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Posted By on November 14, 2019

Hi I’m David Bell for
Today we’re looking at our regular zine, which is called Ardet – that’s Latin for aflame.
And many thanks to our YouTube subscribers who help to keep the practical theology candle
burning brightly. We’ve got a special free set of epub books
for you in this edition of Ardet 64. And I’m putting them into the more section
of this video so you too can access and enjoy. The two books are Robert Allan’s quirky, insightful
retelling of Exodus. It’s maginative and different. And there’s my own version of the Mysterious
Lady from the Charity called Windows in the Walls of Time.
All ready to go, beautifully formatted for the ipad or android.
So back to practical theology videos next week, same time, same channel.
Thanks for watching.

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