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Posted By on May 7, 2019

hey guys so today we're going to be talking about keyword research keyword research is incredibly important to your SEO campaign every SEO campaign begins with creating a keyword list from there you analyze the keywords you've come up with and you decide which ones you will put and on what pages of your website so without doing the proper research and without using the proper tools your website risks getting very little traffic also sometimes people can target the wrong keywords and doing this is just a waste of time and a waste of money so today I'm going to talk about some tools that are at your disposal that you might not have even known existed we're gonna compare some free tools with some paid tools and we're gonna see which ones are best and I'll tell you which ones are my favorite all right so let's start hey guys so the first tool I'm gonna show you is a really cool tool it's called key words everywhere it's a browser extension so you can use it with Chrome and Firefox basically you just go to your search bar you type in a search query I'm gonna say personal injury lawyer New Jersey so you'll see when the results come up it'll show you metrics for the keywords so the volume as you can see is 1,300 searches per month it'll show you the cost per click and competition on this particular term is moderately competitive so if you were building or if you are doing SEO on a newer website I would say maybe go for the lower competition longtail keywords until you build up some Authority you'll also see to the right it'll give you lists of related keywords which is really cool so I highly recommend you guys trying this tool out I'll see you in the next video hey guys so the next tool I want to show you is Google AdWords keep keyword tool it's a great tool I use it all the time you know it's free which is awesome and just really simple to use so you enter your keyword here then you'll see it'll populate all these keywords and you'll see your word right here personal injury injury lawyer new jersey you can see the metrics are the same the volume is 1,300 a month competition is the same medium medium competition and it'll also generate keyword ideas for you so if you're not happy with you know the metrics on this you could kind of filter it out so the low competition is at the top and then you can kind of go through all the keywords I you know I just think it's a really great tool um you know and I highly recommend checking it out okay I'll see you in the next video eight reps is another really great tool you can use it for a lot of different things but you can also use it for the keywords Explorer which is gives you really in-depth analysis on your keyword terms unfortunately eight reps isn't a free tool but it's definitely worth the cost with all of its features so you can see it generated pretty similar results a little bit different than the last two um it also brings up similar search queries here with data on them and it also brings up the top 10 SERP positions are the tops yeah the top sir positions for the search term personal injury lawyer New Jersey as well as in-depth analysis on each of those terms or on each of those sites that are ranking so it's really cool because you can actually then go to the sites that are ranking and you can analyze them and plug them into the H ref site Explorer and get some really in-depth data and figure out how to rank if your if you would actually be able to rank this particular keyword so I highly recommend it nice I'll see you in the next okay the last keyword keyword tool I'm going to talk about is Neal Patel's ubersuggest it's a free tool and I really like it it's just really easy to use and it gives you you know also a lot of really good information so let's you know try it with the keyboard we've been using okay okay so you'll see it actually came up with the exact same thing in most of the other ones same metrics and you'll also get a list of keyword ideas which makes this keyword tool also really good it you know comes up with really unique information and same thing it comes up with the Google search results so I hope thank you so much for watching my video guys I hope you learned something from it and be sure to follow me on my social media accounts the links are below and also if you need a free SEO audit I included a link also to that in the description of this video

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