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Posted By on May 16, 2019

hi everyone today I want to share about this very useful keywords tools for keywords everywhere qs2 so the benefit of this tool is when you install this Chrome extension it will show the search volume at your usual Google search if using ubersuggest it will show the Manta volume or search console it was so shoulder the keyword volume or the NCPC and NAEP and so on and so forth so the first thing of course you need to install this Chrome extension and then already added to my Chrome so I will link the that extension at the description below inside your email you receive this email so of course you can access this API key here after that you will get this API key and just copy everything here to here and then click validate the basic option here is like you can choose country across my countries Malaysia by city very limited so I will just global and then the currency you can choose whatever currency you want so you can see this extension can be enabled in so many websites like you can see where my strands I will show the example later on so if I use your Google Analytics when you search for when you click acquisition Google search query so nothing this is the normal clicks impression city at rest position so like the next one is the Google search console it will show nothing under the such traffic such and everything on the user user like keyword research everything is of its own normal as you can see and then same is the Google trend so just look at here this is the before and then the ovals are just so so so everything is here after you install this Chrome extension same location like acquisition like previously like so scone so curry you will notice this is the astrovan monthly volume CPC competition so it's super useful that you can like glance through everything was the mandy volume without going to google keyword research so the next Google search console you can see the Mandy volume CPC and the competition as well so this is very useful you want to very quick keyword research next is Google Trends so you can see here you will show how many social volume the CPC competition and then if you use the open sánchez it will show that everything on so that the manly volume and the CPC and the competition in summary these keywords everywhere a Chrome extension is on that will get you free search volume CPC competition data for almost all the keyword research so not of okay you also have like Firefox extension and then you really use Google and lt which is a highly such as install this extension into your daily use or even the most and more so feel free to like go to the website and then about FAQ everything thanks for watching remember to subscribe

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