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all right how's it going guys welcome back so inside of this video we're going to be going through exactly how to find potential keywords that you would want to use for your websites so the first thing that we need to establish is exactly what kind of keywords your website can go for okay so what I'm going to use is an example of a random website that I'm just going to pick up so my niche is let's just have a look yes so what it is is every different website has different criterias of of what they can go for so let's just type in like you know for example best cooking know best cooking power and yeah so we'll find some Amazon sites here so let's just have a look okay let's just have a look on that page three or something like that we'll find a few comparison sites so let's just have a look at this see if we're trying to look for an affiliate site potentially okay yeah so this is an affiliate site which is a pretty good one okay so this looks really good actually this site they're getting quite a lot of traffic okay so this is really good now this is a good example so if you was to take this site first of all like for them to know exactly what potential keywords they need to go for they need to get some sort of data to find out you know how much power their site has so on this tool here key search you can actually go to the Explorer tab and then if I just put that in there it's gonna give you the score of keyword that you can target okay so it will bring up all of the information to show you your potentials based on your current situation or where your site is currently yet now this is also good for competitive research because obviously you can see their backlink profile you know how much of the percentage of their links are due follow how many are nofollow you can also see that the main strength of the referring domains so on and so forth but for this purpose of this video so what we're going to mainly look at is the potential of the how competitive the keywords can be that we can go for so it's saying score to target is 47 or below okay so anything 47 or below is what we could target now you might be thinking what does that mean on this tool so what are go on to show you is exactly how you can find those keywords so on this tool you can see that this would be that cooking so let's just say cooking utensils okay so on this tall it will give you a score for each of the keywords now each time that you do check off these keywords you know to unravel the score it does use up your amount of credits per day you get 200 of these for these checks and you get for this section here of and manual searches you get 20 a day based on the package that I'm on anyway so a way of actually you know finding those low competition keywords or something that we can moderately go for is to go for something more longtail so these are the number of keywords so what I've done is just open the filter tab and then I'll type like you know it has to have five words or more inside and then the cost per click which is here has to be lower than just say one so I know that you know the advertisers are not potentially targeting those low low cost per click keywords and the reason is is the more advertisers that are piling in to a certain keyword trying to bid on it and compete on it the higher the cost per click will go because there's more of a demand with less demand it indicates that this is a lower buyer and ten keywords so it means that someone might not potentially be actively looking for something you know with their card out ready to purchase but at the same time you know depending on how you actually you know construct your website will depend on whether you can use that traffic to actually then monetize it later so it doesn't mean that you can't monetize the traffic or people are definitely not going to be buying all it means is that it's more of an informational keyword opposed to a buyer intent keyword so what I'm gonna do is sort by traffic because we still want to get those good traffic keywords and then I'll just start using it so you can see how just by using one keyword one seed keyword it actually allows me to unravel some and I'm looking for you know stuff to unravel that might potentially be low comps so ready I've actually found a very reasonable low competition keyword and you can see here obviously this is nice this is very very low competition and this when I click that you'll see how low it is it's like fairly easy inside of it at all so the way this tool works is basically when you get these low it goes from light blue all the way up to red red being the worst very hard to target and very hard to rank for and light blue being the easiest now light blue keywords you know in this list is like gold dust you hardly find them I found a few in my niche but it's very difficult to find the next one is up it is like green so that's ranging from like around I think around eighteen to like twenty nine and then from thirty onwards up to like thirty nine you're gonna get these dark green which is moderately you know easy to moderate and then you're gonna get difficult which is yellow that's the next one competition is moderate so this means you know for these ones here you're gonna need a bit of backlinking for these ones you don't really need too much backlinking it's more like focused on on-page SEO and social media and you know just sending some good signals to your website opposed to actually sending like backlinks and you know link juice and all of that and these ones are hugely difficult to rank for so these are like the hardest on the tour and it does go even more difficult than that it goes really deep for it at the end and there's an actual guide for this which I'll bring up at the end of this video so you guys can see that as well but yeah so basically what we're going to do here is we can see that on the tool let's just go back to the Explorer tab we'll be able to see that this website can go for 47 and below so they could potentially target this that's a keyword 3,600 searches per month and this is tools and equipment for in cooking ok and this best materials for utensils that's a pretty good keyword 320 searches per month and that's like you know really in truly buyer intent keyword because even though it's got a low cost per click it's the best materials for cooking so someone who's looking for the best something is looking to buy something a majority of the time okay and that is it and then you can basically sort this by that now I could use these words to then find more because if you use these as keyed sorry seed keywords you can plug them into the tool and then you can find more keywords now there's many different techniques of how you can use this keyword to find more but one of the main techniques is what I'm doing here so you can see you know also yeah so you can see here obviously this is the keyword now and I can filter this again by a number of words to five and in cost-per-click one filter and that's going to bring up these potential words sort by volume and then I'll uncheck all of these and let's see what we find see so we're finding more keywords again now I am finding these quite easily because this website is you know quite sort of powerful they've got quite a good Authority already so they can go for moderate keywords so all of these are things they can target because this was under under 47 so a majority of these 4647 you know 45 42 so this is how fairly competitive it is based on you know the other sites that are ranking for it and whether it's you know a title description all of that stuff how much authority links now this is Amazon so you know even that would be very difficult for them to outrank now if I was to sort I score that what you can also do on this toy is just copied to clipboard or you can export this into a PDF or wherever and it would just basically take a screenshot of that now one of the other interesting facts about this tool is that basically when I go back let's sorry go forward there again when we put that keyword into the tool again well what's interesting is we can check all of the organic keywords that this these sites are ranking for as well so if we see someone with a da that's lower than that site there so the da on this might not be on this specific page here but let's have a look we yeah we haven't got it on this page we could do it in competitor analysis button just for the purpose of this video just say the da was around 47 as well because it could potentially be I'm not sure we can check that in a sec if you'd like but basically what we would do for the example is they know they can outrank most definitely anything you know on this because it's a low domain Authority if they have like more content that's better written they'll outrank them they'll let rank this their like rank this more than likely outrank that you know these ones are going to be a lot more competitive to outrank than these low low low ones because these are new sites okay so if we were to go to something like this kitchen professor at the bottom you can see other keywords that that domain ranks for so not only you can see obviously the ones that that specific URL are ranking for so this is the traffic sorry from the URL that's so we can see the keywords and traffic so their position – and getting all of this and wherever else if you wanted to sort by what they're getting most traffic from it's that position – keyword there and it also shows you the page that's getting that traffic which is the one that we're looking at for that so this is the page here and it shows you how much traffic that page gets on average but if we wanted to see all of the other keywords the domain is ranking for then we could do that on on the fly and this doesn't use any of your credits or anything that I was talking about earlier so you can see all of these other potential keywords that are going to most definitely be things that we could probably outrank it we had an authority of 47 so obviously you know you can see here that best machine all of these number one rankings and then you know the list goes on and you can export this list as well okay but what we're gonna do so like for example you know just say for example we wanted to see the traffic so if we wanted to sort by traffic and see the most traffic that they get what keywords bringing him the most traffic sometimes it's not see so it's like sometimes all the way sorry that's not good sometimes it's like the ones that they're not even in position one for C because if it has high traffic in it's like their position five they still might be getting more traffic than something they're in position one for which actually has a lower search per month so this one I would probably go full up baby but also try and outrun outrank them but if we just look at this just say for example now this is a cooking site that we was trying to you know go for but if we were using this for an example this keyword it's probably going to be something that that site can go for okay so let's just have a look at the competitiveness of that of that keyword and this is how you just consistently find keywords so that's got a thousand searches per month which is pretty good which it obviously already told us and then you can see there that's 27 it's really low competition okay so and you can just continually do that for all of those position 1 rankings on that website because it's a low authority website so you can reverse their targeting and target the things that they are ranking for and outrank them you know look at all these keywords here so this is just more things yeah this is now going into baby bottles but of course you would you know keep it within your niche and find keywords on their site within your niche now what I'm gonna do lastly is just go through the actual the keyword a difficulty at all so you can see that as they've got a blog post about this on this website

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