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Justin Bieber has posted a lengthy
Instagram post on dealing with depression, materialism, responsibility
relationships and more. It’s a really interesting post but unfortunately the
media has (you know) gripped onto the bit where he talks about drugs. But let’s see
what we can get from it Ask kids why they go to school and they’ll say “to get a job and make money innit” When the real answer should be to grow as a person. Ask adults why they go to work and they’ll say to make money innit but the real answer should be
to fulfill your passion, make a difference whilst getting paid for it.
When the objective for everything becomes material we lose out on the
spiritual and become incomplete human beings. And then we try to fill that void
with drugs toxic relationships and the lot. Stop being a grandpa! It’s cuz it’s
cool innit. I mean let’s face it even the practicing from amongst us we pray or give charity for reward or Jannah paradise we don’t normally do it
for the genuine pleasure and love of Allah. I think we should adopt this
principle even with our kids as well. Don’t teach them the price of something,
rather teach them the value of something, so they’ll actually be able to
appreciate it. And let’s be realistic guys every single one of us watching
this video has some sort of issue going on whether it’s at work, whether it’s at
school, whether it’s in a relationship, and we always think that the grass is
greener on the other side, if we had more wealth, or if we had better health, or if
we were in another relationship. But this guy had all of these things and more… he
was still unhappy. At the end of the day it’s the way you’re handling the crap
you’re going through that’s gonna bring you genuine happiness. A lot of us we’ve got loads of stuff but we just can’t handle
the stuff that we’re going through, because we just don’t have that
spiritual grounding. We don’t have the help of the one that’s created us. We
don’t have his blessing because our lives are going on a wrong path so how
do you expect to reach the right destination. What about the money though?
Shut it. okay so what do we learn from Justin’s post? Number one: he benefited a
lot from having caring and loving people around him and that’s important. Have
positive and strong people around you rather than people that turn you towards
evil or just drain your energy with just negativity. Number two: he suffered from
the breakup of his parents. So don’t underestimate the effect of a stable
household on your kids. Number three: He turned to Christianity, so religion if
that’s missing you can’t fill that void with just anything. And number 4:
contrary to popular belief, people do change and with time. So if you’re in a
relationship or things aren’t going well, invest quality time not the quantity of
time. You’ll say you spent two and a half hours with your partner but lets face it,
you just watched a really long movie and you talked in the beginning and the end
of it. You didn’t really get a chance to interface. Alright these were a few points that I came across if you guys learnt a few points from his post, let me know in the
comments below. Until next time get more money innit Asalaamu aleikum

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  1. This does not mean he is a Muslim you are forgetting the many sins he does every day, he is always with women, he is always spending money recklessly,this video actually shows how spoilt he is.

  2. Couple years ago ,i ever said
    ….beiber need rest body and soul.
    step back for a moment from the world of entertainment, calm yourself be yourself.
    His fan laugh with what i say…..

  3. Teach the value of something not the price !!! It took me only 3 videos of yours to pick that —- this guy make sense !!! Good show brother !!!

  4. He speaks like a guy that believes in god :/
    Not everyone who’s humble is ‘like’ a muslim because frankly as a Muslim myself not all of us are worthy of the title anymore than someone of a different religion

  5. I had a dream 5 years ago 2014 where justin bieber had a daughter and he came into Islam, was she the reason for him converting or did he convert after having a daughter I dont remember.

  6. You may think u have everything but think again do u have allah by ur side? If allah is by urside then u will need nothing elset

  7. Bismillahir rahmaniir Rahiim!
    Make not Earthly things & glitters be your focus in this moment's Life. Else you will lose your soul in the next Eternal Life to be in Hell. Read, understand & live by the Quran as the TRUTH, the Ultimate Purpose of Life & Only Path to Eternal Life in Heaven. You will have complete Peace & Contentment if you do live fully by the Quran Alone & not be deceived by Satanic material things in this present Life. HEAVEN Eternal will be your Ultimate abode if you live by the Quran. Masha'allah! Allahu'akbar!

  8. What a bullshit video . Justin is proud christian and believe in christian very proudly . Stop thi islam's mental ideology of posting your religion on others .

  9. I am from Malaysia. Nice video man,such an anergetic,full of information,straight forward & funny.keep up the good work brother😊😊👍👍👍👍

  10. I have come to learn that the most three important questions in our life r :
    1-why am i here ?
    2-where am i heading ?
    3-what should i do

    And if u dont get those questions answered properly u will reach a breaking point one day when u will feel dead inside and no matter how hard u try to fill the gap u wont be able to
    Money , fame , relationships etc … wont save u at all …. and u will start thinking about committing suicide … it will pop up eventually in ur mind

    I have personally experienced that horrible feeling that loneliness even when i had bunch of friends i felt lonely in this world and i was this close to committing a suicide but alhamdu-lillah at that hard time of my life i have come to learn about islam and after that in couple of months i converted
    And my life since then has been happy as ever alhamdu-lillah

  11. Does God forgive a girl who has sex reassignment surgery & takes testosterone medication to become a boy? Cause that's what Justin Bieber has done. That's why they made him a huge global popstar & the main reason he/she is always depressed. They will either go mad or kill themselves in the end.

  12. Problem is the only friends I have in school that are really Muslim or so they say, are all energy drainers who do not match my vibe.

  13. Justin, please share you money with poor and needy people. Justin please meditate. Don’t listen to this stupid Muslim asshole. He should be thrown into a black hole. Islam is not an answer. Please learn meditation. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  14. Muslims, if you to have a empty void in your soul that nothing can fulfil, only Jesus can fill that void…..

    John 6:35 Then Jesus declared, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty

    That never ending thirst and hunger for acceptance, popularity, showing off, money, possessions, games, working, whatever it is that drives you to live, only Jesus can fill that void..

    John 7:37-39
    37 On the last and greatest day of the festival, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink. 38 Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them.”[a] 39 By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified.

    Muslims, I say this out of love for you all, I know you all have a good zeal for God and love God, but I’m telling you, you can know God intimately through Jesus, He is the Only way to God the Father, God loves you individually so much, pray to God, ask Him are you the God of the christians or the muslims, are you Jesus or Allah, ask God, don’t trust your own mind but trust in God,

    God bless you all

  15. When I was a Muslim believe I was never frustrated with living, I had been sick for 4 years and spent so much money I would have stressed it but I never felt depressed because i relaize my life was ruled by Allah

  16. [Quran 13:28] Those who believe, and whose hearts find comfort in the remembrance of God. Surely, it is in the remembrance of God that hearts find comfort."

  17. Smile2jannah
    Who are you to preach after God brought me out of occultation? I'm the prophesied Mahdi master of this age and you p'a'k' l beard will not get into heaven ever! Those you parade and you yourself will be in hell forever for I am appointed judge over people of end days and as the hadith says (the Mahdi will take judgement on behalf of God on judgement day) "this is regarding all people of end days" When by force God makes you hand over my kingdom to me in its entirety you still won't get into heaven and I'll take my kingdom where not a single white or black muslim convert will reside. Just arabs iraqis etc and they'll be chastised for looking at me wrong and they won't enter heaven but I have chosen my own skin for my rule! Arabs only oh and no jews.

  18. justin bieber's a user rat! For years! he walks around with a christian cross swinging from his neck to please the masses of scum, whilst I sat powerless and persecuted. Beardo! I ask you again! Who said you could preach a word after God brought me the prophesied Mahdi out of occultation? You like to use people! You like to covet kingdom and turn yourself into a saviour! You won't be saving yourself or anyone fullstop.

  19. In the glorious Quran = ALLAH swt says
    ""The hearts find peace in the remembrance of ALLAH SWT """

    Every person in this world runs after CONTENTMENT
    Its directly n indirectly
    May peace and mercy of Allah swt be on all of u

  20. Only Jesus saved people. For Jesus said: I am coming soon. I will bring my rewards with me, to give yo each one according to what he had done. I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end. Rev 22:12

    Rev 20:15.
    Those who did not have their name written in the book of the living were thrown into the lake of fire.

    Rev 20:27
    Only those whose names are written in the Lamb's book of the living will enter the City i.e heaven.

    Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will be saved.

  21. OMG…. this video is total shitty prapogenda video…..
    These people have gone crazy always pressuring their religion to others……

  22. Justin Bieber…. get married have children, have your own family and get yourself involved in charity… have an inner purposed in life.. you will be a lot happier.


  24. He is to yung to have what he have but is his luck he need to sher he need to pary end have imaan end bleav in god u will find pice ..

  25. Dear Muslim brothers and sisters
    #Bieber is a born again Christian that is why he is speaking like all the born again CHRISTIAN WOULD .
    HE will never BE a Muslim cos he has found the Truth in Christ the messiah. He has found the purpose. #JOHN 3:16.
    God bless you all

  26. Peace and grace of God be to you all who’s reading this testimony
    I’m 27 years old male I grow up in Muslim family in a Muslim country Afghanistan
    When I was 10-12 years old I start growing a
    habit of touching my self (getting off on my own self) as I become young it becomes more strong I even got to homosexual feelings and start looking for solutions when I was in high school so I go to a Mullah (Imam)
    And asking for solution he told me go pray
    5 times and you will be heal your young bla bla I did so nothing was getting better I struggled with this habit for more then 15 years on 2015 I come to USA and was thinking if I make a lot of lady friends I would be fine and at least be out of homosexual feelings I had couple lady’s and steel was touching my self and was no satisfaction it get worst as I got more to pornography and one of the lady I was with was tell me about Jesus I was not paying attention and was hiding from her that
    What I’m and what I do
    One day she call and say she saw a dream
    I ask her what she saw she tell: I saw you in a room full of naked men and that your room is in second floor.
    That amazed me because I never took her to my place and I was watching homosexual porn.
    Because I ashamed I say to her that is not true but then was thinking how it could be possible and one night I told her my feelings and my story
    She told me only Jesus can help you and took my hand pray for me in that night of Augs 16 2018
    In the day when I came from work to eat something I was tired and decided to take a
    Nap and I lay down to my side and I saw a vision I see my self in mirror of my bathroom and was saw an old creature long green nick
    On nick was writing with red color home of devil
    And on the time I turn form my side to my back on bed and face to Celling and I feel
    Something is gasping in my nick and my hear
    And in the moment I say Jesus and in blink of eye It is like the celling open and was a light
    Amazing light and I feel released and comfort
    I never felt before and I see a 🔥 cross ✝️
    And I say Thank you Jesus And for second time I say thank you Jesus And open my eyes
    Since then all those habits are gone like never exist! Thank you for reading and God bless you all.
    Jesus say’s he is the light of the world and
    Indeed he is and he is the way the truth and the life.

  27. Let me tell you one thing brother
    Nowadays I see people all talking about this money being nothing of value or whatever…
    I'm a man who works every day even nightshifts sometimes only to get a few bucks in the end of the month that won't suffice me for the next paycheck… All this cost me my prayers.. I almost can't pray in time or I can't go to mosque n pray with my brothers because I'm working to get scraps…
    I always make duaa that I make enough money only to have the ability to make a small project that helps me leave behind this slavery and be free to practice my Islam instead of being a slave to this pathetic corporate enslavement system that kept me away from Allah for many years …
    What I'm trying to say here is that having enough money to be free and practice my religion is better than this pathetic poverty that haunts me

  28. Justin bieber can try to go to mosque … To give him a different feeling.
    He is a child who is lost in the jungle and going to the mosque is the answer

  29. You know what is só funny?
    Muslims, Christians are both waiting for the return of Isa/Jesus Christ to defeat the anti-christ.
    We are all brothets 'n sisters don't be fooled by others when they say we are not!

    Jesus Christ/Isa will defeat the anti-Christ.
    Isa/Jesus Christ= God Almighty in the flesh
    Anti-Christ= devil in the flesh


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