Lessons in Giving from a Poor Church- Rev. Dr. George L. Parks, Jr

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apple will know your way out of
generosity on their part of a data point to the remains
and as I can testify and ending
a new means an AVI Ana: as I
honestly thought of a multipart are in
need of sites and any case, as
we expecting that the MCF vs.
lot and then by the wheel about
two m back on the we are as tight as best he has stated that a spot
and Sally C and to complete them
of you is that Grace Benes, and
he is sailing nearly being used the speeds and now lives in all
earnestness any novel of rain in
the NCAC own in the end of the
result is an asset is not as a c but, as some others in your love
is also used in this package of the only father then in the
name of Jesus Christ we thank you from the food, and
as you questions and comments to
continue father keepers, you, right, thank you,
and, sure you into which are
underway , we thank you for animation
mission dns of this , saying the year on a motion
was in message N the behest of the two of the
coalition was being , sharing the deal is this gives
the dish UD as in june at TC,
L,,,, CNN and the eve of the
year of the CD as hard as it is
common to all of the issues, and
if we thank you, as the username
playing mp AE, in a manner you
be s in its SS and MMM the SMS has more in place, as
long as they struggle of CC,
then you can create us and
giving us live in the today that you will use of CS-IC
level, send us presents the NISS
a USFSNETIONS, S, one of the
levels of the week of may, SMS
MSFT bec S A A A S La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La
she’s demonstrating his law
firms, cross Caribbean: believe in our
community , we believe in action and we were even though they are
sharing the pain, said the select above, this is a real
server will be standard takers
you on your wrist injury, can you help you always know attention until it’s time to go
to support women very own songs
in the house on Friday,
September 15 at 3:00 PM and I
didn’t sea who want to show the support of
great way to the ministry of
past events that sets of parents are either
this Sunday’s comment on
September 29 of us have to be
involved in a stinging offer a
special in attempted to home buyers,
announcing the newly laid in the
home and office facility will
house the homeless five on a
college ca mortgage applications home
inspections and even ran as a
sure please contact the church as the
situation Moncrief Pacific yew
Rogers for more information from my first avenue lost an
entire and life beyond an eight
by David Jeremiah this kind of like we all desire to stay together a team building
community where seven teaches
the days and times to use his>of this month in line to see
their way to deal with you here
for you and most importantly
across the region contact your life or did today,
contact information is available at how many as you know what’s in
the ninth inning of a concern
for selling a long time in Santa
Clara campus Tuesday, October 1
an pack passes and ninth, from the
inside out for several minutes, 5:00 PM at
the trials in the Americas
region the halls of songs bullish
position endangers almost
costless off because the people
will want him what’s his this
opened on ’cause he did not spend time and
let the golden knights was
intent on his way he made this as one of those assistance one
until you want to open the first
sold. Because I can imagine know
that the decisions you make the
pl 81 years later, still reaping
the outcome in all still move
because they did not spend time
talking to go last election linebacker filing
and they often receive one
operated on getting involved in
reminded us a mere 5¢ and three
scen , you are the direction of the
situation applies to a new
Hampshire’s to reach people
where they are ingredients are
relationship with E C run amok and were surprised by
the Tutsi southern middle fork in the
fruitful in their service to the kingdom of god and 845 CCC E streams C E it’s as thoughts, comments Azerbaijan organization whose
goal is focused on 38th issue
number two, E, is still a long view, Louis CC, E Harmon and the community is
paramount to the success of the
church’s mission is ceo , NDEC a S saying of the mall in the
air, so we invited to join us in
our year closes this is his
rights community and
congregation on day assets, is still a BET EDDE a S FSAFP and in a IAFIAA ILIA LASA PDP LAFIAKA EIAACI and am La La La La La La La La La IAA A ALASAPD FA AA A ASAIAAA AA AIAAM I L I La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Il La Il La La La La La La La La La La La
La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La La Il La La La La La SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI SAI S A IAA SA A AAS AISLASA IS AAA AAA AMI, said the SNMP,
the bible and then I sat of that, size and a
spiritual journey where we all
need to reach the end of the
body of the goddess first place
within us a and each night’s all you can
call up a letter from the dates
of these would have been updated
for bowls like to take advantage
o when Knowles sessions in that
area for Mary hall married
couples and then all soulful me
and the name women me of us have
experi order to Lucy and we as she
often with the first and the
second and whether the pitch of
the men from August the judge
and will the nation and our share my
sincere button to thank you for
those of you shared sacrificial
eat all one last week all those
init thank you for your gifts thank
you for your supper fines and
all of which more to remember
one of Tennessee someone shot up
4 to is all he and Sunday: Sunday in
a purpose for this Sunday’s to
see all the members calling 1 to
1 about three worship experience engaged in any ministry of
church and a man’s there’s a
ministry aware of the life and
just the way man we I’d better
when we ar at the end of this always wrong
when he everybody comes to
church on the same Sunday if it is always from within by
comes charging the same Sunday
in Venezuela we wanna see bush
writes about church and its
annual to share of tide to the locusts
and personal ones become a man in the form of consistent I was
told that you know you’ve been
working with god from any time
you can trust in god would that
if , chief of the money to buy this
one to the time has come to the time of the move
on to slide god and the first
Sunday. It consisted you can
sometimes be: sometimes don’t we
jus you should receive from a system
of as anybody else but all in
Sunday’s about the practice it
every element this involved in
all of his will on this remember
this afternoon we celebrate with
one of those songs and low class
and Gerald chatters, celebrates
t high Da Silva day is a blessing in AM, as the minimum values , the SMS, that’s the case, Mia Issa , the sense of life sentence any
of the things about using a man
show that many London, the IAAF Mia SAI SAI SAI SAI La INDSSIAAA O FFA AA the A.L. La La La La La La La La La La La La La La E AFIS IL A SAIS, CNN and ABC did today in
the first time when worst thing
with us today if your first time
when worshiping because this is the show first of the mission
that mission, the mission began,
thank you for one thing that has
been a U.S. ms is the UPS and of that the some one of the year
that it be happy to share with
you on your flight from the
heart of god church a man was
the first have you ever have someone that
person that if a third someone say that of the person can tell me
anything maybe workmen passing at the beauty show at the bob Michel that the compensation when the
issue of finances comes up and
someone says an affordable
cavalier way a person can tell me anything often we equally money with 6¢ then we play Monday with someone
who has a comprehensive
knowledge and oftentimes I’m guilty of
that is will sometimes we wanna
see someone it’s a living area before we listened to deal all in the OS level liar liar
not acquired six says the
society standards open have the
ability to teach a spiritual and
like le that always smoke on the outside because sometimes god has that
Mrs. Holt and strange record on with the denied today this one
would talk about nelson’s in
giving formal porcher medicines in giving formal for
church said he would be
instructed me to and don’t need this morning to
read the first 15 vs. a bench
after missing two witnesses we want to
know brothers about the place of
god that has been given among the
church is a mass of O’Neal and
Soviet estimate that shun them,
some joined the extreme poverty
of as I can testify and beyond me of that own the land they gave
us on the sleep of the favor of
taking part in the relief of the
saints and this is not as we exp of them in the weavers tide is
that as he started so he should
complete unknown you this on the
boards that you would say only t in fighting in speech and knowledge in all,
says and cannot know where you
see that you excel in this act
of grace also I say this not as a command that
a poll by the noses of others
that some of the also used
January will you know the way some of
the Jesus Christ end of the
resurrection of the USA he
became a war so that you buy this poverty
that might become rates and if
end this novel idea my judgment
does benefits you with any of us, not only to the
dismay of the center designed to
do with some of them is going in
as we also bench already missi forgive the readiness is there
it is acceptable pour into what
a person has not according to
what he does not lobby that mean that other
should be easy if you were dead
but that as a matter of finish
up and it’s at the present time
shed s as it is written whether gathered much have
nothing left over an 11 day of
the metal Handleman medicines and giving folklore church panel in this matter speech to
the tremendously and resource
church and homelands about the shocking
dinner on the generosity of the
Macedonian church to the butt and the racial
minority dazzle church must
connect the money of the fed’s
entire questions Palmieri speaks glowingly of the
Macedonia story, is that correct
been charged in the valley of
the soap fan of the science and this end of the Macedonian
church is a positive example of
how we can have spent any sailor
in give enough known not only
led by made of us in that made out to
report a gain the message a CU charge your
tool or not the of the key question get enough
that as the box and not
necessarily west end of the
union’s this isn’t a cultural
got the loans g best play in this and we think
life is just not getting us out and we shall end of the eighties
and is messy than the Dea had
taken the end of the use of that
his plays end of that cannot liv this is the data, then the
Whitney knowing that you have as
many as god’s buddies undeniably
of the some of the happened like
th when you know that god has
opened Ins that nutmeg, but in
any event at the end of the of
the people of the issue of when
it come of messages of a place that
lovingly of not getting out of
the menace of memos and the
setup cannot talk about getting
the job a the Macedonian justice that the
Macedonian church the Macedonian judge that they
gave up and take a worthy they
gave us by the ruling that the
judge say inspiring when I’m in
the sense of mission that the
Vincennes shot and the extreme
poverty that the event, in love
and generosity of the one
missing the c you know people like their
problems of top of problems and
im of NMS of the shadow of the
MSN F and that makes them if
they have that the issue of the rest of the messages we
don’t see the wrecks getting to
the pro or is in the bios we see that
happening to the aisles we even
have a life: the U.N. by shove of the worst
that the process out made that
of the people of all but not I’m
not be out of the is good for
pla that suspicion church of them but we do not an and what we hope to gain is all
cannot obstacle for us in the big show and a consensus of the
loans were calls them take the year and a
unusual generous way that
nothing else inspires off the
work of god should ignite
unknown inspira in a factual question sure do you ever get excited about
what god is torn and mature Seikaly cannot be something else
about the Macedonian church they gave up under the adventure
say abundantly worst three this is what they gave according
to that means as I can testify
and beyond the means of democrat
that this church gave a warning nemesis of them not seen all the
charges they just gave up as
cannot tell you something you
came up at am one of at some of
the this just the aid of life that
the men in the top of me to any
one of the display both of them,
that kind of intimate of love, b of these as a scent of a message
the end of the end of this event
of the sea of love is not so
much about the im not have that
w Back into the people of the year above and beyond only do the buying the county this is the start of every black
church in every black
institution in American we may not have endowments
investments in the state getting
like other charges that the
event is of little people pay
all know t only do they give inspiring not
only did they give all of the
update the independently to receive about a lot of money
because of them in the text of a
cable into that means as I can
testify at a bend it means of th and begging us on a sleepover by
eve of taking part in the win
the all the saints and is and is
not as we expected but they gave they gain and it was not a result of
outside informs the combination gave all that
and the nation this wasn’t just that did not
need giving rioters then in the status updates the
name as a gimmick and plywood
giving appeals that if the
promises that we have all there is no account that
prospect of a parent and
indirectly you have been
suggested that they just love
the media and they just than that of the men in the end
of the imagination said of the
time the men, above to the event
of the message at the end of the the MSN as ISS SS men in the
MSDN FISSFUFFISUFFAFIISF O licht is that they may specifically from the consensus estimate the parse the film sales to the war were talking this morning the members of this church was
not a minute’s it is one day because they
didn’t do enough to do their priorities when the right
plays the believers understood
and not think they need would be
of any significance until the RS this and giving is not a key
issue for you when you give this a complete
meal to the more women either we all think about
sales to so much we give a sales call one to move
on, conditions and to offer owns
into our social organizations we
give our sales of love to IE with two of the affected of god
requires the surrender sport giving to causes of the Kingdome
is simply a sample more of us
are invincible this and you have to first give
yourself over to the lower and in the tag says, and they
gave them sales over top off below cost missing charge of the things
people with his cousin that owns you sharpen come to which are where you don’t roles than
doubles all got the leadership
and mature he said that he says he said
they gave them sales over to Las
Vegas that would tell someone is
morning he is not think you to
sa the event had any reason of
controls that you see the people
every Sunday will happen before
its business in the majors with
canada’s more on the demand
about the Macedonians examples follow
up by specific encouragement which each believer should be
challenged the first thing does this mean
that they were sending giving is
a disciplined worthy of
accelerating the conversion with an issue in excel in everything in fights
in speech and knowledge in all the messages and an
unknown thing you see that you
exhale in this out the words
also have the ships to church
just an iss and not have enough in charge we
like the highlight of the gifts
we like knowledge that some of
the coca scripture they can expl we not forget that they have a
clue that they’ve been taking
place at the sunlight and the
Bundy drive and the impossible
wheel as they get the giving of may
not be saying that that is
always belts test questions we must resist the urge to be
its first in the problem here is and said to be novices and
giving the team is out of the quackery,
the believers like we sell and even just not simply
by getting one of the message of
you excel in dividend of getting
all this is the sum of tended you instead of into the box to
any of the structures and
getting because the reality is
that many of us don’t have many
problems giving is a measurement about
commitment bursting I say this is not a command
approved by the ministers and
others that shows old also would
use genuine that the church
teaching prospective bail I’m not finishing you been
sharing in NT all for a head this clear with a very
determined that commitment to
the calls of the SEC is as
simple as that no one of should
make us a p using manipulations that tactics
of promises that does not mean
that said to have been getting
plenty of in the chest and the
me does not question this morning that giving the flake out
kingdom below the getting is that it’s possible getting at is that it’s an example of god and Jesus
christ’s were universe now a lack of a renaissance of the
measure S. Bennett said of his
many men, but then try, but in
many of the high end of the men
of than that of the seas that Jesus
gave me any combination of the
loss of the dns interactions of
the mission of Jesus above the m he shed wisdom with the teachers
to them by the shed like to the
family of the show a lot of time
that at last he shut and hash many of the U.S. and Chinese
relationship of the time you
still make them of something
that many something you have to
make up t Jesus of the given church and a week later the disciples getting should be a part of out
discipleship portfolio that are empty and it’s neither
close we came with the cheese a
splendid think he’s done for
roles of the city and I can retain god put everything
he’s done for me because of the money you’ll active that’s almost as if I had
10,000 tons of them place
tomorrow if you can retain got
the everything he’s done to you
that c copy the info you pay a flat and
giving and support of giving should be a consistent
and offer their system before you have the studs dish church to
remain committed and their
support Powell says that’s not in use
the word is getting a bible this church have committed to
keeping two phone calls project over me
to look for that in the plot says there have
been a lot since have you ever made a commitment and light situations and
instructions transpired and you
found yourself not maintaining
your commitment that the greatest enemies that
of the kingdom club was his
inconsistency is nearly impossible to make a
camp of accent of consistency
and this is the lead when the
mesh of the motions of an
Exe-seeded when I’m done the beginning that benefits all the weary vs. 13 to 15 listen to
work for I do not mean that
others should be eased and the word and that that as a matter of
finishing up and it’s at the
present time should supply the
needs of that the abundance may
supply your have been close church this
section of telling the mission
partners that he’s not asking
them to Indian satellite
memorable peop is that I’m not telling you that
he opposes of the people I’m
lazy in the church has asking
that that is equal at the end of
the has the style of life and space
at the time of the inside, as of
10 men because of a bus as the
only suspect in the end of the m the message of the set of and
then the end of that and then by
the time of the we have lots of
love the sum of the shadow of
the U.S., the USSFSAID and the SMS
time NFL of the somebody of the
issue of UFFSNFIS- FM, many of the comments at
making that his knowledge that
about this, it’s too bad the
neck and shoulder to about a lot
of tenn we have one of the of that, he said added
above CSCE of medicine that is
that we did not have a cat that
NDS of you can use them as a
nation but a lot of the doubt that the city of L.a. of ms me out of combat some of the means
to 10, said that she of them end
of the Vicente out at, some of
us, not the MMM MMM-Ins at MMI o then, to add ms and IMF and the senate, Sunday at
the ZIFFAFIAME, F, NFINFFSNFIS SAFSFSN La Issa MSAINFIS ESD: church today to announce a ventures
miss that the sample and god gave the best that he had a loving god has the views that
you’ve given us own and today
the others say the church today
that the days of the gift: not
so th than EDT had OASEAIE NII E ESMI A CO E A COEAI INE had had as common as: to give you an
idea about accidental: seven
maybe you have got to work today
you about speaking to you and
the mes you know all that she need a
place where you can grow in
Jesus Christ and the share of
attention that she today on sane
never ac of the church, maybe you’re not
going to go into a church in
search of a place that you today
we use of a ban on the book
value and seven other than the play of
the same one more time was we
start seeing national income
that they can we were taken from lighting the center
of giving the wrong value as for
us is to get off parts in
returning to a lot of attention
of sys can engage in a way that the man
has become a city like this so
much better in cheeses made the
play and everybody said a man SA D A had IE CNN , the

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