Keywords To Remember When You Write A Thriller

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so it thrills keywords in thriller is conspiracy think of how many times there are like secrets and lies in the thrillers that you've watched you know Basic Instinct someone said earlier you know there was conspiracy there there was a there was a movie called conspiracy theory there's being conspiracy this I mean this there's a whole kind of sub-genre of thriller that actually is about conspiracies you know and governments enemy of the state is a classic example great film and it's so dated now you know the Gene Hackman character you know he's like the Internet kind of a cyber terrorist type you know it'll it trying to live off the grid and stuff it's it doesn't really work in that regard but otherwise the rest of it it's pretty good it still stands up I mean nearly 20 years after its I always stood up stood the test of time a lot better than a lot of other technological movies or movies with a technological theme so it's pretty good and certainly it's an excellent example of a conspiracy movie that's very still very enjoyable mystery okay mystery the solving of a mystery and thriller is is something very often nots it's just it's just missing in the spec pile you know very often there's no if there's no sense of conspiracy there's no sense of mystery either we don't know what the problem is that needs to be solved and that can be a serious serious issue and because if you don't have a mystery or a conspiracy of some kind you know centered around some problem then then you don't have a thriller not really you know you couldn't you might have a horror but you probably have a drama most of the time you know I mean I read a lot of spec screenplays purporting to be thrillers and actually they're just dramas with lots of running about in that's C you know and that's not the same running about does not a thriller make it's just the way of it okay tension you know another non-negotiable in your in your movie you know there's there's got to be lots of tension in in your thriller you know we've got to have this sense that you know if something you know doesn't happen or the story is you know or the problem is not then there are real stakes here there are real ramifications you know it's a real big issue if this doesn't if this doesn't happen so you've got to rack up these tensions moments of tension these moments where we actually feel for our our heroes and same works in some way either from being discovered or from being chased or from being or from being shot and killed or even all three you know the the the early Bourne movies were great for tension you know he'd often be you know walking down a corridor you know putting you know this with this baseball cap walking straight past soldiers and and things like that you know there's those moments of tension they don't even have to be big I mean big is great in some thrillers but not always sometimes those little moments like in the Bourne when it's walking straight past the person things like that you know can really really work really really well and again that's frequently something that's missing from thrillers and the speck pile along with mystery or conspiracy adrenaline okay you can have adrenaline obviously you know when we think about the action-adventure superheroes all that kind of stuff you know those are all thrillers you know the whole point of these big big movies with Batman and and all those other geezers is you know they want to thrill us you know these guys they are you know huge you know Wonder Woman all those all those characters they are larger-than-life they are extraordinary they are thrilling so they are really really obvious thrillers but equally you can do small things with adrenaline as well you know you can really really make sequences you know and have set pieces in your small indie thriller you can do that I mean you don't want to do them expensively maybe if you want to get them picked up and made but a set everyone thinks that set piece is something that's like huge and epic like in Mad Max fury road against you know the polecats and all that kind of stuff for you know explosions and Batman jumps off a roof and all that kind of stuff and those are set pieces and that's great but you can actually scale down those set pieces for your small thriller but you've got a you've got to be able to find out what's possible for what money you know the average British filmmaker for example won't have the money to explode something they just won't okay so but I mean Locke for example was a great low-budget thriller that had that took advantage of set set pieces because all set pieces are are sequences of the story that could be taken in isolation you know it's no it's no accident that very often when we watch the marketing and the trailers and stuff the set pieces will be in there and and if you want to read more about set pieces if there's not an awful lot online about set pieces but I've I've written some articles obviously because banks are I'd has got your back so yeah if you want to read more about set pieces than do because it is you know it's just a question of learning from the biggest you know the Jurassic world's the Mad Max and stuff and scaling it down to your own stuff you know finding out where it is in the structure finding out hat what the what the audience's reaction is you know what are we supposed to feel from this set piece you know it's like amazing relief and Mad Max when he comes out when he's fighting with the polecats and his poll goes wolf like that and you go oh thank god he's safe and then it goes wolf back you know she's gone back in you know and you're supposed to go ah you know there's there's major adrenalin there you know you could make that smaller in some other way you know you know he's he's safe oh god he's not safe you can do that on a small level of course you can he's safe he's not safe that's all thought that's all Mad Max versus our polecats was that's all it was he's safe he's not safe how exciting tension awesome you

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