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I hope you like this video Make like and subscribe to receive more videos like this Today I’ll tell you about Santa Barbara, which has a very curious story, see well Legend has it that Barbara was the daughter of a very rich man. But he was so jealous of his daughter, you know what he did? He had a tower built where Barbara lived. No one could get near her! Now it turns out that Barbara had a great Catholic devotion, Oh yes it is But the father did not like it at all, why? Because he was pagan The father had two windows built like this in the tower to let in the light. But one day, while her father was away, Barbara asked for a window to be made. Where he commanded to carve the image of Jesus, therefore the image of Christ, the cross of Christ over the window So what was represented? The Holy Trinity When dad came back from his trip, you found out what? Not two windows but three, got so angry, so angry that he ended up handing her over to be executed, you see What he didn’t want was any way to have a Christian daughter. It is then told that when Barbara was beheaded, at the moment her head fell to the ground a great thunder appeared from the sky. And that’s why Santa Barbara is invoked to ask for protection from thunderstorms and storms. Have you seen the stories behind the saints? Behind our beliefs, our legends Isn’t that so? Now I will pray with you, a very beautiful prayer to St Barbara Pray with me too Prayer for protection from storms in Santa Barbara Storms of every kind in our lives Blessed Saint Barbara, that you are written in heaven, with pity and holy water Deliver us from this storm. Amen Have you ever seen such a tiny prayer so tiny, pray this prayer to feel protected, you who are Catholic, you who believe in saints, do it, okay?

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