Justin Bieber on Religion

for me what it took this whole transition to a new level that is that I I went through an uncomfortable phase where I was like I went and stayed with this pastor in New York for like two three weeks and it was uncomfortable for me I got it I felt like I wasn't good enough to be around these people who are like so caught you know perfect it felt like you know and why did you feel that way and why did you live with the pastor to begin with all right so no it was basically because I was I was just in a weird place dude and I felt I felt it in my soul I was looking at myself in the mirror and I was growing up I my mom raised me as a Christian so but as I was growing up with so many weird Christians that I came across I was like I don't think I want to be a Christian you know and then I got to a point where I was like I was so lost I'm like let me try to revisit my faith but I did it with these people because I know that their view on their faith is so much different than most Christians because most Christians are like I'm gonna do this so that God can love me I'm gonna like if I show up wearing this like he'll respect that you know but that's not what God is like if God is based on love it's I love you first regardless of what you do rather than you do this and I love you does that make sense your loves you no matter what yes yeah doesn't mean you can go do what you want but it it just it if God's based on love like uh if I love my girlfriend right I'm not gonna want to cheat on her because I love her so much it's not like if I don't cheat on her she's gonna love me more or you know I mean it's like you develop a relationship with God and so that you don't want to do that other stuff yes you don't want to be judgmental you don't wanna hurt people because you're like oh like I loves me I have you know and you're able to but when it's about religion and about the works and about all this other stuff that's just kind of irrelevant yeah and going to church every Sunday like I'm gonna go to church every Sunday to me even God if you want to and that's what works for you but like there's so many people that came around and they're like a blessing Scot just because you say like these weird Christian things is it really in admitting is it a bet does that make you better yeah so it kind of got weird for me the whole faith and religion thing and and but when I kind of realized what it should be and not what it was portrayed to me as what it was huh it made it so much like cooler and easier for me to comprehend it and everyone and I feel like everything changed for you then yes yeah it did yeah as soon as I could understand my worth and knew that like hey people aren't giving me what I need like you know people are always wanting something I can never tell if something's really authentic but when I really sit in my room and I'm alone and I can just like God are you there like I feel this connection with something that's a higher being it just and picture it as being perfect thing yeah it just puts a nice – my soul that's like I can't describe special it's special yeah just that deeper yeah I don't mean to be weird and like no this is you're talking to a guy who's raises in the Catholic Church I went you know 10 years of Catholic school yeah yeah I went to church every morning man for many many years but I was an altar boy been there done that and it was was it weird – no nothing was weird it gave me structure when I needed structure and I still pray to God and I still you know there's I still believe that there's a God ever you know what different you know yeah and the Catholic school ways around it different yeah I think um I think that that's like different yeah dude I don't want to make make people Catholic some people feel like I'm listening or anything I don't know but I just feel like it's not necessarily based on the relationship and it's like if we're made on this earth to have relationships with people right if we're you're supposed to like get in depth with people then that's how our God is supposed to be not just this like idea unless thing it should be that but anyways let's move on