Josh Goldsbrough | Bachelor of Theology/Bachelor of Social Work

Posted By on August 16, 2019

I live a life less ordinary. My name is Josh Goldsbrough. I’m currently
studying Bachelor of Theology and Social Work at ACU. I’m employed as a youth ministry
project officer for the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.
I first started at ACU in an education degree, and I realised after a couple of units that
while really engaging and interesting, I didn’t really care too much about the practical subjects
of maths and science. And so, I had a look at transferring that then into a Bachelor
of Theology/Bachelor of Social Work because I was really interested in the theology side,
but really felt like I needed a practical application for that.
I found it really interesting to study at ACU. I think when I first went there I kind
of thought studying theology was going to be a bit like them telling me what the right
answer was. But I found a really good opportunity has been for the lecturers to actually kind
of challenge me as a student to read the scriptures and to read articles, and what other people
have written, and to really, I guess, sift through other people’s opinions and thoughts
and come up with, I guess, my own approach. I found theology has been a really pivotal
part of understanding the human person, and really lends itself to any career or field,
working with people. So a number people I have studied with have then gone on to apply
their theology studies to things like education and nursing. A couple have gone on to social
work, pastors, and even one guy has looked into international relations.
I feel like now I’m really able to own my faith because I’ve had the opportunity to
really study it and research it and come up with my own conclusions based on that study.

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