Jordan Maxwell | Special Dogmatic Theology Part One

Posted By on June 6, 2019

intelligence agency involvement in multiple assassination propaganda and other global criminal operations in the 22 21st century [Applause] twenty-fifth day of June 2018 allegedly according to that thing we call a calendar and this indeed is the Oh Shelley effect broadcasting live from the facilities of Oh Shelley calm also heard on a variety of affiliate networks whom we do appreciate anyway this is a moon day or Monday according to your calendar and quite honestly that is the beginning of the week of broadcasts here but tonight we're going again something else and this is something that we discussed briefly myself and Jordan Maxwell last week I think a little bit on air but then a lot more off air regarding what was going to start to happen a series and this is something that is out of the ordinary it is not part of the standard set although the next couple of Monday's Jordan Maxwell will be with me so I'm going to dispense with my normal standard introductions do appreciate you guys for tuning in even if you are catching this further on down the stream by your fly until slab of choice you're applicable application through your pod catcher de jour you are equally welcome here and the information tonight this is what I have to say about it the world around us is designed to be deceptive okay many live in fear and perish for lack of knowledge doesn't that sound familiar facts are facts truth is reality untamed quite honestly to educate about truth is an act of love in this humble speaker's opinion tonight is the first of a special series present presentations excuse me we plan to continue each Monday for an unspecified amount of episodes with Jordan Maxwell unmasking what is commonly called religion so it is quite literally just with love in my own heart that I step back and at Jordan Maxwell to discuss this particular issue Jordan yes sir and thank you very much Chuck for allowing me to be on the show and yeah the subject is such an enormous subject takes in all of human history that it's you know we discussed the fact you and I have that there would really really need to be discussed over a period of meeting of weeks because I'd like to just talk about the general subject of religion and point out all of the many many hidden potholes and rocks under the water that you're not see in religion and so much of what we call the religious world today is absolutely it's an incredible story of how much people are not being told about their religious belief systems and where they where these ideas have come from etc so I've always felt it would be a great idea to just look at the whole subject of religion no matter which one there's so many of them we will of course concentrate on the on the big three Christianity Judaism and Islam but very few people have ever asked themselves why did we have the big three whereas they're always a big theory that three major religions and in the three major religions you have the God of the three major religion is always a triune God he's always divided into three persons the One God and but you know three plays a big important issue and the secret societies that started our different religions most most people don't know that our religions came from secret groups and secret societies industry that have come up with an idea and promoted that they had the opportunity to promote it because they had the money and they owned the means of communications or they promoted it around town and it grew it grew until finally today we have all the big religions of the world today never realizing that just about all of the major religions in the world today are the work of secret societies and fraternal orders that you don't even know about you've never heard of before so I just I just felt that it would be interesting just to look at religion because there's so much in religion that people have taken for granted which was not true I'll give you a little small classic example I mean you you'll see the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in New York first of all as a lot of indication that the Statue of Liberty is not a woman it's a man most people don't know that it's a man not a woman and it's not the statue of freedom as a Statue of Liberty this is why it's on an island in the water because Liberty is a term in international monetary term that means you know if this is what a sailor gets when he pulls into port on the ship in this in the Navy you asked permission to go up you know to go on land so if the captain gives you permission and he may not but if he gives you permission to go on land then you have Liberty so you are at liberty to go wherever you want but you know he didn't say you were free you just don't walk off the ship when you get ready no you asked permission so that's why these is called the Statue of Liberty not freedom so in America you're not free you asked permission you get a license you pay the fine you pay the ticket you ask the government for permission to do whatever virtually everything you do you must get a permit from the government a license you pay a fee to be able to do something so that's what the Statue of Liberty has given to America you just ask permission there was no freedom in America never has been so there may have been a little bit of that taste of freedom at the very beginning but it was quickly rubbed out in America you know because the people who run this world were not about to have our people on the earth who could dance around and call themselves Free Europe was anything but free and so the people who ran Europe remember the people who read Europe ran the world and so they weren't they're not interested in hearing some of the little smaller colonies that they owned and financed and organized and directed around the world under the British Empire where all of a sudden society they were going to be free they didn't need to ask the British government for anything they were going to be free people well that didn't last very long nobody is gonna be free period and so and so one of the things which has been used to manipulate the populations and the peoples of this world is religion of course and so I just thought it'd be interesting to look at some of the interesting facts about religion that we are not aware of let's start with with the three major religions as I said Judaism Christianity and Islam I for one myself this is just my idea my my my idea based on the past fifty eight years fifty nine years now of looking at theology my conclusion is is that Christianity was the first religion Judaism did not proceed Christianity Christianity preceded Judaism Judaism was dreamt up as a religion in the ad there was no BC religion of Judaism or ancient Israel or the ancient religion of the Jews going back to ancient Israel my feeling is based on what I've seen in the past close to 60 years as there was no ancient Israel period there was no such of problems no more no such a state as Israel and never existed it says nothing but a theology that was dreamt up during probably the early Middle Ages I would say probably about the 9th 10th 11th and 12th century AD was being developed in Europe the concept or the idea that there was an ancient Israel and that ancient is real taught this in ancient Israel taught that but would you begin to really do some homework on it you'll find out there was no ancient Israel never existed so the whole thing was just a story and so that's what I hope to be able to help people to learn is that there was no ancient Israel period so don't look back to the ancient prophets in the ancient or the ancient writings because they're all of those ancient so-called writings of the ancient Hebrews were actually Knights Templar Masonic documents probably dreamt up during the 8th 9th 10th 11th century AD in Europe by the Masonic orders coming out of the Roman Catholic Church Knights Templars and also then added to once you had the the true Said's when the Pope Innocent said to the the Catholic Knights of Malta and the Masonic Order of knights into the Middle East to to get rid of the Islamic influence and when those when those Christian Knights came back after the crusade they they had learned a lot while they were in the Middle East they learned the alcohol the drinks they they learned the customs of the people they learned from the assassins how to kill they learn all kinds of interesting concepts and ideas coming out of that ancient culture and in the Middle East England so they brought those ideas back into the Catholic Church they brought those ideas back into the fraternal orders of the Masonic orders in Europe today and so a lot of people don't know that that the lot of the teachings in Judaism and Christianity actually comes from the Knights Templars the Masonic Order inside the Catholic Church that dominated Europe and of course you'll have to remember that you know Rome as a dictatorial power Rome has dominated the earth for I don't know twenty three hundred years first of all with the with the incoming of the Republic of Rome and then eventually under the Caesars of Rome has dominated all of Europe and then of course with the fall of Rome about the fifth century AD the fall of Rome you now have today the papacy the Holy Father the Pope is even referred to as the Pontifex Maximus which was a term that was given to Caesar when Caesar ruled Rome so we still have the Roman Caesar today where all the peoples of the world no matter who they are no matter what their religion what color they are they all come to Rome and bow down on their knees and kiss the ring of the god father because he represents God the Pope and he is the holy father so he's the Godfather and so when you talk about the mob in the yeah you'd need to look at the Vatican that's where the real Godfather rules from that's why all the big-time gangsters are mafiosos in history when they were shot down and murdered they always had big Catholic funerals and all the Cardinals were out there you know officiating over the big Catholic funerals of all the criminals and you need to also check and find out why the Pope with the Jewish yarmulke is a little the little cap that the Pope wears we see it as a Jewish yarmulke but he's the Pope where's that no the Cardinals were the same thing so there's something going on with the Roman system and so for 1600 years under the Vatican the Vatican has ruled Europe period all of Europe has been dominated by the Vatican and for 1600 years the entire world of mankind have been dominated by Europe so all roads lead to Rome ultimately the Holy Father as far back as the fall of the of the Roman Empire the Holy Father has been the dominant power in Europe and Europe has been the dominant power on the earth so so much for the presence of Almighty God and a professor of mine one time said when you're talking about these kind of subjects you need to define your terms so when you're using words and theology you need to define what you mean by those words so when you hear someone talking about God mm-hmm I always ask would you define what you mean about God because you know a lot of people talk about God but everybody has a different idea about what they're talking about most people have no idea what they're talking about so my first my first entrance into this whole subject of legend is to look at the words in the terms and the symbols that have been used by different religions of the world and look at the beginnings of things go back to the very day it began and that's the way I like to do whenever I'm looking at any organization or Church or philosophy I like to see who started this idea or who started this church where did it begin who put up the money and how is it that we still are worshiping the day is something that was put out and started you know 1,600 years ago and so in relation to Zionism for instance somebody to who if we're talking about religion it just let me just bring this little point in about Zionism because if you go back to the dictionaries encyclopedias and you will find that back as far back as 1820 and the United States in 1820 there was a guy named Mordecai Noah and he was other fellow Jews wanted to set up a Zionist homeland in America and so they picked this the the place of the new homeland back in 1820 they picked a Grand Island New York and that was where they began to proclaim that they were going to found the new Zion his home of the Jewish people in Grand Island New York well 1820s that didn't work out it fell through that was okay because now 1903 in 1903 the British colonial secretary Joseph Chamberlain he suggested to cr2 whose iana steered or Herzl the well the main leaders of the Zionist movement so I'm back in 1903 British colonial secretary Joseph Chamberlain suggested to Theodor Herzl that he should put the home there for the Jews at the mall Plateau Kenya Africa the idea was referred to by the Zionists as the Uganda program so it was pointed out by the by the British to the Zionists why don't you take your home there for the Jews and put it in the Africa put it in Kenya Africa but after talking about it and thinking about it the governments of Kenya and England and the rest and the Zionists it all fell apart they decided now forget it they didn't they didn't need to sign this homeland in Africa after all so it was a bad idea so a couple of years later in 1905 a large group of angry and frustrated European Jews not in the Middle East this was in 1905 a large group of angry and frustrated European Jews formed an organization called the Jewish territorial list and their organization was the aim of which was they said they wanted to be the founders of a Jewish homeland of some kind somewhere they needed to establish a Jewish homeland on earth and so it was called the Jewish territorial organization 1905 and they they wanted to just find somewhere for the Jewish homeland well that didn't work either so it fell apart so later on in 1928 in March of 1928 and the then Soviet Union the Soviet Union suggested that the Russian Far East would be a great place it was a great place for the homeland of the Jews it was very far out away from everybody and so the zionists communists the Communists said to the Zionists why don't you put your homeland here in the Soviet Union and so the new Soviet communist idea was called the Jewish autonomous Oblast OB la st so this particular idea that the Soviet Union came up with in 1928 it like the other three it didn't go anywhere I fell apart and nothing happened then in 1930 another brilliant idea was suggested by the British Zionist League the British Zionist League in 1930 came up with a great idea that in Australia there's a place called the Kimberley region in Australia eating and that would be perfect for Jewish homeland in Australia so large so incredibly you know large and spacious and it was called the Kimberley region in Australia and so they decided that was where the new homeland was going to be 1930 in the Kimberley region of Australia but after taking part for a few for a few months the Australian government officials they said no not in our backyard that that's not gonna work so that one fell apart again later on shortly afterwards the premier of Tasmania the premier of Tasmania Robert Cosgrove came up with a dazzling idea he suggested that the homeland for the Jewish people should be and port Davi Davi port day the area of Southwest Tasmania this is the premier of Tasmania robert cosgrove and he said one of the Jews put their homeland and port Devi in southwest Tasmania that would be a great idea but he died shortly after after the suggestion and everybody everybody decided ah forget it just a bad idea anyway so that didn't work either but finally the the Zionists the Zionist leaders finally had the correct idea they finally got a good idea the Zionists the Jews that was sending up the homeland for the Jewish people God's chosen people well they decided this time they were going to go to the Lord they were going to ask the Lord to help them and so the Lord you know did help them and their and their homeland was set up so it was a smart thing out to trying so many times and falling through they finally went to the Lord and the Lord did help them set up the State of Israel so the scientists went to Lord Rothschild they are Lord Lord Philippi the Roth IRA and Roth child the Lord of the Jewish Zionists he called one of his prostitutes named Lord Arthur Balfour everybody in England knew that Lord Arthur Balfour one of the big politicians in England was nothing more than a than a raw child you know behind kiss her butt kisser and that's all he's ever been and so he was appointed by the British Israel Israel Illuminati masters of the world to be the one to go to the United Nations for Lord Rothschild and present its idea to the United Nations to have the British home to have the Jewish homeland in in the Middle East and what we call the land of Cana and so they went into Cana and just took it over they didn't ask permission they didn't ask anybody they just went in with the British guns behind them with the American military and government behind them with the International Rothschild money and banking fraternities behind them the Zionists went into the Middle East and just decided we're going to take over our piece of land and the Middle East and we're going to call it of Israel and will say that God gave us this land and anybody who don't like it will kill him period that we're tired of asking permission and so that's why today we still have today the Land of Israel God's chosen people which was nothing more than they what child banking United States British banking fraternities with their military behind the filming of the State of Israel so so much for the holiness in the Middle East because I have been saying for years now say it again there's nothing holy in the State of Israel or the Holy Land there's nothing holy in the Holy Land the reason why is because all the stories coming out of the Holy Land of full of holes and so once you see that the Israel today is nothing more than a political wrought child United States British Empire political move on the world stage of which behind the scenes the Vatican and the international criminal syndicates are behind the military movement in the Middle East and so it's a very very dark story about the whole whole idea of the Lord's Chosen People there is no such a thing as the Lord chosen people Israel was not a BC religion the entire state of Israel today was started by the British Americans going through the United Nations and providing the money and the military backing to go in and just take the property and say God gave us this properties that get out of here we're taking it over mmm so much for God's chosen people so anyway we move down the line and you know if you ask a child today ask a Christian child today if they believe in God and they say yes then where you ask them where is where does he live and so you ask the child where is God and they will point straight up he's out there he's in heaven well if he's in heaven he also has angels do you believe in angels yes well where did the Angels live where are they they're out there with God they're out there in the universe so I don't know if you know this or not but if you are from out there like God in the Angels and you are extraterrestrial but if you're from Alabama or live in New York or you were born in Canada than you are terrestrial meaning you're from this earth but we are to understand that God the angels are not of this world so that means they're out there they're extraterrestrial so there's an interesting story that probably you've never heard I talked about it maybe once or twice and on shows that I think it bears repeating now if you go back to a book today which is you can still find in libraries and you can still buy it in the bookstores today the book is called the Theogony of Hesiod the Theogony is th e OG o and white TR kane' of heavy art would you spell h es i OD the Theogony of healthy art is a very thick book that you can find in the libraries or order it if you wish you can still get it today Hesse art was supposedly an illiterate herdsmen living back about 700 BC in ancient ancient Grecian Empire under the ancient Greeks and according to Hesiod who was in there literate herdsmen he was he said that in his book that the agony he said that one night while he was out looking over and watching over his his sheep that three angels three separate angels were glowing glowing angels they floated up to him he said they didn't walk up to him it was as they floated in the air up to him and they called themselves they referred they told them they told heavier things that they refer to themselves as muses mus yes muses from which we get the word today museum or music amusement mus Eve muses were the three angels that appeared to has er 700 BC and they said that they talked to Hesiod said that they talked to him telepathically and they told him the three angels said that they wanted him to write a book about the gods that rule over our heavens not the whole universe but the gods that ruled over us we humans in our heavens and so he told them that he was illiterate and couldn't read or write and they said that's that would be fine because they would do something that they would call channeling and they would overshadow him and he would just put the pen to the paper and they will write it for him so they told him don't worry about the fact you can't read or write we will do the automated writing for you and we will download for you the pecking order of the gods in your heavens so as a strange idea that these three angels came to heavy earth and back at the ancient Grecian Empire and said to him you know we want to tell you about the the gods that are over this earth and we want you to write it so other people can read it and he said I'm al littering I can't write so they they did the writing for him and so it was called the channeling we still have the same kind of thing happening today where spirits will overshadow a person and talked through them so anyway they said then they went on to tell him that the God over our particular solar system in the Milky Way the Milky Way galaxy we're part of and I do mean a small tiny part of but we're part of the Milky Way galaxy and the muses the angels told heavier that in our galaxy in the galaxy we have something called our our solar solar system and there is a God who has been appointed to be over our solar system and he is the God over all human light and on the earth so when you hear humans talking about God the muses said that God's name is Zeus ze US Zeus and Zeus is the god of the earth and he is the one that has created mankind and has the full dominion over the earth and all life on it and so later we find out from the angels that Zeus lives on a floating city they called it a floating city in the universe and just outside of our solar system that Zeus our God lives in a floating city in the constellation in a Star constellation of Cassiopeia so there we have our guard over the years according to the Theogony of heavier our guard is Zeus and he lives in a floating city and the in its in a section of the star system called Cassiopeia very interesting the muses went on to tell heavier that it Zeus were to drop an anvil from his front porch and drop it down to the earth if the Zeus were to drop an anvil it would take nine days and nine nights and so many hours for it to hit the earth well it's fairly easy to calculate that distance at which an anvil would fall so multiply that by nine days and 9/9 and so many hours and so it was easy to calculate the distance to a little over three million miles from Earth and so according to Hesiod and the three muses of the three angels Zeus lives of a little over three million miles from the earth in a star system called Cassiopeia and Zeus is our Father who art in heaven because he's up there in heaven a little over three million miles up there and so our Father who art in heaven is Zeus and Halla be thy name Zeus and of course in the so that's the name of that tune so now back in 1930 there was an American astronomer named Karl Jansky kay ARL Jansky J ans KY an American astronomer named Karl Jansky 1930 Karl Jansky built the first radio telescope and he won the Nobel Prize it was called the father of modern radio telescopes he then Karl Jansky also then built a radio transmitter to beam signals out into the heavens and in the 1930s just to see what might happen I'm assuming that he had read the Theogony of Hesiod so Karl James came out in the 1930s with his new radio transmitter he transmitted us no to Cassiopeia just for the hell of it sent out a strong signal to Cassiopeia they said about fourteen fourteen point three mega mega cycle and if you can believe it he got back an intelligent signal that was amplified but he didn't know what it meant or who sent it but Karl Jansky sent out a message to Cassiopeia and he got back an intelligent signal and he said it was amplified crystal-clear but he did not know how to read it Oh or who said it or what it said but it was intelligent signal and so incidentally when Karl Jansky died all of his notes were immediately taken from his office by quote men wearing black suits men and black no I don't know what that tells you now in the mid 1940s a Scottish astronomer named Duncan Lewin lunin the UNCA n Duncan Lunan Lu n a n he was working were called Gen skis radio telescope and transmitter 1840s Scottish astronomer and he too decided to sit down a signal aimed at Cassiopeia just to see what would happen and he too got back a signal about twenty seconds later both intelligently and both intelligent and amplified and he didn't know what to make of it either he couldn't understand it but it was highly intelligent and it was amplified crystal-clear intelligent answer he just didn't know what the answer would but Duncan Lunan narrowed the signal down to a particular light a particular star in Cassiopeia which today is called the Luna an object you look it up in a dictionary Lu and an object a loon an object and and it was the signal was coming from a particular star a particular point of light in the Cassiopeia constellation and a particular little piece of light that little dot of light we call the Noonan what is it the lumen wait a minute so much document here it's called a loon an object okay now you can go in an encyclopedia and read about the loon an object now the word for God in Greek the ancient Greek word for God is seals th EO s and so the chief Theo's of God the chief god of OWL an our area of the universe was called Zeus and therefore he was God the Father of all the other gods that we know so when the ancient Greeks in prayer it would be our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name Zeus Zeus is middle east was very very prominent as a god for many centuries in the Middle East they have a canal named after Zeus is called the Suez Canal Suez is zu spell backwards so the Suez Canal was in honor of Zeus – god of this world – god of our earth now let's look for a moment quickly at the word Father in the ancient Sanskrit language father is pitter piti AR not Peter PE ter nope it RP ITA AR and the old persian world the word father is pizza also P ITA San skipper's P ITA our but in whole the old Persian as P ITA while in the Greek and lon father is pata pata are now you have pitter-patter you probably heard that term well petrol and Patra is the father in Sanskrit and Persian and in Greek and Latin the father is pata pata are so the ancient word for God was the pitter-patter again in ancient Greek the Father God named Zeus was referred to as Zeus patter the father god Zeus powder our God the Father and the Latin God the Father was Zeus but today and we don't spell Zeus ze us and spell de us deals and so deal says God today in Latin deals no ze us Zeus and so in the ancient Rome the God or Zeus was called I you – Peter PE te r IQ and then Peter which is Zeus in the Roman religion eyes are interchangeable with Jay so Zeus or I Hugh – Peter becomes Ju – Peter or Jew Peter the Jupiter is I you Peter so while we're on the subject the Greek Mizzou's became the Roman Jupiter the Romans took the Jewish the Greek the Zeus and turned his name into Jupiter I you Petra and another name for Jupiter was Joel je o ve Joel that's in the Bible so will you hear someone say that God is love hello ve heard that for many years and I thought what are you talking about that doesn't make any sense that God is love no it's not God is love LOV yes God is jo-jo ve J's and ELLs are interchangeable so now we understand God is Joel Jupiter or Zeus patter so in the ancient world it was believed that the god Zeus protected the royalty he was said to be the zeus the god over though chosen the royalty so Zeus the God chooses who is to be royal and he will protect the royalty and they were then well then we today say that they ruled the royalty rule by divine right and so today we have the Kings who will tell you they ruled the empires by divine right what do you mean divine right well it means that the pope the roman catholic pope papacy overshadows all business and religions in the world today period and so the pope appoints you and allows you to be a prince or a king or whatever if he allows it then you have a divine right because he represents zeus patter or jew pattern and one last thank god enlighten is deals de us and deals in the old persian is diva dai VA which means evil or demonic god so by a dictionary definition that means that christianity worldwide is worshipping an ancient dumontet god of course that might explain some of the history and the bloodshed human slavery over the last thousands of years another small point is that Zeus ruled from Mount Olympus and we know now that about 15 other holy mountains like Mount Fuji and Japan Mount Ararat and Armenia Mount Athos and Greece mount ever humanely Himalayans Mount Shasta in California so as you may have already figured out Mount Olympus becomes the great Middle Eastern Arabic moon cult and this is what was referred to the moon cult was called Mount Zion height so when you understand that the moon God in the ancient Middle East thousands of years ago the worshippers and the middle-east worship the moon and this is why today they still worship the moon in the Middle East and that's why their holy days and the Jewish holy days today are still after six o'clock in the evening so Jews count their days from 6:00 in the evening to the next day at 6:00 in the evening so from sundown to sundown is the Jewish day while Christians are worshipping the Sun God's Sun the light of the world course the sons are late of the world so the Christians who are worshiping the Sun are they count their days from the sunrise to the next sunrise while Jews coming from the sunset to the next sunset why because in the Middle East there was a worship in the ancient world of the Moon God and the moon God came he lived in the mountain so if you were on the if you were in Egypt or on the syenite desert west of the syenite you look every evening and the East look every evening at the East and about six o'clock the moon would come up from the mountains as a high mountain range in in syenite so about six o'clock the moon would come up behind the mountains so to the ancient people the moon worshipers they said the moon was their God and that he lived obviously he lived in the mountain why because every night every evening secular talk he finally wakes up and comes to see the world and so it's at six of Clark the moon-god comes out so that's why the day the Jews are still worshipping the moon God and have their holy days after sundown and they will even tell you they have a lunar our calendar of course they have a lunar calendar because the very word syenite comes from the moon God's name go look this up in a dictionary go look this up in any dictionary lookup moon God in the mid ancient Middle East and his name was sin yes I am that's not a word that we use in Christianity for the falling shorter or doing something bad and you know and you committed a sin no sin si n was the name of the moon God in Arabia that was his name si N and in the ancient Arabic tongue that goes back to the mountain of the moon god and some mountain was a I and so you put the god of the mountain sin in front of his home the mountain a I have become cyanide so melt cyanide is sin AI the mountain of the moon god sin who lives in the mountain ai so when we hear all these wonderful stories about Mount Sinai and the holiness of the Israel and then you come to find out that actually no if you go back and do some research you'll find out that no the God was sin he was a moon God and so his worshippers during the Middle East you know would worship Him after six o'clock in the evening because that's when the moon God comes out and so there's where we get the the holiness of this of Israel and our holy holy days of Israel today is after 6 o'clock they have holy days after 6 why because of the moon god sin that's why if you go into egypt if you go into israel today you're going to a sin of god yes i am in america and england is sy in but and in Israel & Spell s I in synagogue synagogue as a house of the worship of the gods sin as I end the moon-god so you know let's understand that that the whole of Judas Jewish religion is based on the ancient moon god sin and and the whole idea the house of sin was the house of synagogue and that all of this goes back to the old ancient moon worshipers and the holy day is after sundown and all that kind of thing this just opens up a small portion of a bigger bigger story and so we'll have a lot of things to talk about in the future in relation to the general idea of Judaism and Christianity where did they come from and what are some of the background of the teachings of both the Jews and the Christians where does it all come from now we also well write Jordan at this point right because we're actually coming very close to the end of the first hour and I think this is an excellent place to actually break off a little bit early than I normally would but I think this is a a perfect spot to stop one thing that I do have in my mind from the beginning of what you said though is very shocking and that is that I have always been taught and always been taught to accept the idea that Judaism preceded Christianity and you have an idea that it did not and this is very interesting to me and and I I do believe we'll have to get some more history on what has brought you to that idea but but honestly thus far there has been a whole lot of information and I would tell the listener if you're not taking notes at this point you may want to go back and listen to the first hour again because you know the the ideas and the entire structure of what is being laid out here is fully organic I have said very little in this first hour because that is design of what it is we are going to do here just for people's notification so they understand why they haven't heard from me I didn't fall asleep I didn't go away I didn't leave Jordan all by himself without knowing what he was going to do this was absolutely intentional so we're gonna take this break right now let Jordan get a drink and resettle and also all of you to try and absorb what has already been discussed here in the first hour the O'Kelly effect we'll take this break for as long as Jordan wants to and we'll be right back though so we took an abbreviated break they're at a natural break point as I said during the the time when we did it and Jordan Maxwell is with me and he is doing the first part of a very special discussion regarding religion in general now we're not sure how many parts this series will have but this is only part one and for the most part you might notice like I said I have another silent that will continue to be the condition here and we will take breaks at a natural point where I think they need to be and that's the way it's going to happen here this is going to flow very organically not very regimented but extremely well textured and layered in a lot of information some of which quite frankly I have never heard before I have never quite fully grasped before I'm aware of a lot of what Jordan is talking about but I'm sure you the listener are saying at certain points yes we know this part but maybe we never heard that and that is the point of it I do believe that this series will fill in a great many gaps in people's knowledge and also shake some people out of their stupor for lack of knowledge when it comes to this particular subject so again with this in mind I go back to Jordan well thank you very much there is really like I said I don't believe that there was a BC religion called Judaism I don't think that there was anything before the ninth 10th 11th and 12th century AD in Europe the reason why I think the story was put into a book you know because the people of all three religions Judaism Christianity and Islam are referred to as the people of the book all three people's all three religions are referred to as the people of the book why because it's all three religions are based on a book and so if it's not the Quran as the Bible if it's not the Bible it's the what we call the Christians called the New Testament the Old Testament and so it's all written down in a book well I believe that the book talking about the Old Testament was probably written by the Catholic monks and the Knights Templars the Knights of Masonic Order of Templars in the Catholic Church going back to the 8th 9th 10th and 11th century in 12th century and that today what we call Judaism was invented probably about a hundred and fifty to two hundred years ago it was not there was no such a thing as ancient Jerusalem and ancient Jews and ancient people but there is a religion that says it goes back to thousands of years but I think that that is just a a book it has just written in the book now you got to find out who wrote the book and why is it that all of the so-called prophecies of the Old Testament were fulfilled in the New Testament so looking at this some 30 and 40 years ago 50 years ago I was talking to rabbis Jesuits scholars teachers theologians I've been doing this kind of reading for many many years back in 1959 to 60s when I started so we're talking about almost 58 years of 15 nine years ago and in all the discussions I've had around the world with all the writers and researchers and authors and lecturers and teachers these are the ideas that I finally come up with at the at the age of 78 years old and finally totally convinced that the whole of religion is are totally misunderstood our idea and the human mind I don't care what religion you belong to there's more to the story than meets the eye and there's so much and I'm giving you this pretty much off the top of my head I didn't have time to sit down and and write notes about things I wanted to remember so I'm just struggling to try and remember it keep it as and and you know keep it flowing you know in a in a line now the reason why I say I am totally sure for myself that Judaism was developed as a religion by the Knights Templar Masonic Order probably and as I said the late eighth ninth tenth and eleventh and maybe even the 12th century AD because the Vatican in in its worship of the and that's another story the god of the Vatican is not Jesus it's not Yahweh of Jehovah of the Hebrews the god of the Vatican if you want to write this down and go do some research on it yourself and see if I'm right go do some research on the god of the Vatican the Catholic the very Catholic Church is based on the worship of a god named Dagon da gon very simple da ji o and daikon Dagon was an ancient Phoenician Canaanite god you've heard of the land of Cana today we call the land of Cana Israel when you go back to and there's so many facets to this but let's look at do it let's look at this one thing first the land of Cana and Dagon the Dagon as a Phoenician Canaanite god the Phoenicians and Canaanites worshiped today the whole world of Catholicism worships the old Canaanite Fishguard call Dagon day God was also called Anees spell oh and on these ponies are Dagon anyway either one you look up it will tell you the whole story of where this this ancient God Dagon came from it supposedly he came out of the sea and and in the Middle Eastern stories that come out and the ancient world Dagon came out of the sea he was a God who lived in the ocean and he came out and talked to humans how to plant food and how to run a government and all the other things he showed us how to do and then he went back into the ocean and every now and then he'll come out and has the new ideas to give us and so today the Pope wears the Hat of Dagon he worships Dagon and so he's leading the entire world the papacy leads the entire world of so-called Christianity it's not Christianity at all Dagon worship and so the Pope is leading the whole world in the worship of Dagon the fish God and this is why today there are so many Christians around the world both Catholic and Protestant so many Christians and so many Jews around the world believers and non-believers all the people around the world including the Islam are praying for peace they're praying for a better life – praying for protection so we're always talking about I will be praying to God for this or that well so many people in Christianity Judaism and Islam are praying for something they're praying for hope and pray for protection and the more they pray the worst week the words we get the more corruption we're getting the deeper were getting into death the we are waking up to find out that our whole entire world is is crumbling in front of us and there's a whole dungeon of demonic depravity coming for the world called the New World Order with people being thrown into prison your rights and privileges and your rights and protections are all gone in America you know America is it is in a horrible place and you know it she's lost everything she's lost him she's lost her job she's lost her property she's lost her freedoms she's lost her rights and our protections America has lost its its financial support America just lost everything period they've lost it all and now the only thing left to lose now is their minds so now Americans are losing their minds they're going into shops and restaurants and blowing up buildings and shooting people and every day there's a shooting and a murder something's going on every day this shows that the whole of Western civilization is breaking down it's falling apart why because they have built their their worship on things which they did not understand and they're ultimately going to wake up and find out that the entire world of Christianity Judaism and Islam are all based on the worship of demonic depravity gods of the ancient world and we'd ever realized what was going on we never knew we just were born and raised into a system and accepted it and nobody ever read anything that they questioned anything so now we're finally paying the price what goes around comes around now our our great civilization that we we thought we were promoting around the world is falling apart why because it's not real it's based on ancient country based on ancient occult sciences that we have no knowledge of it all so I mean when you go back into the history and the reason why and I forgot to bring this out the reason why I believe that Judaism was dreamt up as a religion in the ad the early eighteen nine ten eleven twelve century AD and was not a BC religion at all is because we know that that all of these theories coming out of the ancient BC supposedly BC religions of the world were not true we now know that I mean it's all over Israel today scientists and philosophers and artists archaeologists and paleontologists are saying there was no ancient Israel never existed I mean some of the most some of the best minds and the academic field that Israel today has are writing books many books many people are speaking out many professors and teachers are saying that there was no ancient Israel period and never existed there was no King Solomon there was no King David one of the earliest Bibles I had and I can't remember what it was because I've you know I've had to move so many times and I've lost it but there was an old Bible I had that everywhere in the Old Testament that I would call the Old Testament everywhere that the word King David would appear it didn't say King David in that particular old translation it would say King drew it not d-a-v-i-d but dr uid king drew it not King David and so I began to look at the connection between the Druids and and the Jewish religion and then I come to understand very simple if you just look at it the Jewish religion is the druid religion Druidism is Judaism period all of the all of the ancient dressing the the priest the high priest the the the clothes that the high priests wore that word the terms their temples the way they set up their religion and their ancient and the answer call ancient druid religion is everything is Judaism it's all Jewish so-called Jewish religion today it's actually a druid religion and what would the Druids well the Druids were before the Roman Empire even existed in Europe before the Roman Empire even existed there was already millions of people living in Europe and the Roman Empire hadn't even started yet and so they were already a lot of people living in that area covered by the Roman Empire and they were covered and it took in northeast western southern Europe so the Druids were people which we called the Europeans or today is called Caucasians or the white man and so the white man are the Europeans or the Caucasians were druids and so this was a religion before the Roman Empire and so one of the most important symbols in the druid world of life in europe and of course the druids ran all of north east west and southern europe which is incidentally where we get the word news news4 theast west south and ews news comes from the four corners of a continent so so the Druids were a very powerful presence in Europe so if you were a doctor a lawyer or politician or teacher or anybody who had important positions in society you were a druid if you were in Europe European white man drew it and so you were and so the Druids were a very powerful priesthood now one of the most important symbols in the druid religion in Europe was a magic wand like Merlin the magician and and today we even have the orchestral leaders who waved their magic wand when conducting an orchestra the the waving of the magic wand or Merlin the magician from England so magic wands were always made out of the wood of a holly tree it's made out of Hollywood and once you understand that Hollywood is nothing more than a so-called Jewish establishment no druid establishment and then you find out that there's a very very important connection between the Druids in the Germanic peoples the German peoples they gave us all kinds of druid religious belief systems and and Kiowa Christmas and the holiday tree all of this is a european druid system of light and government and today I am telling you you may find this very difficult to believe but if you do your homework you will find out I'm right and I've talked with many many scholars in the field who are far better than I and they have all agreed that I am correct in my assumption you will find that what we called the German people today Germany and the German people the German presence in Europe is the same as the Jewish presence in Europe and my book the Jewish and Germans are one in the same thing the Jews are the Germans or the Germans are the Jews and so there's a dark dark connection that most people have never even thought of that that connects the Jewish idea the Jewish philosophies in the world the Jewish religion with the Germans and the Germans and Jews share a lot of things that you never even thought about well let me just interject here real quick because they dig I'll call it magic in Hollywood right it's Hollywood magic it's kind of right there in your face what it is so this makes a lot of sense when you think about the common vernacular but one thing that you've passed over a couple of times and and the basis for these religions at this point coming from something that seems to have been authored by the Knights Templar in one way or another I think it is appropriate to describe what the Knights Templar actually were because many a theory and many an examination has gone around regarding this and I've got to tell you a lot of it is very misinformed a lot of it is very misleading you know even the fact that today there is an organization that still calls itself the Knights Templar which is under the Masonic orders just like you know the Freemasons and these other secret societies it still exists and yes they have their you know ostensibly their public face where they do charitable deeds and things like that but I happen to know that that organization still exists and but what people misunderstand I do believe the the history of it and how it is that what were they called technically speaking the the holy Knights of the poor man or something like this yeah allegedly how is it that they would come to do this and you know precisely what are the Knights Templar well I think that the Knights Templar as you say is true it's a very big subject and it's been been used as the basis for the Indiana Jones movies the Raiders of the Lost Ark and and the Last Crusade and they talk a lot about the secret societies of Freemasonry in Europe and all that kind of thing so it's a very big subject but they're worried that I'm saying that I believe that the that the church the Vatican came up with the idea of Judaism I think it it came up with this idea and promoted it why simple the Vatican is now presenting itself to the world to be the solid focal point of world Christianity representing the Almighty God on the earth but in order to do that over the centuries going back into the really history of Europe going back into the 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th century of Europe they needed the church required and needed to have a legitimate foundation if you're going to build something you've got to have a good foundation you build on concrete you build on something that's sturdy you don't build on sand and so the church was building on sand it has no official connection to God at all has no official connection to anything at all it's just an ancient cult worshipping Dagon the fish God and the Phoenician Canaanite God of Anees and so this whole ancient mess that we refer to as the Vatican and the Catholic Church today around the world it needed a legitimate desire and real foundations on which to base the church's existence today so if the church were to come into existence and just out of the out of the ordinary just popped him one day and said we represent the Almighty God and that's the way this of the whole world well does to many people would would immediately reject that you just you just popped into town overnight and now you're going to be the the one who actually represents the Almighty God on what do you that incredible assumption that you were represent God so they have to the church had to come they had to come with a with their story based on an ancient civilization that was ancient thousands of years ago and so it's not just the Catholic churches today is the ultimate authority on the earth representing God no no they they base their position on the ancient world and going back into the ancient world of the ancient Hebrews and the ancient god of the Hebrews and and and all of the holiness of ancient Israel and all of that stuff which is all all which is nothing more than creating a story just like you could create a story about your family and talk about all the wonderful things they did and how they set up governments and they would this and they were that and that's why you should be considered today you know to be so holy and righteous because of your family then we come to find out no your family was just like everybody else's family you didn't do any of the stuff you said but if you can but you know if you can control the news media and radio and television and the printed page during the Middle Ages you could propagandize the whole world into believing that the Catholic Church sits on the ancient foundations of the Jewish revelation the Jewish people God's chosen people and the holiness of Israel and all of that nonsense is nothing but propaganda that never existed and today like I said there are there are paleontologists archaeologists and scientists and teachers all over Israel itself are writing books about how there never was an ancient Israel the whole thing was up was a story there was no King David there was no King Solomon there was no temple there was none of it it's all just a story to give the Catholic Church and the christianity our solid foundation upon which to say we are they you know we're the carriers of the great legacy of the ancient Hebrews and the ancient god of the Jews they were God's chosen people and today we are the Christian fulfillment of all of that today when actually know the entire superstructure of Western civilization is a religion political financial military empire that has no basis with God or anything decent or anything holy it's just basically sex drugs and rock and roll it's a military industrial complex and then when you begin to see how the you know watching movies like Godfather and got the third one then the series Godfather 3 where the Mafia is actually in the Vatican dealing directly with the so-called Holy Father and then you begin to see the connections with the low Cosa Nostra and the all the secret societies the criminal societies in the world coming out of Rome coming out of Italy and then you begin in get into the dark secret societies of Italian Freemasons it is one hell of a dark evil story and then the first two world wars in Europe and so something is going on here and it hasn't got anything to do with Jesus or anything holy this is a this is a well-laid plan for thousands of years to fool the entire world into believing that the church today is the Catholic Church is sitting on the records and all the ancient wonderful history of the Jewish people when a point of fact there was no ancient Jewish people the whole thing is a story and that's why it's falling apart today because that's the way things work eventually it's all going to fall apart and the Vatican will have to change with the times and that's another thing we could talk about the different symbols in the Catholic Church where did they come from and and the words and the terms and the history all of this is shuttled and darkness and what not being told any of this so as far as I'm concerned the Vatican represents the worship of our ancient pagan deity from Phoenicia Canaanite deity and it's just an incredible story of betrayal and lies and deception all you got to do is have an honor you know you gotta you got to not only be able to look like the Bible tells Jesus saying you know you look with your eyes but you don't see you listen with your ears but you know hear and with your heart you don't get the sense of it and that's exactly right the people of this world they look with their eyes but they don't see what the Vatican really is what the Catholic Church really is they don't see the history they don't see it why because they don't want to see it they're not interested to see it and so they make you go a lot of money you know being a part of the establishment so everybody just goes along to get along I've seen that all my life people going along to get along with their organizations why because it's their money their their their their livelihood depends on what they don't see so they purposely don't see it for me I don't care I do see it and I would like to talk about it I'd like for people to understand the Vatican does not represent Jesus Jesus as I use is in Greek and it goes back to Sun worship all of this so-called Judaism Christianity and Islam can be traced back to the worship of the Sun and of course there's other they have mixed in over the period of centuries was the worship of the moon god sin or sian i the worship of the planet Safran is very big in the Middle East and in the world today all over the world the Germans are big on the on the Brotherhood of Saturn and an in Germany there were Jewish organizations that were promoting the worship of the planet Saturn Saturn was called L this is why he today boy when you get into Safran worship and connecting it with the ancient Jewish worship you begin to see the connections between Germany and the Jewish religion and the German people and and this is why the Jews today are still worshipping the old Sun God but by a different name today and that Sun God has now become as life that would have it it's now evolved into moon worship because Allah of the Islamic world all that was originally a Sun God and he is still pictured in pictures coming out of the Islamic world today shows the Arabs all lined up worshipping with their hands in the air of the Rising Sun and so but Allah now today is understood by the academics of the world people who study the religion of Islam know that Allah is the same moon God going all the way back to the moon worshipers and that brings in the moon worshipers we called the the Jewish people there were no Jewish people they were Phoenician Canaanites they worship the moon and and and the moon God today is Allah Allah is a moon god but allah' and yahwah yahwah for the hebrews and our love for the arabic were both son gods originally and that's why and that's why today the the foundation of Judaism and Christianity and Islam but specially Judaism Christianity is the Sun worship of the ancient Sun God in in Egypt this is why the ancient Egyptians said you can't see God nobody can see God but you can see his offspring his son s UN and I have been criticized many times been criticized by people who say that I am mixing up the word s o n with s UN the sun-god s UN and so Jesus is referred to as God's son s om and Jesus as God's Son the light of the world of course they s you in is the light of the world what else lights the world if not the Sun and Jesus is God's Son because he is our risen Savior of course it's a risen Savior the Sun every morning 5:30 it rises and it is your Saviour you don't think so that goes out with dead in three weeks the Sun is the life of this universe the Sun is the life of our solar system without the Sun we're frozen and we're dead in God so Jesus is God's Son the light of the world yes the Sun is the light of the world and he is also the risen Savior yes and he had twelve helpers or Twelve Apostles that's right 12 signs of the zodiac and he walks across the sky in 12 steps and so in the ancient Egyptian religion the Sun was was a Sun God and the Jews today still worship the Sun God of Egypt that's their main God everywhere on the earth that you go to any synagogue this is just as true on any continent at any place on the earth you go if there's a synagogue go in the synagogue and you will see that the name of the Jewish God is in four letters and they were because the the name of God is so holy that in Judaism you cannot use his name God's name is so holy so they have in Judaism they have given you four letters which represent the Jewish God the God of the universe God's chosen people and the God of the chosen people is is yahwah yhw H and so his name is so holy though that you cannot pronounce it so the Jewish religion has given the four letters that represent the god of the Hebrews so you don't have to use his name and so those four letters are referred to and asked any Jew go into any encyclopedia and look it up the four letters for the Hebrew God which is the Sun God of Egypt the four letters of Hebrew Guard is called tetragrammaton the tetragrammaton are the four Hebrew letters for the abbreviation of the of the God of the Hebrews Tetragrammaton it's tetra meaning for Grandma meaning letter letters like ABC as a drama so tetra for Grandma letters at tonk Aton Tetragrammaton ato and is the god at time in egypt look up the word aton and then look at the last four letters and the tetra grandma at tonk and then you will see always every single time you will see those four letters representing the gods name of the Hebrews it will always be inside a circle of the Sun every synagogue every place you will go just put it in to go on the web and just type in Tetragrammaton and see and go to image and you will see all over the earth the Jews always put the name of their God that abbreviation name Tetragrammaton and it will always be inside of a sunburst a sunburst why because the sun verse is representing the Aton or the Sun God of Egypt and then when you understand the connection between the Jewish people with their o Tetragrammaton worship of the Sun God and then connecting that to the German people as I said before and what was the what was the most important symbol in the Germanic world it was a picture of the Sun and then Adolphe hitler use the sun also the Anton symbol and he called it the swastika well if you don't realize this you may not know this but in Israel today if you go to Israel today there are certain synagogues in Israel that are very old they go back hundreds of years but they all have on their floor a big huge swastika on the floor of the the synagogues in Israel so the Jews were using the tetragrammaton or the symbol of the swastika on the floors of their of their symbol of their synagogues a very very obvious connection to air of Hitler using the symbol of the swastika which is a Sun symbol the Sun symbol of the Aton get it tetra grandma at Tong the Sun worship of the Sun God art on in Egypt go Rick go look it up in a dictionary or encyclopedia you will see both the Germans – Germanic peoples the Christianity of today the Jewish people all of these in the Western civilization all over the world in the Western civilization on worshipping the art on the symbol of the Sun God of Egypt the Tetragrammaton so wake up and understand why it is that people are praying for peace and praying for their families and the more you pray the worse it gets because you're worshipping pagan gods and that's all you've been given as a pagan deity as pagan gods they add-on from Egypt the fish gods of Phoenician Cana the Vatican progress that Christianity is nothing more than one of the offsprings of the corporation the unite the the Vatican as a corporation and so with the British government the British government is they corporation the United States has a privately owned company it's a corporation it's a municipal corporation incorporated in Delaware it's no longer we're no longer the United States of America there is no United States of America we are the United States go look it up in a dictionary do something really strange you've never done before go read a book and you will find that the United States of America the the Republic that was founded back in 1776 died and is gone it no longer exists around the world people and politics around the world know the United States of America does not exist there is no such there is no such place there is a place today in North America called the United States it's a corporation it's a company a privately owned company and you need to find out who the kind of the owners of the United States corporation are it's an incredible story but in 1871 after the Civil War was over if you think about it the Civil War was one of the bloodiest Wars mankind ever fought and so it was a civil war in the United States well after the war was over this country was anything but United we were here and we're all eating but we're not United so we're no longer a United States we've been very dispirited so one half of America is killing the other half so we're not United States right all true you know Jordan it's interesting because you said in western religions you see the Sun but quite honestly in Eastern religions you see Sun worship as well the swastika existed according to archaeological studies to Hindus and the Buddhists Hindus and the Buddhists plus I mean what we call Japan today the Land of the Rising Sun is it not that's right you know so I think Sun worship seems to be something that has gone around the entirety of the planet in one way or another absolutely has absolutely yeah now another thing that you'd mentioned and I'm sorry to interrupt again but you know I think this is very relevant is that you mentioned the the god L now I have often heard the term Elohim right and I've heard that used by more than one individual and I wonder if he wouldn't address yeah yeah let me do that let me talk about there real quick uh in the first of all in Hebrew and there is no Hebrew religion I mean there is the Hebrew language first of all understand there is no such a thing as a Hebrew language there are people that we call Hebrew and they speak a particular language and since we call them Hebrew and they're speaking their their own language we call that language Hebrew but there is no Hebrew language that language is not Hebrew is Hebrew speaking it sounds like an America we all speak American here no we don't speak American we are Americans but we speak English well the Hebrews do not speak Hebrew they speak of Phoenician Canaanite tongue as called Phoenician Canaanite and so that language the Hebrew speak it today and so we call a Hebrew no it's not Hebrew it's a Phoenician Canaanite and the Hebrews are speaking at so we all wake up and get a get an education the Jews are speaking a Hebrew language why Hebrew is not Hebrew it's a Phoenician Canaanite language and that's why and when you connect it to Germany the German and in the Germanic world the Germanic people they are also Jewish but they are speaking Yiddish which is a German Phoenician Canaanite you know combining German with the Phoenician Canaanite or Hebrew so once you understand there is no such a thing as a Hebrew language as a Phoenician Canaanite language that the Hebrew speak now if in the Hebrew or Phoenician language God is e l L is God well if you look up Al and on religious dictionary or any dictionary you will see that L is the name given to God in the Middle East an L of course was also also understood to be the planet Saturn Saturn was referred to as L that was that beautiful planet out there with the circle around it it's called L in the ancient Middle East they didn't call it Saturn and so L or Saturn in the Phoenician and some of the other languages in the Middle East they refer to L as they are the planet Saturn I should say they refer to the planet Saturn as Shabbat Sabbath is sha B b88 Shevin Shabbat is Safran Saturn was referred to as Shabbat and go get a dictionary and look up shabath and it will tell you that as an old Phoenician Canaanite so-called Hebrew word for the planet sovereign sha BB eighty-eight Chabot so if you're going to worship the planet Safran then you have you set aside a day in is called the seven no.not Sabbath Sabbath Shabbat was the god of the seventh and so you have a rock group called Black Sabbath that's exactly right black was the color associated with the planet Saturn and Saturn was called the black planet the dark place the dark force and this is why today judges wear black robes you know Darth Vader wears a black robe you know Dracula was a black robe Catholic priests wear black robes when you graduate from university a high school you wear a black robe black robes represented the planet Saturn Shabbat he was worshipped on the so remember Christians and Jews remember to keep holy the Sabbath Sabbath is the worship of a planet of the divine of a dark force in the universe called the the planet Saturn Wow let me go back and look at where this stuff comes from and so today the Jews are still worshiping the Sun God they still have parts of the old moon God religion they got the old lunar calendar and they have a lot of the a lot of the parts to the old lunar religion like doing now the holy days after sundown but today Judaism coming down through the last couple of hundred years has now accepted as their main God the planet Saturn Saturn is because another name for the Saturn in the Middle East was L II L and so today when you go to Genesis 1:1 and it says in the Bible in the King James Bible and other Bible translations it says the same thing in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth but if you go to the Hebrew first go to the old Phoenician Canaanite Hebrew Bible Jewish Bible first and read it there in Hebrew you will see it doesn't say that it doesn't say in the beginning God created the heavens in the earth that's in the English translation why because the English were very good at translating the King's English they made a few mistakes when they get into Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic and some of the other languages so the correct if you go back to the old Hebrew Bible it doesn't say in the beginning L created the heavens in the earth but L is the word for God but it doesn't say L it says Elohim created the heavens in the earth well Elohim is not elves two separate words Elohim is a plural just as you would put an s on the end of the word car it becomes cars meaning more than one and so L is God but if you're going to talk about the many gods then you say I'll law him because it's a plural and the Phoenician language and so today when you read in Genesis 1:1 it says in the beginning Elohim created the heavens and the earth that means to go back and read it in English correctly and I was told us back in 1960 by a very high-ranking rabbi teacher back east who was and who was that that in 1960 was known as one of the most important rabbis in America I used to talk with him all the time that was 58 years ago and he said no there's no place this rabbi told me there's no place in the Old Testament you call the Old Testament there is no place where it says God created man I don't know you know you don't know where that idea came from about God created man it doesn't say that and the Phoenician Canaanite language it doesn't say that in the old Hebrew there is no place where it says God created man and so I asked if we'll clarify that he said well first of all it doesn't say L created in the beginning L created the heavens and the earth no Elohim the God so correct translation according to what we call Hebrew will be in the beginning the gods created the heavens and the earth not God the gods more than one and then when they were creating Adam and Eve the gods collectively they said come let us make man in our image after our likeness and I said to the rabbi what doesn't that mean that the God has created men and His image and likeness no no not at all you're reading it wrong go back and read it correctly what it is saying Genesis 1:1 in the beginning and in Genesis 1:2 when God the gods are creating Adam and Eve it says come let us who is us let us make man in our image after our likeness and I said well there it says that God is making man no it is not go back and read it correctly it is if you read it correctly here's the way you would read it in the beginning God created the gods created heavens on the earth then Genesis 1:28 when they're creating Adam and Eve it says the gods more than one the group of them they said come let us make man in our image after our likeness not make man man's already here so let's make man in our image after our likeness which is basically saying let's play with this this thing we call DNA and the end the reproduction of life on the earth let's cross genes and genetics with one of the female Neanderthal creatures here some of these creatures are roaming around on two feet and they look like you know they look like animals whether they live like animals they eat each other and they live like animals but come let us make man in our image after our likeness which implied they were crossbreeding with the with the creatures that we know that were already here and they were creating a different kind of creature and so that different kind of creature was what they were creating in Genesis 1:28 and then later on in a couple of chapters more it says that God says now now look what has happened here we have created man in our image after our likeness and now look he's like us man has become as one of us he's fighting like we like my fight he's chasing sex like we do he's eating and killing like we do we created him to be like us well he's like us now and now you're gonna have to deal with him because you put too much intelligence into him now he's no longer just an animal he has become as one of us knowing good and evil meaning he knows what he's doing now he's creating rockets and lasers and atomic bombs see what you've done you have you have crossed bred into this into this life-form on the earth and now you've created them like us now we've got a problem we're gonna have to deal with these people now because they've got them smart there's nothing that can't do that they get together they're gonna be a hell of a problem to us and so the scripture says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth no Elohim the gods and so it's just as if and so that's why today we say or we're told that in the Jewish religion they are the first monotheistic religion the Jews have the first monotheistic religion mono meaning one so they're the worshippers of one God nothing could be further from the truth anybody who understands the Hebrew the the so-called Hebrew history of the past thousand years realizes the Hebrews were anything but monotheistic they worship the moon and worship the stars they worship Saturn they worshipped are all kinds of Sun they wish of all kinds of ancient gods and today is amalgamated into one big happy family all the Jewish religion is Judaism is nothing more than the moon worship the Sun worship Saturn worship they got worship of Mars they got worship of money women sex drugs rock and roll it's a big huge religion but there's nothing all about it it's a very ancient concepts and ideas but today it's an incredible story about how much the people do not understand you know Christianity I believe gave birth to Judaism and so it could have a foundation on which to build a legitimate church so the people of this world will buy into the idea that the the church in the Vatican and the Catholic Church and the Christianity in general as a very legitimate and issuer and real religion based on the ancient peoples of the of the Hebrews and the ancient Jewish people and God's chosen people and all that never realizing for a moment the whole thing was dreamt up during the Middle Ages to give the Catholic Church in the Vatican today the the basis for claiming that they speak for God well as we get as we get close to the end because we're only down to the last 10 minutes or so Jordan I wish to to offer something else here you've given us two examples where in the text itself if read with the proper translation in two Speight places there these are not the only ones where there is an implication that there is not only more than one God but more than one God named even when God speaks in what most people refer to as the Old Testament the references made in the language indicate that there is more than one God that they are a God you know I am the god of this well either I am the God or you know if there's only one then there would be no a purpose of explaining that there are others well what about the Ten Commandments when the first commandment the Ten Commandments says I am the Lord your God he doesn't say I am the Lord of the universe I'm the God of all gods no he says I am the Lord your God this is not I'm not the God of everybody but I'm the Lord God your God and I will not have strange gods before me which is simple to understand the young man has engaged as engaged to the young girl and they're going to get married and so he is saying to the girl look at I there are other good-looking handsome young men out there in the world but in your case I am the only one so I'm not saying that there aren't other other handsome young men out there but I'm telling you for you I am your God I am your man so I'm jealous I want to make sure you understand that I don't want to see you messing around with other young men well that's what God is saying I am the Lord your God and I don't want to see you messing around with any other God of course he'll that plenty of plenty gods as a whole mess of them but I am the Lord God your God and I don't want to see you messing around with any of the other gods and so therefore it's right there is you know this is why we say the Jews were worshippers of one God well let me explain them if there were 15 gods standing in front of you and they're all quiet standing there on a rapt attention and you pick the one you like and you look at all 15 and look at their records and see who they are and then you decide to pick one the one you want to be your God okay so you pick that one but there 14 others equal but there are 14 others but you didn't pick them you only pick the one you like so therefore we can now say that you are the worshipper of one god that's right you're gonna worship of one God but there's 14 other ones and that one God said I know what you're messing with those other 14 airhead remember that so I am the one you picked so leave those other 14 gods alone I'm the one that picked you pick me so I am the Lord God your God and I'll not have any other gods before me he didn't say there were no other guys he said I don't want to see you messing with any of them that's that's the bottom line right oh that that is but but it's right there in the language Jordan it's not as though and it's funny because when people discuss this that's why I brought up Elohim because I have stated before and basically been called you know many different names for explaining right there in your text if it's read properly it tells you that there are gods plural and you know that but that's but that's not what's taught you see what what's taught and what's written and what is now these could all be three separate things at any given moment when you take a look at this subject right of course yeah of course but that's like anything else I mean it's just like the history of your country I mean we've been told all kinds of things that are not true as a matter of fact if you really get into it like I have for 60 years you'll find basically nothing on the earth that you've ever believed is true period across the board is all our lives it's all it's all been put together a thousand years ago in Europe that you didn't know anything about you don't know anything about what's going on the Vatican behind the scenes of 500 years ago you don't know anything about 800 years ago and the Vatican you have no idea what's been going on politically or sociologically in the Vatican or in Europe around the world you don't know anything about what's going on so the bottom line is is that this is an old old story and it's just now beginning I think it's an idea whose time has come to begin to tell the people the truth about where the church comes from where religions come from and that there's nothing holy in the Holy Land and that's why there's nothing but bloodshed and violence all over the Holy Land because it's a it's a place of violence and lies and deception political money war Charles banking international banking the you know it's just an incredible display of ignorant and ill-informed stupidity because we are worshipping all ancient gods we need to wake up and find out that the entire world is lying in the power of the wicked one so what the scripture said the whole world is lying in the power of the devil well you you take the word you take a D as in David you take the and put it in front of the word evil it becomes devil you take one of the O's out of the word good and becomes God God is good and the devil is evil you begin to see how the whole world has been led and see we were born as little babies and we grew up never realizing that the adults around you were little babies and that they grew up into big babies and so they just go along with what they were taught and other people go along with what they were taught in the whole world goes along with whatever their culture has taught them so that today nobody knows beans about nothing nobody understands nobody realizes we've all on the face of the Europe and light too deceived and you haven't even scraped the surface we've got a lot more to talk about and things you know times that come well absolutely and I do believe the time has absolutely come for this conversation but unfortunately this will be just about the end of the first part of this series and I urge you if you the listener to go to Jordan Maxwell that's Jordan Maxwell because that is the only website that is Jordan Maxwell's and that's all there is to say about that okay bottom line Jordan Maxwell is where you go now obviously this isn't all about promoting Jordan's work necessarily tonight because this is a special presentation and we did keep a very narrow focus I'm grateful to see in the chat room that a chatter states that this is one of the most blasphemous pieces of banter they have ever heard I want to say thank you and Jordan you know a blasphemy against that which is blasphemous almost sounds like double think doesn't it mmm I mean you know the truth is always you know I think the the the great Egypt taller just Jarrow Massey said it best he said they meaning the religious people they they are going to find it difficult when they find out they have accepted the authority as truth rather than the truth as the authority and people do not like being told that they are wrong you know children in school don't like have understand in front of the class and by now you didn't do your homework and everyone's laughing at you because you don't know the answer and you don't know this or that because you were ignorant and ill-informed that you didn't do your homework well that's the same way Christians and Jews today feel they're like learning for the first time what they've accepted as truth is now being showing this not the truth now they have to deal with it and it's gonna obviously mean that they have not done their homework and now they're unhappy that you are now you know bringing a light I mean that's all there is to it you were sound asleep and somebody came into your bedroom and woke you up and now you got to deal with it and they don't like that you know you turn away from the light anybody flips a light on and you turn your head you don't want to see it you don't want to you don't want to be awake you want to go back to sleep and be happy well I'm not happy I want to know the truth and like the move you said you can't handle the truth so I know there's a lot of people in this world can handle the truth me out learn to handle a long time ago right and the thing is you know I'm very sure we're gonna get some negative feedback from this but here is the trouble when you're in a very very deep sleep for a long time nobody enjoys being awakened however sometimes it is necessary to be woke up when there are many strippers ship is thinking yeah yeah if it's an emergency which I do believe we have reached that point as a species that this is an emergency this is a time to wake up because it is time to take measures and it is exactly the appropriate time to rip the veil away so to speak up not just peeked behind it but rip it away and take a look at what's actually happening to this this family human beings they're going to church you over referred to as a believer how long have you been a believer are you believer I'm not a believer I want to know so I don't don't don't expect me to be a believer I go to the library and get a reference book and read the encyclopedias and read the history of the churches and finally you'll see what I saw or what everybody else sees if you bother to look well that's it if you bother to look and I know you have if you've been listening to this show again this is only part one of a special series of presentations from jordan maxwell and we will continue this next monday appropriately it will be Monday yes I know that's the way it is on the calendar I did not misspeak what Jordan Maxwell has been with me and you know my friend I want to thank you for doing this I think it is absolutely the time for well thank you so we will be back tomorrow night with something else and I assure you if it is at all possible Jordan will be back on next Monday and continue this presentation so I hope that you guys have learned something no matter who you are where you are I hope you're well and again keep your eyes open because it is time to do something about all of them have a good night you

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  1. I'm a little confused if it wasn't until 1930 that the British Zionist League Apparently after not working out in Uganda and Australia to place the Jewish homeland in Tasmania and after that they asked Lord Balfour for help, but the Balfour Declaration from Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild was in 1917. If anyone can explain this to me I'd be grateful. I'm a huge fan of Jordan Maxwell, discovered him about 5 months ago and have been binge listening ever since.

  2. Srry Jordan you went thru the no no zone ! You have been enlightened… Thru the secarphacas ritual…..Im done with your rants !

  3. Jordan Maxwell died years ago. He will be remembered as a word-slinger, an imaginative fellow and entertaining, but hardly a source of fact.

  4. Mr Maxwell as always great to hear you, part of the show you mention the God ZUSE is he same Zuse that we know about from the Greek Mythology the son of CRONES if so Zuse used to live the mountain Olympus secondly The Constellation Cassiopeia is not and cannot be only 3,000,000 miles from earth because from Venus to earth 27,000,000 miles and from Earth to Mars 35,000,000 miles it`s just a thought thank you


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