LAUGH OUT LOUD: Leftist shows up to debate Islam, it doesn’t end well for him

Posted By on September 17, 2019

Student: You started off talking about
Thomas Jefferson’s letter. I’m actually at an advantage. I saw you
speak at Gonzaga, so I’ve seen you read that letter before, and I’ve
seen you give this talk once before. West: I stay on message.
I stay consistent, don’t I? Student: You talked about Thomas
Jefferson’s letter, and you call yourself a student of history. I read
Thomas Jefferson’s letter, and what I think you did leave out is that,
while they did to go to Tripoli, Thomas Jefferson also slept
with a Quran by his bed, and when he wrote the Constitution,
he incorporated values of the Quran and of the Islamic faith. And so,
you talk about this, and you kind of trace this history that we have against
Islamism or Islamists, and you talk about… You almost paint this “us
versus them” mentality. When you talk about your…
West: No, they painted the “us versus them” mentality.
Student: When you talked about Fort Hood and the personal touch you
had there, but when we talk about Al-Shabaab and the Kenyan Westgate
mall shooting… I was there the year before that. When we talk about the
Taliban in Pakistan, those are people of my community that
are being targeted. West: Okay, so why don’t
you join me in this fight? Student: Right, and so I am.
West: No, no. Who don’t you join me in this fight?
Student: You’ve left out… West: No, I just asked you,
“Why don’t you join me in this fight?” Student: And we have, and that’s my
point, we have. When you look at… West: How?
Student: When you look at members of the Islamic community, when you
look at these open letters that people have written denouncing these fights,
and when you look at the people in the Islamic world, in the Middle East,
who have joined these fights with the United States, in cooperation
with the United States, and if you look at what they receive in response to it.
If you look at the Iraqi policemen that participated in the fight against Islamic
radicalism, whatever you want to call it… West: I stood next to those
soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Student: But my point is: where is the
value in demonizing an entire group of people if you’re looking for
their help in return? West: Woah, woah.
Time out, slick. Student: But that’s what you’re doing.
West: Time out. You did not hear me demonize an entire group of people.
Student: But you’re tracing this entire history as if you’re…
West: You did not hear me demonize an entire group of people.
Student: Continue, sorry. Continue. West: You did not hear me demonize
an entire group of people. I was very specific in what I said.
I said “Islamism” and “Islamists.” I never said “Muslims,” okay?
There is an ideology out there that we need to deal with. If you
want me to go into a historical exegesis of Islamism, I can
start in 622… Student: I’ve seen you
give this talk before. West: …after the Hijra, and explain
how the verses in the Quran did change from the previous peaceful verses
from 610 to 622. But there’s… Student: But you’re choosing…
West: No, I’m not choosing anything. Student: You leave out a good chunk…
I’ve seen you talk about… You reference this history
in the ancient world. West: Dude, why do I need
to sit here and talk about… [Audience applause]
Student: Hold on, hold on. I’ve seen… West: You want me to
make you feel good. Student: No, that’s not what I want.
West: That’s what you want. Student: No, I never said that.
West: You want me to come up here and blow sunshine up everybody’s butt,
and make them feel good, and say, “Everything is hunky-dory.
There are no bad guys out there.” No, I’m not going to do that.
Student: No sir, the world is not that kind of place, I understand that.
West: I’m not going to do that. Student: I understand. The world… [Audience applause]
West: What good does it do for me to stand up here and talk
about all the great things? We have to come together and talk
about that which is out there that is bad. Bashar al-Assad is just as bad as
any Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. I mean, to drop chemical weapons
on your own people? I stand against that. So I don’t know
what you want me to stand up here and say. You want me to obfuscate,
deny, and dismiss an evil that exists? I ain’t going to do it.
I ain’t going to do it. [Audience applause]

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  1. islam666 the faith of murder en lies ! en since ther god is THE BEST DECEIVER its normal his sperm children do the same !

  2. as a muslim-born boy who lost his faith in his early youth, let me tell you my understanding in this religion abridged in one sentence :
    "islam is trying to be so good that makes some of it believers to do evil things. because greater evil comes from desire of achieving greater good."

  3. Assad didn't drop chemical weapons on his own people just like Saddam Hussein didn't have 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' in Iraq.
    The Globalists were hell bent on getting rid of Assad by any methods they could, which took the form of fake attacks, and fake news of the fake attacks on the fake news media.They armed and trained ISIS, and other 'terrorist' goups to fight against Assad.
    The globalists and the corrupt politicians who do their bidding wanted Assad out, and a puppet to replace him, along with a nice Rothschild owned central bank, this has been repeated over and over again through history, but people still can't put the pieces together.

  4. The constitution was not based by the Quran, if anything it would b used as a yardstick of what NOT to do and what NOT to follow. Its funny this generation comes out with the craziest things of any generation before. I wonder y that is. Its like ppl today r trying to rewrite everything under the sun and then want everyone to agree with them and if they dont they argue, get violent and r so hateful to ppl who have their own ideas and thoughts. Wonder y that is!

  5. …"whoa, hold on there, slick!"….last time I heard that, I was 16 and grabbed my dad's carkeys. It did not end well

  6. Young man you must know that the Koran took portions of the Bible not the reverse. Islam was not formed for more than 650 years after Christianity!

  7. If Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, why do we allow convicted terrorists to have a Koran and attend Friday prayers.

  8. “There is an old Arab Bedouin saying: 
    I, against my brothers. 
    I and my brothers against my cousins. 
    I and my brothers and my cousins against the world. 
    That is jungle law. It is the way of Muhammadans to throw the world into chaos. It is our job to avert that chaos, to fight against it, to resist the urge to become savage. Because the problem with such law is that if you follow it, you are always fighting against someone.”,
    Nafisa Haji, The Sweetness of Tears,
    What a piece of shit is Islam!.

  9. He should read his quran and the sunnah of mohamed. And then maybe read some of the tafsirs from his scholars.

    Quran (9:29) – "Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued." "People of the Book" refers to Christians and Jews. 

    Sahih Muslim (19:4294) – "Fight against those who disbelieve in Allah. Make a holy war… When you meet your enemies who are polytheists, invite them to three courses of action. If they respond to any one of these, you also accept it and withhold yourself from doing them any harm. Invite them to (accept) Islam; if they respond to you, accept it from them and desist from fighting against them… If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah's help and fight them.

    And I already know his lies and logical fallacies that he would use to try and rationalize these.

  10. He lost me at the end there when he seriously tried to claim that Assad “used chemical weapons on his own people”. We were told in 2014 that he “gassed his own people” on the very day that U.N. inspectors were there to inspect for chemical weapons just to later find out it was the “moderate rebels” who were responsible, not Assad.

    We were told again in 2017 that he “gassed his own people” just to find out it was actually carried out by the white helmets.

    Then, yet AGAIN in 2018, within hours of Trump stating he was withdrawing troops from Syria, we were told that Assad just up and decided to “gas his own people”, which would give the exact justification needed to remain in Syria and go after Assad himself, and of course, yet again, a leaked OFSW report revealed once again that it was not and could not have been carried out by Assad.

    Yet we have the Warhawk mainstream media going around still parroting this absurd lie that he’s just for no reason “gassing his own people”. It’s the same template of lies they use to con us into the Vietnam war, Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now people are falling for it yet AGAIN when it comes to Syria. How gullible are they??


  12. Why doesn’t this smart Ass islam lover move to the Middle East.
    Probably would miss his Starbucks and cushy education. Lmfao.

  13. The so called Islamic faith is simply a rip off of Judaism and the Talmud and Christianity and the Bible! Jefferson most likely read the quran as I did to know our enemy ! This individual has no proof the Jefferson kept a quran beside his bed unless it was for crushing roaches like him!



  15. Islam is a mental desease. Most of synagogue, churches, temples are attacked by muslimes. Most of attacks on mosque are done by….. muslimes. Shias and sunnis attacking each other. Sick and disgusting ideology. ( Not religion!) Without apostasy laws Islam would fall apart in a decade.

  16. What’s scary is in a poll from almost 7 + years ago (most recent poll/survey done) about a billion Muslims out of a total of almost 2 billion participated. Of those billion, about 600 MILLION said they agreed with sharia law and were okay with oppression of women, including killing them for what they considered “justified” or “honor” killings. the rest either said they “somewhat agree” or were “unsure”. Don’t let anyone tell you Muslims aren’t radical and extremists. They are! Oh by the way a couple hundred million live here in the US, and we HAVE ONE in our body of Congress.

  17. Kinda weird that Allen wouldn’t let him finish talking and kept interrupting him. He could have refuted his mistakes after he let him finish speaking. That wasn’t really fair.

  18. Fuck ISLAM 👿👿👿take that bullshit back to the caves u fucking child MOLESTERS and also fuck ur 72 virgins fucking pipe dreamers

  19. Let's get some facts!
    Islam is a false religion. It was invented by a mad man, a war lord!
    The Quran is a book Mohammad made up for his own needs.
    Mohammad took verses from other religious text's & also Jewish folk stories.
    The Quran is full of hate, violence and sex and that it talks about mens private parts. What has men private parts got to do with God?

    Check out Christian Prince Channel for the truth about Islam.
    He has got thousands of Moslims to leave Islam, and most embrace our Lord Jesus Christ.

  20. I've had muslims say to my face they(Islamic, muslim whatever)are in the U.S. not to become Americans but to convert America to Islam. To my face and smile saying it. Do I have a prejudice? You bet.

  21. The VERY sad fact is that ANY time a MUSLIM that wants to become more spiritual or a "better" Muslim they are going to look to the Koran for that spiritual guidance! To deny that there is a very real call to violence and misogyny found there is to try and use the "good" that supposedly undergirds the Islamic faith to whitewash the obvious evil!! Do a little research and find out just what percentage of Muslims believe in Honor killings, Killing for apostasy (leaving the faith), and that martyrdom will actually get them to heaven. These are NOT inconsequential beliefs even among the "moderate" Muslims. Moderate Muslims are those that actively deny some of the Korans teachings when it comes to violent behavior. So are they actually Muslim if they deny the teaching of their main spiritual text. Throw in the commanded use of Taqqiya which is LYING to non muslims about Islam and I'm not sure how ANYONE can think that Islam is compatible with western values.

  22. The imbalance of power during these debates isn't coming from entitlement, it's coming from the hosts becoming jaded to bad arguments. I'm not sure what the young man was trying to say. YAF speakers need to not become so triggered as well. An extra effort to remain above reproach is necessary in these debates. If confidence is yours, allow them to fall on their own swords.

  23. It always amazes me that the Koran is always vaunted for preaching all things good , love … and so on. Yet whenever anyone points out that it has changed and also includes verses ( over 100 ) that call for violence and violent acts concerning non-believers, they just deny it or say it's too literal? Mohammed killed hundreds of non-muslims hmmm peace and love eh?. Just as this guy above arguing with West completely disregards any 'bad things'. Writing open letters will not stop anything. The people that will read them are open to the thoughts in these letters , the people committing these radical acts will simply ignore them… what use are they? Preaching to the converted?

  24. Muslims are going to push and push and there will come a day when we will push back and maybe then they will realise they should have been happy with what they were being let away with in this day and age. What's more, I keep hearing about all these Muslims who write letters condemning the extreme… This statement is about as relevant as kids writing to Santa. It's fantasy.

  25. Sorry you are misinformed: Jefferson was disgusted on how Muslims treated everyone including their own and stated they needed to be stopped. He stopped paying them off! Stating that they should not be rewarded for looting ships and in Muslim religion if you are NOT Muslim you need to PAY them. Jefferson did the opposite PLUS: Jefferson read the Qur'an, not out of admiration or devotion, but to understand why Muslims were attacking Americans unprovoked.

  26. The reason why Thomas Jefferson said he'd rather have the Quran than the Bible was because by that time illuminists didn't like the Bible much + they were " conquerors" so the idea of a book that justified conquering and slavery, like the Quran, was a good idea. Not to mention that the Quran talks about knowledge and the search of knowledge in Alah and they kinda liked that too. Not because it was better or anything.

  27. A crayon had more influence on the US constitution than the Koran did… this dim-witted, Islamic sympathizer doesn’t know basic US history so I’m sure he’s a true savant with biblical texts and ancient scripture… I really hope this dude sterilized himself smoking too much weed

  28. Doctors point out and attack the patients cancer. They Don't write papers or lectures about the things that are healthy to make everyone have a balanced perspective on the situation.
    There is a problem. Here is a solution.
    Demonized or not Islam has some very sick puppies. We need real solutions not a feel good recap of their otherwise positive cultural achievements.

  29. Nah I have seen enough. Islam is evil. There is no redeeming them. Sorry. Watch a the stone woman to death, watch them saw a 10yrs kids head off. There is footage. Nope sorry. Fuck em all, cause the "moderates" dont push back on they capitulate. If they are against it then they are cowards and screw them anyway.

  30. I am going to point out something most people do not understand nor think about. When I first started learning about islam I had a English translated from Arabic quran. It was when I found a mullah that the book became more fuzzy than the bible. When we moved to Iran and I met some Iranian people and became friends with them that I got a true translation of the quran, it was from Arabic to Hebrew to English. That was when I could truly understand the cult and culture of hate. Islam is all about what you cannot do and it means you CANNOT do those things. Iranians are a very different people from Arabs. The first thing before we even landed my Dad leaned over and said "these people are either Iranian or Persian, NOT Arabic. Do not mess this up". He was right. I was lucky though, the Iranian friends I made were not islamist they were Muslim, big difference in my view. I believed they saved me from a very bad decision. When we left Iran it was when that low IQ peanut farmer was president of America and because of HIS interference in a country, I had a front row seat to watching a country destroy itself with ISLAM and then have an 8 year war with Iraq just to kill off 2 generations of Iranians. No Thank You, no islam in America ever— EVER Muslims are fine, islamists NO NO NO. Oh and for sure no islamic laws in America. Anywhere…. EVER.


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