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my name is Lakshmi I’m a journalist I
have two questions the first one is on family planning I was told by another
Muslim friend of mine that you don’t encourage family planning now I’m sure
probably my grandmother’s generation were more than happy to produce ten fifteen children but
given the state of affairs today I mean how is it possible to put a stop if you don’t have family
planning now the second question is Muslim men are allowed to marry four or five times I think
and they don’t require their wife’s permission you know the first wife’s permission to marry I
mean correct me if I’m wrong to marry more number of times so I actually don’t
see any logic in this because I believe it’s one man one woman that’s the
institution of marriage so please clarify thank you sister two questions asked
very good questions but long answers first question is family planning that
she said the sister in my grandmother’s time produced more children good but now
the world is changing let’s see whether grandmother is right now you are right in Islam as far as family planning is
concerned family planning is a big word but there’s unanimous agreement that as
far as permanent method is concerned all the Islamic scholars everyone agreed
that it is haram to make…vasectomy, tubal ligation it’s prohibited even abortion it’s
prohibited unless it is to save the life of the mother in that case you can do
permanent method you can do abortion for example the doctor tells you that the
lady has heart problem and if she conceives again it may be danger to a
life or if he has multiple cesarean section three four five one more child will be detrimental
to health then any method is permitted so as far as permanent method is concerned abortion
is concerned is unanimous agreement it is haram because quran says in surah anaam
chapter 6 verse number 151 that kill not your children for want of sustenance for
its Allah (swt) Allah Almighty God who will give sustenance to you and children the
message repeated in surah Israa chapter 17 verse number 31 kill not the children
for want of sustenance for it is Allah (swt) Almighty God will give
substance to you and the children here we realize based on this verse of the
Quran killing children is prohibited furthermore as far as temporary method is
concerned I being a medical doctor as far as contraception is concerned the
most common is a copper IUD and we learned in the Medical College that it’s
a contraception but we realize it’s not a contraception it’s a contra
implantation though mans sperm already met they form the zygote but
it is a very early abortion it’s called as a contraception the right technically
word is contra implantation and if you let imagination of it ahead it is
nothing but an early abortion so this too is probated the difference of
opinion as far as temporary method is concerned but our beloved prophet Muhammed (saw)
a person approached the prophet and said that he used to do that is coitus
interruptus breaking that and preventing the fluid of the male to enter the
female’s body the prophet was silent now one group of scholars said because the
prophet was silent he permitted the other group of scholars said because he was silent
it was prophbited … different opinions but let us get back to the main
reason so as far as copper IUD is concerned that too is prohibited OC
pills oral contraceptive it changes the physiology of the body Allah says in the
Quran surah room chapter 30 verse number 30 do not change the physiology
of the body and I have become a medical doctor I know there are so many
complications for that now come into the basic question why should a person want
to do family planning is a basic question let’s treat the cause you know
we have medical doctors we prefer to treating killing the germs or rather than
symptomatic treatment one thing is symptomatic treatment the other is
knowing the cause and killing the cause now broadly majorly they can be two
reasons by a person wants to do family planning one can be because he’s
poor and poverty prevented him from looking after many children the other
reason maybe he’s rich but having more children more spacing he can make them
doctors engineers etc the common to the first reason that if a person is poor
Islam has the solution for poverty don’t kill human beings the solution is zakat
in Islam one of the pillars of Islam is every rich Muslim who has the saving of more
than the nisab level more than 85 grams of gold he or she should give two-point-five percent
of that saving every lunar and charity if every rich human being gives us Zakat poverty will
be eradicated from this world there will not be a single human being will die of
hunger as far as poverty is there the solution is zakat it’s not killing human
beings the second reason maybe I’m rich I have got money but I want to make my
son Dr. and to make an engineer so I ge spacing less children I can take
care of them better sister I am the fifth child of my parents if my parents would have done
family planning I wouldn’t have been here today and do you know sister I
am a medical doctor you know because today’s society the best profession they
say is medical doctor right am I a boon or bane for society sister fifth child of my parents if my parents
would have family planning I wouln’t have been here but I gave up my profession of a doctor for a
better profession that is spreading the truth Allah says in the Quran in surah
fussilat chapter 41 v. 33 who is better in speech than one
who invites people to the Lord to Almighty God works righteousness and
say I am the one who submits my will to Almighty God I chose to be a doctor
because I thought it was the best profession it is a good profession I’m
not against it but I found a better profession from a doctor of a body I became
a doctor of a soul if I had been a medical doctor you wouldn’t have found me in 15,000 people
here yet you didn’t come to hear a doctor of the body you came to hear a
doctor of a soul so when I found a better profession I changed from a
doctor of a body to a doctor of a soul so am I a boon or bane for society so it is a fallacy
as far as spacing is concerned Almighty God has given a natural spacing known as lactation
amenorrhea breastfeeding the moment you breastfeed automatic there is spacing but
today’s modern women they do not breastfeed because they will lose their figure
Almighty God has given lactation amenorrhea so now there is a fallacy
what people think that if you have less children you can educate them better if
you analyze and check the history of the Nobel Prize winners all of them were not the single child
many were second child third child for child fifth child they were Nobel Prize winner they were
intelligent so it is a misunderstanding that’s reason in the quran in surah
Anaam chapter 6 v.151 and surah Israa chapter 17 verse 31 it sounds similar the first verse surah Annam ch.
six v.151 says Kill not your children for want of sustenance for it is Allah Subhan Allah
the Almighty God who will give sustenance to you and your child this
verse is referring to the poor people that if there is one more child even I will die and my
children will die the next verse of surah Israa chapter 17 verse 31 the order is reversed kill not your
children for want of sustenance for it is Almighty God who will give sustenance
to a child and you why is the order reversed second was refers to the rich
people don’t worry if he has more children he will not die he’s worried about his children so
God says he will take care of his children as well as you and now we realize sister that if you go
to America they encourage population and the children wear a t-shirt I am my
father’s tax saver the most children you have the less tax you pay same in Canada
same in Australia in India its opposite in Hindi [ we are two, two are ours,
, no more after two] it is a problem with Indian government you
know China has the maximum population india number two do you know sister today the
two superpower in future which countries are they china and india why because of population
so grandmother is correct the more population you have the chances of the country to improve china
today is the country which is the maximum improving and india is neck to neck fighting
with China so the difference of opinion who will be superpower in the next 20 years some say
India some say China why America is no way Australia has no way then it has
no way so sister population is a boon it’s not a bane you should know how to
utilize it we don’t know how to utilize.. what we have to tell the government you change your laws
to utilize the man force to utilize the population so grandmother was correct that the more
children you have she will also be better and there is a third category
sister in… they aren’t bothered about less children I can take care of them better what they say who
want to take the headache of upbringing the children you know I am rich no problem money I’m not
bothered with my son become the doctor or engineer who do want to take care
of looking after the children third category you know there are certain
communities you know even gujaratis they marry early they have children early and
by the time they’re 35 years old 40 years old their child is 15 years 20
years they are sitting on the seat of the business of the father so by the
time they’re 45 they can retire they don’t have to wait for 60 years
marry early have children children take care of the business and they relax
early so in the third category if they want to enjoy life it is better they
marry early they have children they take care of the business they enjoy life
better so that is the reason as far as planning is concerned Allah
says in surah al-imran chapter 3 verse number 54
they planned and plotted Allah to plan Allah is the best of planners so if
you feel Almighty God can plan your family better leave it to Almighty God
if you can think you can do better the choice is yours I believe in Almighty
God I let Him plan my family and thats the reason I’m here coming to your
second question in Islam men marry four times five times and they don’t ask permission from the
first wife why as far as polygamy is concerned a man having more than one wife Islam is the
only religion and Quran is the only religious scripture on the face of the
earth which says Mary only one there is no religious scripture besides the Quran I
am a student of comparative religion which says Mary only one there’s no was
in the Bible no was in the bhagavad-gita no verse in vedas which says Mary only
one except the Quran if you read the Hindu scriptures in Ramayan the father of
shriram how many wives did he have how many wives more than one more than one three wives sri
krishna according to Mahabharata how many wives did he have unlimited not unlimited, you don’t know your scripture well?
no, did he have four wives? I have no idea not four not hundred not thousand sixteen
thousand one hundred and eight wives how many wives he had sixteen thousand one
hundred and eight so why can’t we, Muslim have four? what’s the problem? when shri-Krishna can
have 16008, why can’t we have four further if you read
the vishnu purana chapter number 24 verse number one it says a brahmin can have up
to four wives Brahman if you read the Jewish Scriptures it gives you permission to
have as many wives as you wish if you the Christian Bible it gives you
permission to as many wives as you wish if you read the Bible Abraham at three wives
solomon how many wives did he have? he had 700 wives it is later on the church has put
a ban that Christian should marry only one not the Bible it is the Jewish
community married more than one wife it was in nineteen fifty that chief rabbi
passed the …. that jewish should marry only one so it is the rabbi not the
jewish scriptures and according to Hindu scriptures you can marry as many as you
wish it is the indian government in 1954 passed a law all the Hindu special
Marriage Act Hindu special marriage act which says Hindu should marry only one it
is not the religious scriptures it is not bhagavad-gita it is not Ramayan it is
not Mahabharata it is not vedas it is the indian penal code the indian
government which has passed a law in 1954 that hindus should marry only one
but according to the statistics of the status of the women in Islam if you read
the government documents on page number 66 to 67 says that Muslims do polygamous marriages you
know what the percentage in India 4.3 percent how much in India 4.3 person of the Muslim men do
polygamous marriages a statistic between 1950 to 1961 Hindus
how many 5.6 point seven percent more than the Muslims in India according
to the Indian government even though it is prohibited according to Indian law yet
them do more polygamous marriages than the Muslims why now let’s
analyze what does the Quran say Quran says in surah Annisa chapter 4 verse
number three Mary woman of a choice in two three or four but if you can’t do
justice marry only one this statement marry only one is only given in the
Quran and no other is a scripture it says marry women for choice in twos or
theres or fours but if you can’t do justice marry only one so if you want to
marry more than one woman one of the criteria of the Quran is you should do
justice if you cannot do justice you should marry only one now what are the
reasons logical reasons of the person can think that why has Islam permitted
certain men to have more than one wife many non-muslims think it is fard it
is compulsory for a Muslim man to have more than one woman we have more than one
wife it’s not compulsory it’s optional it’s not fard it’s not compulsory how
many Muslim men do you know who have more than one wife how many do you know
sister how many do you know a few how many a few like again one two three
how many yeah at least about 3 about three, have you heard of Dharmendra? yeah
how many wives does he have? two Muslim or non-muslim non-muslim? non-muslim your
previous Chief Minister what’s the name Joy Lolita yes Hindu or Muslim? Hindu or
Muslim? Hindu, Hindu fine now these are famous personalities fine how many
famous personalities you know in India who have got more than one wife but three
you know maybe locality fine yeah local maybe friend a
neighborhood maybe a colleague in India there are more non-muslims having more
than one wife than the Muslims now let understand what other logical reasons
come back to logic now by nature if you ask any medical doctor he will tell
you male and female are born in equal proportion girls and boys are born in equal
proportion but any medical doctor any pediatrician any children doctor will
tell you that the female sex the female child is stronger than the male child
that is the reason there are more deaths in the male children as compared to
female children so in children, children age itself the female children are much
more than the male children as life grows on there are people dying due to
accidents due to alcoholism due to war there are more males dying as compared to females today
if you analyse in the world there are more females in the world as compared to males there are few
third world countries like India where the male population is more than the
female population and do you know why the reason is because of female feticide
and female infanticide according to an article a program which came on BBC by
the name let her die the program of assignment there was a british reporter
by the name of emily beckoning she comes to india and she says that every year in
india more than 1 million feticide are being aborted after the identified that
they are females she says more than 3,000 every day you multiply more than a
million every year according to the Tamil Nadu government hospital report
she gives the statistics out of 10 female born alive do you know how many
are put to death four sister did you know that tamil nadu your state your beloved
state according to the government statistics out of 10 females born alive
in the government hospital for four put to death there are billboards put in
Rajasthan and here which says that spend 500 rupees and
save 500 thousand rupees you know what does it indicate spend 500 rupees do
ultrasonography do AmnioSense identify the child you’re carrying is the
female, abort her and say 500 rupees five hundred thousand rupees maybe a
couple of hundred thousand for upbringing her and the remaining hundred thousand
in dowry if you stop this evil practice in India our beloved country stop the
female infanticide stop the female feticide even in India the population of
female will be more than the male population if you see the rest of the
world if you see New York alone there are 1,000,000 females more than males in USA
alone there are seven point eight million females more than males in UK
alone there are four million females more than males in Germany alone there are five million
females more than males in russia alone there are 9 million females more than males… God alone
knows how many millions of females are more than males throughout the world
suppose I agree with your philosophy sister he said one man one woman if I
agree with you sister with your philosophy one man one woman and suppose
my sister happens to be in America or your sister happens to live in America
and suppose the market is saturated one man one woman saturated yet there will
be seven point eight million females who will not find life partners one man one
woman now the option for these 7.8 million females is either marry a man who already has a wife
or become public property you say dr. zakir naik public property such a harsh word sister it is the most sophisticated
wordl I can use. I cannot use the more sophisticated word than public property according the
status of America do you know on an average a man before he settles down
with a wife he had eight different sexual partners do you know that on average
eight some may have one some may have 10 some may have 20,8 sexual partners before he
settles down with one with the only option remaining so if my sister happens living
in America or your sister happens living in America and the option is given to… and suppose the
market is saturated every man has found the woman for himself and unfortunately
my sister or your sister happens to be one of the woman who has not found a life partner the
only option for them is either marry a man who already has a wife or become public property anymore
modest woman would opt for the first sister what would you opt for your
sister marrying a man who already has a wife or become public property my sister
is too young to be married when she grows up and if she happens to
America or if you happen to be in America? her choice what would you prefer
for her? you’re the elder sister would you prefer her becoming public property
or marry a man already has a wife and get equal rights in islam if you have a
second wife to give equal rights in America the public property has got no
rights she is degraded she’s dishonored and Islam she has a equal right she gets
honor what would you prefer for younger sister when she grows up sometimes it is
difficult to speak the truth sister, correct? especially in front of such a large
audience anyway I’ve got your answer sister thank you and your silence speak
for that so that is the reason in Islam sister men have been allowed to marry
more than one wife is to protect the woman not to degrade her regarding your
question is it compulsory that the husband should take the permission of
the wife it’s not compulsory because if she wants to protect if that man wants to protect the another
woman a normal woman i agree with you sister no woman under normal circumstances would like to share
the husband you have to agree this is human nature but if the woman is a good
muslimah is a good Muslim woman what she says let us small loss take place to
prevent a big loss she will say I know sharing my husband is the loss for me
but I would prefer letting the small loss
take place for me to prevent my sister becoming public property she’s a good
human being so she would surely give permission to the husband to marry a
second woman if she is a good Muslim woman but taking permission is not
fard it is preferable but at least informing is a requirement so that he
does justice between the two wives hope answer to the question, sister thank you

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    the Quran from different Arabic dialects and every version doesn't
    read the same. Just like the Bible was translated into other
    languages based on the original language Aramaic and Hebrew. One
    thing i found interesting is that Islam taught people the Quran
    without people knowing the right Arabic dialect of the Quran. They
    didn't understand it..they just memorized it without knowing or
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