John Wick Chapters 1&2 Theological Analysis

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John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum is
upon us so I’m diving into the first two John
Wick movies with an awesome analysis what do you think of these John wick
movies let’s talk in the comments welcome to Durbania
I’m Durban and this is my theological analysis for John wick I’m mostly gonna
be digging into John wick chapter 2 but we will definitely touch on the first
John wick movie cuz I mean these movies are just so good and you know and their
timeline they’re like in the same week so it’s hard to not touch on them both
but I love these movies John wick was such a surprise for me I couldn’t
believe how much John wick chapter 2 just like lived up to the greatness of
the first one and now I’m excited about the third so without further ado let’s
dive into John wick we are cursed you and I do you fear damnation
yes do not be deceived God cannot be mocked a man reaps what he sows I feel
like John wick chapter 1 and Chapter two are great illustrations of this verse
we’re humans we got free will and good choices have good consequences and bad
choices have bad consequences John wick wanted out of this assassins life he
wanted out of this underworld that he lived in because he had met Helen the
love of his life he wanted to live a normal life to embrace that life and
have that life with her the way that he got out he made a deal with the devil if
not for what I did on the night of your impossible task you wouldn’t be here
right now like this he tied himself to Santino with a blood oath with this
marker Santino was gonna call that marker in one day he had to have known
somehow in some way Santino was gonna call upon him John knew what he agreed
to when he agreed to it so when he put his bloody print on that medallion and
he made that blood oath with Santino he knew full well the day would come
and he would have to pay up for a man to grant a marker to another is to bind
the soul to a blood oath but at the same time Santino made a bad choice and
reaped bad consequences on his own life because he had the gall to think that he
could have the boogeyman in his pocket he owed me I had every right and now
he’s coming again he did warn you Baba Yaga John wick is not the boogeyman John
wick is who you call when you want to kill the boogeyman
and here’s Santino like a moron thinking he’s gonna be able to have this guy
controlled and have this guy in his pocket no this was a bad idea and a bad
choice from the beginning to think that you can control somebody like John wick
and so here’s what this moron does he calls in the marker and John wick even
warns him and says please use somebody else and what does Santino do takes a
frickin grenade launcher and blows up his house the house that he had his life
with Helen in Santino burned it to the ground now that was a bad choice and in
making that bad choice and inciting that type of anger and that type of wrath
that exists inside of John wick he brought those consequences on himself by
the end of this movie what have you done finished it whoever sows to please
their flesh well from the flesh reap destruction
whoever sews to please the spirit from the Spirit will reap eternal life so let
us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest
if we do not give up you know sometimes it’s hard when we’re doing good because
we don’t see the consequences of that good right away which is why sometimes
those bad choices and those shortcuts can be so tempting but when you have a
farmer out there and he’s sowing seed in the ground does the corn or the orange
grove or the apple trees do they grow right away no there’s seasons growth
happening just beneath the soil that we cannot see which is why we
cannot grow weary in doing good when we follow God and we have that relationship
with Him he has good things that he’s called us
to do being good can’t earn our salvation being good can’t save us any
more than being good could cure cancer salvation is that free gift that God
gives us and when we accept that free gift his forgiveness is all-consuming
and 100 percent complete and then we can walk with confidence in the good that
he has prepared for us to walk in it can still be trying because we live in this
world but we got to know that as we walk that path with him the good that we’re
planting it’s growing even if we can’t see it
right away now when you look at John wick there’s another interesting thing
going on here they’re living under a very mistaken idea when you dive into
John wick chapter 1 at Helens funeral I keep asking why her don’t blame
yourself it’s an interesting scene because his friend is saying to him
don’t blame yourself John wick is living under this mistaken idea of reap what
you sow in other words he was an assassin and he lived a horrible life
and now God is punishing him for all that he’s done wrong God killed Helen
you know here is an assassin living and healthy and his wife who was good and
innocent dies of an illness and now he must live his life in mourning and he
believes that that’s what he’s earned and that is God punishing him him having
to pay his penance later this gets even more revealed when he’s facing the
Russian a lot of us are rewarded for our misdeeds which is why God took your wife
John agrees that he’s a cursed man John agrees with this whole crazy idea that
God is punishing him for his sins we are cursed you and I on that we agree but that’s not God and that’s
not how God works in Isaiah it says this he was pierced for our
transgressions he was crushed for our iniquities the punishment that brought
us peace was on him and by his wounds we are healed if we ever had any punishment
we were due if we ever had any penance that we had to pay jesus paid it right
there I mean you could read that whole chapter in Isaiah 53 and you can see
that there is nothing left for us to pay because we couldn’t even pay it to begin
with we can’t afford it Jesus paid it in full
there is no penance left for us to pay Romans 8:1 says therefore there is now
no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus so here we are fearing
being condemned fearing damnation do you fear damnation yes but we don’t
need to be in that fear because God is not looking to hurl a lightning bolt
down on us for any mistakes that we make I write this so that you will not sin
but if anybody does sin we have an advocate with the father Jesus Christ
the righteous one he is the atoning sacrifice for our sins and not only for
ours but also for the sins of the whole world in other words it’s saying he’s
for us and he’s not against us and Romans 8 it says who will bring any
charges against those whom God has chosen it is God who justifies who then
is the one who condemns no one Christ Jesus who died more than that who was
raised to life is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us if
you continue on there’s more verses that say perfect love chases out fear and
that a lot of fear is judgment punishment condemnation based and that’s
not where God is God loves us perfectly to chase fear out of our lives for John
wick to live under the fear of damnation to live under this belief that
God took his wife to punish him for his past life is mistaken and it’s wrong
that is not who God is and that is not how God operates we can’t earn salvation
it’s given to us as a gift when we receive that gift when God looks at us
he sees us as innocent and blameless as he sees Jesus
the rest of stuff that I read shows that when we make those bad choices and there
are those bad consequences those bad consequences are not God punishing us
but even when we make those bad choices God is with us in the midst of that he’s
not ashamed of us he doesn’t hide his face he doesn’t go okay whatever when we
have to face some of those consequences we don’t face it alone and so when I
look at that that’s what I see that excellent reminder that even when we
make bad choices Jesus is our friend he is our advocate he is on our side for us
not against us so we don’t have to face anything alone people keep asking if I’m
back yeah I’m thinking I’m back so when you watch John Wick chapter 1 and 2 what
do you see in these movies let’s talk about that in the comments and while
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  1. oh I'm definitely excited for John Wicked 3. loved the first 2 movies. 2 of my most anticipated movies just happen to be weeks apart from each other lol. first it's John Wick. next is Godzilla: King of the Monsters

  2. I realy love this movie since its first chapter… It talks about our life , john wick has a reason to fight for his freedom and become good one even he must pass the consequences he realy dont care he just wants to live good and remebering his wife. Live is worth living when enemies wants him death.

  3. I can say that for me personally, Chapter 3 delivered big time. It expands on the world they've created ( and even on John himself ) without feeling contrived. Everything works just the way I had hoped for.

  4. I see johns suffering as chasening hes reaping the evil he did.. But at the same time hes back in hell with the evil and he hates it. Its the whole reason he left was love.


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