Keyword Research For SEO - How To Find Low Competition High Volume Keyword Phrases

hey miles here miles Becca calm this video is going to show you how to do keyword research for SEO fast specifically how does zero in on keyword phrases that have low difficulty score so even if you're brand new and you don't have much authority you'll be able to start getting traffic fast because you could hit the first page of Google for these phrases fast now we're gonna jump on the computer in a second we're gonna go into the keyword tool and I'm going to show you exactly how to do this from three specific business scenarios but first I want to know have you habituated the process of doing keyword research before every single post or every video or everything you create have you habituated that habituated that process yet give me a yes in the comments if you have give me a know in the comments if you have not you might as well subscribe if you haven't on your way down there to leave that comment now the three businesses that we're gonna look at are number one it's going to be for an e-commerce business is the basic idea will do a little searching around that number two is for a virtual coaching so if you do some sort of coaching or consulting that will make perfect sense there and number three is for people who are doing membership programs or selling informational based products I wanted to give you three separate examples from three separate business models to make sure this is kind of like the last keyword research video you ever need before you're armed with what you need to go forth and dominate let's jump on the computer so first up I'm gonna go ahead and move myself there first up is an e-commerce store right and I'm making this up obviously but but we're trying to be focused so we can talk through this logically with a really actual working example here so a beauty ecommerce store something in the beauty space skin care hair care wrinkle cream are the three areas I'm going for this individual would be looking for topics to write blog posts on and also how to optimize their actual ecommerce product listing pages for specific keyword phrases to potentially rank them so here I am this is the keyword tool that I use it's at miles Beckler com /kw finder there will be a link that pops up above my head pretty much right on top of me right now about my head that you can click on it'll open it you do get a few free searches I've been a paid member of this for over two years I am an affiliate but really this is the only tool that I use and I'll be honest in the 15 years I've been making money online the one tool I always have a paid access to is a keyword research tool it's just that important so the first thing that we're gonna do we're into it now we're gonna go look at skincare and obviously there's a lot of you know competition in this space you have companies like Proactiv that I think it's a billion dollar company in this space so this is what I want to show you is how to look within what may feel like an oversaturated niche that has way too much competition and how to actually find those gems that have really good numbers so now it loads and you can see right off the top am i I mean I'm spot on with this one skincare a hundred and sixty-three thousand searches a dollar thirty six per click and the keyword difficulty is almost 60 which is ridiculous especially if you're just getting started skincare products so what do you do in this situation well the first thing I do is I sort by the keyword difficulty score and you gotta click it twice and what happens is we're now sorting by the lowest competition phrases first now I want you to see something about this tool you notice how this 18 green bubble and this is the column I'm looking at is the one that has the colors in it how it's kind of a lighter shade of green that means they haven't updated that keyword difficulty score in a long time so it might not be relevant all you need to do is you click on the actual number and it reruns that search and what its gonna do is it's gonna pull up here in the right after it reruns the search and finds out what that new current keyword difficulty score is these other ones were searched relatively recently so they showed us an index now do you see it went to 26 and it kind of disappeared from me here but if I scroll down since I have them ranked in order right here it is under 26 now this is this is the money right here so anti-aging treatments to show up with 1500 search volume and a 19 keyword difficulty score man that's incredible like literally those numbers are absolutely incredible you could potentially be getting something like six or seven hundred new clicks to your site a month and a keyword difficulty under 20 is really extremely easy so I'm gonna click on this one because I want to see what shows up down here in the bottom right area which is gonna show me what the Google results are displaying I want to see if there's YouTube videos showing in the results at this point so I'm just looking there's a couple of them that are pretty weak there's a couple of them that are relatively high but all in all this looks like a good opportunity what we're looking at here on this lower right corner is the actual results in Google now you can see there's some very strong websites on there but then there's some of these websites on there that have very low numbers they have a low number of backlinks what that means is this page has great content or the odds are that this page has great content because Google's trying to learn how to rank content regardless of the number of backlinks so when you see these what I would call almost anomalies of extremely low landing page scores on top of Google it generally means they have great content so go read their content you can just click the link right here it'll actually open it inside of a new tab go see the kind of content that Google thinks is great enough to rank over some of these sites that have you know like many links and a lot more Authority so that was the first one we just kind of ran through this I'm gonna leave this here I would I would personally go through them all and one other note on this tool as you see the ones that you like you're like okay Skin Therapy that's my people best organic skin care I can definitely do a post on that anti-aging facial perfect so you click these you use this add to list function at the bottom when you click Add to list you get to name the list and the other option is to export it and you can definitely export these but if you're gonna go search three four or five different phrases over time and you export each one you have to juggle a bunch of different like Excel files like CSVs or XLS files and that's just no fun having to work within those that's what the list functionality is for you choose all the ones that you like you add them to a list you go to your next search you choose all the ones you like you add them to the list then you can export the whole list at once so I'm gonna search up to show you what I would do second on this so let's say I added those to my list which I'm Knox I'm not in the niche hair care is the next one I'm gonna search and I'm just gonna run the same process and I'm gonna show you another little trick in this one I'm trying to go incremental e we're gonna give you a little bit more information about how this works with each one but the big goal here is to help you see that with this simple tool and a little patience right it's crunching a lot of data for us right now that you can go into these really challenging right a 48 is a very difficult keyword score for a site that has good authority let alone a site that that's brand new it's it's flat-out impossible but you sort by keyword difficulty and now you start to find the ones that you might be able to rank for but this is the second kind of little learning moment for you in this tool you notice how these ones don't have any data showing up at all that means no one's searching it so or no one has searched it in since they've refreshed their cache what a cache is is this tool is kind of remembering every time I search and every time I pull up a new keyword difficulty score it just remembers it for a certain amount of time after that amount of time and it goes back at least two or three months after that time it stops it from the index or if no one's ever searched it on this tool before it doesn't yet have it so what you would do is you would just click on the little magnifying glass but you want to use it sparingly because you only get a certain number of credits each day on this tool so how I go through this is I'm scrolling down looking for the ones that have a high search volume that are really really specific to my people so hair dye products might be that super specific thing I'm gonna kick click on the magnifying glass to search it and it's gonna show me what the keyword difficulty is up here on the right but again it's gonna move it from the list because it's gonna go put it in order based on that so this one was a 48 difficulty I'm not interested in that I'm gonna keep moving down looking for the different items I don't know what goldwell hair products are so I'll search that one real quick and I'm gonna keep searching down till we get to the green ones at this point but if this is your real research session you're gonna go through each one of these are these my people's questions are my people asking these questions are my best customers interested in this specific question and then you're looking for one so that one was 25 which was easy so if that brand is a brand you stock and carry bingo you now know you probably get your category page ranking you could probably go create a blog post with the ten best whatever that brand was gold well hair products and that blog post might be able to rank and it would link back to each one of your product listings on your ecommerce store so that's how you can leverage it I'm seeing down here all natural hair care products and you might think well forty one searches per month but if you can hit the first page of Google for that with one blog post you can crank out in an afternoon or if you could reformat your category page to get to category page with all of your natural haircare product listings showing up correctly it's worth your effort because that becomes an asset for you for years and years and years it might generate a few dozen clicks per month but you might be able to convert one to three percent of those clicks to actual customers and that's how each blog post can be an asset when you focus on it correctly so now we're at the point where we get to the ones that are already searched for us and you can see right here like hair care for long hair what a great blog post if you have actual hair care supplies we would search what that is and I'll take a look at what that one is keratin hair treatment hair growth shampoo all of these different things if you stock these products these are low this one gets 33,000 searches per month and it has extremely low key word difficulty score that one turned up as 30 for the hair care for long hair so I would focus on the ones that are twenty twenty one twenty five and have really high search volume versus the ones that are like twenty seven and have ninety search volume does this make sense to you I'm gonna move on to the kind of business model number two which is it could it could potentially be looked at as a local business but I think the best example is for a virtual coaching so let's say you do virtual fitness coaching or virtual weight loss coaching right so your perfect client is someone who wants to work out more but they wanna have some flexibility and freedom they want to meet you wanna zoom or a Skype and they want to do their one-on-one session with you out of their home so that's what you know about your people because that's how your business model works or you're a weight loss consultant and you know you're looking for people who are kind of starting down the workout world so you can help them with their workouts but you also offer the diet side of things so it's one-on-one coaching is what I'm getting at and it's done virtually remotely from anywhere in the world so then you think what would my best people be searching for I came up with three ideas we might only go through two of them because I think I just want to keep this efficient people searching for home gym equipment are probably ready to workout and lose weight these could be great individuals for you to meet with bodyweight exercises or even the idea of kettlebells right like somebody who wants to buy some kettlebells and they're researching kettlebells they might be a perfect opportunity so let's jump in and I think the home gym space is incredibly challenging right like everybody knows that home gyms are expensive that they're run there's a few corporations that have some mega mega influence in the space like the Bowflex corporation so for a individual to be able to niche out a spa on the first page of Google for someone searching a relevant phrase to home gyms because they know that's what their people are searching we got to get creative and how do we do that well first we run our search that we know our people are searching for then we sort by keyword difficulties so the lowest ones are first the first thing I'm seeing here is home gym online I find that to be super interesting I'm gonna click on the question on the little magnifying glass to get my keyword difficulty score so now I'm gonna scroll down to the numbers to where we can see the actual numbers showing up that's a lot of phrases up there perfect so 39 so it's not a great one based on that because we have right here compact home gym has almost 1,100 searches per month which means that you could get somewhere around 600 or so searches per month if you dominate the number one spot and the difficulty score on this is literally 16 people are paying almost $2 a click for this and you could literally go rank it with a great blog post but I think you would want to look at some of these other ones as well and you got to go through them one by one to really like an all-in-one exercise machine for home you got to go through these one by one on the ones that are hyper relevant to your people and also have good search volume if you're new and you have a brand new site I would try to keep your numbers under 25 or 30 if you're if you know what your domain Authority is and your page Authority you can go to Moz and find that out open site Explorer org if you have a domain Authority in the 20s you can start to look up to the 30s in the ranking but if you're new you're just getting your kind of your SEO bearings right you've gone through my learn SEO free SEO class link will pop up above you know how to lay it out now you just shoot for those keywords and you want to get some some victories on your belt stick with the green ones 20 21 22 anything in the teens are super easy so next I want to go look at bodyweight exercises because somebody's searching for bodyweight exercises means that they don't want to go buy gym equiptment they want to do push-ups and sit-ups and jumps and other types of exercises that don't require equipment this is another thing that a kind of a fitness instructor would be all about in this situation and we have it loading again 33,000 people search it and it's very difficult so we're looking for the easy ones you would go through all of those different ones showing up but even on this one I just want to show you that every phrase we go through here not only is gonna have a lot of opportunity that no one's even dug into hence them not having that magnifying glass showing the actual numbers but they all have green ones as well you can see bodyweight training what is this one protocol 20 search volume best bodyweight exercises for weight loss oh my gosh that is someone who's searching that is exactly the right person and if you think well it's only 382 people per month but they're the perfect people for that business model and that's why it matters and that's why it's worth putting out content for that phrase I'm often optimizing my blog posts and videos for phrases that get 80 100 200 300 there's no competition I know I'm gonna hit the first spot in Google I know I'm gonna hit the first spot in YouTube I'm gonna get traffic for life from that one keyword phrase it's worth it for an afternoon for me to go gobble up that market chair the last one we're gonna go into is someone who has a membership program or a course and a membership program and a course really allows you to even more content marketing I think you could usually go wider with your net so let's say it's a Productivity course is what they're teaching so they teach you how to be more productive the three ideas that I have is time management product management and obviously productivity itself so someone who's searching for like how to be more productive is what I'm going to search right now now let's just search productivity and the reason I change that if I search how to be more productive it might limit my results and it might narrow me too much because I've put too many words in right so I want to use a generic phrase a shorter phrase at first and then let the tool tell me what those longer tail keyword phrases are and right here we can see this is this is a hard keyword phrase to rank for 90,000 searches so let's just double click on our keyword difficulty let's scroll down until we get to the numbers and you can see right here there's a plethora of them personal productivity software so you could write a best personal productivity software for 2019 not only could that potentially bring someone into your world as a membership member but you could also have affiliate links inside of that post and earn additional income on the side their productivity report productivity consultant my goodness they're literally looking for you and it's a 24 keyword difficulty office productivity tools it just proves that it's right there I'm gonna do one more for project management which I think it's gonna be really saturated because somebody who's trying to get better at product management they're all about productivity right that might be a beating point maybe it's not I'm just kind of going off the cuff here obviously if that was your business model you would know a lot more about it and I think we will do one more after this just just to really round this out I spend I don't spend all that much time in this tool each and every day but I spend I come back to this tool more often than any other tool that I use it's like this wordpress in youtube are where i really live right i mean my wordpress dashboard i'm in my youtube and i've got this open in another tab and i'm popping in and out of this so product project management 302 thousand searches so that just proves that there is a ton of interest in this area and you could see instantly project resource management free project management templates development project manager and this one has a lot of low keyword difficulty and again these lightly greyed out ones means you need to click on it and it's gonna change and when it changes it reorganizes where it's at based on the new number so you can see the new number when it shows up here kind of highlights it light blue and once it runs that number so you might have seven free project management templates and your meeting your people who want to get better at project management through the templates so it turns out this one has gotten more difficult some will get less difficult when you search that I have definitely seen it but you really want to go through these ones that haven't been ranked yet and look for these ones like business project manager a thousand searches almost a five-dollar click what's the difficulty on that but that's it I'm gonna call it on this video but really quick I think if you get it and you understand it and you're ready jump on that keyword tool it's miles becker column for /kw finder when you take the time to find these low difficulty phrases everything about your content marketing is gonna work better you're gonna get more traffic more quickly and you're gonna enjoy the process you're gonna feel better because you're gonna start to get wins whereas if you're going after productivity and and project management and you know that they've got you know difficulty scores of 66 that's like a three year keyword phrase but if you're going after the ones that are 19 20 22 16 24 you'll start to rank for those quickly which means you'll start to get traffic quickly this motivates you to continue to double down on your business to continue to go all-in on the content marketing and you got to leverage that momentum right momentum builds on momentum so that's the first big thing if you want more about the psychology and about this keyword tool I do have a longer keyword research video where I went really deep in for a local business that sells clothing and hiking equipment it's kind of an outdoor store in the Tahoe area that link will pop up above my head so watch that if you want more the other component that fits with this is SEO here on the end screen my SEO my learn SEO class will pop up is a full SEO class which is once you know what your keyword phrases are and you write out the content for it how do you lay that out on your WordPress blog in a way that's going to prove to Google that you are the optimised post for that phrase because that's how you land the number one spot that's how you get the most traffic so on the end screen click the learn SEO video go watch that be sure you like and subscribe and engage and I thank you and I'll see you on the next video Cheers