Judge Faith - Caught on Video (Season 1: Episode #9)

today on judge faith a parking dispute turns into threats and road rage I know where your house is I know where you parked your vette o'clock I know your wife I walk out my front door and I see him every day if I don't see him I see his vehicle and like that's so unsettling I'm supposed to go home and feel sleep and I don't feel safe we had to install cameras so that like we we could just catch anything like that's been our daily lives what's funny what's funny about that team because they they I turn it out she's not even crying look at her she's acting like she's crying but there's no tears if you keep talking I'm gonna find you in contempt faith Jenkins her distinguished legal career began when she graduated first in her law school class she quickly became a tough New York City prosecutor and then a preeminent legal analyst on cable news and now she's the judge in her own courtroom her cases are real and her rulings are final she is judge fate plane of 1d Velasco and his wife Lorena Cortez are suing a neighbor for damage to their motorcycle and lost wages Manuel cabeza says the motorcycle hit his truck and he's countersuing for lost wages oh man si didn't come to order Court is now in session the Honorable Judge faith Jenkins presiding Your Honor this is case of Alaska versus Cabezas Thank You Barbara mr. Velasco you're suing the defendant for fifteen hundred eighty eight dollars for damages to your motorcycle and lost wages mr. Cabezas you say you owe the plaintiff nothing because you did not hit his motorcycle and your countersuing for eleven hundred seventy dollars in lost wages mr. Glasco we'll start with you what happened um so first of all Your Honor um this guy and I we live in the same neighborhood and we never met before that's not too an April 23rd um I was working on my motorcycle with a friend we're fixing out the right hand mirror it was a little loose so I needed to like take care of the where were you doing this in front of my house I was parked legally 19135 nice house yeah okay don't interrupt sir let me hear what so SPARC um and my motorcycle and working on it went out of nowhere this guy shows up with his van pulls next to us and you know he comes out of his van and he's saying hey don't you see that I'm trying to park there you need to move away towards you know to me was a little surprising and aggressive histone so I just respond look I'm parked here I've been parked here for all morning and I'm working on my bike right now I don't plan to move away he said immediately I know where your house is I know where you parked your red fuck I know your wife and all these like statements that like out loud someone that you've never met before it's a little you know threatening and and it just like a little scary to me where's your motorcycle parked directly in front of your house where you live so my house it was in front of the street in front of my house across the stage was they parked in front of someone's driveway yes in the neighbors right hold on a second I'm not I haven't asked you anything it was parked on legally at 90 degrees that's all so he pulls up he wants you to move you guys exchanged words what happens next so as I said I'm not planning on moving he gets into his van and he backs up and I'm saying hey you're gonna hit my bike because obviously the space was really small he was trying to park in front of a driveway and then he hits my bike when he goes forward and I just pull up my cell phone really quick and record what had dried away really really fast it happened I said hey you hit my bike you need to give me your insurance completely ignore me and he just walk away give me his bag and shot at door hey he wants to leave I said I'm not gonna get you I said don't interrupt okay judge so call the police so basically what happens I was trying to talk to him and he just walk away so at that point I was obligated just uh call SFPD so I call this a pity they came to MPD's itself in system police department so they respond II do you have a police report I have a collision report card let me see that yes okay sir I'll hear from you what happened okay Your Honor first of all do you live on the street I live a few blocks up the street I was working on the person's house where this happened okay so my neighbor and friend also my client she has complained to me in the past how they both switch over with the motorcycle and the big red truck and so when the space comes available he counts and parked his bike in the middle so nobody can get there and then she comes with a big red truck and blocks the whole entire area so this old person my name my neighbor she can't Eagles do you have we are three vehicles we have a truck for business we have my motorcycle which is my main transportation because I go downtown a lot it's super hard to park in San Francisco and then we have our mini cart in the wreck party and where do you keep those vehicles parked we treated because there's a street poor can't hear what he's saying because you keep interesting was my time didn't you say was my asking him a question and he's answering it so um basically we need to park on the street because like everyone else in San Francisco Street parking it's very hard and basically you've UCS pod you parking it and that's you know okay that's how it isn't been okay but on this bastard a drive up and his motorcycle is park was it in front are you saying his motorcycle was in front of a driveway yes or on the street and it's industry industry on the driveway because in the city in San Francisco the house had tied together wall to wall so there's no spacing between properties so one little space like this is sort a lot of money literally you know like people fight for a space to park and neighbors got this silent coded a respective spaces you know but these couple right here have a lot of cars but you don't so they don't be straight no water spaces you were visitor no I right no I'm a contractor I would you were working I was for dating someone on my friend's house I was working on my friend's house right across the street from their house he has a 10-foot wide sidewalk he has wasn't your parking space that lady was the driveway of my customer okay so I had the right in a contract you see his motorcycle parked there what do you what happens no it's much like wasn't parked there I was there and the space became available I was gonna pull for I asked him to move I have actually asked him to move in the past already two weeks before this happened I told him amen I didn't say it's likely will happen but because it was no need for that but my client was complaining that he was blocking the driveway all the time and she can never get in there and so I was about to start the job and I told him he was already blogging me when I told him look man can you not please park here because I need to get over here with my truck and I got equipment I got tools I got materials I got helpers the structure comes out of here these things are gonna go in okay so what happened yeah so conversational park here and so he get he go okay no problem he check his head okay fine and he went in park across street on his sidewalk where he has plenty of room for that coming up on judge faith stop coming after after the incident even cooler what's our ground sit down then later we had to install cameras so that like week we could just catch anything like that's been our daily lives Juan Velasco and his wife Lorena Cortez are suing contractor Manuel Cabezas for damages claiming he deliberately hit their motorcycle with his truck Manuel says it was one who caused the damage he owes nothing and is countersuing for lost wages I'm asking you specifically what happened on this day this is what happened I finish the story I'm getting there this thing is how we're going it's an ongoing I'll see you stop let me get you straight on something okay I'm asking you a question and I want you to answer it you're trying to tell me about everything else that's happening I'm asking you how his motorcycle hit your truck as you allege he's blocked his motorcycle interrupting again answer my question yes how are you saying his motorcycle hit your truck he damaged he's not a psycho never hit my truck I am fucked I got a pictures here well motorcycle when I park and he was parked and heels in parking a 40-person a 45-degree angle not a 90-degree angle look this is say right here barber a me those pictures and the damages that he's claiming that I did to him you know I got pictures all his damages and you know it has nothing to do with my truck you said in your answer sir that his motorcycle hit your truck I'm asking you how that happened he didn't hear my motor Hey I'm confused he didn't hit my I didn't hit here are you confused oh he knows it was tilted it's a lot of things going on the Salar question happening that didn't happen that's his story you got the picture right a to blue and this is the damages that he's claiming tell me that I did that with my bumper me somebody smart can say that this was a row a row rash that he drove his bike on the street and then he scraped it with the sidewalk or with it with the asphalt that's my bumper could have done this yeah it was on the plasma what is this a picture of do you see my my truggy okay my van hitting this motorcycle that's your that's your white van yes and that is my bumper blog you honor your honor as you can see I'm not in the driveway that's the sidewalk and it's 45 degrees because he moved my bike when he hit I move you bite you and there's pictures right here that is so good when he when you hit I have pictures right here that I come next danger and this is a picture of of the other side of his motorcycle if you allow me I can to you uh-huh okay I can I can point out to you where he got scratches on the same place as the opposite side where he said that I hit his motorcycle like he's guys been driving he doesn't know how to ride his bike he drops it everywhere I'm sure now he wants me to repair for him never had an accidental murder me yeah okay let me see those barber would you can these pictures he got scratched he got brushes all over the bike and now you want me to defend all that because he DS how I'm a big-time conductor you know that's not happening here okay what is this if I'm not asking you I'm asking him was his van and that's the bumper which he hit my bike with okay so you're saying there's damage on the bumper from where he hit your bike yeah you can see how it's got scratches as well okay let's see the next picture your honor do you see the scratches on what I'm talking can I say something about that no okay well can we go back to after no why not okay what is this a picture of so that's a picture of the left engine of my bike and how he hid uh do you see the scratches white my bumper is black oh my god that's the kind of like the paint has completely come all my cycle down to the middle yes that's not paint yeah he's saying that you hit his bike and scratched the paint completely off and that's metal yes okay you can see those scratches out from the bottom up as when you drop the motorcycle not from side to side like if I was swiping him like he says if you see this I'm sorry the podium please okay if you see the scratches how they go up like this has nothing to do with me okay all right sir give me one sec aha yes I was driving a rocket you know stop talking okay your honor um as I was saying he wasn't giving me his insurance information I had to call the police then they were able to get his insurance okay so you call the police you asked for his insurance information okay what happened with that so the police asked me what happened they asked him what happened they came back to me they said look we were here you need to show us something so I shall show them a video that I that I got on at the moment of the collision okay you have the video yes okay let's look at the video I don't have the video how am I supposed to – I don't you that that didn't happen stop coming after after the incident if in Smosh there was a guy out sit down okay okay let's play the video game I apologize your honor that was what are we looking at in this video you're looking at at him driving his his truck trying to park on that on that parking spot and hitting my bike you can see his wheels when he backed up and Tom on the cycle is moving he's moving the camera on the truck it's not moving I don't see that the truck is moving in this video let's stop it right there what I do see though is the kickstand is still down thing on the motorcycle you did say in your answer that he backed his motorcycle up into your truck how would he be able to do that if the kickstand is still down it looks like it because he got off the motorcycle put the kickstand down and went out with the camera and took a picture and the other guy that was working at the jobsite told me that he saw him moving the truck coming up on Judge faith do you understand this is my courtroom and I run this yes you okay so we don't go back he's pushed us along this line putting me over here understand you know he want me to face his motorcycle based on a lie if you keep talking I'm gonna find you in contempt one velasco and his wife Lorena Cortez our suing contractor Manuel cabeza for damages to his motorcycle Manuel says he owes nothing did you ever contact the defendants insurance company so yes exactly I got the report from the police and his insurance I contacted his insurance I filed an insurance claim with my own insurance and there was a response from his insurance you know maybe a month later what was the response um that he wasn't in Troy at the time of collision okay step back up to the lectern were you insured at the time of this yes your honor it was a lapse of insurance because I had another truck before that one so you were not insured oh yes I wasn't sure I got insurance here okay and so what I think we shouldn't denied the claim because I told them exactly what I'm telling you and I told that I didn't hit him I didn't touch him on today and Sean said well if you didn't hit him we had just purchased the truck I had another van and so when you have when you buy a new vehicle you got 30 days lops you say your insurance denied his claim I want to know why you say they denied it because I told him I told my insurance what I just have to say to you guys go ahead today you know that I didn't I didn't hit the bike you're saying that they found that he was at fault too so that's why they denied the claims answer my question yes all right um let me hear from you why to sue no no let me hear from you and while you're talking hand up you have an estimate for damages for yes I do your honor let me have a little caffeine I want to go back to the picture I don't I'm not going back to do you understand this is my courtroom and I run this yes you're okay so we don't go back these personalized it's like I'm putting me over here understand you know it want me to fix his motorcycle based on a lie if you keep talking I'm gonna find you in contempt I'm sorry your honor I'll hear from you and this is me I'm his wife I arrived at the scene when the police were bringing um the defendant back um my husband told me what was going on uh and he was telling me that we should be concerned because he knows exactly where we live he knows our vehicles he knows who I am like I immediately went into like I was frightened I'm still frightened and you can we'll see how aggressive he is and this is what I what I don't talk to her I talk to me yeah I will have another lady get in my courtroom I walk out my front door and I see him every day if I don't see him I see his vehicle and like that's so unsettling I'm supposed to go home and feel safe and I don't feel safe and we we had to install cameras so that like we we could just catch anything like that's been our daily lives what's funny what's funny about that to you because they they I'd turn it out which is not even crying look at her acting like his primers it's no tears your honor look you see the STC estimate they're using the estimate you see look like all these parts were damaged he's your the picture did you get this work done on the motorcycle usually get the work done I haven't I don't have the money so this doesn't guarantee yeah I took a motorcycle to BMW in San Francisco you know I cannot tell them what to dodge or not I told them what what happened and they did an eval and evaluation on the on the parts that were scratched and damaged okay also I had to pay for that estimate upfront and I wouldn't be here in this court today and I wouldn't have to go to all this trouble if this person was insured properly because then I would be doing with insurance and that's it well he said he wasn't short it sure is nice as you can see his insurance says that all these insurances that um the second let me see okay and what do you have um this document he's interested states that the vehicle his vehicle does not qualify for coverage under the terms and conditions of the policy okay I hand that up to Barbara please we're gonna take a brief recess court's adjourned who's lying Judge faith gets to the bottom of it after this Court is back in session as judge faith rules there's something to be said about someone who comes into this courtroom looks a judge right in the face and outright lies to them and if you lie to me if you try to perpetrate a fraud on this court you will be held accountable I contacted your insurance company not only did they never investigate this claim they never told you that it was the plaintiffs fault for this accident you know why because you didn't have insurance at the time you're assuring know you would last no you want to contact my insurance company and they wouldn't say that to you damn sure they wouldn't send that to you do I'm a hundred percent sure you want to say that to me no one not speak do not interrupt yes because I have issues and this insurance is not telling and we can call him right now as a matter fuck get out you're done we are done okay yeah get him out of here Barbara fine did you out of here laughs come on out and I believe everyone is a better liar and you are in conspiracy against him I me against me and on his favorite that's the only thing that accrues because this insurance is not a lie and I'm not a liar and I'm not a liar all right around and natl I don't like his hairline because that's insurance right there now that way I don't accept this kind of behavior in my courtroom and I think that his behavior exhibits the kind of bully and coward he is I think he did exactly what you said he did I think you didn't want to move you were illegally parked in that space and he hit your motorcycle with his truck the defendant thinks he's a tough guy he's not a tough guy because tough guys real men don't damage someone else's property to resolve conflict real men don't resort to violence to resolve conflict and real men don't come into this courtroom look a judge in their face and lie to them my judgment in this case is for the plaintiff verdict for the plaintiff 1288 dollars you