Leah Remini Argues That Scientology Isn't A Religion

Posted By on May 28, 2019

Posted by Lewis Heart

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  1. I have never been happier to live in a country where scientology is considered by law as it really is : a dangerous cult

  2. I love Leah she is doing a good and brave thing, as is Mike and all the others fighting against the evil Scientology. The government needs to shut Scientology down!!!

  3. Did he just say "that's why I'm ot level 1?"
    If he's a scientologist why is he interviewing her on this or at all? She's sp, he shouldnt even be talking to her according to that organisation
    His questions and mannerisms are odd during this interview. It's almost like he's been told to screw it up and make a joke of it, it's disjointed.

  4. Starts of life and starts of material are not the forces of good and evil themselves which are real entities.

  5. Scientology on earth is a gateway for a man made scientology afterlife. Scientologist disregard standards of human life, and preaches its own for the public.
    My belief is they are setting a sort of scientology heaven stealing a lot of principles from christianity; stealing forms of punishment of islam; and stealing some forms of Karma. All of these set the same way a Satanic cult structure is. To those who know all things i know and more, you’d end with Scientology IS a new religion. In theory it’s a cult, due to everything disclosed about it. But why i stretch to call it a religion is it’s deep regard for religions ideals & structures. On anther note, some tools are used for Scientologist to get rid of guilt. Once the body dies the brain lives on between 5-20min. A drug used recreational called Dymethyltriptamine(DMT), the body produces after death, is released and trips you to the afterlife. Guilt is what holds you back into limbo, or hell. And living a life filled with guilt on earth leads you to hell. Hell is run on guilt. But those who live a life in bliss of guilt go somewhere good, where they get more answers to life, and leave the world behind for what is described as the presence of God. In relation to Scientology, i think they are building somehow a man built heaven. Or maybe the heaven. Now I don’t believe this, but entertain the thought that maybe early Scientology is a building block for a afterlife for humans. And just maybe Scientology is THE religion. It would put sense to have god be a presence of the future who traveled back in time to give the message or hints to early amazonians, Jesus, Moses, Egyptians, mayans, aboriginals, etc… who drank Ayawaska (brewed plant DMT). But some evidence suggest DMT is released throughout our sleep, through kundalini meditation, more… Maybe Scientology uses DMT to create the afterlife. There’s more i can get into. But let’s leave it at that.

    All of this is still just my conspiracy, but one based on facts & relations.

  6. Let's go total bonkers:
    Christianity should have levels like scientology.
    Start off on "level Judas" and then work your way up to "level Peter" paying as you advance past each apostle level.

  7. If the entire organization could be reformed radically. Remove the entire management and David Miscaviege. Reform the bridge. Make it all affordable. No more than $5,000 to undergo all processing. Get rid of all the negative aspects and keep what works.

  8. Remini is just a crazy chick. She got her feelings hurt so now she's attacking the church. She obviously wasn't doing Scientology correctly.

  9. All religion is bullshit. The only difference between a "cult" and a "religion" is the amount of people that believe. 1,000 ppl? Cult. 1 billion ppl? Religion.


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