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I'm gonna show you how to keyword match your resume to a job description so that we know when you apply online you'll come up higher in the search results in that applicant tracking system and get a 5-star rating if you will in the applicant tracking system you're applying online to so step number one is to copy the job description it's really pretty straightforward we're gonna do view the Job Description online then we'll highlight and copy the text out of that job description and we're gonna go paste it into Microsoft Word or Google Docs whichever is your favorite so I'm gonna go over to Google and I'm gonna search for senior HR business partner in Austin Texas and I'm gonna select this first one here since it spells it right and there we go I don't know if you've gotten used to searching for jobs in Google yet but check this out if I click this banner here jobs it takes me to this whole new application that Google has it's actually really pretty cool so I've got this senior HR business partner Job Description that's over here I'm going to click this read more link so I can see all of it and I'm gonna simply highlight all of the text that's in this job description let me hang scroll down so I highlighted it all and I'm gonna right click on that and say copy now what I'm going to do is I'm going to start Microsoft Word and I'm gonna open a new blank document and I'm going to paste all of that in fact let me show you a different way what I want to really want to do is I'm gonna right click right here and under paste options there is this option that says it looks like a clipboard with a little a on it that says keep text only that will just keep the text of the job description instead of the formatting so yeah that's it and step number one so you find your job description you copy it and you paste it into Microsoft Word or Google Docs step number two we're going to begin to edit the Job Description we're going to remove all of the bullet points and all the formatting then we're gonna delete the helper words like V and they–and or and R and all of those types of words and then we're going to clean it up edit it into just short words and phrases so let me show you how to do that I'm gonna go over to my word document and I'm going to highlight the whole thing I can ask pretty press ctrl-a that highlights the whole thing and then if I press the button the bullet button twice it gets rid of all of the bullets so here we go and we go through senior HR business partner and that's good share mmm rid of that series logic I don't want that in my resume Austin Texas that's good I'm going to leave Austin Texas that's certainly a key phrase you unzip recruiter it can get rid of that I'm just gonna show you a little bit about how I go through this 25 days ago full time although we can't take all the credit for serious elements or think that HR influenced our culture or I'm going to keep that phrase right there influenced our culture you see that influenced our culture by developing programs that are aligned to our values about that one I'm just a machine I'm not actually reading this I'm just looking at phrases help employees reach perfer personal name and like this is more an art than a science but professional goals provide resources accomplish business goals we're seeking a candidate and get rid of that enthusiasm is a good word creating is a good word and that's what these tools do they're really pretty simple they're not very sophisticated at all and so this is exactly what these tools do closely aligned with corporate vision mission oh yes I don't really want to get rid of it I'm just gonna type it down here values eliminate obstacles right success get rid of that and I'm gonna put success on another line and so on and so forth so I'm gonna go through this entire document and I am going to hack this all into just words and clean it up so let me show you I've got one that I have already done that too so I'm gonna open that in a new window here so let me bring up my file browser real quick and I'll show you that I already have this one here senior HR business partner keywords full so in this particular case I took that entire job description and I broke it down into just this set of words right just the set of words so let's take a real quick look at this senior HR business partner influencer culture developing programs help employees reach goals provide resources accomplish business goals enthusiasm creating implementing programs corporate vision mission values eliminate obstacles success runs the responsibility's partner HR related so this may seem a little ridiculous but this is exactly what happens on the back end of these applicant tracking systems as it breaks them into these kinds of words and phrases and honestly the more you have these words and phrases in your resume the better off you're going to be so that's step number two which is to take the job description we pasted it in a word we got it rid of all the extra words and we collapsed it into this list of keywords and that's the end of step number two step number three is to make a keyword shortlist and what I mean by that is that you're gonna take that entire list of words and phrases that you had and narrow it down and we're gonna break it down into a short list of really well to find keywords and there's really only two steps to this one is to make a copy of the words and phrases document that we just made and then we're gonna edit that down to a short list of keywords so let me show you how I would do that you can do it any way you like but let me show you how to do it I'm gonna go back over to my Microsoft Word document it's right here and there's that list of words and phrases so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna do it in the same document I'm gonna press ctrl-a which selects everything and then I'm going to press ctrl C which is the same thing as copy so I'm gonna copy all of those words and then I'm gonna make some space up here at the top of my document and I'm going to repay stem all right here and then I'm gonna go back to this top and what I'm going to start doing is eliminating everything that isn't like a really important keyword so just starting at the top I've seen your HR business partner yeah that one's important influence culture yeah keep that one in points you probably help employees me reach goals maybe probably not provide resources accomplish business goals enthusiasm creating envisioning programs maybe I'm gonna put that one back control the corporate vision new mission values these are all important but we got to get rid of a bunch of them right responsibilities partner and you'll see when I get through this what though anticipate need is a good one proactively communicating Department is not company leadership no developed no delivered solutions aligned the business goals maybe coach leaders implement strategies build team capability and engagement trusted advisor and signed business units management practices performance management organizational effectiveness compensation team member development retention employee relations compliance performance analysis see those are the key words right you feel the difference right provide information yeah right now you're starting to get it quick yeah inform decisions now not for this short list third they're gonna be in your resume but not for this short list take advantage how can we do that better identify create deliberate guidance and on and on business strategy maybe and so what I did was the same sort of thing I went through this whole list again and I eliminated it and like eight years of experience I keep that because it's just something that's gonna match bachelor's degree I would keep that and what I did I'm gonna show you I'm gonna close this one I'll just reopening another one I'm gonna show you my finished one which is a finished list of partial keywords as soon as I can bring that up here it is so I created this document here that has this partial list at the top so after going through this this is what I and after are going through it this is what I came up with it was a short list HR business partner influence culture accomplished business goals creating implementing programs corporate vision mission values deliver solutions business goals etc and I would probably clean this up a little bit but you know I think it makes the point which is you know in step number three get it down to a short list of keywords that really collectively would explain the role and your place in that role in step four I want to rank your before resume and then we'll be able to compare it to the after so there are four steps here one is to go to this website called job scan see oh that's Co not Co em and what jobs can does is it's kind of a cool tool it knows a lot of different applicant tracking systems and you can put in the text of your resume and the text of the job description and it'll tell you or estimate kind of what your keyword ranking would be in or your resume ranking will be in that system you'll paste your resume into one box you'll paste your job description or the other and then you press scan so let me show you so let me go over here to where is my browser window hang on one second there's my browser window so what I did was I went here to job scan so I'll go to Jo B SC a & Co and that brings me to this page and for free you can do this a few times it's yeah so what you do is you paste your resume on one side you paste the Job Description on the other side and press scan so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go get a the resume that we saved earlier and I'm gonna get the full Job Description that's saved earlier this is the full job description that I saved I'm just going to copy all of that text and I'm going to go back to jobs can and I'm going to paste in the job description over here on the right-hand side now I need a resume we haven't looked at the resume that I'm working with but I'm gonna go ahead and open up john doe's resume and this is this full resume before any editing so I'm going to go copy that I copied all the text from that go back over here to job scan and paste that in and then we'll click scan now we're gonna see what we got here we go alright 39% 39% not real strong what is that not even two and a half stars out of five – so this resume against that job description if that up and tracking system was using one of these keyword systems that a lot of them do and it's with a large company and they're gonna get a lot of applicants there's a reasonable chance that this resume is not going to be viewed very highly despite the fact that I know this individual and who the resume is as well as the job and I know they're actually a pretty good match and in fact this person is interviewing for that job right now so we got a 39% match and likely wouldn't have gotten any attention so that's the way we can rank our before resume changes for step number five I thought it would be interesting to rank the keyword list against the job description so we're gonna use the same job description we had before but this time instead of using a resume we're just gonna take the keyword list we made so we're gonna clear the resume in job scan we're going to then paste in our keyword list and run the scan again so the first thing I need is I need our keyword list so let me go bring up that document it's right here there's all of our keywords so I'm gonna copy all of those keywords again and then I'm gonna go back over to job scan that's our 39% match that we had between the resume it was a pretty good resume for a senior HR business partner against this resume did a 39% match so we're going to go back and you'll see it's the same resume all I'm gonna do is right here I'm going to press this clear resume button and I'm gonna paste not a resume but I pasted that keyword list that we made from the job description so got the keyword list on the left which is not a resume at all and we have the job description on the right and I press scan and this is using the same technology that lots of applicant tracking systems use puh 98% so what these resume matching systems just told us that are used in these applicant tracking systems as a list of keywords has 18 98% probability that that's a five-star candidate they don't even know their contact information so that's how simple these things work so we got a 98% match between the keyword list and the resume now obviously the keyword list won't work for your resume so and let's see what to do in this next step step six we're going to do a basic resume tailoring there are four steps number one open up your resume number two use the title from the job description in your resume as much as you can then we're gonna take the keyword shortlist we made and paste that at the bottom of the resume and then we're going to rerun the scan and see what happens so step number one here is I'm going to bring up your resume or the resume we're working with at least and in this particular case it says things like human resources executive instead of senior HR business partner so we're gonna replace this phrase with senior HR business partner and I'm gonna do that in some other places so where it says experience I'm gonna say senior HR business partner and then pa rt NER and then right here their current title 2015 through now director people I'm gonna put in space vertical-bar senior I just like the vertical bar that's no special thing to get you higher and the stars I just like them senior HR business any SS partner and then what I'm gonna do is I'm going to go through I'm gonna do that a little bit more like right here it says HR global PSS partner I'm gonna put an HR business partner a couple of other times where it says HR leader I might say HR business partner here where it says HR manager I might also say senior HR business partner some things like that I'll clerk the spelling for I run this and I'm gonna go through and I'm just going to put that title in anywhere I possibly can acting HR business partner in lieu of senior HR business partner I'll put it in a few different places and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to take our partial keyword list that we have let me show you that you remember the partial one the short list that's this set here that's the little short set that I may out of all of the other keywords so I'm going to copy that and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to go back over to the resume and really all I'm doing is a few things and I'm going to paste that down here at the very bottom of the resume in fact I'll just say keywords and I'll paste that at the bottom of the resume so let me show you one I already did this one and it's pretty similar that it didn't do much more to it it's just a really simple tailoring and I'll show you so senior HR business partner senior HR business partner senior HR business partner and we put a capital P right there and I you know just all I did was added senior HR business partner where they said something else and I took the short keyword list and I dropped it down here at the bottom and if we do this now we're gonna scan it so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this resume as press ctrl-a that's select all and then I'm going to copy the text and then I'm gonna go back over to job scan and I'm gonna go back and I'm gonna clear the resume remember the first time we got what in any eight and excuse me at 38 39 percent with the original resume against the job description and then we took the full keyword list and we got what at 98% match against the job description and now we just did a simple tailoring of the resume to update the title and put the keyword list in at the bottom and I'm gonna run that scan and what do we get oh my god 52% mmm so we got two and a half stars maybe be generous maybe it would give us three star stars but you can see we moved up from 38% to 52% so you know at this point in time what I can tell you is that you know right now I have about fifteen minutes into all of this work once I get pretty good at it and I'm dropping out the keywords I'm coming up with the shortlist and I'm just changing the titles in my resume and I'm dropping in those keywords town at the bottom of my resume and I was able to go from a you know a two star match to a three star match but what it need to do to keep working this is go back to this resume and as an example you know here in places it says headquartered in big city California Acme technology employees you know in North America Europe Australia Africa and Asia so if I go back over to my keyword list one of the things we'll notice is that there is like it talks about multiple locations it talks about eight years of experience it talks about sense of humor so all of these words that are in here I would go back to this resume and I will go through here and everywhere I possibly could and this would take a little bit of time everywhere that I possibly could I would replace things with the words and phrases that are out of that keyword list and in general what you can do is you can get your keyword match from this one was initially 38% you can probably get it all the way up to 70 75 maybe even 80% if you added it right now the other thing about editing your resume to better star would match is that it also kind of measures a percentage of match so having things in your resume that don't match is actually a negative so you can start taking some things out like introduce College internship programs for both technology that's important maybe it isn't but you want to narrow things down so you'll want to start taking out things and out of your resume that aren't relevant to to what's going on or to these keywords because in step number one it's all about getting to the top of the list and it's all about keyword matching so you would go through here and edit your resume further and by doing so that's how you can get yourself from a 38% match to now a 52% match and what we know is when we ran just the keyword lust it goes to a hundred percent match so the more the words and the phrases in your resume look like the job description the higher you come up in keyword rankings

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  1. Hi! It's very interesting to know that in this morning I was doing exactly the same procedure, that's great to feel that I'm on the right track. Thank you!

    However, instead of copying just the job description, I took at least 15 and copied them into a text file. From that, I was able to get loads of keywords, but I would like to find a way to automate this task a little. I mean in a way to be able to clean up those keywords more efficiently…

  2. Thanks for sharing. Doesn't putting that title all over the place make the person reading it wonder what's going on? if they find the keyword list hidden at the bottom I've heard they will blacklist candidates for 'gaming' the system. Or in your experience is this just about getting past the ATS so that someone actually reads your resume?


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