Luther Enslaved by Works Righteousness

Posted By on November 21, 2019

Now in Luther’s day, it was the ancient Greek
philosopher Aristotle who summed it up, and whose message was so widespread. Aristotle said, “We become righteous by doing
righteous deeds.” We become righteous by doing righteous deeds,
or we become just by doing just acts. It was a self-help “fake it till you make
it” message. So, if you work at outward righteous acts
and keep doing them, it claimed, you will actually become a righteous person. And for years Luther lived by the maxim “We
become righteous by doing righteous deeds.” As a monk, he desperately did all the righteous
deeds he could imagine — fasting, praying, pilgriming, monkery, and what he slowly came
to realize was the dream of becoming truly righteous by some simple change of behavior
was just that, an elusive dream holding its reward ever just out of reach. It consistently promised righteousness without
delivering it, all the time exacting a heavier and heavier behavioral demand. In other words, by dangling the hope of becoming
righteous before him, while repeatedly giving more deeds to do, that idea gradually enslaved
him. Worse, while doing all those outward acts
of righteousness he found it wasn’t making him upright in heart, full of love for the
Lord. Quite the opposite, as he’s doing all these
apparently he thinks righteous acts, he found resentment snowballing inside him for the
God who demands so many deeds. Trying to sort himself out and become righteous
by his own efforts was driving him deep into slavery, despair, and hatred of God.

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  1. I suppose taking things to extremes can go many ways! I attended grace Harvest Ministries in Moorpark,Ca and that pastor was instrumental in allowing another misguided member to steal from me and cause me to lose my beautiful home which I can’t seem to get back in the market now. The pastor Duncan Filmer when confronted many times doesn’t believe in any works he says yet is marketing people of the community to come to his church to harvest old/stale bread given by a local grocery store. The analogy is in fact true. He claims that “jezues died for all the sin in the world, therefore,… there is no sin” that’s more like the luciferian creed,” do as thou wilt.” Perhaps he is a Jesuit with his infiltration into our community?

  2. Catholicism is nothing more than a gentile synagogue ran by gentile Pharisees that intentionally inserts religious charlatans between the individual and God for no other reason than the lust for power.


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