KDP Tangent Templates Update- Category Selection in Listing Helper, Keyword Categories plus A4 Sizes

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hey guys how are you doing it's Catherine and I just wanted to give you a quick heads up on some updates to tangent templates we have a lot more on the way as well Isaac and I have our heads down we are working solidly on improving and building all your suggestions into tangent templates so the first thing I want to let you guys know about is that we have a for as a standard option now in all our interiors so when you go to create any interior file including the dynamic templates so if we go and create a planner right here you'll see there's now an 8.27 by 11.6 9 size and that is a 4 which is pretty much the european UK standard that they use just like we use us letter size in the US so we've included that for all our European users for anyone looking to sell in Europe as it's another of the standard sizes now offered by KDP so the other thing I wanted to let you guys know about is that we have updated the listing helper so it's a little bit more powerful we have added categories to it and let me show you quickly how this works so the listing helper is a tool in tangent templates that allows you to store information on your books and what it lets you do is actually upload this information very quickly to KDP so here's a listing I was working on for this book stargazing tracking the Stars it's a low content book a journal for putting information about what is in the night sky what you're observing in the night sky so I've been working on this listing in tangent templates I put my title and subtitle there's my description and of course the description has the basic HTML but Amazon allows I've also added keywords to this so I have things like astronomy Space Telescope I can go in here and add in anything else I think of I wanted to put in like planetary as a keyword I can go in and add that and you'll see we have here scam keywords for categories I'm gonna revisit that in just a moment but first I want to show you this so if you look here we have a category selection so let's go in and choose our categories now first of all I just want to show you how you would normally do this in KDP so if we were typing our listing directly into KD Pease website this is the category bar that you're used to so you'd probably go nonfiction and then you'd have to browse through here and open up all the different sections so we'd have science and then you probably browse through there we have given you two ways to search through categories so we'll go back to tangent templates and we're going to say category one and the first method we give you to find categories is kind of similar to KD piece method where you just browse through and drill down so you can say nonfiction and then you can look for science and then you could browse through until you find space science so that works in kind of a similar way to KDP although it's kind of nice having all on the big page like that rather than having to open up lots of dropdowns you can view everything directly the second method we've given you is I think a lot easier you can go in here and you can actually search for something like astronomy for example there we go we put in Astro and it's come up with astrology and gastroenterology different subject and astronomy so I'm just gonna choose astronomy and select this category so you can see we have our two categories selected and now I'm just going to save that as one of our listings okay so now if we go over to KDP you can see how this works so here we are this is KD peas dashboard and you can see it's a big blank form already for you to fill out all this information so all we're gonna do is go to list helper and there we are we have stargazing which is the profile we just set up in tangent templates I'm gonna select that and you can see it actually takes a moment fill in the categories it does that for you automatically I'm not touching anything there I just did one click in the list helper to select stargazing and this is what it's done so it's filled in book title tracking the stars it's adding an author there's the description with HTML built in and you have the keywords and boom there are the categories so all you have to do now is just save and continue and it makes uploading a book to KDP very fast very easy and the great thing is you can reuse these profiles so if you're making multiple stargazing journals maybe in different sizes maybe in slightly different niches like you're making one for kids or you're making like one for one demographic one for another then you you can easily reuse this information just edit it to tailor it to your new audience so that if you're making a teachers edition for example we can go in here and just change the title and add teachers edition add a little bit to the description and again then you can just upload that straight KDP so it makes the upload process a lot quicker especially if you have multiple books that are quite similar we always say don't spam like don't make hundreds of books that are super similar it's not the best strategy with KDP and often you'll find they don't sell if you make hundreds of books that are very very similar make your books thoughtful it's my recommendation I mean everyone has their own business model but I find thoughtful high quality books tailored for audiences is really the best direction I found and hopefully this tool makes that very easy for you so if you have tangent templates and you're you're not finding the category browser you can just check you are on the right version just to go up here to the listing helper icon on your chrome extension bar here and what you're going to do is just right click manage extensions and make sure you are on version not point one point six as long as you are in version not point one point six you should have access to the category browser now one other thing we have added to the listing helper for categories and this is really really cool if you look at the keywords you'll see that we've used things like astronomy Space Telescope now there is a secret with KDP and Amazon and that is that they look at your keywords and sometimes if you use certain trigger keywords they will add your book to additional categories which is awesome you can also get added to categories by emailing Amazon directly you just email KDP supported amazon.com there's a hyphen between KDP and support but you can actually email them and request categories but they also have these categories that you can only access by having certain keywords and what they do is if you have those keywords in your listing they may add you to those additional categories now it's a little bit hit-and-miss they don't always do it but we have given you a tool that scans to your keywords and tells you if there are categories that you are eligible to be added to so let's see what it comes up with on our listing so I'm gonna hit scan keywords for categories and boom based on the keywords you have chosen KDP may add your book to the following additional categories so it's picked up on astrology and they wants to add your book to personal growth astrology it's picked up on meditation and wants to add your book or to a meditations subcategory and it's also added a couple of astronomy actually that's I think that's the same path it's picked up on astronomy and space and wants to add you to this one and also mystery thriller and suspense outer space now don't worry if those don't fit your book perfectly its Kady peace decision to make and you probably want to hold on to your keywords but it's just an FYI that your book may also be added to those categories so there we go guys a few additions tangent templates we've added the a for sizes we've added the ability you select categories in the listing helper so now when you go and list your book on KDP it auto fills everything including categories and we've also added the keyword categories so let us know what you think we are constantly working on tangent templates we have a long list of things we are hoping to get out there soon we're working on new template interiors and much much more so thanks for sporting a tangent templates do come and join our group it's at facebook.com slash groups slash Amazon CreateSpace but of course we talk about KDP and you'll be very welcome there all right guys have a good one bye

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  1. You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for your amazing generosity. You just keep making things better and better!

  2. Thank you so much Katharyne 🙂 I'm loving the TT software. It makes everything so easy, especially those keywords. I've only published a small number of books so far, but your software has helped me so much. Thanks again, Laura

  3. Can I make this as a "Large", as in ordering from McDonalds? You're making this easier and easier! Love to you both!

  4. Katharyne Shelton
    , Hi, on the Listing Helper, thanks so much, I truly get it now & thanks for the other tips on listing your books. Looking so forward to you and your hubby new things ahead for Tangent. If you saw my earlier question that I deleted, please ignore it. I saw the answer in this video, I missed it the first time I saw it. Thanks again for such a wonderful video and great tutorials.


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