Kim Petras Struts in Front of Westboro Baptist Church Picketers at Her Show | Billboard News

Posted By on December 6, 2019

♪ ‘Cause of you now my heart is so icy ♪ ♪ Icy ♪ – When people show up
to protest your show, you showed them you’re the bitch
with the sauce, apparently. At least that’s what Kim Petras did when the bigoted hate group,
the Westboro Baptist Church announced that they were
going to be protesting at her tour stop in Kansas City. ♪ Go survive here ♪ – [Man] Get out of the street.
♪ Whoa, Jesus ♪ – Iconic. Earlier before the show, the queen of bops shared
her official statement on the matter with a video
simply saying, “Hoes mad.” And telling her fans, “This
is the energy I’m bringing “and it should be yours too.” Then she showed up, gave us
this classic cake-filled pose, and captioned, “Update, hoes still mad.” Kim was praised by her pop peers for her expert level trolling abilities. Stars like Charli XCX and
Todrick Hall commented on the star’s perfect response. Katy Perry herself simply
called Petras an icon. Preach, Katy! Now for more on this
story, hit For Billboard News, I’m Tetris Kelly.

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