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Posted By on May 16, 2019

hey welcome to this quick face but Lobby if you're watching live for hashtag bar if you're watching on the replay hashtag believer and this is just gonna be a quick video because I know it's class as to question the group so I thought I'd just do a quick live video before we do bill maher but Friday which is gonna be at the slightly later time of 3 p.m. BST time which works at I think 10:10 a.m. est so we are in the mini chat dashboard and you can see on here on the left hand side we've got the bit that says automations and then says keywords so you can click automations keywords and then on here you can see all the keywords that are set up and then it's so for example if someone puts a thumbs up then it sends thumbs up keywords so it just sends a thumbs up back to him if they say thanks very much then you go thanks very much if they say hello hi then you can send a message hello hi or send hello please use the menu in the bottom to navigate and let us know if you have any questions so you can see there's all these potential ones it can have but the one we're going to talk about today is the start or subscribe or to stop unsubscribe so you notice on here and we've got a subscribe to bar and we've got an unsubscribe from bar so it's his messages stop or unsubscribe you'll see one that looks like that in your keywords and then on the right-hand side it's to send unsubscribe and box you're gonna click that one because it's already be predetermined in there anyway and it says you successfully and subscribed please click this button to type again or just type stop so you can look it click Edit flow and you see at this point it says unsubscribe and bar and then you can just click Subscribe if they want to subscribe again if you want to put this in the different language you know you can feel free to do that as well that's absolutely fine the one thing that seems to be out of the control unless I find a way around it is the first message to say are you sure you really want to unsubscribe and at the moment that's not showing up so if we find a way around that I will let you know as well but that is basically if you want to change them in the keywords so for example if someone writes a word what's your opening hours then it will message their Mike open hours were open Monday to Thursday Friday slightly Sunday because it obviously switched off at the moment but they click open hours and then it can take them to reservation contact us on location so it's great if you've got low location business if you've got a gym or something you know rental properties asking about rental apartments and can send around property flow so it will take them through a flow about renting a property this is loads of different things you can do with the keyword triggers if you've not already done something with them as well and so if you've got any questions about that as well just drop it in the comments I'm happy to answer it but hopefully that just guys about using the keyword so basically just to show you as well going to step us that we click and then it says messages keyword so you put whatever you want make sure you can put you can put it in lower case that's fine so if we put on this occasion we go you sure if you put show me some love gonna click create keyword I can go create new reply and then we can put in that the heart emoji oh we love you you be back to the keyword section and you can see at the bottom is showing me some love and now it will send that message so you can go out into whatever with that as well

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