Keyword Research Hack in Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer: Go Beyond Search Volume

Posted By on May 10, 2019

hey guys and girls just wanted to share a very quick tip that I think a lot of people are overlooking so what is it's all about let me use our own website as an example so what we love to do is instead of looking at the keywords that a website is ranking for we like to focus on the top pages why because a single page of a website for example this one about keyword research it can rank for many different keywords which aggregates traffic and so this is what you don't see the aggregated traffic from like a total topic when you look at the keywords but you can see the total traffic potential of a page that is dedicated to specific topic for example here's one about SEO audit and because it ranks for many different synonyms and different variants and different queries related to SEO audit it brings in a lot of traffic so yeah instead of just looking at the separate organic keywords it makes sense to see them aggregate by pages and replicate pages of your competition instead of replicating just the keywords but this is not the tip that I wanted to show you because I think most of you guys in your world know about the top pages report and why it's valuable I want to share with you the the same pretty much the same type in keywords Explorer so I entered two keywords SEO reports and tools for SEO reports and both of them have a very low search volume so I wouldn't really go for them if I were just looking at the search volume but what I like to do is open the search results deserve and here I see all the metrics of the top ranking pages and there's a column for traffic so what I like to do instead of just looking at the keyword and its search volume I like to examine the pages the drank in the top 10 search results for that keyword and see how many traffic they get in total so for example this article from HubSpot com immediately catches my attention 10 SEO tools to analyze your website like Google does because it brings in almost three thousand visitors per month and the drinks for over 600 keywords let me open and see what are these keywords so yeah pre SL narcissist analysis and blah blah blah so yeah I think this is a pretty powerful tip and they think this should be the last step of your keyword research so when you have a shortly it's a short list of keywords that seem interesting to you and super relevant to what you do and you want to target them the last step in identifying which ones you should target first is checking these search results and seeing the kind of total traffic potential of topic based on the pages the train there and instead of just trying to tailor your page to the specific keyword now you might want to research the page the trains for it and the tailor it for a slightly different topic in this case we suggest free SEO analysis it seems the top keyword that this page is ranking for and so by targeting free SEO analysis if it you will also rank for tools for SEO reports and all that stuff so yeah don't just look at the search volume of a keyword see who ranks there what kind of traffic they get and how many keywords they rank for focus on the pages of our keywords and replicate the pages that bring in a lot of traffic so that's it I hope you enjoyed this tip

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  1. Ahrefs' "content gap" feature is now available. As long as you know which competitor you're targeting, does Content Gap accomplish the same thing as this?

  2. Great insights, Tim. Off-topic question: which screen recorder do you use? I'd like to create few videos (talking about Ahrefs and few others).


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