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in this tutorial I'm going to show you the keyword to everywhere tool I call it keywords anywhere most of the time and I used it to find keywords for my blog posts and my YouTube videos I'm gonna show you how to use it it's really simple but really powerful it's free it's a Chrome extension I'm gonna show you how it all works starting right now if you can watch my videos for some time you've probably noticed on Google search pages and other websites that I have these keyword volume and CPC and competition numbers show up under the search bar on the right hand side at the very bottom of the page beside suggested terms or related terms and that is using the tool I'm going to show you right now which is keywords anywhere this is a Chrome extension that you can add to the Chrome browser just go to the chrome store search for keywords everywhere I said keywords anywhere a moment ago but it's keywords everywhere and then this will pop up got a click on the add to Chrome button which would be here for you I have rated because already have it installed or click on the tile so you can see more information about it and once you have it installed you do have to set up a free API key so if you go to the icon which is this K go to icon click on update settings and then click on get free API key and then fill in your email address check these two boxes click on email me my API key you'll receive an email that looks a lot like this your keywords everywhere API key click on this first link and then your a pet keys right here copy that go back into the options page paste it in here click on validate and now we have a new API key and the reason they have API keys is because there are some individuals in the past who would abuse the system and just send automated requests to it and does bombard their servers and they basically ruined it for everybody so now we have to have API keys so if they find that somebody is sending automated requests they can just shut down the one API key and problem solved if you found this video useful so far please consider subscribing and ring the bell so you don't miss any future videos if you have any questions leave them in the comments down below or get on the private Facebook group where we talk WordPress all day long there's a link for that in the description down below so now that we have this installed so important stuff to notice I'm gonna close some tabs here first too many tabs so we have the Pocky stick search we had up here and the search volume data that's great in Google search it's very very helpful you can also find that data on YouTube and all of these places that I can't currently hide with my cursor Google search has them cool search widgets google analytics cool search console Google Trends Google Keyword planner YouTube Bing search Amazon eBay answer the public solve or su or su ville I don't have those pronounced keyword shifter no keyword that's a pleasant name majestic Moz Etsy all these places will have the keyword volume cost per click and competition highlighted when you search for keywords and any suggested keywords that appear on the page you can turn various things off so you know if you want to show only the volume just uncheck these and get just the volume I always have all the rests checked because it doesn't take any more effort and the CPC I find very important because if a keyword has search volume but nobody's bidding on it it's either a keyword that has commercial value but nobody's ever noticed or it's a cure that has no commercial value otherwise people will be bidding on it using the cost per click this is Google Adwords so when you see our Google ads sorry when you see an ad popping up on the side of the search which we don't on this page anywhere it's try different search here we have some ads showing up this little ad icon denotes the ad and those are people who are paying to show up on this page for the search term because there is commercial value otherwise that would be paying for the ads so that's why I keep that on so people are paying for the ads you can assume that there's some commercial value to that search term and likely you're doing keyword research to create a blog post or some kind of other content with the intent of making some kind of return on it so if you're only using keywords I have no commercial value you're not going to get a lot of return on it so that's why I keep my CPC on some other pretty cool things when you search in here and you have the autocomplete which is these keywords here the keyword search volume will be popped in there pretty straightforward and something I usually do with my current level of website is I want to highlight my volume when there's more than a thousand search volume for the month I don't highlight the other ones that I'm worried about those but if we highlight that and then we come out here refresh this page we now have highlighted in green all the terms that are more than thousand searches per month and when I first started out when I first start my website I was in targeting search terms over a thousand a month because my site didn't have the authority to rank for them but now it does so now I search for higher volume keywords maybe one day you can go for the super competitive sixty thousand searches a month but not right now because I want every page to rank like you can you can throw Hail Marys and sometimes you'll create a post that ranks on the first page for a super super competitive super high traffic search term but it doesn't really happen a lot so I want to try to rank every page for the keywords I want to rank them for and so I make sure that my search volume and my competition is at a certain level so that I can actually rank for those another cool feature if you're doing keyword research and you're running through all kinds of keywords it's hard to keep track of them in your head so we had to write them down or you paste them into a notepad or something or with keywords everywhere you can check the stars not check them click on the stars click on any random stars we feel like and then even if we go into a search result and then press back we have a related searches box show up and that one does not have keywords anywhere in it but we could just copy this refurbished hockey sticks if I can copy it I cannot so I'm going to type in refurbished hockey sticks see if that's anything worthwhile 200 searches a month it's better than nothing when you're starting out when you're first starting oh that's a good search term to target that lower volume lower competition more likely you're going to rank for it with a new website but once we have all these keywords checked all the ones we want to check go back to keywords anywhere click on my favorite keywords and we have a list of all the keywords that we just checked so then we can further analyze them and pick ones we want even export them to Excel or CSV so we can data crunch them a little bit another option you have is this add all keywords button on the very bottom right corner if we click on that every keyword will have a star if we come in here refresh our favorites we now have every keyword from that page and you could do this you could go and and just go through the entire gamut of hockey-stick related search terms add them all at the Curie's anywhere export them all to excel make some pivot tables do some fancy stuff in Excel and find the keywords that you like the target for your next blog post and that way you'll have a very complete set of data to work with and more likely to find some great keywords you can rank for and speaking of competition a quick tip if we search for hockey sticks and then we press ctrl or command F and search for hockey sticks our exact search term we can see we can just eyeball how competitive a search term is we have this number as well competition of 1 which is the maximum but if we want to just confirm how competitive is we can do that we can search for hockey sticks and we can see hockey sticks the exact search term appearing in every single on the titles on the home page every single one of the meta descriptions nobody has it in URL this guy's in the URL so I highlighted that's checked URLs so it's in every title every description and half the URLs have hockey sticks that means all of these sites are actively optimizing for this search term and if we search for let's look for hockey sticks on sale I'm gonna copy that search term paste it in here now we have zero zero of the search results have hockey sticks on sale in the title or the description which means nobody's optimizing actively for this term these sites below the ads are ranking because they're likely at authority sites in the in the market and nobody else is actively trying to optimize for it and this these are pages where you're gonna see not always but sometimes you're gonna see sites like Cora Yahoo Answers various forms from around the internet that don't have any real ranking power for individual pages they just rank based on how authoritative that site is and if they even mention hockey sticks aren't so anyway anywhere on the site they rank it in the first page because they need something there so this is the search term it's not highly optimized for this keyword if I was in this market I might make a blog post on this or do some more research and find some other related keywords but this could might be a good search term the target compared to the last one we saw which was hockey sticks where everybody has hockey sticks in the title in the description and half them have it in the URL they're actively doing SEO but I digress this tutorials about keywords everywhere I use it every single day pretty much because it always pops up so I even think I don't have to think about doing keyword research I'll just be going about my daily life online and I'll see you searching that goal that's uh interesting keyword ever thought of that and then I just save it somewhere use you in a G sheet but that's how I use it and I use it every single day if you use keywords everywhere in a different way or unique way that I didn't cover here let us know in the comments down below or if you have any must-have SEO tools or things like that let us know we'd all love to know what they are even if you just want to say hi leave a comment down below so that's how it works I hope this video helps you if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below or in the private Facebook group there's a link to it in the description down below and make sure you click the subscribe button and ring the bell so you don't miss any future videos and next up is clicking on these videos that popped up on your screen so you can get even better at WordPress and until next time keep crushing it and I will see you in the next video

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  2. Following up my earlier comment, is it a case Bjorn that WP doesn't have a place to enter keywords for a page by default? And that presumably a plugin is required? Assuming both to be true, which plugin would you suggest or if there are a few, which do you think is easiest to use? Gracious thanks once again for all you are doing for the WP community.

  3. I have been planning to use keywords for some time but have been more obsessed with getting web pages looking pretty. This is timely for me at the stage I am at now with some sites, so thanks a lot Bjorn.

  4. Look at you, with the laid-back background in the beginning! I like it 😛

    I've tried Keywords Everywhere, but found it just wasn't useful if I was searching keywords in my local language (danish). It was great for English language searches, but not at all accurate or helpful in Danish. Maybe they have fixed it since the last time I tried…might gve it another chance.

    Thanks for the walk through of it.

  5. Hellooooo. One question, I want to add more than one keyword in my wordpress site which plugin I should use?

  6. You could not have better timing for me! Have been reading "so you think you can write" and just finished the chapter on doing keyword searches. This is perfect. Thank you.

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