Long Tail Pro Exclusive User Review: How to Find Profitable Keywords?

Posted By on May 19, 2019

hey they welcome to bloggers passion video series i am rahul Khandala today we are going to talk about how you can use long tail Pro to find best performing keywords we all know how essentially keyword research is to boost our website search traffic if you are struggling to increase your website traffic you know you I you might be struggling to find better keywords that boosts your overall search rankings as well as traffic so long tail Pro is the best tool i would highly recommend if you want to you know find golden key words without further ado you know let's talk about it first log into your DAC long to your long tail pro dashboard and to find keywords you need to you know click on this thing you need to create a new project and you can title title it as however you want like you know keywords and you can select the country you wish to target in my case you know i am just going to I'm going with a United States content you know search networkers google and heat on create project and it will it will ask you to at seed keywords you know just enter any keyword that you want to rank for you know for example let's say you know I want to rank for best best gas and you know just click on ADD and you can customize your data and filter by now by selecting global search volume and you can enter minimum amount you know what it is I am NOT right now and I am just generating the keywords and going to face the data it will ask you the these details so I enter my gmail information and meanwhile you know it longtail Pro generated these a list of all the keywords related to my you know enter my preferred keyword phrase best car buys the best guys know it's showing suggested fits you know with the currency that your you know your preferred currency in my case it's Indian currency so it's showing rupees you know and I it will also show you the local searches for example if you want to go with the best car buys you know the loca searches are around four thousand four hundred and the advertising cooperative advertiser competition is really high for the keyword I would not suggest you go with this keyword I mean choose any local search with the key with the local searches around you know something like 500 to 700 in this in this case you know we can go with this thing best family cause 2014 if you embed this keyword and if you create content around it you know with the local searches of 48 it's really easy to rank higher in the search results and you know you can make more money and sales I said I mean if you are writing I don't know whether if you are working if you are working for a car company you know you can this is the best way but the thing is you need to find low competition keywords if you really want to i want to rank higher in the search results even if you have a new block and even if you don't have too many backlinks my personal recommendation while going with the low competition keywords is search for the keywords that have local searches with around five hundred two thousand you know don't go beyond dot and one of the best features of long tail Pro is you know when you click on a keyword keyword idea it will give you a list of all the sites that are currently ranking in the top ten google services you know it will show you all the details the page Authority the page links the website currently has ranking top in the search results including the domain Authority and the site age basically what does information gives you is a clarity of how you know it gives you a clarity whether you can rank for any preferred a keyword or not by just looking at this information you will get a instant idea you know whether or not to choose the keyword you are you want to rank for so that that's it guys this how you can use long tail Pro to you know find better keywords for your blog post okay that's it from my in Mayan guys and make sure to check out the video description to get long tail Pro for just twenty seven dollars so you won't find that deal anywhere else normally you have to pay ninety seven dollars per you know for all getting along pro so you are you'll be saving around seventy dollars from that link and make sure to check it and let me know if you have n equations

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