do he make the make Jesus worship Him the devil instead of God and he had a
ancient which is wrote in the Bible the answer said jesus said to the devil and
he and he took him up on the high mountain
and he tried to tempt him and said if you worship Me I’ll give you all the
world and all its glory great things that’s in the world feel worship me and
Jesus told him you need to worship God and him only or something like that not
not the things of the world and finally old Satan just had to leave you make
good tempting it he couldn’t get their content Jesus into
doing nothing he said he wouldn’t obey Him and that’s good that’s I never did
get to preach that but if I was ever asked to preach that’s what I was going
to preach on but then that’s it’s good to read the Bible you’re getting
involved in stuff have a Bible things that you know if you don’t know any
other way o hear about it any other way but he had to catch those of asleep but
juries are so worried about mother Marie being pregnant and never been married
and he wanted to marry her but he was prayed to marry her now she’s already
pregnant with some man who thinks but it wasn’t some man is God spirits but the
baby in her so he talked to change the flight to sleep
because he feels too worried been better better when he’s not asleep you gotta
call him asleep in the attempting brother River nothing possums and Coons
and whatever he could find wild animals not knowing what they eat out there what
they eat is father makes the blood and everything you know and he gets him
things and he brings him homes he kills them and we have to cook him rabbits of course we have to kill the
rabbits and skin the skin the rabbits and cut them up and wash up and put them
in the skillet and fry Turtles you know what a turtle is don’t you now he put
this big e then the Cumberland River he would have mothers thing out on the
river to catch fish and stuff sometimes the turtle turtles in the
water gets hold of his bait and he there he gets the turtles he brings the
turtles to home to house and we have to kill them Turtles and cook them you can
heart of kill a turtle you cut their heads off and they’re still in there
looking and jumping they won’t hardly die turnable we just eat dinner all
kinds of bad Road wild meets all the time and we raised hogs and every winter
we kill one big hog and we give them ribs and ribs and hog meat all winter
long and we have to fit ever more for breakfast we’d have to fry that got a
meat for breakfast oh-ho meat we just raised on all kinds of bad meat
not even knowing what it was bet he is for his parents his mom and dad come
from France and they didn’t know anything about it you America and they
didn’t know what we supposed to eat over here but we wasn’t supposed to eat dude
it had to eat everything they could kill cuz he didn’t work on the job where he
made money we had to raise about everything we eat except the sugar we
couldn’t raise a sugar will we make molasses though and we have to eat
molasses said the jar of my license on the table there times of eat which is
three three meals a day cook breakfast early in the morning so for daylight
sometimes and then be in the middle of day at lemon lemon about LEM LEM thirty
would eat dinner and then at night this floor dog would eat supper we call that
breakfast dinner and supper and it said to have something overhauled
meat every time and we had cows we had to be up the cows and we make our butter
either at milk and we raised big fields of corn that would have to take them
Garn then we’d have to pull a corn off and
off the stalk and we had a big dad made a big big big crib thingy but on corn in
and we didn’t stay out there in the cold winter and everything is shield that
corn over the cone and then you put it in a bank put it on the back of the
heart one of our whole horses and take it to the sawmill and they grind it into
meal some real wood and they have the bag a meal to go back home we have corn
bread for breakfast cornbread gravy for breakfast cornbread
for dinner and got cornbread for supper do you want to get up get the rotor for
a few minutes to get us where they have to get you she’s gonna go ask the nurse
Missy she can take you out of the bed she’s good man she’s gonna go ask ask
the nurse if she can take you out of the bed she can take me to the bank take you
out of the bed she’s gonna estimate she wants to take you outside for me along with diet and exercise
farxiga helps lower blood sugar in adults in seconds your diabetes
bowing a one-seat by up to one point two events you might take if allergic to
first vegan if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reactions such as
rashes swelling difficulty breathing or swallowing stop taking a seek medical
help right away do not take first food if you have
severe kidney problems are on dialysis tell your doctor right away if you have
blood or that color in your dome a kethry yeah why do we have to do this
every night you didn’t do this to the nurses in the hospital you just took
them you didn’t question it why do you do it to me slowly take your water take
a drink and swallow the pill this room this room the cheese veggies with peanut butter
taste the peanut butter don’t worry if she’s feeling okay yeah we more so you scream differently Felicia Reno Nolan was up here at Lisa’s
that’s when drew please all sitting around she kept staring at her but she
didn’t good meal and then she looked at me she said well why you got why are you
having a meeting she’s lost which way the dentures keep
going out he fallen in and I have a plate all down yeah Newmar chops up her and her outside in wheelchair
did she is like passed out I think she got too warm because she’s always saying
she was cold so I would take her put her in a wheelchair and we go outside to go
pavilion out there and we’d walk over to the pavilion that was she seemed surprised lost a little weight I don’t know what she’s down to now
oh yeah he serves you gotta and brother Sonny price have logged
every Bible since she was just about many of them only she loved the price I
asked him to come to say a few words of people it’s a perfect day to say what
I’m about to say but I’m here today in honor of sister Hill I’m just a young
man about 50 years ago and I’m not just young man in him we went to the church
where that sister hill and Citra bales we’re taking care of the church I don’t
think one 31,000 nothings thinking and I sang that night and they asked the men
that was in revival there he had to leave because a family member in century
Lawson I’ll never forget hallelujah matter of fact it was only just a few
weeks ago when the last time she came to church measure R she was very very
independent our Usher’s would go out you know sometimes Carolyn and they would
say you know we’re gonna you know she said I’m all right I’m all right
she get that little Wolfer up buddy she didn’t need no help only she got she got
that little Walker she rolled right into that church sound she was ready to
worship God Amy just a few weeks ago brother Larry
I remember brother Larry was just showing it this week on Facebook
I remember just a few weeks ago she came to church and it’s not been that many
weeks at all for the price and and she could very early make it up to the
platform and we helped her up on the platform and her favorite song a lot of
you hear that note of her favorite summer Lawson mentioned
her favorite song the same was the glory of the Lord
I feel the Holy Spirit there’s been a payday for sister heal it was at the end I know she’s walking down the streets of
Peter goal she’s got a crown to wear beyond compare
she’s put on her long white robe thank God brother bill there’s a payday today something that she worked for 67
years you man she’s gonna her payday she does for the Molson she’s got her payday
I was a pray and I said Lord you know what scripture – I’m not like I said I’m
up on Lawson I like to get up here and just quote about 15 20 scriptures I got
about the same the other night like a week about a week ago I guess it was
maybe a week ago because you know I said how much you
come up and saying just you know witness for God that’s all the to it please go
I think he quoted 40 scriptures that night it was a blessing sister you love
hearing preach she really did we all do and that was a blessing she got up there
you’ve got that he got the preaching and going I’ll tell you it was a wonderful
time in the Lord and and but brother price I got the praying brother Larry
and I said Lord what is it probably that I could really say about sister he’ll
what’s the scripture you know and brother Austin there at the last I said
I’ll boil there it is right there and John chapter 11 amen and it was the
story of brother Boston was talking about it’s about Mary Martha it was
about Mary Martha brother price heavily it’s a surprise
hallelujah when Jesus came there and in and in Martha’s met him in the road
there and said Jesus if you’ve just been here if you’d have just been here my
brother died you know I know more he’ll live again at the last trumpet that you
know he’s gonna live again and at the end you’ll live again he said all he
said Martha you don’t even realize what you’re talking about he said I am the
resurrection and I am the life praise God
I am the resurrection he said I am the life he also quoted he that believeth in
me though he were dead yet shall he live well I like this verse right here and I
know this is your sister here today and whosoever liveth and believeth in Jesus
or believed it to me he said shall never die believe us now this thang there’s
not go down at mine on Friday morning Carolyn about 9:20 something in the
morning hallelujah Jesus called for sister he
Jesus called for sister he those angels down there together praise the Lord
Carolyn and I know you know I’m kind of like brother so I’m kind of like deal
Mooney holy I read about the old moon he’s been gone for years now good
preacher he said he still moody said there’s gonna be a day come that you’re
gonna read in the newspaper the obituaries that the old movie died
but you know what he said he said don’t believe work that’s what he said don’t
believe a word of it he’s gone do loony ain’t gonna be dead he said I’m gonna be
very much alive when I came here to say today
Carolyn howling Kris Hubbell each had only all you families went in today
let’s gather dear sister heal is not dead that’s right she’s very much alive
huh she’s very much alive she’s walking down
streets of gold she walking down streets ago over there over there just a few weeks ago she said I said
what do you do a sister heal she said I’d come here to get me a lot of that
good cornbread blister Homer give me some that cornbread I said
really care that all she said come on we’ll go it took us about 15 minutes but
we won’t sister Carolyn and we got out there that car we had such a good time
and but I thought Laura mercy what she has today it’s far better than what
going round but Larry well she’s got today’s far
better than what she could get a cracker girl uh-huh
yeah oh my lord sister plan hallelujah and I’m telling you she wouldn’t want to
come back if she could her Lord no she wouldn’t want to come back if she could
and I’m kind of like the preacher brother price the minister friend is
some years back that was dying and and they all gathered around
hallelujah and they was prayin and and his bedside sister claimed they was
praying and it was Lord he was pleading with God lord I know you can raise him
up God I want you to raise him up and want you the healing Lord and raise him
up and brother in Boston he said he raised his little hand it’s people’s he
was and he said stop stop he said I don’t want you all praying like that
he said the Lord’s get ready then come and get me and take me home and he said
you won’t pranky here I don’t want you pray like that the Lord’s coming to get
me and you know what he said and I believe this he and I believe more now
than ever before brother price he said he said if you knew what was getting
ready to say if you all could just know what’s getting ready to happen in this
world world Yukie wishing it was me you’d be wishing
you is me and I’m telling you what I’ve been seeing over the last little while
I believe that brother Austin amen well Austin first said my brother Lawson
first came to our church talking about preaching about you know I’m looking
forward to my funeral I thought well sister he was looking forward to her
going home day I’m telling you and she would want to come back
hallelujah and she’d be telling you what’s getting ready to come you be
wishing you was her praise God and I’m glad today Carolyn that I know I know
within my life and in my heart today when the or is ready for me for he’s
gone I’m gonna meet sister heal on the other side Amy she’s the waiting on me
sister Charlene I know she is please God I told her the other day I said now I
know you’re gonna get there at my sister Lawson holiday I said I said now you’re
gonna be seeing my little mama I believe Obama cocks somebody you knew
mama Cox she greeted everybody in the church she
went through that Carolyn 16 months ago when do that 16 months ago I said sister
heal you’re gonna be getting up there you’re good therefore I am I said I want
you to tell mama I love her tell mommy oh she done that up with her she made up
with your good mama but I’m also a man we all with church together over there
Pratt’s healed from all sins and a good mother
lord have mercy 100 303 when she left sister state our woman man they’re all
up there together brother and sister city of Jerry they’re all out there
together we’re having them a time praise God they’re having a good time
I’m on forever by Boston and Sister Sister we were all with Church to get
over and price he’ll never forget if he’s having such a glorious time and I
don’t know I don’t remember such a hill might have been up that night singing
Hallelujah he’s having at least have at least a
little storefront building and the folks we get we get excited he’ll was you know
like I say she was she might have been singing that song that not the glory of
the Lord came down I don’t remember what she was saying but we sat in church and
I can lose it a little storefront does lady lived upstairs sheets sheets that
she had thinning out and she said she told the landlady Late Late more Lord
one night said you ought to come down here
she said good I’m tell you’re gonna shake my windows and and
and your mom was getting happy and singing that song had the whole church
stared up he’s all happy and and brother all says my boy I’ll taste she’s up
there at that time talking about 95 96 years old it didn’t take much for her
band she just get up and she take off running she’s been running 96 years old
she’d be running praise the Lord for the Lord you know that’s just get happy like
that since we hit was singing and he’s having that great service at night power
the Lord was coming down and the lady got up still at the Seder she got upset
again she called the fire department called the fire department your y’all
come to three fire truck please came early since your heels just still
singing and sister Olson and she’s getting happy and we was all standing
was all happy chatting and bless your heart and and and and I’ll never forget
it you’re coming to firemen in and one of them even had these acts you know sit
Shirley and here they came in well she just kept on singing
Emily everybody’s getting happy in that part mignon he said there’s been a
report of fire in here so you know still singing getting last in Central Austin
I’ll never forget her jumping up a that backseat howling she said brother
she said firing that she said I tell you what she said if there’s any fire in
here it’s the Holy Ghost in fire she took off she took off hallelujah
still singing guess what those far been man you can just about see their eyes
they got Ruby they did stained their own they got out there
they gather lastly a position Wilson took off running saying there’s nothing
in here but hope that goes fire praise God and sister he’ll just singing and
give her blessed she was a blessing she was another lesson she was a blessing
for my life she was the best than a lot of you lives
in here today hey man she loved the Lord she prayed she prayed she continuously
prayed she really did she loved the church we loved your mom Karen we loved
your mom I am a human such a blessing she really was and I’m going to see her
again and I’m here to tell you today if you if you serve the Lord and live for
Jesus and give your life to Jesus care when the tan Chris you see what a day
that’s going to be when my Jesus I can see bring it’s gone there she is granny
embraced up right now have a look at there she gets much to our television
Dave Megan heavily and I believe I believe it won’t be long brother deal it
won’t be long will all together and what a day that’s going to be I appreciate a
lot of sister heal she was a blessing to our church and a blessing to many lives
help reach a lot of souls for God and I loved her with all my heart most faith
was one of the one of my most faithful ones for 26 years she was with our
church and I appreciate it I appreciate it so much with you appreciate the
opportunity to be able she roles that appreciate brother Lawson shared brother
price and for the video she and she did the sister berms I wish I
would have even asked her told I wish I’d asked her to sing us something she
loved your sister burns she loved everybody she loved me for everybody
saying he’s got a man we appreciate the lot sister heal and
the blessing she was to us and I’m looking forward to being with her again
the plan let’s power designate for prayers
father God thank you today I really need Lord for the life of
sister heal sister Mary heal God blessed a lot of
folks Lord she was a blessing she attended so many enviable meetings and
so many tent meetings in Lourdes and where she went she was a blessing she
certainly was a blessing to the house of my future pastor Robert and we thank you
God for sister heal her we thank you Lord because she left behind the witness
that we know today Lord even though we will view her body for the final time
and we will be Lord we will be planting her back into the earth from thus she
came and does she’s going to return them that’s her house she occupied for 90
years but the real sister heal Lord we know where she’s at today she’s well
alive and she’s in your presence forever Lord and we thank you for that great
promise Lord we ask you to be with Caroline Lord help her in the days to
come God because she’s going to think about it a lot more that she’s going to
need the help of the Holy Spirit help her Lord help her God help Chris help
Chad lord help him Lord God they’ll always have that within them Lord and
remember God the love of a sister here today we’ll go to church Lord somewhere
and surrendered ourselves holy holy under you Lord that they to God will be
with her again one day Lord bless this beautiful people that came to pay their
respects every one of the Lord because she loved them all bless them all God
and we thank you for all your many blessings thank you all for this
homegoing service and for being able to feel the Holy Spirit because I have
really felt your presence today Lord in this service and I thank you for it
Lord in Jesus name Amen god bless you family and friends this does conclude
the services for mrs. Hill like to thank pastor Robert Cox for his words of
comfort and truth today if you’re driving with us to the cemetery make
sure you put your bright headlights and your flashers on
make sure you have purple light flag on your car those gentlemen acting as
casket bearers after you make your final view just meet us by the front door if
you would and if you didn’t get a chance to sign the register book and get a
printed folder there up to the front door to the right we’re going to get an
opportunity for a final viewing we’ll start with the folks on the background
on the side if you’d step around then from the back rows forward allowing the
media father God we thank we thank you Lord with you now Lord forever Lord God and
we’re looking forward to that great day when we are going to meet again
but we ask you once again to be with God comfort their hearts in the days to come
for we thank you today and we praise you for your presence God that helps us
through these times in Jesus name once again like the thank pastor Cox and
brother Lawson for their services today I’d also want to thank the men that
served as casket bearers also this does conclude the services after everyone
leaves the cemetery proper burial will take place with care thank you messing to my heart to see my
these streams of Mercy never ceasing call for songs of loudest praise teach
me yes sir Tom’s
razor don’t of reading Peter daily I’m constrained to be let
like of by my years when night is falling so hard upon you
and the world is hanging heavy on your heart
when your soul is stranded you’re barely standing I will hold you, Shield you, Show you I am standing by And when your lost Think no one can find you I will remind you you’re not alone I will be there
I’ll be the one to guide you my love will be your compass I will lead
you Home When night is fainted your world in shadows and you’re left feeling
left out in the cold When your in the darkness and this world feels heartless I will see you, Hear you Reach you I am standing by and when your lost Think no one can find you I will remind you You’re not alone I will be there I’ll be the guide you My Love will be your Compass I will lead you Home When you’re in the storm and joy in the dark and lost at sea Grab my hand, reach for me I am standing by And when your lost Think no one can find you I will remind you You’re not alone I will be there I’ll be the one guide you My love will be your Compass I will lead you Hoooooome I will lead you Home! If my love will be your Compass I will lead you Home! I will lead Home!

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