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okay as promised a little good fruit or to go over the key word translation factory tool so you go to the keyword translation factory that can sign up for an account and when you sign in you will have a dashboard which looks like this so the first thing I will do is go into LS I will run keywords and my keywords that I'm trying to search for is dental implants and I can choose to look just for age 64 or 512 512 will return the largest amount of potential keyword so for this demonstration I get 64 you see down here I have 64 so I copy that text into my clip up I close it and then I'll go down to this tool down here where I can scrub keywords so what I'll do I would paste the keywords in here and you can see there'll be some words that I want to take out like maybe Canada 2017 Mexico maybe South Africa what else Australia in Melbourne so what I'll do I would go here make sure that this one is checked I'll paste in the words that I need and see I have most of them here put in South Africa yeah and then I'll scrub so you can see it this is down here I put in 65 and when I have done this it will produce 37 I can see yeah check this remove words which in while she takes us on just eliminated lats and scrub it again and I'm down to 37 keywords so what I'll do I would copy that's text I'd go to a little too so I'd go to the dashboard again and then the dashboard particular combine keywords but that that lets me manipulate the keywords I've just been getting here so the way it function is that you have four columns you can decide whether it should combine the columns that we have here and in what order so you could actually turn around so this will come last if you like but generally what you will do is you will combine whatever in is in these columns so for the sake of having my list I create a combination first as a plain and then I will say ok I'm once to give it a nother round where put bist in front of it so you can see I have certain seven lines here so I create a new combination and they will give me 34 where I have best in front of the keyword this tooth implants near me best dental implants around me so you can swap of course these words around and put in front of whatever you like you could have colon and then phone number or you could add a location and then swap around for this so this will be 3 and this will be 4 instead of so that's basically how the key words combination tool works and it's quite good and let you create a kind an amount of key words in a world where with a short time I will copy the combine keywords list and show you another tool so I'll go back here to the dashboard and I would use this to use this tool called spintax banner where I could create spintax for the keywords so I paste it in here one by each line and it seems that it didn't remove the Philippines so I spelled it wrong maybe so you have two boxes and if you click the one make spin text you can see here it creates a spin text and you could have combined it down here with with another text so you can create whatever you like in terms of spinning an article or whatever you like but here I viewed these as titles so I'll copy that too much lip board and or download it as a text so that I would be able to use that when I'm working on other aspect of my my rankings so again the clients nice tool in the key word translation Factory you also have an old tool down here with call UL through HTML links so if I went back to my compliant keywords copy the combined text here and go down URL trace table but this tool does is that it names you to create contextual links so you can see here I put in a few to you else and I will put in or the well the key words that I want the only problem here is that you have to have the amount of URLs to match the amount of keywords so here it will only create I think eight because I've only put in eight you else up here but basically what you're doing is that you create this convert you alter its mail links and you can see down here it has created in this instance and on over God's list with the links and the context of text or anchor text so that was because this one was checked up here and put all links into a portal list if you choose no special form 10 will only create ordinary links for you so doing that you can see it's just creating a hyperlinks here and you can then copy that and paste that into any documents that you want to to use it so again cried effect you too so this is just a few examples of what the key word translation factory does for you and the only disadvantage is here is that you won't get any search volume on your LSI where round keywords that you extract from the tool so you don't know really where the money is in in that respect so we'll keep take a look at other tools that will do that so next up will be Nigel Patel's ubersuggest so we'll go to that in a second so here I've come to publish against the Patels he wore – it has a lot of different features I can look for a domain or keywords and it can go in and look at competitions so again if I'm looking for the insult implants oh yeah you can choose the search engine worthy wants any of the other Google engines around the world and you just hit search and it will work a little bit and it will produce a result for us so we just give it a little bit of time and it came out and said that the search volume for dental implants is ninety thousand five hundred it also give an indication of the numbers of searches during the last month which is high-volume the SEO difficulty how hard it would be to rank for that term and the paid difficulty if you're using Adwords and the cost per click the CPC for that term so if I scroll down you will have an opportunity to click for view or keywords ideas so if it has any it will come up with them but it seems that we don't get more ideas here it will give you an overview of the competitiveness and it says there's a sort of one percent chance that I can drag that term in the top 20 and it lists those top 20 websites over here so if we're looking at this one where dental implants count is getting 40 cells in sakuni's 61 this is per month we can copy that out and look at that's ul a little bit later in what we call the SERP analysis so let me just go back here so we go over here and take a look the main score the domains go of this one is only certain one so it seems to be not as authority like you can see the Kapadia pate is down here as the domain score of 94 it has 40,000 visits after all so let's try to look and it take a little bit deeper into to that one eye benefit here is that you can export this to a see it CSV file so if I go back to my overview up here well since she'll be the one so I go back up here and go to yes you well Elijah that's the tool I want you look at and I'll paste in the UL a copy before and analyze that website what I kind of do I can actually add three more websites and compare those websites to each other but here gives an idea of how many there are some warnings they are on a page level that's your score and it gives you an idea of the load time for the page you can go into vertical competitor analysis and then here you will be able to see whatever you have added of those three sized sites that you can able to put on and then you will see a comparison table where some of the keys factors would go into those in a second and you can download that as a PDF report so if you look at the keywords it doesn't give me anything here but I hope for that it actually would give us some indication of keywords that's it's week on this website so that we can see where the site isn't ranking for which keywords but here you can see that the key word frequency it is in the title here is the weak spot for this website so that's nothing of dental in Tennessee and they meet attack description and O in the H tax each one leads to a stray but that gets you some of the years of how you can maybe go and rank your website against this dental implants or how or where you become better we have in a later show people coming on where we will look at page optimizer pro and we were having Kyle from page optimizer pro telling about his tool and we'll also later have a session with quorum reports and correlations between your website and your competitors that's also coming up a little bit later so so you should be looking forward to see demonstration from Carl and from tests that'll be cool cool shows that's coming up to you in addition we have another round coming up next Tuesday we will have met the crews from Network Empire coming on you will be speaking about the keyboard qualification metrics where you will follow the flow of money through your market and how to silo structure your your website in terms of the keywords and the money flow in in the markets very very really cool should be watching that as well the next tool we'll be looking at is the power suggest Pro – its standalone application which runs on your desktop and it's a very very powerful tool as well as it does recursive curious so if you take a look at you enter your search term up here in the upper left corner if you click this one you can get ideas to search for where all its informational solution seeking or high by intent and you can use those phrases paste them into your search term or you can just title in without you and then if you put in an Asterix you can actually use what are called joker signs so that it will take whatever coming after how-to and then you can put in your keyword here and there were search for that you can choose the different types of search engine it should query and over here you will have the Google and YouTube targeting country so you can swap this United States out for UK or whatever you want and let's try to do our little search from before then some implants I will go in here and say no to recursive I won't put any suffix in front of it and now just say ok I'm searching for that and you'll see it will run fast and it will give you 25 keywords so these 25 keywords you can scrub those as well so you can delete keyword containing so if I didn't want Denmark Mexico 2018 etc I'll just hit OK and it will scrub and reduce the amount of keywords in here it's a little bit bit more tricky because you have to scroll up and down here so maybe you could copy those keywords or into your free keyword translation scrubber tool and that would be easier so you saw that it produced 25 keywords if you go up here and choose recursing it will give you much more because they will take each individual keyword it finds down here and do that so it's again so it will go into or take whatever you see down at the lower part of the Google search page people also search for and if I hit search here and see it's raining and this time it produced 353 keywords you can export that to texts you can save it all to a list so the save to a lists will save it in the software so you can use it once again later you can of course just copy all if you like that and put it into a text document so you have a lot of possibilities here the numbers that you see here is the numbers of times that the search has been used and again if you want volume on it you will have to go to a tool like uber suggest to look at volume or the keyword planner tool to to take a look at that and as I said next week we have an awful show coming up to you for how to do keyword research with that special good tool called DMT you should look forward to that but a nice little tool if you choose share suffix a to set and run it again then you can see it will start running dental implants a and if we find ten results on each of them and they will act to produce quite a lot of keywords which again you will have to clean later but it give you more long tails I will stop it here you can see it will clearly two thousand three hundred ninety four times so quite a quite a lot of clearest I will stop it here but basically that's power suggest Pro really really cool a nice keyword tool you will find links in the description below the video here and remember to subscribe to the channel and hit like if you of course like the content that you saw here ok the next tool we are gonna look at is the power suggest Pro power suggest Pro is a standalone product and it's very very efficient to find keywords it's actually a super cool tool so if you look a little bit at the interface you will see that you have new Search tab up here you have say keyword lists for safe keywords supports and updates you will enter your search term here and you can choose where they want to add to an already existing run that you have made and if you need ideas for your keyword search you can click here and you can see some phrases for informational searches for solution seeking searches and high by intent searches so it's quite good to get ideas from and let's take a look at what we have been searching for dental implants dental implants and I will say no here and no – in the suffix no hit certs and it will produce me 25 keywords here is the number of occurrence in the eats how many times the search term occur in the difference search in teens in the search engines you can tick off up here which one you want to use this one i'm using google youtube and Bing and if this were more product keyword related i'll presumably turn on Amazon and eBay as well or just these two the search results will come here you can check mark on like this you can uncheck you can delete the checked you can exports into a CSV file or as a texts you can copy all to the clipboard you can copy over to a Google Keyword planner if you like that so it's quite convenient to export data out of the program you can scrub so you can go in and say yet you want to delete anything which says 2018 in it for saga I can see it's down here and then you just hit OK and the remove that keyword was solely born in this instance here we just searched one one route as you can say but if we take each of these answers these terms again you have what we call a recursive search so I say okay I want to search each results once again and now when you still add them to my current with search terms a result I click search here and you will see that will find much more keywords it's working and it ain't over with 352 potential keywords if you choose this one I'd say he wants 8 to 6 then it will take each query dental implants and then start with ale the word worst at starting a and then go through all those 26 and do that for the next search and the next certs and Nexis an excerpt and you'll end up with the thousands of keywords longtail keywords so crimes quite efficient and quite good too and as I said it's a standalone tool so you will have to download it on your computer but it's a very very very cool tool I use it a lot I will put a link to the product page for the software in the comments below and remember to like our channel subscribe to it and next week we will have the map D'Cruz from Network empire in the Peruvian awesome show see you then

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