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Announcer: Today on Let
the Bible Speak – The Judeo and
Christian religions have been bathed
in blood buy why? We’ll talk about the
necessity of Christ shedding his blood. Join me for that study next on Let The Bible Speak. From the churches of Christ From the churches of ChristLet k Let the Bible Speak with Kevin Presley ♪ Intro Music ♪ And welcome to Let
The Bible Speak. It’s a great privilege
to be with you and I appreciate you
for taking the time to study the bible with
me for a little while. There’s a crimson stream that
runs throughout the bible beginning in the third
chapter of Genesis and like a river it courses
through it each page to the book of Revelation. Though many religions and ironically even
so-called churches seem to say very
little about it, blood is a critical element to not only physical
life as we know but to spiritual life. The Hebrew writer emphasized
the importance of blood and specifically the
shedding of Christ’s blood. I’d like for you to read with me from the ninth
chapter of Hebrews, we’ll begin reading
in the 11th verse. The Hebrew writer says, “But Christ being
come an high priest “of good things to come, “by a greater and more
perfect tabernacle, “not made with hands, “that is to say, not
of this building. “Neither by the blood
of goats and calves, “but by his own blood “he entered in once
into the holy place, “having obtained eternal
redemption for us. “For if the blood of
bulls and of goats, “and the ashes of an heifer
sprinkling the unclean, “sanctifieth to the
purifying of the flesh. “How much more shall
the blood of Christ, “who through the eternal
Spirit offered himself “without spot to God, “purge your conscience
from dead works “to serve the living God?” And then in verse 22, “And almost all things are
by the law purged with blood “and without shedding of
blood is no remission.” Well, the Hebrew writer
unequivocally states that our salvation is the
result of the shedding of the blood. Without it there is simply
no forgiveness for sin. But have you ever wondered
why God made such a demand? Why couldn’t our salvation
have been accomplished by some other means that wouldn’t have
required Jesus to die? And just how does his
blood cleanse us from sin? Well, that’ll be the
subject of our study and we’ll return with
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again it is free. So let us hear from you today and we will enroll you in the
Bible Correspondence Course. For many years the church
has sang a wonderful hymn that says there is a
fountain filled with blood drawn from Emmanuel’s veins, and sinners plunge
beneath that flood, lose all their guilty stains. I submit to you that
there has never been a man forgiven by
God of his sins who did not have
the blood of Christ applied to his soul. Paul said in Colossians
one verse 23, “In whom,” that is Christ, “We have redemption
through his blood “even the forgiveness of sins.” Ephesians two in
verse 13 tells us that we who are once estranged
and distanced from God now in Christ
Jesus are made nigh by the blood of Christ. The apostle Peter
said that our souls were not redeemed
with silver or gold or any other
corruptible commodity but with the precious
blood of Christ is of the lamb without spot. First Peter chapter
one and verse 19. The word redeemed means we
were purchased or bought back. We were slaves to sin being sold on
Hell’s auction block but God stepped in
and spared no expense. He bought us with
the purchase price of his own son’s precious blood. In every age of the world men have had to provide
the blood from a sacrifice to appease the wrath of God brought about by the sin
and rebellion of man. And we’ll talk about why
that is in a few moments but in both the Old
and New Testaments, no person has ever been spared the punishment of his sin
without shedding the blood of another living thing. It’s a recurring
theme of the bible, as I say it is a crimson
river that courses through the scripture from
Genesis to Revelation. The precedent of a
bloody sacrifice for sin was said in the very
dawn of man’s existence. It wasn’t long after
the creation of Adam and his wife, Eve, until they had violated
the commandment of God. Now God had said that if they
broke his law they would die and physically they
did bring death into the world by their sin, and they spiritually died
as a result of their sin. However, God made a
provision that would satisfy his demand for justice, and at the same time delayed the spiritual punishment
they had coming. He allowed something else
to die in their stead. In this case it was
the animal of some sort and we believe
that to be the case because when Adam and Eve sinned they realized they were naked and were ashamed
of their condition. And so, they made crude
garments or aprons out of leaves in order to cover themselves. However, when God
sought them out and convicted them
with the guilt of sin, he wasn’t pleased with their
efforts to cover their bodies and rid themselves of
their feeling of shame. And what they had
made was inadequate and there’s of course a great
spiritual picture in that. What they had made
was inadequate just as any effort
you and I might make to cover our own
sins as inadequate. Time will not cover our sins, our efforts of
goodness to counteract the bad we have done
will not cover our sin. Man’s efforts will
always be inadequate. And so, the bible tells
us that God stepped in and made them garments
from the skin of an animal. Well, that’s the first
occasion of a living thing dying as a result of sin. God was setting up a
system of atonement. He was establishing a principle that would remain
throughout time that the only thing that had
began to atone for man’s sin and pay the debt that
man incurred by sinning was the blood of
something once alive. Again, we’ll explain why
that is just a little later. Paul told the Hebrews that
without shedding of blood is no remission or forgiveness. Hebrews chapter
nine in verse 22. Now that principle was firmly
established in the garden because when the sons
of Adam, Cain and Abel, later came to offer a sacrifice
to the Lord for their sin, Abel who was an animal farmer brought a sacrifice of the
firstling of his flocks and of the fat thereof according to Genesis
the fourth chapter. But his brother Cain
was a vegetable farmer and the bible says he
prepared a sacrifice of the fruit of the ground, and he offered that to the Lord. Well, God was highly
displeased with Cain because he tried to offer
a sacrifice to the Lord that was not bloody in nature. The scripture says
that God had respect to Abel and to his offering and that’s because Abel’s
sacrifice met God’s requirement. It was offered by faith and faith is that which God has, it’s acting according to
that which God has said or God has revealed in his word. Now Abel’s sacrificed
prefigured the blood of Jesus that would be shed
thousands of years later. Cain’s sacrifice I
believe represented man’s useless attempts to approach God without the right
kind of worship, without the right
kind of sacrifice. The sacrifice of grain even if it were the
best that could be found could never represent
the sacrifice that God would one day demand and the giving of his son Jesus upon the cross of Calvary. Well, we go on down
to the establishment of a Hebrew nation much later and their enslavement in Egypt, and we remember how
Pharaoh hardened his heart against the Lord and refused
to let the people go. So God sent a series of plagues upon the land of
Egypt, 10 in all, to display his matchless power and convince Pharaoh
to free the Hebrews. Now not only did these
plague serve to show Pharaoh what he was up against, they were designed
to destroy the hidden religion of the Egyptians and to discredit
their false gods. Those plagues interfered with
the practices of their priest and the operation
of their religion. But the last and worst plague was the death of the first born. God promised that he was
pass through the land on that dreadful night and he would kill the
first born of every family. God, however, would
spare the Hebrew children by delineating their houses
with a special marking. You recall God told Moses to have the Hebrews kill a lamb and to sprinkle the
blood of that lamb on the doorpost of their
house and to get inside. They were to stay under
the blood as it were and they dared not leave
that house when night fell. God would swiftly ride through
Egypt on the wings of death but he said, “Where
I see the blood, “I will pass over you.” Well, God’s orders
were carried out and when morning dawned
there was a terrible cry throughout the land of Egypt. There was not a single
house that had not been gripped in terror that night that didn’t have a
corpse found within it except for those houses
that had been marked per God’s instruction with the
blood of the passover lamb. Well, that blood that saved the
eldest Hebrew child in Egypt represented again, the blood
of the Lord Jesus Christ one day to be shed for
the sins of all mankind in fact, some 1,500 years later. But Paul said over
in First Corinthians chapter five in verse seven, “For even Christ our passover
is sacrificed for us.” Jesus is the ultimate
passover lamb as it were. So, Pharaoh thought
that he had had enough and he let the Hebrews go free, and they crossed the Red Sea as God defeated
the Egyptian army and began their trek
through the wilderness toward the land that
God had promised Abraham many hundreds of years before. So with the nation that sprang from the loins of
Abraham formed, God then gave a
law to govern them. It was now that God
established a priesthood among the Levites and he had them
construct the tabernacle, and he revealed the
sacrificial ceremonies that would take place
within that tabernacle. And two of the items
that God placed within it were the altar and
the mercy seat. You see all of these
as a developing picture from the beginning of time
down to the cross of Christ. Within the tabernacle
God placed the altar and the mercy seat. Now there were many
blood sacrifices offered upon that altar
by the priest day by day. However, there was
one special sacrifice that was made one time each year that was called on
the Israelite calendar the day of atonement. On that day, the high
priest over all the people would make a sacrifice and he would carry its blood into what was called
the Holy of Holies. And you see, that’s where
God essentially dwelled in the midst of his people. That’s where the
mercy seat was located and it was through the ministry of that high priest back there that God met his sinful people on the terms of a sacrifice. The high priest would
make his annual trek into the Holy of Holies with the blood of
that sacrifice, and would present it to
God before the mercy seat. Now God had since forgave
the sins of the people year by year and that
that sacrifice satisfied the requirement of
God at that time and under that economy. But here’s the thing. The forgiveness they obtained was really only
obtained through that which those sacrifices typified
and pointed forward to, that that was the
blood of Christ, the lamb of God who takes
away the sin of the world. That was a limited
system of atonement. It prefigured the atonement that Jesus would
offer in his death. Those sacrifices in
and of themselves could never take away sin. I like to illustrate
it this way. You may owe a large
debt to a creditor and that creditor
will usually allow you to make a minimum payment. There are terms that
allow you to get by while you still owe that debt. The problem is if all you do is make the minimum payment, you’re really not
gonna pay off the debt. You’re essentially
appeasing the creditor by paying the interest but eventually the
debt comes due. And that’s what God really
did with the sin of man. He provided under the
Old Testament economy a limited system of atonement that allowed man to make, you might say minimum payments. It satisfied the requirements
of God at that time and under that economy. But those sacrifices
would have availed nothing had the ultimate sacrifice
never been offered because they pointed
forward to that sacrifice. But Paul tells us that
those animal sacrifices back yonder could
never take away sin. He says that very plainly in
Hebrews chapter 10 in verse 11 that they could
never take away sin. What was actually occurring was those high priests were meeting the requirement of
God at that time until they were
ultimately fulfilled, the requirements of God, by the unblemished lamb of God whose sacrifice would
pay the debt in full. That’s why John the
Baptist when he saw Jesus one day pointed and said, “Behold, the lamb of God “which taketh away
the sin in the world.” And Paul said in Hebrews
10 verses 11 and 12 that, “Every priest standeth
daily ministering “and offering oftentimes
the same sacrifices, “which can never take away sins. “But this man,
after he had offered “one sacrifice for sins forever, “sat down on the
right hand of God.” It seems that sometime after
his death on the cross, Jesus and his role
as our high priest entered into the
true Holy of Holies that which the Holy of Holies
in the temple represented. Now that is heaven itself,
the presence of God. And he offered his blood to God as a full and a final atonement, a check for payment in full,
if you please for our sins. When upon the cross as he
was taking his final breaths, you remember that Jesus
cried, “It is finished.” The actual word he
used was tetelestai and one way that word
was used in that time was to mark a
prisoner’s debt paid satisfying the law,
allowing him to go free. And that’s what Jesus did
by paying sin’s ransom, paying off the debt, fulfilling the holy
God’s demand for justice. What a wonderful and
thrilling thing to step back and look at how God
through the ages of time unfolded his plan for the
redemption of the fallen race and he finished it
in Jesus Christ. That’s why Jesus’
blood had to be shed. It was the fulfillment of all that the blood he sacrifices throughout the ages of time
had pointed forward to. The ultimate plan
of God was to shed the blood of his son
to take away sin. Well, that brings
up a few questions. First, why did God require blood as a payment of
sin to begin with? And second, why
wouldn’t the blood of those animals then suffice? Or in other words,
why did it take the blood of Jesus
to fully pay for sin? Well, God requires a
bloody sacrifice for sin because sin’s debt
had to be paid. Now you see, sin is the
transgression of God’s law and since God is
righteous and holy, sin could not go unpunished. God’s law demanded that
man pay with his life for breaking his law. Now, for God to be
holy, righteous and just that’s his decree. And that decree had to be kept. God could not just
arbitrarily overlook sin otherwise he wouldn’t
have been just and he wouldn’t have been holy and set apart from sin. But the problem in that is
that God loved the sinner and he loved the sinner so much that he wanted to
allow man to live, and yet pay the debt that
his sin had incurred. So, a life had to
be given in exchange for the sin that man committed. Moses said in Leviticus
chapter 17 in verse 11, “For the life of the
flesh is in the blood “for I have given it
to you upon the altar “to make an atonement
for your souls.” Now first, the word
atonement can be defined by looking at its
individual parts. If you divide the word,
it literally says, atonement, at one ment. In other words,
atonement for sin means God and man
who were separated and alienated because of sin can be one again. The breached relationship
can be repaired and Moses says the thing that
makes that possible is blood because the shedding
of blood satisfies the requirement of God’s justice and his holiness. The reason is because
the life of the flesh is in the blood. Blood is essentially the
life that was taken away from another creature, meaning something
died to pay that debt, to pay that penalty. So, why couldn’t animals
continue to die for man? Why did Jesus have to die? Well, for one thing, because of this simple but
profoundly important principle. The purchase price of something has to be equal to or
greater than the value of the thing purchased. Well, the life of man
is far more valuable in the sight of God
than that of an animal. Man was given dominion
over the animals when he was created. The blood of a million
animals could never equal the worth of one human soul made in the image of God. You see those animal
sacrifices sufficed as a payment or to
delay the wrath of God to temporarily appease God’s
requirement for justice, they served God’s
purpose at the time that God put that
system in place. But those sacrifices could
not pay and cancel the debt. Now Jesus’ blood was more
precious than any other because he was sinless. You see, we could have
died for our own sins and God’s justice
been satisfied, and that’s what we all deserve. “All of us had sinned
and fallen short “of the glory of God,” the bible says in Romans
chapter three and verse 23. “There’s none
righteous, no, not one,” Paul also declared
in that same chapter. So we could have been required to simply give our life and those who do not
place their obedient faith in Jesus Christ, that will be their fate. They will die on their sins. Jesus said, “Except
you believeth on me “you will die in your sins.” So we could die
for our own sins, we can’t really die
for the sins of another because we ourselves
are sinners. But Jesus was not a sinner. Jesus was sinless,
he was perfect. And therefore, he became
the unblemished lamb of God who was offered for the
sins of the whole world and his blood
therefore had the power and efficacy and value to
satisfy the demands of God. Paul is saying exactly that in the third chapter
of the Roman letter verses 23 through 26. There he says, “For
all have sinned, “and come short of
the glory of God. “Being justified
freely by his grace “through the redemption
that is in Christ Jesus. “Whom God hath set forth
to be a propitiation “through faith in his blood, “to declare his righteousness “for the remission of
sins that are past, “through the forbearance of God. “To declare, I say, at
this time his righteousness “that he might be
just, and the justifier “of him which
believeth in Jesus.” Did you get that? Did you get that? All of those sins before were forgiven by
the blood of Jesus. All sins to come
had to be forgiven only by the blood of Jesus. He died to cancel the massive
debt that sin incurred. He fulfilled the
requirements of justice and at the same time justified
those who had sinned, so God could remain just, God could remain holy but yet the sinner
could go free, all because Jesus
shed his blood. He vicariously paid our debt, he stepped into our place. Glory to God for the redemption that he provided us in Jesus
Christ, our precious Lord. Now how do we take
advantage of that? How does the blood of Jesus
Christ take away our sins? Well, simply in
Acts 22 in verse 16, Ananias told Saul of Tarsus
who was yet in his sins, he said, “And now
why tarriest thou, “arise, and be baptized, “and wash away thy sins, calling
on the name of the Lord.” Know the water has no
power to remove sin and baptism is not a
washing of the outer flesh. But you see when we
submit to Jesus Christ in gospel obedience when in faith we come to Jesus and submit to his command
to be baptized into him, his blood is applied
to our souls. His blood washes our sins away. The debt is paid and we
then stand before God pure, clean, righteous,
and justified, washed in the cleansing
blood of Jesus. Have you washed in his blood? If not I hope you’ll be
baptized into Christ today. – If you would like to dig
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