Jurassic Park 3 – Testing the Limits – Theological Analysis

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as we get closer and closer to Jurassic
world fallen kingdom so cannot wait for that movie time to dive into Jurassic
Park 3 this is how you make dinosaurs this is how you play good welcome to
Germania I’m Durban and this is my theological analysis for Jurassic Park 3
this is not my favorite of the Jurassic Park movies for a number of reasons
it just is not my favorite but as I’ve said before the entire Jurassic Park
franchise is a picture of the pride of man and pride comes before a fall now by
the time you get to Jurassic part 3 we’re exploring a whole nother aspect of
pride where pride will absolutely test its limits and push itself over the edge
because that’s what it does so you have this kid Eric Kirby with his soon-to-be
stepdad parasailing we’re over freaking death Island at this point it is known
about Jurassic Park it is public that people died in Jurassic Park it is
public that they tried to take a t-rex off site B and they brought it to San
Diego and it ate people so this is know people die at this island
so this stepdad thinks hey what a great adventure with my small underage child
let’s take him to death Island where dinosaurs eat people I will be fine I
write there is pride testing its limits and then the people on the boat get
eaten the stepdad gets eaten and Eric finds himself alone on an island I mean
it’s almost not even his fault he probably should have said hey I don’t
want to go do that but that’s beside the point
here he is now stuck on this island because pride continues to test its
limits we have dr. Alan Grant who gets drug back into this by mr. and mrs.
Kirby searching for their son and when they land on the island they make an
important discovery a Spinosaurus and what’s the big deal about the
Spinosaurus other than it eats the t-rex in this movie it’s the fact that this
dinosaur was not on InGen list so InGen’s pride is continuing to push the
limits at this point they’ve watched people die on site a they watch people
die on site B do they stop do they shut this down do they go this is a terrible
thing that we’re doing no they keep pumping out new dinosaurs the
Spinosaurus is a brand new dinosaur on their list so
in their pride they’re testing their limits the pushing this as far as they
could go it makes me wonder it was Jurassic world in the works on the other
lot on the other Island is that why they were creating new dinosaurs that weren’t
on the original list it’s one of those things that now in hindsight I kind of
wondered that but the point is is in their pride rather than stopping they
kept going pushing the limits all the while there’s an enemy on this island
that is more intelligent than anybody gives them credit for the vilasa raptor so here all this pride is pushing the
limits and pushing people right over to the enemy who is smart who is
intelligent who wounded a person and threw them in the middle of the woods as
a trap to draw out Alan Grant and his people so that he would come out try to
save them and the Raptors would jump them right there I mean you have
creatures this smart they have social skills they’re able to talk and
communicate to each other they were extinct animals brought to life by man
so man assumes they’re better than it so they don’t even think about it but as
they’re pushing their pride to the limits here they’re pushing people into
the hands of an enemy that is smarter than what they give that enemy credit
for so you have Billy who in his genius is looking at dr. Alan Grant and he’s
looking at Alan Grant’s dig that he’s a part of and he’s like gosh we are still
under flood and funded now that dinosaurs exist you know what I’m just
gonna grab some Velociraptor eggs and sell them and make a ton of money that
is a brilliant idea yeah I’ll bet did was drag Raptors with them along the
tour along the tour they weren’t on a tour it drugged the rafters with them as
they were trying to escape this island and the Raptors tracked them down
because they had the Raptor eggs and Billy’s like I did this with the best of
intentions and I loved what Alan Grant said some of the worst things imaginable
be done with the best intentions right does that when you look at mr. and mrs.
Kirby they’re divorced and I’m assuming pride had something to do with that a
lot of times in marriage when it falls apart it’s because both have to be right
period no one is able to admit I’m wrong and because of that pride continue and
get in the it comes to a fall a house divided
against itself won’t stand but here they are with their kid lost on this island
it’s amazing how quickly whatever pride caused them to separate whatever things
stood between them was forgotten in light of things that are most important
but I think mr. and mrs. Kirby coming to that Island after their kid is another
great picture of something else so if you look at Eric alone on this island
with Dinosaurs that are intelligent like the velociraptors whose only plan is to
devour that kid as if it’s just a food source if you look at this world it’s
like we are that kid and if you look at the devil it’s like he’s that
velociraptor and like that kid it’s like we’re alone on the island and these
things are stalking us and sometimes in our pride we forget how intelligent you
can be and we play right into his hands and through pride we continue to give
him a place and a foothold in our lives but when you look at mr. and mrs. Kirby
they can represent Jesus who came into this island no matter how dangerous it
is no matter how bad it was no matter what dumb mistakes placed us there in
the enemy’s hands no matter what stupidity put us there Jesus came and he
saved us and he did it at the expense of his own life mr. mrs. Kirby they were
laying down their lives to come and save their son that’s how much their son
meant to them I’m sure their son drove them nuts there was times where he’s not
the most perfect angel did you think they cared they didn’t care they weren’t
going into that island to hold his sins over his head they were going to that
island to save him from being devoured by dinosaurs Jesus didn’t come into this
world to condemn us he didn’t come to this world to condemn you and me he came
to this world to save you and me so that we don’t get devoured by the enemy
through pride we give that enemy place through pride we play right into the
hands of an enemy that’s more intelligent than what we realize but
through humility when we submit to God we submit to a power that is so much
greater that the enemy he’s like a dead flea trying to come up against a
full-grown bull elephant there’s no contest there so when we submit to God
we come under the safety of his hand and he lifts us up in due time that doesn’t
mean in this world we don’t have trouble but when we submit ourselves to him we
do come under his protection Jesus came into this world to save us the way mr.
mrs. Kirby came into the island who saved their son you and I we can’t let
pride get in the way of coming to him who gave everything to save us we can’t
let pride get in the way of the good things he wants to offer us and just as
when in the light of what’s most important mr. and mrs. Kirby dropped
whatever separated them and they got back together in light of what’s most
important drop whatever separating you from God and come and experience the
love that he has for you if you watched Jurassic Park 3 what did you think of
this movie are you excited for Jurassic world falling fallen Kingdom let me know
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very next time I drop another theological analysis movie review
ranking video or anything else I do here I’m Durban thanks for checking out Derby Nia

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  1. I'm probably in the minority but, I liked this movie. to be fair I like all the Jurassic Park movies. can't wait to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

  2. Jurassic Park is my favorite movie of all time
    The lost world is pretty good
    Jp3 going to be honest I like it
    Jurassic world I really like
    Jurassic world fallen kingdom is my most anticipated movie of the year

  3. I think this movie is just a fun adventure. On another hand, LEGO Jurassic World has got to be MY FAVORITE LEGO game of all time!


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