Keyword Tool: Best Google Keyword Planner Alternative – Find Thousands of Keywords for SEO & PPC

Posted By on May 3, 2019

there are 3.5 billion searches made on Google every single day every search is done using a keyword do you do business online then you'd probably want to know what keywords can bring the relevant audience to your website but Google doesn't make it easy for you to find the best keyword it hides many search terms from analytic tools it protects search volume data and yes it hides billions of valuable keywords from people that use Google Keyword planner why because Google wants you to pay money for ads to charge you more it needs more and more advertisers competing for a small number of keywords fierce competition makes the cost per click go up together with Google's profits but there is an easy way to find many popular keywords that your competitors might not even know about you might have heard about it it's Google autocomplete Google uses a sophisticated algorithm that suggests the most relevant and popular keywords when you start typing a query into the search box and keyword tool helps you to get these great keyword suggestions from Google autocomplete fast and easy when you search on Google most likely you will see the maximum of five autocomplete suggestions but guess what keyword tool can get a p20 keyword suggestion for exactly the same search term yet we go even further we will take your seed keyword put it in the Google search box add different letters and numbers and get hundreds of useful keywords for you in a matter of second give it a try right now

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