Kiwi Talkz #05 – JCK (Rock, Hip Hop, Religion, Israel Folau, Politics, Ambitions etc)

Posted By on July 12, 2019

welcome everyone to another edition of Kiwi talks my guest today has been in the music game for a long time a long time he's missed around with both hip-hop and rock and you probably know him from freakin the club but it's an honor to have him here my man jck how you doing how's it going Rhys good bright how are you I'm very good yeah yes good to be here in South South Auckland yeah it's pretty much like that I have wantons the point of just extending further and further south so tell me cuz how you got into the music game cuz I remember you used to be part of it wasn't a group dirty jck and the dirty ho bags wasn't it yeah that was a like a I went to mines for like four years yeah I did the audio engineering diploma two-year diploma and then I didn't really want to leave so I did a contemporary music performance for another two years yeah and JC caylen Duty ho-bags was like my second year of the music diploma were they did they go to Maine with you yeah and it was a it was kind of like a briefly lived thing but I mean Lulla book who was one of the singers just kind of we started a relationship and made music together and we after about two years we got signed to pagan in T no records and we did we've got funding we actually got it for another song called truly mine and we recorded it and lo the singer was getting singing lessons at the time and she kind of like wanted to spice up the vocals and do it differently and she did it differently and it didn't really come out good so I was like well doing will try the song freak in the club instead which we didn't actually get funding for but but you did you allocated the money today yeah yeah cuz the record label wasn't happy with how it came with how truly mine came out is that what I kind of think we should have just used the the demo because they might sound mean I was great yeah there was nothing wrong with that but but they wasn't up – didn't they just said doesn't capture the magic of the of the demo and I agreed like it just didn't sound as good to me I was like why don't we just use the demo but I was like well okay let's try it on a different song so we did freak in the club and I did I did most of the production on it I got a bit of help recording it in the little studio with Dave Rhodes who's a engineer yeah are you taking tips of him watching what he does he wasn't really doing anything that I know yeah except he had a nice sound card and you know the nice air equipment and better microphones yeah yeah I actually ended up getting an ear and fine-tuning all the not the mixing but you know like the editing and the timing and yeah and the debt and okay Matt came out good and got on television and I was played on c4 and juice TV for it was on c4 for probably a couple of months and stayed on juice for forever like for like a year or something did you did you get royalties and and stuff every tongue it was played on television no now we didn't really get any like a lot of royalties for it I don't know why but um it was um all hooked up and stuff for royalties but her biggest doesn't pay much but I'm back in in those days we're talking about like 2005 I was actually a really good time for music yeah yeah especially for hip-hop I think that was kind of when it was really hitting its stride or its peak yeah we had Kiwi fm and like I released our first album called five-year anniversary yep and then actually like was still my best like the one that made the most money like it's probably not my best record like her album well I know this is pretty hard on themselves but because of the the time for some reason at that stage is like the Boost Mobile thing going on and that's right there weren't as many people doing hip-hop like there was only a few people doing hip-hop back then now everyone's doing it now yeah everyone wants to be a rapper every what this is so crowded now it's just like ridiculously crowded so ever saturated yeah I mean I see it all the time coming up on my Facebook feed all these different all these different songs so yeah there's a bit of a different time how did you did you produce freaking like that did you do the music that you da songwriting and everything for yeah I wrote it right the hook as well even the deal part yeah okay sing this all the video that was done by some guys in Wellington I can't actually remember the main guy's name but there was a guy called James Manson who's still still ticking along and Wellington who was part of it you know he what he wasn't like the director but he was it was a guy that came and picked us up from the airport and one that we made like a connection with yeah and he actually went on to make another video of us called spirit kicks and he also made quite a few music videos for Wellington rappers like he's done a couple Fortuna knows yeah but what's that other guy buxton buxton someone anyway he's he makes music videos for people in Wellington okay so you flew down here to actually do the video yeah well they Wellington had an additional grant I like they gave you like $1500 if you shot their deaf you shot in Wellington okay so we were in and shot it and Wellington you know that they have to put on the Wellington logo on your on your video so a lot of people thought we were from Wellington is it why I saw Wellington yeah okay so that was quite funny and it was an interesting experience cuz it was my first I'd never done I've never been involved in a music video before we showed up they dressed us they told you were rockin like pretty fly gears and that man yeah I didn't I wasn't I thought it was a misrepresentation of Who I am yeah well I can I could see that now seeing all your other videos yeah now and how you what your dress attire is like in there but at the time I didn't know any better just win with it you know as you do yeah what else you gonna do yeah I don't know know anything yeah what was I gonna do I didn't know anything about making music videos or anything like that but it was a good learning curve and it was a an amazing opportunity like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity really it's never repeated herself so yeah when it comes to funding yeah they are I think we only got funding because we got a record label and that was just through mains true very key from antenna records came in to do a talk yep and I basically was all up in this like yeah you should check out there's our band and stuff and he liked the music and he signed us alright Scott man crazy yeah good times you do when you when you did when the video was shot were you kind of looking over the directors shoulder kind of taking mental notes just absorbing that all yeah just um I basically yeah just just being here and and the environment was it was an asset learning curve I wasn't really taking note so it's like the first time I've ever experienced that but you know then we did our second one was the same with James Menten I'm spirit X and then um it was like a really long gap in between those two and it was because I was waiting for for these things to happen you know like after two years we've been making music I got signed and got funding and I thought these things were going to keep on happening but they did it you know they just stopped stopped happening and after about five years we did spirit X and I was like okay these opportunities are going to come around what every five years yeah I can't wait that long so yeah so then I kind of started taking things uncertain to my own hands and I had a friend called the robber I don't know if you've heard of the robber he's a alternative rap artist who maybe if I saw his face yeah well he makes he was making his own music videos from the get-go and he hadn't influenced me a lot so I'm I got him to make a couple of music videos for me and I kind of like I I came up with the concepts and you know did all the like the storyboarding and got all the everything together and I got him to shoot them and edit them and then it kind of I kind of went from there like okay so all I'm missing is shooting and editing I pretty much did everything else for those two and then I just kept it rolling I was like okay I'll do the shooting weird thing and next thing you know I'm making my own music videos and I think I've made 35 35 music video you've done quite a bit I have to I have today something so when I first saw super heavy rap shit' I was like holy there's videos so good so so good and then when I I think when I met you I think it was at the cypher gig and I think I asked you mama how did you do that and you just use everything green-screen yeah and made me just want to okay I gotta get my own green screen sit and really get into this so yeah man you inspired me with that stuff bro so thanks a lot oh you're welcome yeah I think I think of him so it's quite a few people with with that you know that I'm do it yourself kind of yeah well it's it's it's easier and it's cheaper yeah I mean cuz I there was a few videos I got done the first video I did was with daihama actually shot it and it was there never forget the name video and I was kind of taking mental notes as he was directing it but then I got a few other directors it was one that did the West up and cypher and one who did where you where and I was looking back at them and I was thinking man if I knew what I was doing I could probably do this way better yeah and so I just I watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to do it yeah yeah and that's and that's how I got is the whole music video thing yeah and I prefer it that way actually because I'm a bit of a control freak yeah I'm sure you're the same yeah yeah I think when when you're making something that represents you it's better if you have creative control you know what only you will really know the vision of it yeah how how it is in your head yeah you can really do that I mean you can try and explain it to someone but they're never really gonna fully get it yeah or just come up with something completely different yeah now we can't do that we'll just do this yeah which can work if they understand you and and and they come up with something even better than what you can but that doesn't happen very often yeah yeah or at all depending I'm sure I'm sure for some people it does so because you do you do both hip-hop and rocks yeah yeah how what's your approach to composing when you're doing either one do you approach them in the same way I do actually yeah that's interesting yeah I've learnt a lot from hip hop it's kind of a long story how I got into it I started off in rock and metal I picked up the guitar when I was 15 I was at high school bands like kind of like hard like verging on death metal kind of music yeah in high school and then I went through a phase where I when I was at Music School where I was like a singer/songwriter played acoustic guitar and Sun and then through mains we did a whole bunch of honors from country music right through to everything country blues rock reggae didn't actually have a hip-hop module but it kind of I wrote so on to all those and kind and kind of discovered that I I'm quite versatile it so I'm writing yeah well I can I've seen that with just some of your stuff you yeah you can go from one one extreme to the other yeah very creative so I kind of started I am I was basically when Eminem came along I was like holy this is amazing like one of those you know just one of those artists that then makes you go makes you stand up and really pay attention yeah same thing with me exact same thing yeah like I had similar experiences with the Red Hot Chili Peppers Nirvana nice they they really like influenced me a lot and kind of changed my world same with Marilyn Manson and um Type O Negative and mainly rock but I when Eminem came along I was like holy this is amazing and I could relate to it as well it's like I could really relate to it was like buggin out how much I related to it like I'd been brought up with hip-hop to some extent because I come from a mixed family like I've got moldy sisters and my older sisters and musicians she she got me onto Public Enemy and ice-t and Marjorie Eric bein Rakim and De La Soul and all this she stood to make mixtape so I kind of grew up with that alongside what my mum listened to which was classic rock dire straits Bob Dylan it's a wide lead circle and yeah so I kind of grew up grew up with both so I just decided from the influence of even an M&M that I was gonna do hip hop and I just overnight I just started writing hip hop and 17 years later yeah how many albums have you done five I think five five-year not not shitloads but um I've got the sixth coming soon but they're not like seven track albums quite big 19 19 year 20 tracks in 1920 tracks yeah so you're definitely getting your money's worth mm-hmm yeah in terms of material definitely yeah interesting so is there one genre you prefer over the other or is it or you have the same amount of love for both well I think from from how I feel today I would say I'm definitely leaning a lot more towards rock music yeah effects I doubt that I will be going back to hip hop any time soon what's the reason for that reason food well what's the reason for wanting to move towards rock in the the reason for why you don't want to go back to hip hop is I'm wondering if people might be on the same page I've thought about it a lot and there's so many reasons so many reasons and I'll tell you some give me a couple obvious reason I hip hoppers youth culture I'm getting older dude I feel exactly the same very yeah yeah also I I'm far removed from my circumstances as a youth like I grew up and how do you say a single single-parent household lots of brothers are lots of as I have three sisters in a state house and basically very poor so that's why I related to Eminem you know what I mean yeah yeah but now I'm older I've got my own business I'm a white guy so basically I'm gonna hold white guy with with a decent amount of money and it's like do I do I actually belong here still I think I had to I think I've taken a step back and evaluated my life where I am now and god I think I kind of feel the same I mean I've gotten to the point where I feel I don't really have anything to rap about anymore I'm like what do I rap about I can't rap about hardships yeah yeah so yeah I totally get you totally understand totally understand and and also another reason is how much like I put in a lot of effort and and service and sit hip hop and I think for minimal return and it's like yeah I actually know a lot of people like that myself included don't there's really no money in it to be perfectly honest on this you're in the 1% well yeah not even money just like I think I think for how I see it as the the in New Zealand the audience's is you know largely Polynesian and I don't think that I relate to the I don't think they relate to me to be honest yeah that the majority of of the listenership in this country yeah I think they they don't care what I have to say no matter how good I am how awesome my music videos are yeah they look at it and go that's weird and I don't relate to it so you know that that's a big part of it for me it's like well I've got all these amazing skills that are using on an audience that doesn't appreciate it why would you go somewhere else would Jesus you ever get into scoring music for film or video games or anything um I've thought about it no I think I would a no you wouldn't want to do it no I've done a bit of like a I've actually got quite a lot of like what do they call it production music yeah with do you do people come to you say can I have a beat or anything people come to me for music videos a lot but not really beats I don't even think people know that I make beats because I don't really advertise it so not really but I've done a lot of production music for woodcut productions who are they're actually the same people as move the crowd records ah are they yeah not true I don't know that I actually got signed with the other label remembers us 2013 yeah oh wow and I did straitjacket stroke the cat and meatsuit yep with them and they were extremely bizarre videos and yeah they didn't get what I was doing did they ask you did they just ask you straight up like what is this or did you or did you just try and explain it no I didn't care actually it's actually it's good yeah and I was like this is what I'm doing now and and I had a long break where I hadn't really done anything so it's kind of like getting back into my groove yeah you know what I mean kind of refiling myself and I see it as like casting a line like cast out as far as you can get get as freaky as you can and then pull it in like and I think that's what I've been doing over the years is kind of seeing how imaginative and and just totally out there can I go and I'll see what what the results are and then um go from there kind of thing so I think when you see the videos you see they get weirder and then less weather that's still kind of weird do you so do you think up an idea or do you just start by jamming on your guitar or something and then the song ideas come from near what do you not have a I suppose you have a combination of I usually get like a while I'm working I often just come up with a hook yeah or something while I'm doing something else like musics always on my mind all the time so I'll come up with a hook and then I'll figure out well what's the thing that makes that melody or whatever what are the cause behind that melody there it's stuck in my head and then kind of just piece it together from the air with hip-hop you have to it's quite challenging because I don't use samples I'm not yeah I'm the same I don't use samples either yeah so yeah because you have to just copyright issues yeah there's a lot of copyright issues so that the challenge for me was there being a guitar player as is minimal a minimization keeping it minimal yeah you know you can like rock music you can have a lot of different instruments and in solos and tempo changes yeah yeah I find I find was rock as well as the guitars tend to be front and center more and hip hop it's more vocals yeah well you don't you can't get in the way of of the vocals and hip-hop do you have to have a very basic musical element because it's not really about the music it's about the vocals yeah well then you run into problems sometimes because if there's instruments within the within the song that might clash in the same frequency ranges yeah yeah yeah so that is there was a problem yeah I suppose you find a lot of tracks had almost just drums yes maybe just a little bit of instrumentation way back there yeah but pretty much this you know it's based around the drums and and I think in a lot of ways the the vocal performances is like the drums as well you know it's like rhythms yeah basic beats yeah but so if someone came to you though and say hey we're gonna pay you 95k to our score music for Shortland Street I'll you no you do it okay of course okay sweet so there is because you said you wouldn't do it so I'm just wondering if under certain circumstances well you would yeah if someone pays you of course I would like it's like with music videos like everyone people come to me like ah let's work and I was like you don't have any money they're not working you want me to do it for free I can just tell that's what everyone else right they were everyone to do it for free come on man yeah hook us up you know with boys yeah it's like that no hell were there no yeah because then people just take advantage of you yeah like I made him you know not a music video I made an ad recently for the other day only show a cartoon yeah but she paid me so I was happy to do it but yeah I think I think you've got enough material isn't your whole portfolio to show what you're capable of so you know so maybe in the beginning when someone's first you know trying to move up the ranks and try to prove themselves they need to build up a bit of a portfolio but you've been the game for so long yeah yeah yeah so yeah I yeah I don't expect you to ever do anything for free yeah yeah yeah good man you pay me yeah I actually got um was about 21 I got offered I got offered about 95 K score music for porn oh really but I didn't take it for a number of reasons one of there being I was I'm a very conservative Christian household so that would not go down well yeah I couldn't imagine my dad telling people I am my son he's in the pornography industry and I also think you'd become a bit numb to stuff if you were just watching it for seven or eight nine hours a day just writing music just seeing all these sexual images all the time I would have to score it to the actual yeah yes I have to have the footage and play to the footage and I think if you had just sing that eight hours nine hours a day I think it would probably affect you in the bedroom too because you just become so numb yeah so I didn't I didn't do it but I wonder I still sometimes wonder I'm like ma'am what would have happened if I'd taken it god yeah I'm glad I didn't know probably go through lots of boxes of tissues and I have $95,000 yeah but I think I think it was only a contract for a year so I only would have done it for one year and then and then what I wouldn't have known what was on the horizon yeah yeah that's and then what was gonna get and then go back to my ordinary job again so I yeah it was a you know a lot of there were a lot of factors as to why I didn't do it but I did build up a bit of a portfolio because I would be interested in doing short films or video games did you ever do the because I I did the 48 hour film festival have you ever done anything for that no I haven't got lots of friends who have I got I got asked to there's really short notice there are can you do the music for a 48 hour film festival if we get a group together and then we go to the the place where you you have to pick out a genre out of the Hat out of a hat and out of all the genres we got we got musical okay but the way they did it is because you've only got 48 hours they shot it all first and a lot of these people couldn't even sing either and I had to try and compose the music and make the music line up with their voices even though it was off-key oh god this sounds challenging I was horrible one of the top worst five experiences ever because I spent literally 24 hours trying to compose yeah like the music for it and because you've got the strict there as deadline yeah oh man it was so so bad so well that were they singing or they were singing their lines yeah so I think if I remember correctly the premise of the film was that they had a party for the baby you know like a new boy something and then everyone leaves and then they put the baby to two beard and then they they try to have sex but the baby keeps waking up uh-huh and then they start trying to use all these six wooden windows and stuff to try and to put the baby to sleep you know but it yeah so I had to try and turn like twinkle twinkle little star into kind of a sexual kind of enticement okay but yeah so they said they had maladies and stuff though using twinkle twinkle little star melody yeah they were singing it but then I just have to try and add some music behind it and then obviously we've got a director as well and you'd be like no I don't want that can you change it and he looked for the last six hours he was literally sitting next to me as I composed it yeah and I was like this is just nuts man why did I agree to do this so yeah but yeah so how do you balance because you still do music quite a bit like you're on Facebook you're doing live games all the time and you're still putting out albums and you're running your own business as well yeah how do you allocate your time my job seasonal so during the winter I like at the moment I'm working three days a week so I okay so the rest of the time do you just do music yeah on my days off in the studio yeah in the summer I just don't have time to do anything but work yeah four five five-and-a-half months of the year I'm just flat out busy yeah and then the rest of the time it's yeah came on music it's interesting to me how many musicians rarely do stuff full-time I'm supposed to have uh Brian Lovins yeah yeah he's supposed to be coming on here at some point not probably asking him some other things because he works and he's doing albums and he's yeah and he's got his kids and stuff as well so I just I I don't even know how he manages he just doesn't sleep well I cuz I last time I saw a dealer we were talking about how yourself and him were probably two of the hardest workers cuz you guys are just constantly on the go constantly making music yeah do you ever get burnt out ah no not music with work I do music like a release yeah absolutely yeah it's it's energizing yes my purpose in life so yeah so in a perfect in a perfect world if you could you just do music full-time yeah absolutely yeah and I'm holding onto the hope that one day that that will happen no I know it's maybe someone will watch this and yeah who knows yeah that's I I feel like it's something that I'll be doing until the day I die and you know hope springs eternal yeah yeah so if if you didn't have music what would you what would you do do you think I don't know I'd probably just be a videogame slob I know if you're though 80 hours yeah I can't think of anything worse like I used to ice they really like arcades when I was a kid now there's a thought of wasting my time on anything just it was out of me it's like well yeah I mean when I think back to when I was younger and how many video games I played and how much TV I watched and I look back on it I think what a waste of time yeah what a waste of time I don't want to get to the end of my life you know what do I have to show for it nothing yeah some people I did forty thousand hours in Skyrim yeah but I guess if it's your passion in that's not a waste of time but well yeah I suppose if it brings you happiness but you probably you should have some ambition in some goals as well to get a hidden life yeah it's my view anyway no ambitions pretty important time yeah yeah I think there's a lot of people that don't have any no I I have to keep a kind of hands length relationship with those type of people because otherwise it you end up absorbing it and then find I get demotivated yeah there's a few CEOs and things I'm going to try and in terms of people that I'm going to try and get on here at some point so try and see what makes them tick and how they got where they got so yeah it's always always aspiring I mean if you'd asked me two years ago are you gonna do a podcast to be like I'm not just doing a podcast yeah Here I am it felt like the natural evolution after music because it still incorporates audio to some extent in video so yeah and I got my little mini set up it's my mancave yeah as well and no one else is doing it like you're doing it yet so that's good that the better I know of anyway yeah well that's that's part of the thing right because the problem is with hip-hop is is how how are you supposed to be distinctive you know and unique when everybody's doing it and you just kind of end up beginning you know you're just part of this group and you nobody nobody can really stand out because there's just so many people whatsoever saturated yeah yeah I remember talking to parks about it and he was just saying everybody wants to be a rapper these days he was rapping yeah yeah I mean it's actually really rare in terms of the rappers that I know that actually do it full-time and it was actually a desert there's a really really well-known rapper I'm not going to say his name but you would think when you watch his videos and everything in his in his hits and stuff do you think that he he made a lot of money from music but no he didn't he was living in his mom's garage yeah yeah so it's it's a it's a reality check as to yeah it's it's it's a hard life doing music the possibilities of making money are pretty small yeah particularly these days because everyone just wants some wants music for free and they can't get it for free yeah exactly yeah so yeah and it's a bit of a Down buzz i it's depressing it is really especially when the amount of money you actually have to spend to make music is phenomenal you know it's not a solid people just don't know it's not as it's not as bad as it used to be like 15 years ago but because technology is a lot cheaper but it's still you're you're basically spending money to lose money yeah it's one of the worst advice ever yeah yeah if you're in it for the money then you're gonna be very very disappointed yeah well I've seen some people on my Facebook feed you know and they talked about making money am i you're getting into music to make money you're doing it for the wrong reasons yeah good luck figure it out can you please tell me how you did it yeah I'll be the same yeah so I mean I for me now it's probably it's probably going to just be a hobby that I do now and then when if somebody reaches out hey you wanna get on sure sure my partner's I'm trying to convince me to go to India for a year oh yeah and just do music yeah yeah cuz she's got all these connections and stuff in India yeah like maybe do a track and Hindi but I'm I can't speak Hindi yeah someone would have to write the lyrics yeah and they not have to wrap it yeah but yeah how long did you go to India for the last time I was about I think it was two and a half weeks three weeks there's a bit of our opening experience definitely came back there's definitely a before and after in terms of me after when I came back from there because it's it's the antithesis of New Zealand in terms of everything yeah so you know this and that's and I don't like I don't like bagging on the the country or anything because it are some of the nicest people I've ever met with there but it's just it's an interesting country it's very fascinating because I think they have all the tools to be the most powerful country in the world but the country is very divided between different states and even more so than America because the doesn't like the West the West doesn't like the North are they not real Indians and then there's so much corruption in so much division even in terms of religion you might have Hinduism but there's different six of Hinduism and then there's the Society for issues as well where somebody has to be a certain way because it's just the tradition castes yeah you got the classes I mean I saw so many slums when I was there was um I mean I don't really cry much but I cried I cried a few times and some of the Indians were asking me like why are you crying what's what's wrong I might I'm right now this is just hard to watch no they're happy it's awesome I'm like not the whistles of seeing little kids that was the worst but yeah yeah and then you come back here and you see people complaining because the government doesn't help them enough when they're now I think that's why Indians have I could work ethic similar to China because there's no government assistance of any kind there's nothing so it's like if you don't work you die sort of thing yeah I was telling the story to my last guest Tracy but um my my girlfriend's mom so there were points where they wouldn't have power but in so if they didn't have power they'd stand under a streetlamp studying our exams can you imagine someone doing that here no no they wouldn't do that here no no way no so that's what I mean so in terms of the although it can be bad the spin on it is that they they really exceed in a lot of areas that's where they go to a places in the world and they I think they do so well because they they have a drive because of you know the conditions that some of them live in but then I saw both sides was there I mean really really poor people who live in conditions it I don't even think people and prisons do here and then I met real wealthy people as well I mean I Bollywood director was there yeah yeah rich as dude yeah so it's it's an extreme on both sides I mean it's it's if you definitely come back appreciating New Zealand more because there's just so much stuff we just take for granted here even seeing the sky and seeing the stars yeah yeah yeah so it's yeah so it's um we live in a good country we do we do and obviously New Zealand has a lot of problems but they're pretty sworn the grand scheme of things yeah yeah I mean there are some annoyances I mean I I'd like to get just cinder on here at some stage I should come on or not I don't know they have interesting yeah I mean it'd be a lot of questions I might ask you but would you ever do politics no under no circumstance would you do politics I'm just not smart enough to do politics man tell the drunk I think I think him becoming president is kind of all bits are off now yes basically open Pandora's box any 180 wasted I mean I saw something about Oprah wanting to run in the rock wanting to run it just like onion yeah Kanye yeah all bids are our planner doesn't seem that bright but um yeah it probably make a great president yeah and not but did I wonder how much power the president or even a Prime Minister really hairs right cuz they don't it's not a dictatorship it's still because I I recently met some people who know quite a bit about the council here mm-hm and I would say the council here and will be similar to the council in Auckland and Christchurch they'll probably all be structured the same but apparently the mayor does the mayor ship doesn't actually hold a lot of power because it all comes down to votes they all have the vote and yeah yeah so mum I know and the the president the president and the states they usually can only actually get things done if the supported by the Senate and things like they're you know yeah if they've if the Senate doesn't want what the president wants in thing happens I think there was a big problem with Obama's well he wanted to keep putting stuff dude I think cuz he wanted to change gun laws a number of times in the Senate were just like nah yeah now they weren't having it whereas I think Donald Trump has got a lot more support so he can yeah because he's a Republican in the senators mainly Republican yeah so it's good it he can actually get more through but I'm whatever I don't know politics is just one of those things that annoys the out of me it's like the same with religion and my there's no well this is this is this is an interesting thing that I want to talk to you about because it you and I kind of we we have a similar story in terms of well because you used to be a Christian yeah yeah and I used to be a Christian and now like now yeah what so will you were you born and raised one or did you become one later born and raised yeah born raised there's a Christian so basically once I kind of got away from the isolated environment that I was in when I left home and became an adult and it actually took a while but I I think I I stopped for a moment one day and took stock of things and we believe in this is just but was able zero light bulb moment or was it was just something a happened over time you just started a question things and then eventually like I how would this I did have an event that kind of made me think I was at my sister's church and a lady prayed over me and told me that I've never known Jesus and I didn't know the love of God or some something like this and I was like that's not very Christian ly of you it's kind of like how would you know I think she was just a spiteful person to be honest I think she was maybe having had issues and wanted to take it out on me for some reason yeah in a very unusual way I just made me you're not a good person this is kind of like you're almost like putting negative juju on me and you're supposed to be a Christian and it made me like it just made me think what what's what is this religion that I'm a part of and then from there I kind of just took another look at it and thought it's probably like what are the chances of us paying for real pretty slim really isn't it well yeah I mean it's it's something that can't be proved is wrong but it can't be proved that it's right either and I this has become even to me since moving down here because I used to be part of them at church and I went there for ages I did serving and I did the sound there and new heaps and heaps and heaps people mmm for years and then as soon as I moved down here didn't hear there's none of the people from my church contact makes it one guy shoutouts to con but everyone else they just they didn't care and then the more you start hanging out with people from a different religion or a different environment you start to realize why why would this what what makes me think that this is the absolute 100% right way because the thing is every religious person thinks the religion is the right religion yeah yeah yeah yeah usually your religion is the religion of your parents yeah so then I was wondering I might have I just been conditioned to believe this because if if if you think when you're growing up your total these things and when you're a child your brain is like a sponge and it has to absorb a whole bunch of information and if that's if Church and Jesus's is placed with importance as much of as doing your homework and taking your vitamins you know then then it becomes part of you I was actually talking to this was my rapper buddy dr. Hayden in terms of emotional identity yeah so if you grow up with something and you identify it with it for so long you feel like it's a part of you and so you can't separate yourself from it yeah so it's if you grow up a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian you and in that spin your belief was so long well one I think part of it is our man if I if I don't believe in this anymore then I've wasted all these years and then I think the other part of us is no then how am i me I'm not me if I don't believe this yeah I'm not me anymore so it's real it's real interesting but I don't think I don't think like there is I mean I I don't put all religions on the same playing field because I think some oh but strange or difficult than others and I also think stuff like the Flat Earth theory stuff that's just modern-day religion really a whole bunch of people that believe something even though that it's been proved wrong but I do I do feel if you are going to become religious you should probably look at the exit strategy because you know as you get older you exposed to more things your your views change on things as you grow older and the good thing I suppose about Christianity is if you're not into it anymore you can just leave whereas was something like Islam you can be killed you can be disowned you know there's a there's a number of repercussions that happen if you leave yeah they can legally kill you if you're in it it's Muslim yeah yeah yeah I know I I kind of understand people who are born into it you know if their whole families Muslims then they choose to stay Muslim I I I totally understand why that says Muslims but what I don't understand is why someone would convert who has no yeah attachment to it well I'd love to have Sonny Bill Williams here mmm so I could ask him like why why did you and that's not enough for Muslims but this is just religion as a whole it's actually I read somewhere that atheism is growing faster in the world than any other religion atheist religion it's not a religion yes I know it's it's of course it isn't but what I mean is it's growing faster in terms of the view yeah views on it I think religion is more more of a cultural thing really like yeah there is an element to it I mean New Zealand was founded on Christian principles but it's actually one of the most secular countries in the world hmm a lot more little states of states as there's a slight mad on religion Christianity I like all my I've got dozens and dozens of cousins that live in Chicago that they're all you know Trump supporting Christians and it's like have you ever sent a for you because I'm sure you know about televangelists yeah yeah do you know about the the seed faith concept where so basically because you know how you tithe 10% yeah and if you give basically it's if you give your money to God then he will pay you back to enfold right so what these televangelists do is they say huh send your money to our church you know feel the presence of God and he will reward you send us $10,000 that he will give you fifty thousand dollars and these people send it and they send it and it's crazy because a lot of the people that they're preying on poor people or people who don't really have much hope yeah just pisses me off a they say the it's a business they're pretty much the antidote to religion is antidote to religion is learning education yeah well it's contact right if you if used because it comes back to the whole you know people who believe what they want to believe they'll find something to justify what they believe in so if you usually Christians will hang out with other Christians Muslims walking out with Muslims Hindus where hang out nice isolated isolated yeah the greatest weapon against that is to expose people to different religions well when I was in India we went to this temple the and they were they were praying I think it was to Ganesh and giving money and stuff and I was looking at thinking this is weird see the elephant god yes yeah I think this is weird but then I was thinking to myself am i if I grew up here I wouldn't think this is weird yeah and then I might maybe if they came to New Zealand and they went in a church that'd be like this is weird yeah praying to the dying God man full of pain yeah yeah you know so it's part of its yeah I do agree I think part of its cultural education and what you've inherited from your parents what they teach you yeah I have to shake a lifetime of brainwashing you know that's essentially what it is you know well the perfect example is Israel Folau yeah like I that guy man I wasn't even the thing that really made me scratch my head was so he first of all he says something he must have known when he first sent the thing on social media about homosexuals he was gonna piss a whole bunch of people off yeah yeah but he still did it anyway am i okay fine maybe that's just bad judgment on his bus but on his part but then he did it again he did it a second time when he'd already been warned from the what does it the Australian rugby union I think it was yeah and and then he gets sacked then he goes to his church now he knows that the church posts videos of all the sermons online and he goes and does this sermon that just got him fired about homosexuality so I was just like ah but the thing that really got to me was when he started asking for money there was the thing that pissed me off because I might dude you own what like six million dollars worth of assets and you're asking people to give them money and people gave of money that's like that's the thing I don't get as well probably because they're saying Oh freedom of speech freedom of speech but I'm like you're representing a country you're representing an entire sport like you have to uphold its certain image religion is a very powerful tool to manipulate people like yeah that's why it's still here because people realize this and use it to a minute limpia like people it's like a psychological cup handle that you can grab people by yeah I will say this though I don't think every single religious person obviously has a bad heart or anything and there is some good I mean people go and help the poor and all that and we have religion so there is there is good aspects to it but yeah there is differently some parts where I have just you know I mean I just I mean I it's funny me saying this because I used to be so hardcore and yeah so to be on the other side of the fence but I can understand why people are religious whether it's whether they raise that way whether it gives them a sense of hope that's comforting as well yeah well I mean I enjoyed the community aspect of it when I was at church and catching up with people I mean aspect I do I do miss but it's quite sobering thinking that there's you know not being sure of what's next and afterlife but yeah leaving that you know the answer yeah quite comforting you know and Christians essentially believe that they know the answer well Hindus believe that they know the answer yeah Muslims think that they know the answer yet you know nobody knows the answer yeah I watched this movie the other night called Hotel Mumbai yeah it's about the terrorist attack in Mumbai back in 2008 I think it is or basically a whole bunch of terrorists seized a hotel there and killed a whole bunch of people it is brutal bro like it's absolutely brutal like my partner made me watch it because she obviously she lived in India when it happened she wasn't in that city but it was it was probably too it would be our Christchurch shooting yeah yeah yeah and I was watching it and it's so graphic asking so angry eh yeah because it's all in there all in the name of religion and because I'm not sure if you know this about India and Pakistan have been at war for ages decades Muslims versus the Hindus yeah it's just it's so sad so sad and you know and it was obviously the in Sri Lanka where they killed a whole bunch of Christians on Easter and that was in retaliation for this white supremacist killing all these Muslims it's just ah just it's just circle yeah any barians yeah it's never-ending it's sad yeah it's bit of a Down buzzer yeah well this is the reality of day and age it's probably pretty similar to the rest of history you know yeah well religion starting conflict that's what it does yeah well may I would imagine that a lot of religions I would like to get a theologian on here someone who studied multiple religions mm-hmm because I'd imagine there's a lot of a lot of the the teachings intertwine you know that all that all be similar across all the religions I know there's I know there are some similarities between Hinduism and Christianity but it's just presented in a different way yeah yeah I think back in the day probably people would have created as a means to control or to give people hope or something but is obviously his time has evolved and science has proved a lot of things this is the funny thing right every time science proved something in religion that's that goes against it they'll move the goalposts yeah and III I'm saying this because I used to do this I used to do it every time science at 9:00 and not evolution no it doesn't mean this it means that something dinosaurs existed when Adam and they were on Noah's Ark this is stuff I used to say this is why I'm like yeah so I can see it clearly yeah yeah they say if it's proved by science to be wrong they say it's an analogy of or something like that or you know like a metaphor that you know they don't actually mean yes it's not a literal it's metaphoric yeah literal interpretation pretty sure it's literal it's like what so the Noah's Ark was a metaphor because he can't you can't prove that penguins swim from Aunt Africa to to get on the gas I don't know that the whole set like the thing about Christianity is the basic fundamentals don't make sense so God created mankind in His image but they were imperfect so he drowned them all except for one family yeah and then he sacrificed himself to himself to save us from the sin that he gave us it's laughable right and the flood is it is it is now but back in the day it probably wasn't well I think back in the day like people wouldn't let her it they didn't have access to to the word to the scripture it was doled out to them by the priest you know that pretty much kept in the dark and you know it was a way of manipulating masses they could tell them whatever they wanted nearly and the people wouldn't know education was was not widespread yeah there's this conversation is probably gonna piss a lot of people but yeah I mean it's just a few so good at the end of the day people can believe whatever they want to believe as long as they're not harming anyone I guess but unfortunately it's easy to radicalize people yeah so yeah it's it's interesting it's not to say that non-religious people aren't bad I mean China is an atheist country and they do some pretty dodgy stuff so so I I don't think it's um but then I think maybe it is it is cultural and yeah and comes back to cultural and education and what you've inherited from your parents yeah yeah so are you have you got a new album coming out currently right so currently of I've been working on it for the last three months and I've written 12 songs and 12 songs yeah over how long three months oh yeah actually ten songs cuz two of them of from a long time ago so yeah ten songs and yeah but I've made the music I'm I'm looking for a band so if you're watching this and you are a bad ass drummer guitar player keyboard player and how big do you want to make the band why and at the moment I'm usually backing tracks so a drummer is probably what I need first yeah go from there but um I would actually like to have a band I'm calling I'm not going under the name jck for this one was the name gonna be black velvet butterfly so it's like where did you come up with a bit name I just reminded me of like like a the the album's got a lot of gothic aesthetics and that just reminded me of a little kind of gothic creature a black velvet butterfly that's kind of similar to Nine Inch Nails I guess with alliteration you know with Trent recently being like a one-man band kind of thing as I I'm kind of like that too yeah okay yeah I just like the name was searching for names I actually had a whole slew of names and they were all taken because it's so hard to find a band name that someone hasn't used when I came up with Kiwi tours for this podcast somebody had already taken talks with an S so I had to change it to a Z yeah yeah ah ah because that was the name I spent ages trying to come up with a name yeah yeah I was trying to think of all these different names and then my brother suggested the name and I was like that's a good idea yeah I'm gonna take that bro you like yeah all good but yeah so sometimes as creating a name is pretty difficult how many names did you go through Allah Allah probably 15 or so and Jake jck for instance there's so many other J CK's that's ridiculous yeah well you type j ck into youtube or google and it comes up with a whole lot of different stuff yeah that's mad this is so many yeah yeah you really gotta think outside the box it makes it difficult yeah so um so you painting so so you want to form a band and you want to do a lot of live gigs and yeah yeah but I don't have any of that yet so I'm working with what I do have yeah yeah you know not not gonna let not having a band stop me yeah it's gonna move forward and it must be some people or not one I mean is who I hope so and I hope they're getting close with me yeah well there's like one point what 7 million people that live there there's got to be some people that want to be in bed yeah holla man holiday jck if you're into gothic rock Type O Negative Marilyn Manson ghost that kind of I'll keep an ear out because obviously I've still got a lot of connections in Auckland so I'll definitely let you know um yeah I did am not sure if you know this but I did I assisted with some of the production on Christian dates metal band I on their album yeah which is an interesting experience because they were so good in terms of their technical ability hmm and but their time signatures were all over the place I didn't know if it was six eight or seven four or something what the hell man cuz you know how hip-hop is usually just fastest rate four four four so it's really really consistent and it's all about rhythm occasionally you get a 6/8 but yeah that's about it but that's about it but with the wood these guys it was all over the place so yeah but now it was a really cool experience but it was I was told it's like you're not allowed to use any brass instruments we only want strings and ambience but I still tried to push it I think the reason why they got me to do it was because they wanted me to go in they wanted to get someone that didn't have preconceived notions of what rock music accompanying rock music or middle I should say sounds like so I think that's why they got me because they thought I would approach it in a different way which I did I was editing I hated some interesting stuff some stuff even though they told me oh you can't include a brass I still tried to include it and they'd be like now I just tried let's see how far I could push it yeah but I used number of different things from bowels to pianos to harpsichords and even even some traditional g-funk since you know yeah which they use but they were obviously quite subtle yeah yeah and they actually let me fully composed the intro today um yeah the bank called lead us forth but yeah it was it was a cool experience very very different to hip-hop so that's why that's why I'm curious when you say are you approach it the same way in terms of rock and hip-hop there's a lot of a lot of your rock stuff for for ah no it changes a lot I in this album of then a lot of changing between time signatures and also tempos yeah because you can't do that in hip-hop so it's like well can't do that in hip-hop that I can do it in rock so I'm gonna well you can't you could try it but I don't think it works and someone suggested me when you do a hip-hop song where it constantly changes tempos I'm like it's kind of not hip-hop anymore yeah well that's the thing that makes a genre is the elements that are can I guess would be considered cliche but that's what may the genre is like yeah otherwise it's not that John it's not it's a different it's a different genre say you got you gotta use elements or I know things that are common in the genre otherwise that's not there John yeah yeah yeah pretty much yeah that's pretty much it yeah sweet man well is there anything else you want to add I might wrap up here no no shall we do a performance yeah we can do a performance the tracks from my you just want to let everyone know where your social media stuff and if they want to get ahold of you yeah yeah so if you want to contact me you can get hold of me on jck info at if you want to watch my music videos you can google jck official music video channel and it should come up with my 35 music videos I'm on everything actually to be honest Facebook SoundCloud every I'm on everything just misses you and you'll you can yeah I can provide Builder details in the podcast on YouTube and pod bean and Spotify so yeah if everyone needs to find them I'll I'll link them there but cool all right let's get into the performances I the urine awful your fan when you where your home you really and to grind boots up to my thighs put in my pale makeup and locking up my don't feel bad as officer is beautiful ever [Applause] later always your bra just day now you ah da ha the devil very intensive Grimes boots up to my thighs put me in my pale makeup and locking up my don't feel sad everybody's eyes the seat cool call for call now hot hot hot hot awake along so cute babe always time alone ah with my car one okay call Paul now stall stall now feed me me very very well and surprise moonsault too Watson they'll make up their blackened off her eyes don't do bad on your side every bar is beautiful all the seafood elbows look at you with y'all intense parts tail skin black bee farm look at you like a beauty queen damage sauce is your poison [Applause] we will fall lady swing slowly the dough one sees two your body – with those eyes that give not sighs yeah yeah Wow lot go into so bowels never Hey look at you yo block him look at you yo lips [Applause] make whew soon look at you the look at you wanna touch the hair [Applause] [Applause] No Oh No Oh go

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