Lesson 7: Focus keywords and the Yoast SEO plugin – SEO for beginners training

Posted By on May 11, 2019

In previous videos,
we discussed what keywords are. We also looked at the factors
you should take into account when doing keyword research. In this video, we'll show you
how you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize your chances of ranking
with your focus keywords. Yoast SEO has a specific input field
for your focus keyword in the Yoast SEO meta box
underneath your post, as you can see here. So what you do is simply fill out
your focus keyword, like "ballet shoes for kids" and then the plugin checks
how you're doing with that keyword. Let's look at some examples. We've already talked
about keyword density, which is how often you use your keyword. Well, the plugin will check how often
you use your keyword in your text. If you don't use it enough,
or if you use it too often, the plugin will warn you. The plugin doesn't only look at how often
you use your focus keyword, but where you use it, too. You should use your keyword
in the first paragraph, in the SEO title, in the meta description,
in one or more subheadings and ideally also in the URL. In short, while filling out
your focus keyword, the plugin will tell you to what extent your blog post is SEO-friendly
for that specific focus keyword. That's what the focus keyword
functionality does. But how do you know what focus keyword
to put into the input field? Well, if you have Yoast SEO Premium, there's a nifty little tool that can help you,
called "Insights". Right below the SEO feedback
we've just looked at, you'll see a list of words
you've used frequently in your text. The words that we list there are often
the most important words in your article, and can be of great help when you're unsure
what your focus keyword should be. But of course, it's even better to know
what your focus keyword will be before writing the article. So how do you go about this? As we've seen before,
while choosing a focus keyword, you should consider both your competition
and your audience. And you can use tools like Google Trends
to see which words your audience is using. So in this example, I checked whether
the focus keywords "focus keyword" or "snippet preview" was used the most. And the one that won is the one that
I optimized my post for with the plugin. As we've discussed before,
you can always Google your keyword to see what the results currently look like. You should ask yourself every single time
with a focus keyword: "Am I going to stand out
between the results that come up?" And lastly, it's very important
to use a focus keyword only once. So, if you are going to optimize a post
for a specific focus keyword, you want that post to be found. If you're going to optimize two posts
for the exact same focus keyword, Google will not know which one to show
in the search results, and they will both rank lower. So you should only use
a focus keyword once. Let's look at some key takeaways
from this lesson. Firstly, the Yoast SEO plugin gives feedback on your use of the focus keyword
you filled in. It looks at how often and
where you've used your keyword. You can use the "Insights" tool
for inspiration if you're using Yoast SEO Premium. And you should always use
your focus keyword for one post only, to make sure
you're not competing with yourself. Good luck!

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  1. thanks for the useful information and for the plugin.

    Well, I'm facing the little issue in SERP.

    I set "Post Name" as my permalink and manually write the title of each post rather than using the Yoast default setting like "Title Page Separator Site title".

    But whenever I check my post in SERP, I get something like this. "Post Title – Baby bassinet" I'm notsure where from this "baby Bassinet is coming.

    I also check my all post by using search operator in google for example Site:getforbaby(.)com. and found all of my posts have "Baby bassinet" at the end of the title.

    My Site Title: Getforbaby

    And Tagline: Best Baby Product Reviews

    Can you please tell my why i'm seeing this in SERP and how can I fix this.

  2. So to clarify,
    Key words should only be used ones and should I also only use one phrase or one keyword per site/post?

  3. Hi, when i enter a keyword in the focus keyword section, does the Yoast plugin also add these keywords in the main source of the webpage (adding the meta tag in the header of my HTML code)? Because when i look in the source of my webpage, i don't find any metatags that contain keywords.

  4. Excuse me, could you clarify how many keywords I can use on one page? Because you said that I can you one focus keyword for one post only. What does post mean?


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