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Posted By on May 14, 2019

hello friends welcome back to social snippets let's jump right into today's video discussion last week we talked to you about keywords so an example of a keyword or keyword combination could be yoga studio or flowers to you these keywords are pretty generic and can have a lot of competition to rank for today we want to talk to you about longtail keywords an example of a longtail keyword could be best yoga studio open late because there are more keywords in the phrase that you are looking to optimize for the competition may not be as high the traffic may not be as high but might be easier for you to get people looking at your site especially if one of your value criteria is that you are open late another example of a longtail keyword that is beneficial for local SEO is best yoga studios near meet or best yoga studios Milton Ontario substituting your city and province state for ours in this situation the traffic driven to your site is going to be people in your community looking for your service did you like this video go ahead and leave us a comment tell us what challenges are you facing using longtail keywords for your business if you're looking for future guidance on website development or social media marketing subscribe to our YouTube channel and we'll see you next time on social Snippets you

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