Lenses in Religion and Society

Posted By on June 4, 2019

as a subject religion and society requires you to learn a great deal of content in narrative or story form you have to learn about a person's life experiences and you have to learn about a bunch of challenges you might think it's enough to know this stuff it's not the examiner will rarely give you a question that just asks you to tell us all you know about a particular event instead the questions usually ask you to view this event through our particular lens nail this idea and you'll know your sax in your exams a lens is a bit of glass that focuses an image for a camera or a telescope but in philosophy and religion it refers to a way of thinking or seeing the world and depending on which lens you use a situation might look a little bit different imagine we were writing about a sacred place like a church or a mosque we could look at the building through an artistic lens appreciating the beauty of the artwork and the architecture we could look at the same building through a cultural lens appreciating the role it plays in helping a community to gather together we could look at the very same building through a theological lens appreciating the way the building helps humans communicate with the divine same building three very different pieces of writing imagine writing about an individual who's had a significant life experience we could consider that experience through the lens of beliefs and how their beliefs changed throughout we could also consider the same experience through the lens of social structure and how the person's role in the religion changed same experience very different pieces of writing try to determine what lenses the examiner might ask you to look through these might include each of the nine aspects the search for meaning the social effect of religion or even the historical development of a tradition for each of the events or people you've studied try writing notes for each of these lenses it sounds like an awful lot of work Hey well it is but that's what it takes to do well in VCA god bless and good luck

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